"No" I said laughing putting my hand on his shoulder "You don't get it!" Amy came walking in the school looking at me and Paul. I felt her curiousity from across the hall. If I could read minds she'd probably be wondering why I had my hand on Paul's shoulder. "If I were to wear leather and a kitty hat I would be a distraction to everyone, Plus leather is tacky as a body suit" Amy joined us dodging flying balls and guys making out with their girlfriends.

"Hey" She huffed getting into her locker "What are you talking about?" I looked at the pictures of me and her lined up in her locker along with a new one of her and Paul. It sucked that I wasn't there for all those moments that we ususally had together.

"Paul wants to know why I can't have a cat woman suit" I crossed my arms, rolling my eyes. It was always something crazy coming out of his mouth "I was explaining how it would distract people"

"Yeah, Chloe wearing a tight leather suit and training how could anyone focus?" Amy sounded tired.

"What's wrong?" I asked her and she told me that her and one of her dads had gotten in a fight before she had left for school.

"I mean I didn't do anything but stay five minutes after curfew with Paul and now I need to be safe"

"I know the feeling" I said looking at my locker "My mom is obsessed that some of the guys that have been around lately are my boyfriends and that we are sleeping together. She tried to have the sex talk with me. Again." Amy thought that was funny.

"What did you tell her?" She said as we walked into homeroom.

"I told her that Brian was the only one I would ever sleep with, and that he was going to back to college but now that he isn't I'm just going to disregard everything because that could never happen in a million years" She stopped me smiling.

"Oh My God Chloe!" She squealed like a dog on a pine cone.

"Don't get excited Amy, nothing can ever happen between Brian and me. I'm just never going to do anything." I sat down at my desk "Plus, I told Brian I could never see him again. He tried to kiss me." I dropped my conversation with Amy as nosey walked in. Alek, He was always listening in on my conversations. It was so annoying. I looked at Amy then at Alek "So what about tonight?" I asked. Amy nodded also dropping the conversation- slowly.

"I just don't understand!" She whispered "tonight, If you can make it. I totally understand if you can't. Can we go to the book store and pretend we are interested in comic books. You should start listening to Paul more often. He seems to know more about this stuff then anyone else does."

"Besides the obvious you- know- who's"

"Yes, You- know- Who's are very educated!" We were talking about Alek and Jasmine, Jasmine had some other home room seperate from everyone else. Paul did too, so it was Amy, Alek and me all stuck in this classroom. The teacher started grummbling after morning annoucements about how he hated his job. He gave us some book assignment no one was going to do because it wasn't graded. Amy moved her desk closer to mine. "I think we should go to a party this weekend"

"No way, I have training this weekend" I was finally looking forward to training, I was not going to a party with a whole bunch of sweaty jocks with a lot of hormones raging. "I don't like parties with our classmates you know that. I'd rather go out to a club with a bunch of strangers." Amy knew that I didn't want people thinking I was some kind of party animal. I didn't like attention at school.

"Training all the time, don't you ever have fun?" Amy was being overly dramatic.

"It's not all bad, I can kick your ass can't I?"

"You've always been able to do that" Amy was flashing back to the time we decided we were going to play fight. "Ow" She said.

"True story" I shrugged as the bell rang "I guess Saturday would be O.K. but only during the day time. No night time things" I dropped my books again, Alek picked them up for me.

"Careful King" He said getting up "I might start thinking you're doing that on purpose"

"Oh yeah, I drop my books during a conversation because I want you to pick them up" I shook my head "You caught me"

"I always do" Was he referring to the time he pulled me up from almost falling off the roof after I jumped or him almost scaring me off the roof.

"Um, I have to go now." I pushed past him and went off to the waiting Amy. Everything else was a drag, Lunch time, Cheerleaders who were being stereo typical bitches and a test that I didn't have time to study for. Amy said she would drive me to work instead of my usual walking alone with a stalker ten feet away. Oh, nevermind that's Alek.

"I see how he looks at you, it's not fair!" Amy said

"He's only protecting me" I said turning her CD player up a little "Where's Paul"

"With his perfect family, being not perfect. You got to understand that he wants to just be like 'Well Yeah I don't care if you're perfect! My best friends Mai'"

"I know it's a really big secret, I don't like lying to my mom all the time." I sat back in the seat as we waited through traffic. "What do you mean how he looks at me?"

"Like he's in love with you, he can't keep his eyes off of you" She looked at the car in front of her. Amy had very bad road rage.

"He's supposed to be always watching me, I hate it."


"He knows everything we talk about Amy, Sense of super sonic hearing. I can't get away with anything." I pouted a little "It's not really fun"

"I'm sure if you tried to have fun it would be" Amy said like a mother would say. Did she want me to get with Alek or something?

"I'm sure if we were to flip this car right now that would be pretty fun too" I didn't even have time to hang out with Alek.

"You've mad an effort to hang out with Jasmine, Why not Alek? I'm sure it would make training a lot more fun. You're always saying how Jasmine's a better trainer and you understand her. Try to understand Alek" She looked at me "What? I'm just suggesting. It would be a great chance for things not to suck so much"

"I feel like you're just trying to get an invite to that party through Alek"

"I am." She admitted "I know you can get one if you wanted one but I need one more for Paul. No one will invite Paul" She pulled infront of the store and got out with me. Putting the top up locking the door. I thought she was going to kiss her car. We walked in and I was put to work. I told Amy she should get a job, she said her parents paid for everything because of her grades. Why did she need a job? I said so she could spend these hours with me.

"I wouldn't hire her" Lana said "She's already a distraction. No offense" Lana returned to writing up things as I hung up things looking at new stuff. I held up a sexy red dress.

"This is going on hold for Amy or me" I told Lana. She rolled her eyes at restated that it wasn't an alone night kind of dress. I liked how short it was, and If I was going to go out with Amy I was going to dress in style. I liked the dress it had a slit that went to my thigh. It was really simple. I got paid today anyway. I looked at the price and calculated my discount plus the sale that was already going on... I could get the dress with fifty dollars to spare. "Never mind I'm buying it today" I walked out of work with my dress and a few pairs of shoes that I had put on hold before. Jasmine was leaning against Amy's car.

"I see you went shopping" She commented, "Don't worry I'm not here to drag you off to training..."

"Then why are you here?" Amy asked putting her top down, she wasn't trying to be rude but that's how it came out.

"I'm just checking on you, making sure you don't plan on doing something stupid"

"I'm going to the book store, and I'm going to have some fun with Amy and Paul. You're welcome to come if you want- I guess Alek is to" I was trying to take Amy's advice. We got dressed at my place making sure we looked very hot. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. My hair was straightened and in a sexy bun. Amy's was down and parted on the side. We got in her car and had small talk but when we got to the bookstore she got angry.

"What is Paul wearing?" She exclaimed, Pissed off at his Tux T-shirt. "Ugh" we were at least an hour late. I wasn't surprised when Jasmine walked up to us about how nice she looked. I could hear whispers going around about me though. What was so special about how I looked tonight.

"...She's actually hot..."

"...Look at her..."

"...is that Chloe King?..."

"...Look Alek..." I followed that voice to find Alek surrounded around his pitiful friends that would get some girl pregnant and then they would have to figure out what to do with their future from there. Jasmine, Amy, Paul and I talked for awhile drinking coffee. Paul was trying to tell me of some great Idea he had come up with that might be part of mai history, or so he hoped.

"I'm taking her home tonight" Greg Sherman said to Alek.

"No you're not, I am. That's exactly where I'm taking her to: Her House. None of you will touch Chloe" Alek walked away from his friends. Jasmine rolled her eyes at him as he asked her "What?" like he hadn't done a thing.

"You're like an older brother" I told Alek. I hoped I wasn't the only one that saw the quick expression on his face. Jasmine looked like I hadn't been the only one. When the party started to get boring Amy offered to drive us somewhere else. We accepted. Amy and Paul took the front seats and Jasmine sat behind Paul, Alek in the middle and me behind Amy. I was tired, I wanted to sleep. "Is this okay?" I asked Alek as I put my head on his shoulder as a pillow. I thought she was going to take me home. Amy though pulled into a gas station saying she was going to get me all hyped up so we could go clubbing "Amy! I have a curfew!" I yelled after her. Alek had protested against going clubbing but Jasmine had backed Amy up.

"She's going to have both of us there." Jasmine said "No need to worry"

"But she's tired, She'll be defenseless" Alek had to quit arguing with Jasmine when Amy came out with a Coke. Those things made me hyper as Hell.

"I don't think it will be a problem" I said looking at both of them taking a large sip of my Coke.

"It's like her..." Paul trailed off when Alek gave him the look to shut up. We got to a club that was playing high beat music, by then I was almost bouncing in my seat. When Jasmine got us in I pulled Amy out on the dance floor. We were good at what we did. We made guys jealous of us, because we were dancing like we were together. It lasted for awhile until I looked over to the group and noticed Alek was gone. Paul was staring at Amy like he was going to attack her with kisses. I let her go to him, as soon as she turned her back hands landed on my hips.

"Come on King" Alek whispered in my ear. I danced with him like I had with Amy, changing it up a little. I didn't want him to think I was trying to seduce him or anything. His hands stayed on my hips most of the time. It was feeling a little too intimate. He spun me around to face him putting his hand on my lower back. The moment was ruined when Amy and Paul moved closer to us and Jasmine started dancing with Amy. I returned to how we were dancing, a disney song came on from that show Shake It Up! Watch me. Alek was not dancing with me like an older brother.

"Chloe" Amy said "Your mom is calling" I answered it hoping she wasn't going to freak out on me. I didn't even know what time it was.

"Where are you Chloe?" She yelled.

"Mom, I'll be home in a minute."

"You're an hour past curfew!" I had to put my finger in my other ear to hear her, which was said because I had that hearing thing

"I love you" I said hanging up and grabbing Amy telling her what was going on. We all walked out of the club.

"Let's take pictures!" Amy said taking a few seperates of me and then some with Alek and everyone else then we took a group picture. She didn't take a picture with Alek or Jasmine but she did with Paul and me. I understood she needed a new picture for her locker. When we were done she started to drive me home. I heard everyones heart beat racing in the car including my own. Why had I danced with Alek like THAT? I almost ran to my door, My mom opened it before I could. Alek stood up a little.

"You forgot your shoes, Kitten" He said, my eyes widened in anger towards him. He was smirking, I walked back and got my shoes and then my mom opened the door telling me to get in the house. She almost slammed the door behind me.

"Where were you with him?" She asked me, her arms were crossed.

"I went clubbing with all of them. Alek was just being a jerk" I said "nothing new from him" that seemed to change my mom's mood somehow.

"What did he do to you to be such a jerk?" She asked sitting down.

"Oh he just always teases me, the only reason I even invited him was because he is Jasmine's cousin" I was lying through me teeth. Alek was now one of my friends and if Amy had taken any videos, or pictures of tonight and posted them I was dead. I knew she did though. I saw the flashing and all... How could she not take a video of Alek and I?

"Oh so I don't have to worry about him?"

"No way" I said and she let me go upstairs, I knew she would talk about my dress tomorrow. The real trouble would be tomorrow when she had her coffee. When I got upstairs Alek was on my bed, and on my lap top. "Let me guess. Videos and pictures?" I said throwing my shoes beside me door.

"Oh tons of them. Everyone wants to know if we are together" I shook my head at him "I'm glad you finally showed me your very excellent moves"

"You did not just follow up a pick up line did you?" i said in a small giggle.

"I did" He said "But I'm serious. The guys couldn't keep their eyes off you. I almost forgot what I was really protecting you from"

"Well, you don't dance to bad your self" I said avoiding what he just said. "Don't take this wrongly but can you un- zip my dress?" He pushed himself off my bed as I took down my hair. To me his hands lingered to long, and he was un-zipping my dress much slower than he could. His touch though was warm against my bare back. When he finished he took a step back. "Turn around" I told him because if I sent him out of my room, he'd probably peek. I didn't trust him not to turn around. That was impossible for Alek, so I quickly slid my dress off and put on sweats and a T-shirt. Alek pretended he didn't do anything.

I sat on my bed with him sitting in a chair he rolled beside my bed. I pressed play on this videos. "Oh wow" I said "I was dancing like a slut" Alek's mouth turned into a half smile as he laughed at what I said.

"No you didn't" He said "But it was hot" I squinted my eyes at him when he said that. "I dare you to do that" he said as I clicked 'make this my profile picture' The picture of Alek's hand on my lower back and my hand on his shoulder, I didn't know why my hand was on his shoulder. It looked like he was about to kiss me. The bluish background of the club lights and the people in the background were all blurred except us. It looked professionally done. I made it my profile picture.

"That should make people talk tomorrow" I said shutting my lap top.

"I have to tell you something" Alek said looking at me, his face was close to mine but that's how Alek always talked.