The first thing you do after realizing that you don't remember what happened is you look for clues and make up the best lie possible until you do figure out what happened, red bull was all over my floor with my laptop as well! Someone had been playing Evony on my computer and drinking red bull? Two pillows were on my floor, and I was positive that the two guys- Paul and Alek- and probably bonded last night. "I'm waiting for an explanation Chloe" My mom's arms were crossed and then I just sighed, the truth would be a great lie... if that made any sense.

"I invited Paul over last night because he got in a little trouble, honestly I have no idea why Alek is here or how he got here" I shot Paul a look as he ducked his head. He was looking worried, maybe sorry. He deserved to be, as much as I liked the thought that he was getting along with Alek didn't dismiss the thought of me getting in trouble for it. I was still sixteen, even if Alek climbed up walls and everything she still got to control my life. Including but not limited to, Grounding me, taking away my phone, taking away my laptop and taking away Alek.

"How do you not know if your boyfriend was here or not? And what did I tell you about energy drinks!" Of course mom wouldn't believe me, why would she? Boyfriend... Best Friend,My bed. That looked wrong! "Are you in some kind of weird... sex.. thing?" Wow mom, way to not call me a slut without saying the word.

"MOM!" I blushed deep red feeling the burning skin, Alek was blushing as well. Why did he have to blush? He was the guy I was shocked he hadn't said 'Oh yeah we are all into that stuff, you know this generation', well you do know this generation right? I mean I wasn't human but the urges in the back of my head to just start making out with Alek were still there.

"I was just asking, this scares me but it looks like one big sleepover" Did that word have double meaning in it? Probably... Probably not... Who cares? I don't! I continued looking around at the two boys. I wanted to smile but I didn't, they were getting along and that was a big step with everything.

"It scares me too, don't worry" I rolled my eyes as my upset mother walked out "What the hell Alek?"

"You act like I was the one doing bird calls outside your window at two this morning" His british accent made that whole wanting to make out thing worse inside of me. I was mad though. I am mad. "Even though that was some pretty fun kingdom running" Way to be a nerd, Alek. Paul high fived him, and then they started talking about little things "Those guys from England made me look bad! Lol about everything.. I do not say LOL about everything" I moved closer to him, he smirked and then looked at Paul. I shrugged and then grabbed his face pulling it to me, we kissed and waited for Paul to leave but he didn't.

"PAUL!" I yelled looking at him as Alek growled, his chest rumbling in a very hot way, because I broke the to die for kiss. He didn't leave and I knew Alek would try to make him. He pushed me down on the bed, and kissed me once more.

"It's cool, is this how all Mai act when instinct kicks in? This is cool... Really cool... Do you hold your breath well because you two haven't broken apart yet" Paul was talking on and on, Don't claw his eyes out.

"Mmmm" I tried to pretend Alek didn't do that, when I looked back at Paul. Eyes slitted... "Paul. Go. Away."

"Way to make me feel like the third wheel, budro" Nicknames? They had nicknames... This was even worse than I thought it would be.

"I have a commitment to satisfy Chloe in every time of need"

"That's disgusting!"