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"You are kidding me, right?" The short blonde girl questioned her careless mom who looked around innocently.

"I'm sorry Rima."

"Apology not accepted."

Rima couldn't believe this, how could her own parent make a mistake in sending the form for her new school!

"You send me… to an all boy boarding school!" Rima yelled angrily.

"You just have to go there for 3 years?" Her mother whimpered.

She twirled a strand of her long blond hair, her golden eyes still on her mother.

"So, you want me to cross dress as a guy?" She questioned with a frown on her face.

Her mother has been even more careless than ever since she got divorced with her dad.

Too careless, Rima thought while sighing, "I'll go to the school,"


Rima smiled innocently while looking at her mother. "I want the 300 dollar comedy set"

Her mother opened her mouth to protest but closed it, she knew better than to argue with her daughter.


She smiled and skipped upstairs to her room and closed the door, well, it could have been worse.

When she was at her room, she took out her orange iphone and contacted Amu.

"Amu, yeah, it's me, I have something to tell you."

Few moments of explaining


"Yeah, I'm going to an all boy boarding school, blah blah, yeah."


"Um, so I need your help with disguising as a guy."

"Leave it to me."