The TARDIS was veiled in a golden energy, dancing around the Police Box as it vanished from sight, engines groaning as it forced its way in to the Time Vortex. The particles, however, remained hanging in the air, a curious brightness in the otherwise darkened void of the Realm of the Eternals.

It was only a matter of time before one of Them noticed it. They had all seen so much in their long lives, but this was something new, something intriguing that They could not resist.

As the being approached the golden glow, the two immediately combined. The knowledge and life contained within the energy flowed within the Eternal, changing every essence of his being. The incorporeal entity suddenly felt as if it had a physical form, and not just one, but almost a dozen. It had lives!

Of course, It had always had life, but not like this. They had always been observers, using their omnipotence to spy on other races and societies from afar. But now, something new was nagging in his mind, he wanted a purpose, a reason to use these new lives and knowledge.

He scanned though the new memories he had instantaneously acquired. It was like flicking through an entire library, the history of the universe placed back to back in one massive archive. He saw all sorts of creatures and planets, but one stood out more than all the rest. A primitive race, but with so much potential. Mankind.

He could see their entire history in his head, their triumphs and their tragedies. So much tragedy. Such a peaceful race, on the whole, but their entire history was marked with well-intentioned mistakes, which, he could see, eventually lead to their own destruction. He knew how the race ended, cannibalized in to small metal spheres, each one living as part of a whole, until they all went insane.

He had to stop this. He could save mankind, he knew it. There had been some many points throughout their history, which if they had happened even slightly differently, could change the outcome entirely. Even if he couldn't change the ultimate ending of the story, he knew he could make at least some things better, stop some suffering.

This would be his purpose, he decided. Mankind needed a new history, and he was going to build it, salvage it from existing events and reshape it as he saw fit.

He would be their Architect.