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Jimmy Armstrong was sat on the bench on the top deck. His kind of girlfriend Claire Stanford was sat next to him messing around with her camera. She looked up at him and smiled her most dazzled smile. Her blue eyes were shining in the sunlight.

"Picture?" she asked. Jimmy's expression was priceless as he cowered away from the camera.

"No way Claire. Get away from me with that thing. You'll probably zoom into my nose or something!" Claire laughed out loud. Her laugh was annoyingly cute and never failed to make Jimmy burst into laughter as well.

"Would I honestly do that?" Claire asked, giving her kind of boyfriend an innocent smile. He smirked back, making Claire grin even wider. She loved Jimmy's smirk, it was one expression that suited him perfectly. Being the troublemaker that he was, that wasn't surprising. Claire lifted her camera quickly and before Jimmy could even react she had a picture that captured Jimmy's smirk beautifully. "Got it!" she cried happily.

"Oh dear," Jimmy said when she showed him. She rolled her eyes, stood up and walked over to the railing to take pictures of the sky. Jimmy followed her and stood beside her as she took pictures. He stood, watching the waves as they crashed against the hull of the ship. As they stood there a grey dolphin suddenly popped up from the surface about ten metres away. Jimmy yelped and grabbed the camera from Claire's hands.

"What theā€¦?" she trailed off as she realised what Jimmy was taking pictures of. She watched the dolphin as it leaped from the surface before diving under again. After a few seconds another dolphin joined it, it was slightly bigger than the first. She looked at Jimmy's expression. He was grinning widely at the dolphins and the pictures he was taking of them. Claire smiled as she watched Jimmy's eyes switch from the camera to the dolphins and back again. Every now and then the camera shutter would sound and Jimmy would grin even wider than before. His chocolate brown eyes were shining in the sunlight, they looked so happy, so cheeky and mischevious. He was so engrossed by the dolphins that he didn't even notice the adoring expression on Claire's face. She was slowly realising in this moment how much she cared for this boy. She thought of the picture she'd taken of him less than five minutes ago. His face had been showing an expression it had done a million times before, but it had an affect on Claire that nothing else did. His eyes made her blush when they looked at her in a certain way, the way he stared at a computer screen and his expression while writing always made her smile no matter mood she was in, his hair was always so messed up but it seemed to fit his personality, when he tried to fix it always looked weird and Claire was always so tempted to put it back the way it was. Claire was only just realising these things now, as she watched him in the sunlight. It finally dawned on her. "I love you." Jimmy's eyes widened immediately. He looked at her slowly, not quite knowing what to do. Claire's face was bright red, like a tomato. She was playing with her fingers, embarrassed. Jimmy slowly began to smile.

"I love you too."