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An: This is for bathtubblogger's "Hedwig, We're Not in Kansas anymore prompt.

"Hedwig, where are we going?" Pig asked, trying to keep up with the snowy owl. She turned to him and hooted lightly, saying,

"Didn't Ron tell you? We have letters for Sirius. Everyone wrote one. It's almost his birthday. Honestly Pig, you're a lot like Ron. You need to start paying attention."

"Sorry Hedwig." the young owl apologized, using the list Ron had given him. 'Attentive Ignoring for Beginners'. That thing really saved his life at times.

"Pig," Hedwig warned. "Storm—"

If she said more, Pigwidgeon couldn't hear, for the two were swept up in the storm, tossed about like rag dolls. At least, Pig was. He was pretty sure Hedwig had more dignity though. She always did. If he had listened closely he would have heard something important, as listening is a good skill to have. He would have heard someone shouting about a tornado, and about someone named "Dorothy." He bumped along and eventually came to a stop lying on the ground, letters long lost.

"Good landing, Pig, good landing." Hedwig smirked, landing beside him carrying both his letters and her own.

"Hey Hed, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Look, dodo, there's a sign. We're in Kansas."

"Whoa!" Pig inhaled sharply. "You can read?"

"Some of us don't spend all of our time whizzing around insanely." Hedwig sniffed. "Besides, it's a good way to keep up. Harry often leaves his newspapers lying around."

"Can you teach me?" Pig asked, zooming around the older owl's head.

"No," Hedwig said simply, continuing to fly.

"Hedwig," Pig said, "There's another storm behind us."

"Pigwidgeon, hurry!" Hedwig hooted. "That's a tornado!"

"Were we in one before?"

"Yes!" Hedwig screeched. "Now come on! We could easily die in one!"

"There's a house." Pig pointed out. Hedwig swooped down, sliding in through a window.

"Aunty Em?" a voice called. "Where are you?"

Then the storm hit. Hedwig and Pigwidgeon were tossed around, and the older owl was almost knocked unconscious by a flying table. Finally it was over. They could see again. Hedwig slowly flew up, testing her wings. She discovered that she was fine, and Pigwidgeon soon made the same discovery.

They could hear murmuring from another room, and the pair (Hedwig) decided to check it out. They flew in to find an unconscious girl lying there with her mouth open and clutching a small dog.

"Hello?" Hedwig asked the dog.

"Hello." it responded gravely.

"I'm Hedwig and this is Pigwidgeon."

"Hedwig?" Pig asked. "Can you truly understand him?" Hedwig ignored him and continued to listen to the dog.

"My name is Toto. This is Dorothy."

"Is she oka-" Hedwig started to ask.

"AUNTIE EM!" the girl screamed. Toto quickly turned to her to begin licking the girl comfortingly.

"It's okay, Dorothy. It's okay."

"What's going on?" Hedwig asked.

"She was knocked unconscious by the storm. I think she's having a nightmare, but I can't wake her up."

"She'll wake up on her own time." Hedwig assured. "Harry always does."

"I feel so left out!" Pig called.

"Maybe if you'd actually work instead of playing all day you'd have something to do." Hedwig snapped.

"You're like Hermione." Pig whined.

"Better Hermione then Ron."

"Oooh, burn." the dog laughed. Not that Pigwidgeon understood him.

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