Magic, Aliens, and Romance
Charmcaster x Ben x Gwen
Story Start
One young man was sitting on his face looking over the picture of someone dear to him. The young man in question had short brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and he was quite skinny for his age with a small degree of muscle thanks to being quite a bit athletic. His clothing consisted of Green and black-striped with short sleeves, black cargo pants, and black and white sneakers. On his left arm was a sophisticated device with an image reminiscent to an hourglass. The person in the picture was a young woman with short blond hair, blue eyes, and a warm smile.

'Caroline.' he thought as he sat the picture down on his desk. He took one last glance at the picture before he slipped on his backpack and was out the door. Saying goodbye to his mother and father the young teen began trekking down the street. Another summer, another three months on the job. The Fourteen year old was a Plumber in training. A plumber in this tense was not a repairman that worked on pipes and such, but an intergalactic universal officer that dealt with problems in alien nature. Arriving in an empty alleyway the teen activating the device on his arm.

''Alright Omnitrix it's time we kick into action!'' the boy said as he turned the dial onto he came upon the silhouette of a velociraptor like creature. The teen was enveloped in a bright green light that would easily blind most if they were too close. The transformation died down and the teen was transformed into a blue skinned armored humanoid creature. In an instant he blurred from the spot and began traveling down the road at speeds even race cars couldn't scratch. The creature then came to a stop in front of an RV that was parked out in front of a forest. In a flash the teen was back to his normal form.

Sitting at a camp fire was a man of advance age wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and looked to be in his sixties. ''Hey Grandpa Max how's the food coming along?'' the boy asked as he sat on one of the logs as the pot over the fire cooked.

''It should be done any minute now. I take it you couldn't wait to use the Omnitrix again?'' Max asked as he used the ladle to continue stirring the stew.

''Hey I'm a teenage boy with a device that lets him transform into different aliens; do you expect any different?'' the boy asked with a grin.

''Remember Ben, you have to be-careful...''

''Because people can track the Omnitrix signal I know.'' Ben said as he rested his elbows on his knees. Though Ben's need for action was answered when the radio Max had going alerted them to something.

''We just received a report that the national museum of dark cultural artifacts have been broken into. Reports of objects coming to life have been reported!''

''Now this is what I'm talking about.'' Ben said as he slammed his hand against the dial and was enveloped in an explosion of bright green light.

At the Museum two young women were walking amongst the alcoves as they seemed to be searching for something. The woman in front was wearing violet coat that was opened along with tight black leggins and black shoes with black fingerless gloves with a cerise pink gem with a golden border on top of the dress. She had long silver hair worn in a low ponytail, with two strands of hair out and light orchid eyes with very dark purple lipstick and slightly pointy ears.

The girl with her was wearing white pants with a belt casually draped on the outside around her hips, black sleeveless shirt with high collar and a panther image on the front of the shirt. She also wore black flats, dark cherry lipstick and had long flowing red hair also done in the style of a pony tail.

''Are you sure the artifact is here?'' the red-head asked her companion, it felt like they had been walking around the place for hours.

''I'm positive...just be patient Gwendolyn. '' the silver haired girl said as they came descended down a set of stairs. Continuing through the door they came across a dead end. The girl in violet chanted something and pointed her staff as the wall in question glowed violet. The wall in question parted revealing a vault with ruins carved into it. ''Finally, the first step of our journey is over.'' she said as they walked into the hidden location of the Museum and began their efforts to remove the runes that kept them from the object of their desire.