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Marti Perkins walked over to the water cooler, gasping for a drink of water. Regional's were coming up and the hellcats were training as hard as ever.

Savannah came over to Marti, not sweating at all. 'Hey Marti, good routine right?' She said brightly, her face glowing.

'Yeah, it's good, but tiring.' Marti replied, 'Sure a lot of moving for a 5 minute routine.'

Savannah grinned 'It's to impress the judges, silly! The more we do this the more we'll get used to it and it won't be so hard on us! Now come on, me and Dan want to show you something.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Red were in Vanessa's office, trying to arrange a way to get the funds to get a bus to Regional's and just as a emergency plan, trying to arrange a way for them to drive up because the new sports director wasn't helping much with the funds. 'It's in Alaska though, pretty far from here. And what if there was an accident?' Vanessa said, looking worried.

Red calmed her down, still worried himself. 'I'm sure there won't be an accident. Don't get yourself all worked up about this, it'll be okay.' he said, pulling her close. 'People owe me favours, I'm sure I can work this out. Now you go and relax, get yourself a coffee.'

Vanessa nodded, 'Yeah you're right, it's just we barely got through to the last round, and that was with the date auction which wasn't that bad, but I'm pretty sure the Hellcats don't want to do that again.' a small smile creeping up.

Red laughed. 'I want to do it again though. Saturday night at The Rat? Dinner's on me.' Vanessa's face lit up, ' Oh Red I'd love to! Thank you so much!' she kissed him on the cheek.

'Would Derrick do that for you?' Red asked?

'Oh...I don't know...' Vanessa said, stumbling over her words. Memories of Derrick came flowing back. Him doing Michael Jackson to propose to her, meeting him. She felt tears springing up from her eyes and she ran out of the room before Red could see her.

'Okay Marti, you can open your eyes now.' Savannah said.

Marti opened her eyes and started grinning. 'Oh my god thanks guys! It's so cute!' she ran over to hug the two of them.

'But how did you know it was my birthday? I didn't tell you did I?'

'I did.' said Wanda, appearing from the arch in the corner.

'Marti, I need to show you something..'

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