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Oh and here's a warning, a lot of characters are going to be stronger than they are in the anime and manga, especially with regards to the akatsuki members...more specifically, Pein and Konan.


"Pein-nii-sama, if i may ask, what do you intend to teach me today?" asked a abnormaly tall for his age five year old boy, with medium length spikey bright blonde hair and deep ocean blue eyes with three whisker like markings on each cheek; though there was very little if any emotion in his facial expression. He wore only dark black knee length shorts and a dark navy short sleeved shirt with the same colour open toed ninja sandals.

"Hn, I was planning on waiting a few years before this but after your development the previous week, I've decided that maybe the time has come to step up your training regime Naruto." replied a medium height man of about nineteen years of age with spiked orange hair not too different from the little blonde now identified as Namikaze Uzumaki Ame Naruto, and of course the ever emotion deficient Rinnegan eyes.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited, I know I should be patient, but the faster I get stronger the sooner I can become an official member like you and Konan-nee-sama, so please enlighten me, what is this new training I'll be doing?" Asked Naruto with excitement only Pein and Konan could ever hope to detect.

"Very well then, I'll tell you, from now on I'll be teaching you elemental ninjutsu." said Pein dramatically, knowing how long the blonde had been subtley nagging Konan about this ever since that incident last week.

"Also Konan told me about that clone jutsu you created, from what I gathered from her the jutsu was inspired by texts you read from my library about Konoha's forbidden kinjutsu, the kage bunshin no jutsu (shadow clone technique)." said Pein, thinking about the incident Konan had reported to him that led to the current situation.


If a person said that she was worried sick, that would be like saying Orochimaru is just a mad scientist, a massive understatement. Pein had sent her to supervise and prepare the army in the northern hideout for their future planned war againt Hanzo the Salamander and she had taken her Naru-chan with the excuse that she wanted him to meet and bond with the other ninja in the army, but she knew and probably Nagato suspected the true reason for taking him with her, she was too attached to the little blonde, she would be too worried to concentrate if she left him, she sometimes had nightmares that the Yellow Flash would 'flash' in and take her Naru-chan away from her.

The Northern hideout was the smallest with only Fourty ninja in their ranks of which only Twenty-Three were jounin and the rest ranged from high genin to mid chuunin, so one could understand her worries when their hideout was not only discovered but was currently under an ambush from Plus One Hundred and Sixty ninja ranging from mid chuunin to elite jounin, because now she could not fight while protecting her Naru-chan, of course she could just grab him and disappear with him, but that would mean betraying and abandoning her comrades, she had eventually decided to leave her naru-chan to his own devices, if she tried to protect him, that would make be like broadcasting his importance to her, the obviously strongest nin on the field, making the enemy attack her Naru-chan all the more in hopes of either distracting her or weakening her resolve by killing him.

'What am I so worried about, it isn't like naru-chan isn't well trained, he's at least high genin level' she thought just before she saw something she had not expected at all, Seventy Naru-chans suddenly appearing and attacking the enemy head on.

'When and how did Naru-chan learn the kage bunshin' thought Konan, her amazement overshadowing her anger and worry at his recklessness. She had a plan, she had told her subordinates to retreat so that she could use her Exploding Paper Shuriken Barrage Technique to wipe out the enemy but now that plan had gone to the dumpster with his idiocy, she made a mental vow that she would ask Nagato to resurrect him just so that she could beat the crap out of him for worrying her so much if he died.

That was of course until her inner rant was halted by something unexpected, on contrary to what she thought, this was not the kage bunshin technigue, the kage bunshin first of all splits the original"s chakra in half to create just one doppelganger, there was no way he had enough chakra to create Seventy of those, furthermore a kage bunshin will dispel with a single clean hit, but her Naru-chan's bunshins, rather then dispel with each hit and sending the chakra back to the user, his bunshin simply split up into two, using the remaining chakra to form a weaker bunshin, observed Konan.

'But it seems as though their weakness is irrelevant, the bunshins seem to be growing from the bunshins that have received a hit, already launching attacks even before completely splitting up, creating an overwhelming surprise factor, Naru-chan! what a magnificent technique, very reminiscent of mitosis, I wonder who taught it to you' thought Konan, her anger temporarily replaced with interest. That was before she heard her Naru-chan's low yet far reaching voice from behind a boulder.

"Multi Construct Clone Explosion!" …


Was the sound of the simultaneous detonation of explosions of roughly One-Hundred and Fourty Naruto clones, instantly killing off the enemy.

'Amazing!' thought Konan with wide eyes.

'I knew Naru-chan had extremely high chakra capacity for his age, but that was ridiculous, for him to have enough chakra to detonate so many clones! I wonder what the chakra cost for each clone is, ; You knew the opponent would underestimate you after witnessing the retreat of adult men and women only for a Five year old boy to launch an attack then used the mitosis like factor of your clones to launch a surprise secondary attack, or rather the seventy initial clones were the distraction and thus the mitosis factor was the real attack and the explosion was the secondary and final attack, A three stage attack plan! Not as simple as it might seem, I'm almost tempted to rescind your punishment, but I won't let you of that easily my Naru-chan. You really are that man's son, though selfish, I will never hand you over to Konoha' thought Konan; A second later, Naruto stumbled and fell flat on his face.

"Naru-chan!" screamed Konan uncharacteristically, thinking that maybe he had died from chakra exhaustion. Not wasting time she flew as fast as she could to get to him and straddled his head on her bossom when she saw he was still awake she concluded that he had probably just over exerted himself.

"Don't worry so much onee-sama, I'm okay" said naruto comfortingly whilst wiping a tear away from Konan's face.

"Naru-chan" said konan lovingly whilst brushing his surprisingly soft hair, that was before an aura of doom and death surrounded her and naruto thought he saw and heard people's screams of agony behind her.

'was that…a genjutsu?'

"H-Hai o-onee-sama" replied naruto pitifully, sweat dripping from his forhead.

"If you ever scare me like that I will personally castrate you, are we clear?" asked Konan giving Naruto a serious and meaningful look.

"H-Hai!" whined our favourite blonde, by then the ninja of the northern hideout had already come out of their hiding places and were standing in a semicircle around the two with big smiles and nostalgic expressions on their faces from the loving interaction between their Angel and the blonde youth, almost as if they were not surrounded by dead body parts from the earlier clone explosion.

But like all things, good and bad, they must come to an end, and sometimes, the price for negligence is death itself, how ironic it was to Konan that they should die via an explosion, just as mercilessly as their enemies.

'A minute later'

Konan opened her eyes wide almost as if she was waking from a nightmare.

'Where am I, The last thing I remember is…' Konan's eyes widened even more, if that was even possible, the last thing she remembered was one of her female comrades glowing before there was a massive explosion.

'She blew herself up, A suicide assassination attempt, how did a traitor infiltrate our ranks, or was it an enemy who disguised themselves after killing our ally…' thought Konan.

'Am I dead? Why is it so dark and where's- Naru-chan!' thought Konan frantically before she heard a groan from the earth beneath her.

'Wait a groan?" thought konan before she leapt to her feet, automatically assuming a defensive stance.

"Onee-sama, are you ok?" Asked Naruto, his voice came out as a low growl.

"N-Naru-chan!" said Konan almost screaming his name before she lowered herself and suffocated him in a strong embrace.

"Naru-chan, where are we?" she asked, still feeling disoriented in the darkness.

"We're inside my technique, I don't know how I knew it, b-but when I thought you were going to die, I just somehow got this information in my head for the technique and used it Onee-sama, I think everyone else is dead, must have been a traitor in the ranks-" A small coughing fit ensued and successfully interrupted any more of Naruto's run-down of the situation.

"I'm so sorry Naru-chan, we shouldn't have been caught like that, everyone died because I let my emotions get in the way, I promise I'll do better to protect you next time" apologized Konan with tears in her eyes.

"Its ok onee-sama, its my fault too, if I had simply followed your instructions,you wouldn't have had to worry about me and as a result we wouldn't have been caught off guard, I-we'll carry the burden of our comrades death together, okay? You don't have to do it alone." Replied the Five yearr old with the maturity of a full grown war veteran.

Konan sniffled with unshed tears

"Hai, Arigatou Naru-chan" She thanked him with a rare smile on her face.

'He's so much like you, wouldn't you agree, yahiko?" thought Konan.

"By the way Naru-chan, what did you mean when you said we were inside your technique?" asked Konan thoroughly confused, It seemed her Naru-chan was full of surprises lately.

Bouts of coughs interrupted his answer to a barely decipherable point

" W-wood, -element." Answered our favourite blonde before he lost consciousness, finally succumbing to physical and chakra exhaustion just after witnessing the fish eyed expression on Konan's face.

'Hehe, I wish I could have taken a picture of that moment for blackmail, she would probably murder me for that though, heh' thought the blonde as he drifted of to the land of dreams and sometimes nightmares.

It would be 2 days later before she found out the name of the jutsu that saved them

'Wood Element: Four Pillar Encampment.'


"Hai Onii-sama, it was an accident in all honesty, I was trying to replicate the technique with the small information that I had from the normal illusionary clone and the shadow clone technique, after an amount of trial and error and some in depth study of chakra flow and hand seals, well I kind of accidentally stumbled on the technique." Replied the whisker faced blonde.

"Naruto, you don't have to be so humble, just how do you think people invent new techniques, research, theory, experimentation, these are just some of the lengths people have gone through for the sake of wielding their own unique techniques. Naruto, by creating your own technique at such a young age you have taken your first step toward the road that will separate you from the average shinobi with potential and inaugurate you into the present, future and history books, Me and Konan will be the ones to guide you to that ultimate status." Preached Pein with an ocean of pride in his disciple and pseudo sibling/secrete cousin.

"I will not disappoint neither you, myself or Konan-nee-sama, but I have a question., who are my blood relatives?" asked the blond bluntly, It was not that he wanted to look for them or anything, honestly, he already considered Konan and Pein as his true family, but he had been taught that information was the most important thing for a ninja, sometimes even more than ninja arts. What kind of ninja would he be if he didn't even know something as basic as that about himself?

"What makes you believe that me and Konan aren't your blood relatives?" asked the Neo Rikudo Sennin curiously, It was not that he was surprised by the question really, infact he'd expected it would be the first thing he asked after the Mokuton revelation; Still though, it wouldn't hurt to analyze his line of thinking.

"Simple, you and Onee-sama made it clear that you were born in Ame, but last week I just discovered that I have the Mokuton bloodline limit, A Konoha bloodline limit, and more accurately A bloodline of the senju clan. You have the rinnegan, Onee-sama has her paper manipulation bloodline limit and I seem to have the wood element bloodline, I find it highly unlikely that those are the bloodline limits of the same clan." Concluded naruto, intentionally using the word 'clan' instead of 'family'.

"Furthermore, you have orange hair, onee-sama has blue hair whilst I have blonde and last but not least, even though you and onee-sama behave like siblings would, I have never heard either one of you refer to each other as such, all these things put together have lead me to one conclusion, we are family in everything but blood." Concluded the blond in his usually soft, polite and emotionless voice which he copied from both his siblings.

Well Pein was not surprised with the little blonde's maturity and intellect anymore, he supposed it was only to be expected, the boy has never interacted with anyone even close to his age in all his life, only interacting with him and Konan and a few trusted high ranking members of the Ame rebellion.

"I see Naruto, when we started your training I told you that you would have to earn everything you receive from me, well besides basic needs of course, do you remember that?"

"Hai onii-sama" he replied worriedly, seeing the way the conversation was going.

"Good, you are right, we have not told you anything about your heritage as of yet, but in a year or two's time, depending on how well you progress, I or Konan will tell you everything we know about your birth and heritage, but you will have to earn it." Said Pein, He was aware of course how frustrating it must have felt for the blonde, but that was the whole reason he and Konan came up with this decision,it would serve as a motivating factor to push the blonde to his limits.

"What do I have to to earn this knowledge onii-sama?"

"I will tell you soon enough, first though take this and channel your chakra into it, this will tell us your chakra affinities." Said Pein, handing Naruto a small, square piece of paper.

"I thought we already established what my affinities are, you know, the wood element and all?" asked the blonde with a hint of confusion.

"True, but do we know how strong your affinities are, do we know if you have another affinity besides those two? How strong your affinities are will determine how well you will be able to control your bloodline, ask yourself this Naruto, are all the Uchiha and Byakugan wielders of the same strength and prowess? Of course not, some uchiha never unlock their bloodline and even those that do, some of those will never unlock all three tomoe for each eye, no matter how hard they train, same for the Byakugan, some can see even the tenketsu in one's chakra coils but some never master their bloodline to that degree, how strong your earth and water affinities are will determine how much your mastery of the Mokuton you will be able to attain."

' And how vital your role will be in capturing the bijuu.'

"Oh, that was quite a silly question wasn't it, I understand, so you want me to master my wood element before you tell me about my blood relatives?" asked the blonde, feeling a little stupid for asking something so apparently obvious.

"I haven't decided yet, I will decide what your objectives are once I confirm two things, one, how strong your affinities are, and two, there is something I want to confirm about your construct clone technique. Now, we have wasted too much time talking, channel your chakra and let us see what you've got."

" Hai onii-sama!" said Naruto loudly, loudly for him anyway before channeling his chakra into the chakra paper.

To say Pein was impressed would be like saying Madara and Kakuzu were old, A massive understatement. The paper was cut horizontally at the center before the whole top half sliced up into Twenty-Eight small pieces. The bottom half of the paper was further divided into two halves of which one half dissolved into water and the other half of that completely crumbling into earth particles. Pein, the most stone faced individual in Akatsuki next to Konan and the future member, Itachi, had to stop himself from drooling and dancing in celebration at having such a talented disciple.

After composing himself and eliminating his strange urges, Pein decided to ask his disciple the obvious and most relevant question.

"Naruto, do you know what this means?"

"Hai onii-sama, I have been doing a lot of studies from the elemental ninjutsu and sealing arts books you gave me, a weak water element means that the paper becomes damp, a strong one means the paper becomes completely soaked, this, well it seems to me the paper itself dissolved into water, I have an idea what it means but I do not want to get ahead of myself." Reasoned the blonde with a cute thinking expression.

'That is what Konan would probably say' thought Pein, unwilling to admit it even to himself that the blonde bundle looked cute.

"A good analysis so far, carry on." ordered Pein, wanting to see how much the blonde understood of the texts he assigned him to learn.

"Hai, the top half and majority of the paper was sliced into Twenty-Eight pieces, meaning that the wind element is my primary element, regardless of my bloodline limit, and from my limited Knowledge, the Shodaime Kazekage is said to have the strongest wind element affinity ever with Twenty-six slices of the paper , at least that's what onee-sama told me, and lastly the earth element, the paper crumpled into earth particles, also an unnaturally strong affinity." Finished the blonde, waiting for his onii-sama to fill in the information he didn't take note of.

"Hn, you have not been slacking off on your studies I see, anyway getting to the point, the Nidaime Hokage was said to possess the ability to manipulate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the atmosphere to create lakes of water, meaning of course that he didn't need a source of water to use his Suiton jutsu, if there was no water in, on or under the battleground, then he would simply create his own. Your wind and earth elements are just as exceptionally strong as your water element, Naruto."

"Hai Onii-sama?" answered the boy with a small smile on his face, which would be an equivalent to a shit eating grin to another five year old boy.

"I have one question, your construct clone technique, do you receive the memories of your clones when they dispel?"


"Then you may leave your Mokuton aside for now, use your clones to train your affinities, once you have mastered all three of them, I shall tell you about your blood relatives, also, I will have a surprise for you then."

"Then what are we waiting for onii-sama!" said the blonde with a small grin on his face.

"Lets get this started, I'll have it down in no time at all."