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Author Notes:

Yo I have decided to repost the previous Two chapters, I have a beta-reader now and so there should be a massive improvement in the grammar.

On another note, I would just like to say that I don't understand the people that are ranting about Sasuke's overuse and over reliance on the Mangyeko sharingan's abilitie in manga/anime.

Sasuke has just unlocked the Mangyeko and is nowhere near mastering it, so it is only logical that he would challenge strong opponents (Killer Bee, Raikage, Mizukage, and Danzo) in order to get practice. He cannot master those abilities if he is not constantly using them, hence the 'overuse' of said abilities.

Regardless of that I still don't think Kishimoto made Sasuke over rely on the Mangekyo, against the Raikage, he tried to use a lightning enhanced sword strike and it f***en bounced off of the guy's Raiton no yoroi (lightning style armor), then he tried the chidori and all he could do was touch the guy,no damage whatsoever, so what was Sasuke supposed to do?

Fire Element wouldn't have worked since nothing can penetrate that lightning armor, and besides that the raikage was too fast for him to even keep up with his eyes, much less his body, Mangekyo was the only way to survive.

Same with the Mizukage, How was he supposed to survive that acidic fog technique without sasuno'o, the second he releases sasuno'o that fog technique would have melted him instantly.

And then Danzo, I think a recall Sasuke summoning a hawk and also using the grand fireball against Danzo's summon and twice used a genjutsu, he also used that lightning blade when he stabbed Danzo at the end of the fight. I hope all the people that have bashed Kishimoto on this matter that read this will realise how unreasonable they have been. By the way I'm not a Sasuke fan, I kinda hate him.

Okay onto the story...

One year later

Pein could not help but praise himself at the ingeniousness of his jutsu as he watched the long awaited spar between his angel and his adopted otouto. A room he created with the combination of genjutsu, sealing and barrier arts, and ninjutsu for the sole purpose of training the blonde brat.

Basically an underground simulation room that can simulate any type of invironment, limited only to the imagination of the person controlling it, namely, he himself. It was a good way to test Naruto in all manner of the shinobi life, stealth, infiltration, ninjutsu training, information gathering, and battle in different environments, which is what he was currently observing.

"Water Element: Water Dragon Bullets"

Whispered the blonde Six year old, creating a large water vacuum from thin air before launching not one large dragon but Six small pressurised water dragons bullets at three times the speed of the normal water dragon technique.

'What technique is that, a modification of The Suiryudan no jutsu ( The Water Dragon Jutsu)?' thought Konan before she had to dodge an almost lightning fast dragon bullet.

Not getting the chance to marvel anymore on the technique, Konan found herself on the defensive having to dodge four more of those nasty bullets; taking note of the vacuum like water vortex from which the dragons are shooting from.

'There's a significant decrease in the water in that vortex every time it ejects a bullet, he'll only be able to shoot one more of those.' were Konan's thoughts and just as she predicted, the remaining water in the vortex disappeared as the Sixth dragon was launched.

'A good technique Naru-chan, sacrificing the width and strength of the water dragon for the speed, numbers, and unpredictability of your water dragon bullets, an A rank technique no doubt, but not good enough, I'm not an S rank ninja for nothing after all!' thought the blue haired angel as she dodged the last dragon before her eyes widened in shock.

"Paper Manupilation: Dance of the Shikigami" announced Konan as she quickly dispersed her body into a multitude of papers just as a dragon bullet crashed on the spot she had just been occupying a split second ago.

'He can also control the dragon bullets!' She noted in slight surprise as she reformed her shape once more, at the same spot as she was before.

'I see, he hoped to finish me off with that surprise attack by hiding the fact that he could control the bullets, he never expected to hit the target with the First five dragons, rather those were meant to induce me into letting my gaurd down, he put all his hopes on the sixth dragon, Naru-chan I'm so proud of you, but its too soon for you to take on a ninja of my calibre.'

Forming paper wings on her back, giving her the appearance of an Angel, she bent the front half of her wings forward and began shooting multiple feather like paper arrows at her target.

"Water Element: Water Vortex Encompment" Came the monotonous voice of the now Six year old blonde, having gone through a small chain of hand seals before his form was surrounded by a water shield spinning at great speeds around him, sucking the water out of the atmosphere itself. The technique relying on it's rapid spin to deflect the paper arrows.

'Damn it, she's keeping me on the defensive.! I've fallen for her trap, she'll try to make me fight on her own terms, she can keep up that technique for a practically infinite length of time, which can't be said about my technique , I have no choice but to use that..' thought the blonde with a weary sigh, letting go of the water technique before rapidly dodging all the paper arrows, causing Konan's eyes to narrow in confusion.

'How is that possible! Naru-chan may have reached jounin level in ninjutsu, but his body is still young, there is no possible way that he is quick enough to dodge my paper arrows. Granted I am holding back, but still only an elite jounin should be quick enough to contend with that." Thought Konan, narrowing her eyes further in concentration.

'It looks like I will have to fight you in close combat to figure out your secrets Naru-chan' Thought the blue haired angel before she disappeared in a flutter of papers.

Appearing behind the blonde in another flutter of paper, Konan quickly formed a paper sword before aiming a sword strike at the blonde's lower back, sensing her presence behind him Naruto quickly formed a water sword on his right hand, twisting to the right while balancing on his left leg and he blocks her paper sword with a backhanded horizontal slash of his own, knowing he was not strong enough for a normal block against her attack.

Not giving her a chance to ponder on how he was able to match her speed, Naruto formed a wind blade on his left hand and aimed a slash at her midsection, only for her to once again disperse into multiple papers slips.

Reforming herself at a safer distance, Konan pondered on what she has discovered in this short close combat interchange.

'Impossible! He's wielding a wind blade and a water blade at the same time, it is said to be near impossible for a person to mold chakra for two different nature elements at the same time, the only other person to have achieved such a feat was the Kami no shinobi (god of shinobi), the sandaime hokage, the ability to use mokuton, to pull water out of the atmosphere, the secret to molding different nature chakras at the same time, and the talent for creating your own unique jutsu. Those are the traits of all the four hokages! It seems like Naru-chan is aiming to surpass the four hokages, but the question is why?' thought Konan worriedly.

"I will tell you if you want"


"I'll tell you what you want to know, Onee-sama." said the blonde youth.

"What is it that you think I want to know Naru-chan?" replied Konan a bit defensively.

'Can he read minds too?'

"No, I'm not reading your mind Onee-sama, but I know what you're thinking, I've known you all my life after all."

"Please enlighten me then, Naru-chan." replied Konan, unwilling to show her irritation at being transparent enough for a Six year old youth to decipher her thoughts.

"Hai, first why was I able to dodge your paper arrows, and why was I able to match your speed so easily? Simple Onee-sama, it is a technique I developed in an attempt to replicate Onii-sama's gravity manipulation, or replicate 'the effects' of gravity manipulation." said the blonde, pausing intentionally for the dramatic effect.

"I'm listening." replied the angel coolly, though Naruto could sense the irritation beneath the surface caused by his antics.

" Hai, By constantly releasing a constant amount of chakra from my body I can control the air pressure and air resistance in the space around myself, as a result, by reducing that pressure and resistance around my body, I can increase my speed exponentially to a level beyond what I would normally be capable of." Explained the blonde with a bored expression on his face.

"I see, would you mind telling me why you seem to be molding yourself after the four hokages naru chan" asked Konan worriedly, she did not like the implications of that, did her Naru-chan look up to the Hokages, was he having second thoughts about going to Konoha to find his blood relatives, why the hell could he not have molded himself after the Mizukages or Kazekages, that would have made her feel a lot less insecure about her otouto leaving her.

"Konoha has won all three great shinobi wars and all four Hokages have been major deciding factors in each of the wars they fought in respectively, I don't believe that the hidden villages will just sit back and allow us to capture all the bijuu, also Pein Onii-sama intends to use the power of the bijuu to bring war to the five great nation to make them feel the pain and suffering that they have inflicted upon the smaller nations after which Akatsuki will take over the elemental nations and bring an era of peace that will last until the end of time as people will avoid conflict and war for fear of the pain and suffering that comes with it."

"Arigatou Naru-chan." cut in Konan a bit too sweetly

"For what?" asked the blonde a little confused.

" I dunno, maybe its for stating the blatently obvious! I don't see how explaining the same thing I and Pein-sama explained to you answers my question" replied Konan hastily.

"Just get to the point!" said Konan in her equivalent to a scream in frustration.

"Er-Hai, I'll do that" replied the blonde nervously. 'I think I should stop antagonising her so much, I might not live to tell about it." Thought the blonde.

"Yes em-the point is that If I can surpass the Hokages who have won all three of the great wars, then that should give us a good shot at winning the next war, especially with the Bijuu and Rinnegan on our side.."

"I see..." was all Konan said, stopping herself from releasing a sigh of relief after that explanation.

"Back to more relevant matters, lets see how you match me at my full speed Naru-chan.." said Konan with a smirk on her face before vanishing and appearing at the blonde's blind spot at twice her previous speed before launching another paper sword strike, aiming to impale the blonde in the back once again, only for her eyes to widen in surprise as she feels like she's trying to fight under water.

This time balancing on his right leg, the blonde once again spins and blocks the sword strike with his own sword slash to block the attack except this time using the wind blade in his left hand to block and the water blade in his right hand to counter strike.

Konan, knowing that she would not be fast enough to counter, once again disperses herself just before the strike and reforms at a safer distance, this time floating in the air.

"What did you do to me?" asked the blue haired angel curiously.

"That is simple, just like earlier I was able to decrease the pressure and resistance in the air to make myself faster, similarly I can increase that same pressure and resistance to make my opponent slower, close combat is taboe against me Onee-sama." Replied the blonde with a small smirk on his face.

'Naru-chan, I'm so proud of you, but alas its time to end this'

"I see, I'm truly impressed Naru-chan, but I'll end this with my next attack, prepare yourself!"

"We'll see about-"

The blonde could not finish his speech as once again the blonde had to block the same attack as the previous two with his water sword technique.

"It seems like you're out of ideas Onee-sam-"


The blonde was once again unable to finish his speech as he was blasted to the other side of the room by the explosion, rendering him unable to carry on fighting. Looking up at his Onee-sama standing over him with a smirk on her face, he couldn't help but wonder.

"H-how?" asked the little blonde.

"Simple Naru-chan..." replied Konan in a manner not too different from the way the blonde had done earlier.

" On our close range engagement before this last one, I dispersed myself to escape your your water sword strike, but I did not reform myself. I led you to believe that I was reforming myself whilst in actuality forming a paper clone of myself. I then had my clone pretend to be the real me by engaging you in small conversation, I hid from you in my dispersed form and watched my clone attack you with the same attack as before, knowing you wouldn't notice the explosive paper tags attached to the clone. That's why you're the one lying on the floor about to loose consciousness and I'm the one standing my little maelstrom."

"Don't be disappointed though Naru-chan, you did far better than any could expect of one so young, you should be proud of yourself, I know I am..." muttered Konan.

That was the last thing the blonde heard before he lost consciousness.

Three Hours later

After taking a shower, having regained consciousness Thirty minutes ago, one could see the blonde sitting in a chair in a small, neat office with his older siblings, Pein and Konan on the opposite side of the table facing him. He had grown a bit taller in the past year but still wore the same outfit as before, dark black knee length shorts and a dark navy short sleeved shirt with the same colour open toed ninja sandals.

" So what did you want to talk to me about, Onee-sama, Onii-sama?" asked the blonde with his face adopting his regular blank expression.

"Naru-chan, first I want to congratulate you on your performance in our previous spar, even though you weren't allowed to use your doton jutsu, you showed good adaptability and mastery of your wind and water element, We're both proud of you..."

"Arigatou Onee-sama, Onii-sama, but why did you not allow me to use doton this time around?"

"A reasonable question..." answered the orange haired god realm of Pein."The earth element is the most defensive orientated out of the five elements, there lies the reason for not allowing you to use the earth element for the previous spar...It was to test your adaptability, your ability to dodge and avoid injury, and your counter attacking ability, Naruto you should already understand now that you won't always have the luxury to use earth style techniques, especially if you are doing battle in or on a water surface, similarly even if you are on an earth surface, if you are doing battle against a lightning element using opponent, then your earth style techniques will be practically useless."

"I see, that makes a lot more sense after your explanation." answered the blonde truthfully.

"Good..." answered Konan."Now onto the point..." said Konan to no one in particular, waiting for Pein to reveal the purpose of this meeting.,"

Realising that Konan was not going to elaborate. Pein decided to get things moving.

"Naruto, One Year ago, I promised you I would tell you every thing I know about your heritage when you mastered your three affinities. I believe that has been accomplished, so I shall now tell you everything, including what happened the day you were born." Said the Akatsuki leader before he launched into the explanation of the boy he'd come to consider as his otouto and disciple.

(You all already know what happened on that day from the 1st chapter so I won't bore you with a repeat.)

" and that is the true story Naruto..." finished Pein, giving the blonde an inquisitive stare.




After the most nerve wrecking silence in her life, Konan decided that maybe she should say something, she would have much rather preffered if he was screaming obscenities about being betrayed and lied to then this silence.

"Naru-chan, look I know you feel betrayed but you have to..."


"W-What?" asked Konan, barely containing the tears threatening to spill out from her eyes.

"I said no...I don't feel betrayed, I don't feel angry, and I don't feel sad.." said the blonde with a serious look on his face.

"What...N-Naru-chan, please, bottling up your emotions won't make..."

"Onee-sama..." said naruto a bit forcefully, cutting Konan midsentence.

By now Konan was sniffling up, letting a few tears drop from her eyelids, she could not believe how things were going. When she took him those six years ago, she hadn't planned on getting so attached to him, but he was so much like Yahiko in so many ways.

Pein watched the interaction casually, absolutely refusing to participate in this emotional affair, he was a god after all and gods do NOT have emotions. He silently wondered if Konan had noticed that she had moved from her previous sitting position, now standing right next to the blond.

'This is the most emotion she has shown since Yahiko passed away...'

"Onee-sama, I believe that there must be a misunderstanding..."

Sniffs randomly interrupted Konan's response"~sniff~ W-what do you mean ~sniff~ Naru-chan?" asked Konan with a cute, confused expression on her face.

" Ahem..." sighed the blonde. "Onee-sama, I'm not bottling up my emotions, from what I've gathered from Pein nii-sama, if it was not for you, I would have died before in less then half a day of being born, so I don't feel betrayed, I feel greatful, and like I've said so many times, I love you like a brother would a sister, I still consider you and onii-sama as my real family, hah...basically what I'm saying is that I'm glad things turned out the way they did." Said Naruto, flashing Konan one of his special smiles reserved only for her.

"Naru-chan!" half squealed Konan before suffocating her otouto in her D cup breasts with a warm embrace. Even Pein couldn't help but show a small grin at the lad's words, letting out a breath of relief he had not known he was holding.

'If he'd wanted to return to konoha, I'd have been forced to kill him, he knows too much, perhaps it is a good thing then that he and Konan have such a strong bond, she's not even trying to mask her emotions like she usually does, I wonder if she would have ever forgiven me for killing him...'

"I love you too Naru-chan, I love you so much, don't you dare ever worry me like that again you hear me..." said Konan in slightly muffled voice, having nuzzled her face against his soft hair.


"What, You're not making sence...oh!" Konan shouted, slightly loosening her embrace but still not willing to let go.

Finally getting some air to breathe and reluctantly removing his face from her soft bossoms...

"Onee-sama are you trying to kill me?" asked the blonde jokingly, unable to contain his happiness at his Onee-sama's rare display of affection.

"Oh ahh..ehehe, sorry there Naru-chan, I geus I got carried away a bit." Replied Konan with a sheepish smile on her face.

"ahem...if the two of you are done fooling around, there are still things to discuss.."

"H...hai, gomenassai Onii-sama"

"Pein..." was all Konan had to say, a small blush on her face, thoroughly embarrassed about being called out like that.

" Before we go on, there is something a miss, If my biological parents are Namikaze Minato and Uzamaki Kushina, then why is it then that I have a senju bloodline?" asked Naruto, having regained enough of his composure to think clearly.

"A good question, I've been wondering the same thing myself, I have a few theories, but I even I don't know for sure, there is not enough information, and there is also a chance the information we have is not completely accurate..." replied the god of peace.

"I see, I can already think of one of those, but I think it will be better if I listen to what you have to say..."

'Perceptive as always huh, Naru-chan...' thought Konan.

"Hai, Naruto I'll have to start from close to the beginning, the Uzumaki and Senju clan are distant relatives, cousin clans so to speak, the Uzumaki were known for their excessively high chakra capacity and potency, also, the clan had strong bodies and as result longer life spans than the average human, sometimes even double that of the average human, Naruto..."

"Hai Onee-sama?"

"There was a special ability that was...feminist so to speak...infact, two special abilities..."

"Feminist abilities..."

"Hai, the females of the Uzumaki clan had special regeneration abilities, able to regenerate even lost limbs if they had enough chakra and control of their bloodline..."

"Pein, that is interesting and all, but how is this connected to Naruto's Mokuton ability?" asked Konan, not seeing where this was going.

"It isn't relevant, the other ability is relevant though, a special type of chakra that allows them to control or subdue bijuu..." finished Pein, pausing intentionally to allow his pseudo siblings to digest the information.

"Control bijuu, you mean like the Mokuton?" asked naruto.

"No, it is not the Mokuton, but a different ability, Naruto...your mother is a former jinchuuriki who had the ability to control and subdue bijuu with her chakra, I can't help but think there's a connection between your mokuton and her ability, let me explain..." said Pein a little louder, seeing Naruto about speak.

Seeing that he was listening, Pein continued where he left off.

"Naruto, I had Zetsu do some digging up and we acquired some interesting information about your father, apparently he's a war orphan of unknown heritage, yet Jiraya-sensei took explicit interest in him, even to the point of making him his apprentice, that is very suspicious on its own, but the most suspicious thing of all Naruto, is your physical appearance..."

"What do you mean Pein?" asked Konan, confusion clearly visible on her face.

"Konan, what do we know about ninja clans? Let me tell you, ninja clans have special physical traits that distinguish them from other people, the Uzumaki clan were distinguishable by their fiery red hair..."

"I see, because my birth father was supposedly a clanless orphan, it shouldn't be possible for his blood to be strong enough to override a bloodline trait of a powerfull clan like the Uzamaki..."

"Unless he himself is from an equally powerful bloodline clan..." finished the Angel of Ame, having realised what Pein is getting at.

"Exactly, clearly there is something more to his lineage then what meets the eye, Tsunade is the only known senju still living, and she is old enough to be his mother..."

"Pein, surely you jest..."

"I'm just speculating Konan, still though, it can't be ruled out as a possibility, infact at this stage, it is the most likely possibility."

"It doesn't matter one way way or another to me, though it does make me wonder, Onii-sama, why is it that I and the Shodaime have the Mokuton bloodline limit and not say, the Nidaime or the Yondaime, if indeed we all have the senju blood?" asked Naruto, wondering if his Nii-sama had a plausible theory for this.

It is needless to say that Konan's interest was also piqued, she had never thought there was so much depth to her Naru-chan's lineage, but then again, she did not see why Naruto and Pein sama were getting so worked up over this, what did it matter how he got the damn Mokuton, the fact is he had it, was that not enough?

"A good question, Naruto you may not know this, but the Uzumaki clan have had strong relations long before the shodaime's era, what many don't know is that, the senju brothers, Hashirama and Tobirama were not born of the same mother, Hashirama's mother was an Uzumaki..." said Pein, leaving the blonde to put 2 and 2 together.

"I see, so that's why you went into that whole decription of the Uzumaki bloodline earlier, you believe that a son born of an Uzumaki woman, who can subdue bijuu with her chakra, and a Senju male, will be able or at least have the potential to use Mokuton jutsu?" asked the blonde, though it was more of a statement than anything.

"Precisely, Naruto, Kushina may have survived the escape of the nine tails inside of her, but as a result, her womb has become barren, your sister obviously won't be able to use mokuton, though she still probably has the special chakra to subdue bijuu, You are the only one currently with that ability, you will keep that ability a secret until you are strong enough to face anything that comes your way, whether you like it or not, you will have a lot of people after your blood either to eliminate you, or to get your blood into their own clans or villages. Neither I nor Konan know anything about the Mokuton, now that you've mastered your 3 affinities, you'll have to train on your own, it is your birthday tomorrow, this brings us to my surprise for you, Naruto, it is time you took the next step on your journey to becoming a true ninja...survival training."

"Survival training?" asked the blonde.

"Hai, here, take this..." said Pein, pulling out a giant scroll from under the table.

"W-what's inside there Pein-sama?" asked konan curiously.

"Inside is everything he'll need for survival, I also took the liberty of adding everything I have gathered from the sealing arts and barrier arts, it was an Uzumaki Specialty and he has also shown to have a remarble talent for it in the past two years, that should get him on his way, anything beyond what's in there, he will have have to get or invent himself."

"Pein, why does it sound like you're making him go away somewhere?" snapped Konan sharply, her anger and anxiety getting the best of her.

"That is precisely what I'm doing..."

"What! Nagato, you better be joking or else..."

"Silence!" snapped Pein sharply.

"Konan, if you truly care about Naruto as much as I think you do then you'll hear me out.."



Gritting her teeth in an effort to contain her anger, Konan begrudgingly decided to hold her anger in check and listen to this idiots reasoning, though she would never say that to his face.

"Konan, I understand your need to keep naruto safe at all costs, I feel the same too, about both of you, that is why I have decided that Naruto should go on a four year self training trip...'


"Let me finish Konan!" authorised Pein.

"Listen Konan, the best way to protect someone is to help them become as strong as they can, so that they can protect themselves even when you can't be there to protect them, cuddling naruto to yourself all the time is not going to help him in the long run. Also, Akatsuki's goal is to ultimately change the world and make it a better place, how can Naruto change the world if he doesn't even know what it looks like? Naruto needs to go out into the world and see it for himself, also, we cannot spoon feed him all the time, if he is going to be a ninja, he needs to know how to survive on his own, Konan, this is for you as well, you constantly let your emotions get the better of you when it comes to Naruto, you also need to better yourself so that you can be better for him, do you understand my decision now?"

"H-hai, but Pein, what about what we agreed upon, about hiding his identy, what if Madara or Orochimaru discover him, what if Konoha...?"

"I've taken that into account Konan, you're one out of two of the best spies in Akatsuki, if not the world, why do you think I had you train Naruto in stealth and infiltration, Naruto will be able to keep himself undiscovered until he returns, but Naruto, you'll need something to cover your whisker marks and maybe even your hair, they're too eye catching, here take this."

Said Pein, handing the blonde a dark blue face mask to cover his whisker markings with a removeable hood attached to cover his head as well when necessary.

"I see, thank you Onii-sama, this should be helpful." Said the blonde, taking the facemask into his hands.

"No need to thank me, now that is all for today, get ready and enjoy your day, you leave tomorrow afternoon."

"What! But Pein, it's his birthday tomorrow..."

"I know that Konan, we'll celebrate it in the morning before he goes, he'll report back on his tenth birthday anyway, we can celebrate both his return and birthday at the same time then." said Pein.

At first he had been against the idea of celebrating those, but Konan had gone on a rampage and had literally beaten the celebrations into him, he never wanted to see her like that again, she had literally freaked him out, even threatening to beat on his real body.

"That's fine by me Onii-sama..." cut in the blonde, trying to prevent another disagreement about himself. "There's something I'm gonna need though before I leave tomorrow, could you please also give me everything you have on medical ninjutsu and especially books about poisons and human anatomy, also I want every book I can possibly get about trees and plants, it will be useful for my mokuton training?" asked the blonde politely.

"Naru-chan, I understand why you would want a book on flora, but why medical ninjutsu, we already told you your future partner is a medic, and why the interest in poison?"

"There are many poisonous plants and vines in the world, I was thinking of applying that trait in combat with my Mokuton, besides, there is also something important I want to achieve..." said the blonde cryptically, thinking about the fact that his Onii-sama used different bodies, but he used the god realm the most so he had thought that was his real body up until two days ago when Pein nii sama, or rather Nagato nii sama decided he was old enough to know the true story about the six paths, resulting in the life changing meeting between him and Nagato.

'I have to find a way for him to get out of that vegetable state, I cannot allow Onii-sama to suffer like that.' thought the blonde.

"That's fine, we'll have it ready before you go, Konan, contact Rin and tell her we need her to compile everything for Naruto..."

"Hai Pein-sama, I'll get right to it, see you later tonight Naru-chan." said Konan, leaving the room but not before giving the blonde a wet kiss to the forhead, causing him to blush uncharacteristically.


Minato held back the frown on his face as he searched through his house, almost unwilling to face what he knew was inevitable, his Kushi-chan was no where to be seen and there was no home cooked breakfast like she usually prepares, which could only mean one thing.

"~sigh~ I guess there's only one place she could be, considering what day it is, I wonder if she'll ever get over it..." thought the blonde Hokage out loud.

Going through the corridors in search, or rather in his wife's direction, having already guesed where she is, the blonde took a breath outside the bedroom before pushing the door open after composing himself.

Walking in to find his wife curled up on the bed clutching a fox plushie , seeing the tears streaming from her eyes, he could help but release a heart wrenching sob himself.

"Why did something like this have to happen to us Minato Kun, ~sniff sniff~, what did we do that was so terrible that Kami had to take our son away at such a tender age, I just don't understand, why did this happen, we're good people aren't we? ~sniff sniff~"

"Of course we are Kushi-chan, we're good people in a bad world, maybe Kami-sama took him away so that his pure soul wouldn't be corrupted by the world, to protect him from this world, you don't have to be sad anymore Kushi-chan, I'm sure Naruto would have been a family man , he wouldn't have wanted his family to suffer, so especially on his birthday, so cheer up ok?" comforted the blonde kage, now holding his beloved wife in his arms, not knowing how close and yet so far from the truth he was about his son.

"H-hai, ~sniff sniff~, I think you're right Minato-koi, arigatou" said the red haired princess before planting a chaste yet passionate kiss on her beloved husband.

"Good, now come on lets make breakfast, I'll help you, we don't want to worry Natsuki chan too much now do we.." replied the blonde kage, kissing away the tears on her smyling face.

"Hai you're right, I'll tidy up Naruto Kun's bedroom later, we have a lot to do today, you'll have to invite the clan heirs and their parents, I'll be to busy preparing things for the party ok?"

"Hai, I'll do just that, is there anything else I can help with dear?"

"No its ok, Mikoto chan and I have everything covered."

"Ok then, lets go make some breakfast than before Natsuki wakes up, you know what a big appetite she has." Joked Minato, resulting in angelic giggle from the red haired goddess.

"Yeah I know I know...I love you Minato-Koi, I don't know what I would do without you"

"I love you too Kushi-chan, more than you'll ever know." Replied the blonde, lifting her bridal style resulting in a yelp of surprise from her.

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