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Red Fire Dragon Princess

It has been 11 months since the end of the civil war, a war that produced thousands of casualties for the rebellion forces over the years but ironically, none during the final stand down. Hanzo has fallen and so has his legacy. Our economic and political wellbeing have skyrocketed at a rate even faster than Asura Path's Flaming Arrow Missiles, this growth rate could not have been in my wildest dreams achieved without Naru-chan.

Naru-chan now runs Amegakure in Nagato's steed, this was apparently decided upon even before our clash with Hanzo and his forces, and Naru-chan as expected, has not disappointed. The more I think about it, the more I realise just how far ahead Naru-chan had planned things out but more importantly, just how much he loves and values not only us, but Amegakure too. I no longer harbour any doubts or fears about Naru-chan's loyalties, he does not and will never belong to Konoha again.

Never have I believed in our plans for world peace than I do now, Naru-chan has proved that it is possible, Amegakure is an existing testimony that can attest to that, even the people know it, so much so that they have unofficially renamed our home, referring to it as 'Utopia' instead of Ame, and indeed it is. Poverty, femine, hunger, suffering, begging, crime, these words no longer exist in our vocabulary, food, shelter and education are a free in Ame, this is what heaven should be like.

Naru-chan has built over 200 hundred farms beneath the surface of Amegakure using his Mokuton Ninjutsu. The walls of these underground farms are imbued with special seals created by Naru-chan that convert physical energy, in other words, chakra into all manner of edible plant life. Naru-chan's bloodline limit allows him to use Yin Release in order to create life from his own physical energy. After two years of studying his bloodline limit, he was able to create a Yin Release Seal that allows him to replicate this feat with the use of someone else's chakra, and thus, the birth of the Utopian Underground Farming System. Anyone who knows the secret code to activate the Yin Release Seal can run the farms, this seal is not usable in battle, as it not only requires six powerful shinobi to combine their chakra but the strength of the seal's mokuton pales in comparison to what Naru-chan himself can do, but nevertheless is enough to supply every citizen in Ame with more than enough food..

Special Shinobi who have have been interrogated through Nagato's Human Path and have high chakra reserves have been assigned the task of running these farms in order to maintain a steady supply of food to supply everyone is Ame with food in Abundance. Naru-chan has also undertaken a different use for the Yin Release Seals Of Creation, creating a more powerful version of the seals and imbuing it on an umbrella shaped device. This device was used to create houses and orphanages for the homeless and is another one of Ame's top secret Kinjutsu. This is why Ame has come to be known by the people as 'Utopia', there is no suffering, no one can complain about the lack of basic needs.

Off course, people cannot be expected to be content with basic needs alone, some people want luxury and entertainment, some people want education and others want to join the shinobi forces in order to help protect their home, for all of this, human, mineral, and technological resources are required, and in order to supply all of that, trade is needed. Also, we can't expect our shinobi to maintain such a high risk occupation without some kind of reward, benefit, or luxury. Therefore, although basic needs such as education, food, and shelter are free, money is still a factor to be considered and we still need to trade with other countries to get the minerals and resources we don't possess.

But this is where the Demon Brothers and Fubuki come in, all members of team shadow. The Demon Brothers returned soon after we regained control of Ame with Fubuki, a Kunoichi with the ability to extinguish her chakra signature they had chosen to pose as the civilian owner and CEO of the former Gato Corporations now known as the United Elements Corporation. Naru-chan and a few members of team shadow were responsible for the elimination of Gato and his hired Rogue shinobi, saving Wave Country and seizing control of the man's company. I guess this is one of the reasons Naru-chan assassinated the Daimyo of rain Country. The man had been corrupt and was a full supporter of Hanzo's regime, Naru-chan decided we didn't need the financial power of a Daimyo when we have the United Elements Corporation under our control, instead of having a natural person be our Daimyo, we have an immortal, legal person continuously making profits and continuously funding our nation, not only that, but thanks to Gato's Resources, we have established a monopoly over the trading industry. No-one even knows that Ame is in actual fact in control of this trade industry.

This also makes it easy for us to trade our resources with other nations without them knowing that they are actually trading with Ame, not only that, but we are able to still maintain our official state of lockdown and prevent people from knowing about Hanzo's death and the end of the war. With Naru-chan's Mokuton, we are able to sell food, wood, rice and all our products made from wood to the other nations and we are also able to buy from other nations, all under the guise of the United Elements Corporation. Up until nine months ago, Fubuki, maintained her image as the public figure of the corporation while the demon brothers took on the role of her secret body guards, also, they were responsible for the proper screening and interrogation of every member of the corporation in order to weed out any spies from the business, to stop information about the business's affiliation with Ame from leaking out.

Nagato did well by entrusting Ame to our little brother, this has given Nagato more time to focus on Akatsuki and our plans for world peace. But Naru-chan has stated that he has a person in mind to run Ame in his place when he has stabilized everything and set the foundation for her. He's been tight lipped about the person's identity but what I do know is that it is a woman. At first, I thought that it was Guren, after all, she's been very important so far in Naru-chan's plans for Utopia and she has taken the role of head security. Not only that, but her jutsu has also been used substantially through a variation of the Yin Release Seal Of Creation. Some of the structures, houses and facilities in Ame have been built with her crystal release and more importantly, the Heavenly Wall that surrounds and protects the Hidden Village is made from a special type of her crystal ninjutsu. A transparent wall that allows 'insiders' to view the outside clearly but denies outsider's the view inside of Ame. One cannot just walk into Ame, without breaching this reinforced wall and only a select few people know where the entrances and exits are.

But it can't be her, Naru-chan said that Ame's strength would double when she took over in his steed, he also subtly hinted that this woman might have red hair, in that case maybe Fuka? But I'm not certain, why would our strength suddenly double by such a simple modification of our Hierarchial structure. I do not know what Naru-chan has planned, but he has assured me that everything will be in order before his inauguration in the Akatsuki.

But it does not matter, I trust Naru-ch…Naru kun, I believe in him and I love and trust him, he and Nagato are the bridge to peace, and I am the pillar that will hold that bridge up. I will be there for him as his mother, his sister, and maybe, shameful as it may be, his lover, if he is not disgusted with the very idea that his Onee-sama could lust for him. I can't help it, he is so much like Yahiko, he's everything that a woman could dream of having in a man, I can't allow anyone to take him away from me, he will be mine!

Konan stared blankly at the last sentence she'd written on the type writer, unable to believe that she'd actually written something like that down. It had been a topic she'd been trying her hardest to avoid whenever Rin confronted her about her feelings for Naruto in the last six months. She'd even been avoiding it in her own thoughts, but she couldn't deny her feelings anymore, no matter how hard she tried, At first she'd been shocked that Rin would accuse her of such a thing and even more so at how sick her friend could be, that was until one day Rin told her that she was going to seduce her Naru-chan before any of the younger girls got him first. Konan had been filled with jealousy and rage and declared all the ways that she would kill her friend or anyone that tried to take her naru-chan away from her. Konan has always been the epitome of emotional control but she had surprised both Rin and herself when she'd completely lost it. Rin had hugged her and apologised but told her that it was okay for her to have those feelings for Naruto because he loved her too and would do anything for her, she also pointed out that Konan didn't have to feel ashamed because of incest or age, pointing out that Naruto had already killed many people and that killing was without a doubt for worse than sex, which she didn't consider to be bad when two people loved each other. Rin also pointed out that there wouldn't be that many bloodline clans anymore if they didn't practise incest, saying that Konan was better since she wasn't even blood related to Naruto.

Konan, although feeling much better about acknowledging her feelings for her little brother after Rin comforted her still felt that it was selfish of her to persue such a relationship because like Rin said, Naru-chan would probably do anything to please her and make her happy, which means that he would accept her advancements by default and not necessarily because he wants to be in a relationship with her, but simply because he wanted to make his onee-sama happy. Rin had returned her concerned expression with a, in Konan's opinion, devious smirk, saying that Konan should just consider it mental, emotional, and physical comfort for Naru-kun's hard life, and if that didn't satisfy her concern, then she could share Naru-chan, that way, she wouldn't feel like she was taking away his childhood or his chances at true love.. Konan's natural possessiveness had forced her to refuse to even consider such a thing, not to mention she remembered that only a few minutes had passed since Rin proclaimed her plans to seduce her Naru-chan. Rin had given her the most hurt expression Konan had ever seen on her face, saying that she didn't understand how Konan's feelings for her could be so shallow, how she'd thought that they were more than friends but sisters. Rin had called her out even further by pointing out how she had been trying her best to get her and Naruto together for her sake but Konan on the other hand didn't consider her own feelings. Needless to say that Konan and Rin's relationship had been shaky since then, it made it even worse when she had to lie to Nagato and Naru-chan about it, damn them and their intuition, how were they able to tell that she and Rin were fighting, she thought she'd covered it up well.

'Sigh…I guess I'll have to reconcile my differences with Rin, I kind of miss her lively attitude!' Thought Konan, resisting the urge to look around for any eves droppers, despite the fact that she only admitted to such a thing in her own thoughts.

I wonder what Naru-ch…Naru-kun is doing now, probably drowning himself in work again, he really needs to losen up a bit' Thought Konan, stifling a small giggle at her own Rin like thoughts, that's something her sister figure would often say to her, when they used to get along.

'I should go and find her…to apologise for what I did, but after I speak to Naru-chan, it's high time he realised just how much I love him, age or incest be damned.' Thought the angel of Ame with a fierce determination, disappearing from her quarters in a flutter of paper only a few seconds later.


In the centre of Amegakure stands a tall skyscraper like building, the tallest in Amegakure with four gruesome looking but humanoid faces, one on each side. The tower is connected to two other smaller towers. Two individuals are found seated on the edge of what appears to be a stuck out toungue of one of the faces. The face in question appears to have rinnegan patterned eyes with multiple piercings and a pipe.

Of the two figures, one has spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes with three whisker like linings on each cheek. He also has multiple piercings on his ears and one below his lower lip. The figure does not appear to be any older 12 years in age in is dressed in blue ninja pants with white leg warmers and blue ninja sandals with a black, high collard cloak with red clouds. Beneath the cloak is a fishnet shirt and a blue loose fitting shirt. The young man is wearing a scratched Amegakure forehead protector and has a short sword strapped to his back.

The taller man sitting next to him has a similar hair style except his hair is orange in colour with a scratched Amegakure forehead protector and grey metallic eyes with a ripple like pattern around the eyes. He is also wearing the standard Akatsuki outfit without a shirt beneath the cloak and has many more piercings on his face and on some of his upper body parts.

The two are found seated together, enjoying the silent company of each other as was customary for them. More often than not, they would sit like this for hours together without saying a single word to each other, no words needed to be spoken for them to understand eacher or to appreciate each other's company, such was the strength of their bond. But off course, there are always exceptions, sometimes, words are needed in when one or the other has failed to comprehend something the other has done or just to know what they were thinking, and today was such an exception.

"Those unoccupied buildings that you and Guren built, what purpose will they serve?" asked the God Realm of Pain in a neutral but deep voice, trying to feign nonchalance.

"They are clan compounds that will soon hopefully become occupied, speaking of which, I need something from you…" trailed off the blonde Uzumaki.

"Clan compounds huh…." Pein trailed off in deep thought, unable to fully comprehend and discern the thoughts of his enigmatic little brother, something that secretly irritated him. It was usually other people that were always trying to figure him out, not the other way around, so his irritation could be somewhat justified, after-all, he'd mastered the art of reading people and their motives a long time ago, what with the powers of perception granted to him by his ocular powers combined with his own intellect and intuition. Pein just couldn't make sense of the blonde's actions at all, well…he could, but there was more than one possibility and any one of them could be right or wrong.

'Maybe those buildings will be occupied by members of team shadow, ninety percent of them have a kekkei genkei and most likely want to build or recreate their lost clans.' Thought Pein.

"What do you need my help with?" asked Deva, baring none of his conflicting thoughts in neither his speech nor expression.

"Well…every clan compound needs a set of training grounds, I've designed and built underground and even some underwater training grounds for each of the clan buildings, but I need you to teach me your training simulation technique that you used to train and test me at the early and middle stages of my ninja development. I want to imbue this technique into not only the clans' training grounds but all of the training grounds in Ame. Furthermore, I need your permission to enlist this jutsu as a forbidden jutsu of Amegakure no Sato." Explained Naruto calmly, confident that his onii sama when see the benefits of his plan and approve of it, and right he was about that. Pein didn't even need to ponder on it, the fruits that Naruto's plan would bear for Ame were as clear as daylight. If Ame employed this kind of training system, they would be able to produce stronger clans, stronger academy graduates, stronger genin, chuunin, and jounin, generally, Amegakure would all in all become stronger.

"Fair enough, I shall teach it to you and you have my full support to initiate this plan of yours. I will personally write the jutsu down on the forbidden scroll of seals this afternoon." Replied Pein with definite approval and pride.

"That's great, thanks!" replied Naruto with a small smile.

"Hn" was all Pein said.




"You know, I might be leaving the village tomorrow morning…" trailed off the blonde.

"Where to? What for, and when do you plan to return?" asked Deva, boring his more than intimidating eyes into the blonde's own with an intense, scrutinizing stare.

"To Water Country and I shall return tomorrow late afternoon or in the evening. I made a promise to Zabuza that I have to keep." Explained the blonde.

"I see, in that case, Konan and I will watch over things while you're away, but what does this promise entail exactly?" asked Pein curiously.

"Well, I promised Zabuza that I would end the Kirigakure civil war if he swore his loyalty to me, team shadow, and Amegakure no sato." Replied the blonde nonchalantly, almost as if he was merely talking about the weather. Pein's eyes widened slightly, which was the equivalent to a more a normal human's fish eyed expression, such was the utter shock that the blonde had subjected him too. But, in just one second his surprise had been removed from his expression almost as if it was never there in the first place, replaced with one of serious contemplation.

"Madara is the real culprit behind the bloodline purges, Zabuza has close ties to Haku, a bloodline limit wielder and tried to assassinate Yagura, helping Zabuza means going against Madara…." Trailed off Pein a deep thought but speaking his thoughts out loud for Naruto's benefit.

"Not only would that go against Madara, it would also go against our plans, killing Yagura will result in the loss of the Sanbi, this could potentially cause an internal war in the Akatsuki if Madara got word of this and as stated before, it would delay our plans for world peace if we had to wait for the Sanbi to be reborn. Have you actually thought about this carefully…Naruto?" asked Pein with a threatening tone.

"Yes, I've thought everything through carefully." Replied Naruto casually.

"Explain yourself!" demanded Pein impatiently.

"Why do you assume that I have to kill or even fight Yagura?" asked Naruto.

"Stop avoiding the question and explain yourself!" said Pein, adding a little KI to his tone.

"Think about it, Onii sama, the bloodline clans are simply fighting for their human rights and Yagura wants a Kiri that is free of the 'abominations' that are supposedly responsible for war. Also, think about what Madara is trying to do by purging Kiri of its most powerful and talented shinobi? Clearly, this plan was concocted in part, to help Akatsuki in the long run by weakening one of the great five shinobi villages. If you consider this, what do you think would happen if I offered the bloodline clans a home here in Amegakure, a home where they wouldn't have to worry about being hunted down for their heads, a home where they could live in peace and be able to exercise all of their human rights, a home where each clan owned their own clan compound and training grounds, a home where food was free, a home in Utopia?" asked Naruto rhetorically.

"Chances are, they would accept my offer as soon as they verified the legitimacy of my promises, and if they did, everyone would get what they want. Yagura would have his perfect Kiri free of 'bloodline monsters', Madara would have successfully weakened Kiri, one of the five great nations just as he had intended, my promise to Zabuza of ending the Kiri Civil War and freeing the bloodline users from the shackles of oppression will be fullfilled and Amegakure would have become a power house ninja village that can protect itself from all the filth out there, just like we wanted. Everyone will get what they want and everyone should be happy." Explained the blonde proudly, extremely proud of his brilliant plan, even if he had to say so himself.

To say Pein was impressed with his little brother's plan was an understatement, the level of planning, cunning, and foresight that the blonde was capable was, as much as he hated to admit it, possibly far greater than even his own, something he had always prided himself at being the best at. That's not to say he was jealous of his brother, no not at all infact, irritated, but not jealous, he was actually very proud and happy for his otouto, for Ame, and for himself for having obtained such a talented successor.

'To think that if Konan hadn't been inside Konoha at that time, that he either would have been dead, or grown to become an enemy to our cause.' Thought Pein.

"I see now, so that's why you built those clan compounds, you were making a home for the Kiri rebels, but isn't that the same as counting your eggs before they hatch, what guarantee do you have that they will accept your offer? And how sure are you that you can trust all of…." Pein was cut off in the middle of his speech by a popping sound from behind the duo, creating a large puff of smoke.

"What impeccable timing, Kuromari-chan…" said Naruto softly, slowly getting up on his feet before turning around and walking in a slow but purposeful manner towards the white cloud of smoke that was slowly dissolving, revealing a small, by summon standards, chameleon/eel hybrid that was almost the same height as the blonde Akatsuki member. The creature, now identified by the name Kuromari is black and silver grey in colour and is carrying a small scroll on its mouth. Kuromari dropped the scroll on the blonde's hands when he was close enough, waiting for the blonde to say something while examining her summoner and friend, whom she hadn't seen for just over eight months now.




"Well, aren't you going to say something, baka?" asked the creature in a very girly and petulant voice.

"You're a lot bigger then you were before, you've grown well and not to mention fast over the last eight months." Said the blonde, stating the painfully obvious, but he couldn't help himself, he was truly shocked. The heiress of the chameeleon clan was not much bigger then a house cat when she left on her mission and now she looked almost as big as he was, he didn't know that summons grew that fast, but then again, maybe he should have, given the sizes that they can reach when fully grown.

"Hn, I know, and you haven't grown at all, you're still a just a little shorty!" replied heiress in a fit a giigles, causing Naruto to twitch irritably, though it was hardly noticeable.

"Big words, for someone who is still a good few centimetres shorter than I am." Said Naruto, trying and succeeding in maintaining a neutral tone and expression.

"Hn, I'll have surpassed you in just another eight months and you know it, so there!" challenged Kuromari, sticking her toungue out petulantly.

"Hn, whatever! Did you get all of the information I wanted?" asked Naruto, adopting his no nonse tone, something Kuromari liked to refer to as his business mode.

"Yeah, it was damn hard, those guys have got some super tight security and they're very illusive, but they were no match for me." Replied the Chameeleon heiress, puffing her chest out proudly.

"I'd expect nothing less then that from the great Shiromari-sama's daughter." Said Naruto with a small smile, causing Kuromari to blush in embarrassment at her summoner's sincere praise, thankful that her black skin didn't expose her flushed state.

"Ummm…t-thanks…s-squirt." Replied the chameeleon, throwing in a jab at the blonde's height in a pathetic attempt to cover-up for the shakiness in her voice. In all honesty the blonde wasn't short at all…for his age that is, he was actually taller than at least 75% of the humans in his age group, she just hated that she was smaller than her summoner, even though she would be able to outgrow him soon during her growth spurt.

"Hn, alright, so you gonna tell me what you got in this here scroll or not?" asked Naruto with a quirked eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, tche…I can't believe I almost forgot about that. Anyway, inside the scroll are the co-ordinates of the bloodline rebels' hideout, a profile on their commander and her second and third in command, and all the names of the rebellion members who are actually spies working for other people and organisations." Explained Kuromari proudly, and indeed the blonde was very impressed with the work that she had done, not only that but he was very grateful that he had been the one to stumble on Shiromari that day, the chameeleons were truthfully the best summons that he could have ever hoped to get his hands on. His stealth techniques, thanks to his mokuton, doton, suiton, life-force sensing, barriers and the training he received from his onee-sama were already up there with the best in the elelmental nations, but when he came into possession of the chameleon contract, he truly became the absolute best in the elemental nations.

The chameeleons had taught him a great deal about stealth and infiltration and had even taught him a couple of their own techniques. The greatest gift he ever received from them, not counting their friendship and loyalty, was a piece from a part of the boss summon's own body. A summoner can attain part of the chameeleon clan's powers by wearing a cloak made out of the shed skin of any one of the chameeleon clan members and then channelling their chakra into the cloak. The skin reacts to the chakra by erasing the visibility, scent, and chakra of the summoner. From here on, only a person with Ex-ray vision or a sound sensor could possibly identify the presence and location of the summoner. The impressive part was that all of Naruto's outfits were made out of Shiromari's processed skin, giving him chameeleon like abilities himself.

The chameeleon clan is not only good in stealth though, being also very competent in battle, even more so when fighting alongside someone like Naruto. The reason for this is because ninety five percent of the chameleon clan share a nature affinity for both fire and lightning, the lightning, Naruto had theorized, was probably a result of them being half eel. Nevertheless, Naruto's own affinities were wind, water, and earth, as a result, when fighting alongside his chameeleon comrades, the blond Uzumaki is able to gain access to all the five elements, to think that a B rank mission to investigate a haunted mansion during his training trip was all it took for him to gain this kind of power is incredible, the blonde had to resist the urge to break into a fit of giggles every time he thought about it.

"Hmmm…..tell, Kuromari-chan, what is your personal opinion of the leader of the bloodline rebel faction, Terumi Mei?" asked the blonde with a serious expression.

"What do you mean? I told you I detailed everything about her, everything is written inside the scroll that I gave you." Replied the black chameeleon.

"I know, but that is just a formal mission debriefing that is probably attached to a bingo book style profile of her, what I want is your opinion of her as a person, do you think that she would make a good village leader? " asked Naruto.

"Yeah! Definitely!" exclaimed Kuromari.

"You're not saying that just because she is a strong kunoichi, are you?" asked the blonde with a quirked eyebrow.

"No really! She's really great! Strong, disciplined, brave, smart, and vicious in battle but kind, trustworthy, compassionate, supportive, and inspirational to her subordinates and comrades. She's a really great person, everyone in the rebellion army likes her and would fight and die for her, except for those traitorous spies of course!" shouted Shiromari passionately.

"Hmmm…she made quite an impression on you didn't she?" asked Naruto with a coy smile.

"Yeah, she's a great lady, I'm going to become a great female warrior just like her, Rin, and Konan sama!" said Kuromari, her yellow slitted eyes shining with determination.

"Hehehe! Alright alright I think I've heard enough girl power talk for the day, thanks though, I really appreciate this, Kuro-chan!" said Naruto.

"Na no need for that, I should be the one thanking you, this was a great experience for my growth as a ninja summon." Replied the chameeleon heiress.

"Alright, I know you can't wait to see your dad, so goodbye…and give Shiromari-sama my regards." Said the blonde, giving his summon friend a tight hug.

"You take of yourself too squirt, see ya!" replied the black chemeeleon, returning the gesture with her own tight hug before dispelling herself, returning back to her home after eight months of homesickness.

"Would she make a good village leader? Why would you ask something like that? Don't tell me that you're planning to have a foreign shinobi take charge of our home?" asked Pein in disbelief, now standing only a few feet behind the blonde. Naruto turned around slowly to address his brother and superior.

"That's exactly what I plan to do! You heard what Kuro-chan said about her didn't you, she's perfect for the job" said Naruto cryptically.

"Why her though? I understand that you want to be more directly involved with our plans for Akatsuki, as do I, but what is so special about this woman? What makes her better then Guren or Fuka? And what about Zabuza, he has more similar traits to Hanzo than anyone I know?" asked Pein out of more curiosity than rebuke.

"We need someone relatively unknown but powerful to represent us as our public figure. In which case, Terumi Mei would make the perfect candidate as opposed to Zabuza. Zabuza, Guren, and Fuka are without a doubt powerful shinobi worthy of their status as S-rank shinobi, but can they be compared to Hanzo, who was able to defeat the three Sannin and who was said to be one of only two shinobi to ever be labelled with a flee on sight order?" asked Naruto rhetorically.

"Do you expect me to believe that this woman is of the same calibre as Hanzo? What nonsense, if that were the case, then she would have won the civil war already." Retorted the deva path.

"She is strong, and so are her companions, here, take a look at her profile…" replied the blonde calmly, handing over a small booklet to his big brother that he had unsealed and read through during their conversation/argument.

Name: Terumi Mei

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Alias: The Fire Breathing Demoness

Rank: S

Bloodline Limit: Lava Release, Boil Release

Affinity: Water, Earth. Fire

Kenjutsu: SS

Taijutsu: A

Ninjutsu: S

Genjutsu: B

Info: The first and only female member of the Seven 'Ninja Swordsmen' Of The Mist after killing former member and bloodline purges supporter, Kushimaru Kuriarare. The sword is nicknamed and generally referred to as the 'Hell's Sword' because of its ability to amplify the user's fire affinity by epic proportions. The sword was once said to have incinerated a whole forest with a single swing. Close combat is taboo against Terumi Mei not only because of her sword skills, but because of the corrosive mist that she can exhale into the environment that is capable of melting an opponent's flesh and bone but not her own because of her inherent immunity.

She has high chakra reserves and is also very dangerous in mid to long range because of her vast ninjutsu prowess, a dangerous foe worthy of her rank as the leader of the Bloodline resistance and without a doubt the strongest in their ranks. A very smart, powerful but beautiful woman who has a very high potential for seduction techniques should her strength fail her against a powerful opponent.

Name: Chojuro

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Alias: N/A

Rank: A

Bloodline Limit: N/A

Affinity: Water

Kenjutsu: S

Taijutsu: A

Ninjutsu: A

Genjutsu: C

Info: A Kenjutsu prodigy who has become the youngest member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen Of The Mist. Has no inherent bloodline limit but a firm supporter and sympathizer of the bloodline faction of the war. Known aquintances are Ao Of The Byakugan and Terumi Mei. Chojuro is a wielder of the powerful Hiramekai, a sword that uses chakra shape manipulation to augment a shinobi's offensive and defensive power.

Name: Ao

Age: 37

Sex: Male

Alias: N/A

Rank: S

Bloodline Limit: Implanted Byakugan

Affinity: Water

Kenjutsu: A

Taijutsu: A

Ninjutsu: S

Genjutsu: A

Info: Extremely capable sensor type complimented further by possession of an implanted Byakugan, giving him a three sixty degree line of vision, improved chakra control and the ability to see through all levels of genjutsu. Former member of the Kiri's Hunternin corps that are recognized as arguably the best in the elemental nations. Ao is known to be very proficient in all forms of ninja arts, but prefers barrier ninjutsu above all else. Known to have defeated a Hyuga main branch member during the third shinobi war and survived a battle against Uchiha Shishui. He is also Terumi Mei's bodyguard and confidant.

"Hmmm….she is without a doubt strong, but I see not much of a difference between her and the three capable members of team shadow that we have in our ranks already, nor do I see why I should allow a foreign shinobi to run Utopia in my steed." Said Pein stubbornly.

"You do realize that Zabuza, Fuka, and Guren were also, at one point, foreign shinobi, don't you, Onii-sama?" asked Naruto, causing Pein to narrow his eyes menacingly.

"Yes, but they have earned our trust and fought alongside us during our own civil war, what has Terumi Mei done to earn our trust?" asked Pein. He was really getting agitated by the blonde's elusive and pointless manner of answering, he felt insulted that the blonde was treating him like a child who didn't want to think for himself, was it too much to answer a question directly?

"That's the thing, this situation is different from team Shadow's, in this case, Terumi Mei doesn't necessarily have to earn our trust, we have to earn hers…" explained Naruto, taking a short pause for dramatic effect.

"This is part of the reason why I plan to make her the figurehead of Ame, in order to curb hers and her subordinates insecurities. These are people who have been betrayed by their own country, they won't trust us that easily, we'll need to give them some sort of security and a form of power over their destiny, which is why I am offering her this position, do you understand why I am doing this now, Onii-sama?" asked Naruto, hoping his big brother would not only understand the reasons behind his plans, but also to approve of them.

'That chameleon said that she had detailed information about all the people in Terumi's army whose loyalties were compromised, Naruto must have ordered her to do that so that he would use that information as a bargaining tool during negotiations. Also, he can earn a bit of her trust if he helps her weed out all of the traitors in her ranks, or at the very least, she would owe him a favor. To further seal the deal, he has elected to make her our figurehead as the leader of Ame and built compounds for each of the clans in her forces. The chances of rejection are slim, this is a golden opportunity that they can't refuse, but there is still something missing, something I'm not getting or something he hasn't told me about yet.' Thought Deva.

"I see, but there is still something amiss, if she is going to become our figurehead, she needs to become even stronger then she is now, she needs to be at Hanzo's level or close." Said Pein matter of factly.

"Off course, she is already strong, she is just missing one thing…" trailed off the blonde, his facial features morphing into a playful smirk.

"An what would that be?" asked Deva in anticipation.

"A summoning contract!" said Naruto, causing Pein's eyes to widen in surprise.

"Masaka! You don't mean that do you?" asked Pein rhetorically.

"You're really planning to give this woman that kind of power, just to get her and her subordinates to live in Ame?" asked Pein incredulously.

"That's exactly what I plan to do, but not just because I want her to accept my offer. The Salamander Summoning Contract is a treasure belonging to Utopia and should hence be used to protect it. As leader of Utopia, it will be her responsibility to fight for our home's preservation and continued existence. I am giving her this contract as a sign of trust and as a contract of obligation and duty to our land. Besides, she will need to have a good cover, when the other nations find out about her status as the leader of Utopia, they will assume that Hanzo has passed away and will try and invade our lands as they have done in the past. To prevent this, we will have her pose as Hanzo's apprentice and successor, that should ward off any doubters of her skill and competence. Those who believe that Hanzo has died or doubt her status as Hanzo's apprentice will be in for a reality check when they have to fight her and her Salamander summons." Explained the blonde, taking a small breathe from his long winded explanation, also, to give his brother a chance to digest the information.

"Also, I believe that she is the most compatible with Salamanders, The Salamanders are good with fire and water techniques and so is she, also, her body is very resistent to corrosive and poisonous substances because of her bloodline limits, furthermore, like Hanzo, she is able to combine nature elements to harness the power of sub-elemental ninjutsu, not to mention her skill in kenjutsu, she is without a doubt the perfect example of what Hanzo's apprentice would be like." Said the blonde charismatically.

"Onii-sama, I understand your concerns, I would have signed the Salamander Contract myself had I not already been allied to the chameleon, although just thinking about it, I wouldn't trade the chameleon contract for anything, not only are they like family, their skills, given how much they complement mine are irreplaceable." Answered Naruto




"I can't give it to Rin nee-chan or Konan Onee-sama either, Rin nee-chan is already allied with the wolves and Konan Onee-sama, like Deidara, has no use for a summoning contract." Said the blonde.

Pein could do nothing but silently acknowledge the point that his otouto made, Konan truly didn't need a summoning contract, to her, it would be more of a hindrance then an advantage in reality mainly because her of her fighting style which was encompassed mass destruction through wide range explosions, explosions that could put the summons at risk. Furthermore, she and Deidara had the ability to animate the paper and clay respectively into any creature of any size to suit their benefit at the time. Konan could make butterflies or paper planes that could deliver messages and spy for her or she could turn them into birds, both small and giant either for spying or to aid her in attack by launching feather like arrows with explosive tags. She could even fly on these birds or simply grow her own wings and fly, he'd also seen her on many times levitating herself without the use of her wings, though his pride dictated that he never asked her how she did it, deciding that he would rather figure it out himself. Konan was neither compatible nor did she need a summoning contract, Pein could acknowledge that at least.

"Hmmm, fair enough, you've made your point, except, there's one more thing I'd appreciate if you explained…." Trailed off the Deva Path, stretching out his hand to hand back the profile book to Naruto.

"What is it Onii-sama?" asked Naruto.

"You have continuously implied that outsiders would know about Mei and her position as the new leader of Utopia, why is that so? We have been able to successfully hide Hanzo's demise and our subsequent take-over thus far, why would it be any different from now when she has taken over? Also, how do you plan to get all of these people from Kiri all the way here without anyone noticing, or at the very least, without leaving behind any tracks or trail to be followed?" asked Pein, he of course didn't believe for a second that Naruto hadn't thought about this, he knew by now that the blonde almost, if not always had a back-up plan for these kinds of situations.

"Well about your second question, you see I was going to ask if you would allow us to use Asura's Ninpo: Kire Nodo No jutsu?" asked Naruto, scratching the back of his neck nervously.

"Ninja Art: Slashed Throat Technique huh? I guess it is only fitting that a God's power be used in order to free his future brethren from the shackles of oppression…hmmm….very well, I will lend you my aid!" Replied Deva proudly.

"Thanks a lot Onii-sama!" exclaimed Naruto happily, surprised slightly that Pein had approved to every single one of his plans and requests without any resistance.

"Yes, well, what about my other question?" asked Deva.

"Ahem! Well, I'm not surprised that you would ask that, seeing that I haven't told you about my other plans, nor have you left the village for quite some time now. You see, I plan to lift our lockdown state…but only slightly!" blurted out the blonde hastily, seeing the incredulous and slightly angry expression on his big bro's face.

"I'm listening…." Was all Pein said, boring his freaky eyes at the blonde with an unseen force.

"I have built a large forte almost a day's travel from the village in the direction of north east using Guren's crystal release." Said the blonde.

"A forte?" asked Pein.

"Yes. This place will serve as the head office of The United Elements Corporation and also as the The Village Leader's Main Office. This in turn means that Mei will function as the both the CEO of The United Elements Corporation and The Leader Of Utopia, namely, she will be the Daimyo and the village leader. Of course, Fubuki will be there to assist her when it comes to business matters and she will focus more on the village matters, which brings us to my next plan, the initiation of Utopia's status as the first village to ever function under a state of what I like to call, Open-Lockdown" Explained the Akatsuki Heir diligently.

"Open-Lockdown? Sounds interesting, what is it exactly, as in, how is it different from our current state?" asked Deva.

"What I mean by that is that we will once again be a fully operational village that accepts missions from the people in Rain Country and other nations, but, we will not allow them entrance into our village. When someone wants to make a mission request, they will have to send a messenger bird to the forte, or physically go there themselves where they will meet Mei in person. From then on, Mei will issue a rank for the mission and henceforth select the people in our shinobi forces that are best suited for the mission. Her two bodygurads, Ao, and Chojuro will always be with her for security purposes and so will Fubuki." Said Naruto, watching his big bro's facial expression carefully but unable to see anything in them, Pein not baring any emotions on his features.

"Hmmm….it sounds like an interesting plan, but I see too many flaws in it, for one, how is Mei going to run the village from a day's travel away, also, are the clients supposed to wait for a full day before the shinobi that they have hired arrive in order to aid them? Most importantly, how are we going to protect information about us if our shinobi are running around the elemental nations on errands? One of them could get captured by spies who want information about Ame and thus, the compromise of our cover, all that work you put up to have Mei become our decoy would have been useless." Said Pein, trying to pry more information out of the enigmatic blonde.

"Don't worry, I have plan that I am working on to counter those issues and I will tell you more about it all about it when it is ready, besides, there's no rush, we have a lot to do before I initiate that plan. Fubuki will have to get Mei acquinted with her duties as the Daimyo while I get her acquinted with her duties and responsibilities as the Village Leader, furthermore, she will need to meet the Salamanders and do some training with them. This will take some time, at least a year or maybe even two years, by that time, I will have everything set out for the open-lockdown system." Retorted the blonde.

'Hmmm…. He must be working on a new space-time technique, it is the only possible solution to the distance and time problem with the forte. I'm also guessing that he is working on some kind of seal to protect the mind from interrogation, probably a seal that would be placed on every shinobi upon graduation from the academy. I suppose I could help him with that one, this would also give me a chance to improve on Human Path's Mind Walking techniques.' Thought Pein.

"Alright, I will approve of this plan, but only when you show me absolute proof that you can account for these holes that I have Identified." Said Pein authoratively.

"Alright thanks Onii-sama, I promise that I won't disappoint you!" exclaimed the blonde happily.

"See to it that you don't!" said Pein while walking passed the blonde back into the tower.

"Where are you going Onii-sama?" asked Naruto hastily, turning around to face the retreating form of his big brother, who was already inside the tower.

"I'm going to get some rest, why? Was there anything else you wanted to tell me?" asked Deva neutrally, having stopped his retreat but still not turning around to face the blonde.

"No um….it's just that well….I thought we could hang out a little bit longer…" trailed off the blonde.

"Hmmm….I need to rest, maybe next time…when you return from Kiri." Said Deva, resuming his retreat with a slow walk.

"You can hang out with Konan so long." Said Pein, a multitude of papers gathered together to form the beauty and elegance that is the Angel Of Ame only a second after the god realm's words registered.

"How long have you known I was here?" asked Konan simply.

"Since you arrived." Was Pein's only response, closing the door behind him, not even giving neither Konan or Naruto a chance to retort or protest.

"Naru-chan…." Said Konan in a quiet but serious voice.

"Hai Onee-sama?" responded the blonde.

"Do you remember when you were younger…before you went on that training trip?" asked Konan, turning around to regard the blonde with a neutral expression, baring none of her emotions to the near eleven and a half year old prodigy.

"Ummm…..yeah…I remember some stuff….is there anything specific you want me to remember?" asked the blonde respectfully.

"Do you remember, that you used to sleep with me in my bed when you were scared at night, do you remember, the times that we used to take baths and showers together? Do you remember, that we used to do everything together? That time, even in the midst of war, we were happy together weren't we?" asked Konan rhetorically, taking slow but deliberate steps towards the blonde.

'I can't back out now, this is it, I'll take him to my room and he will spend every night there from here on out if I have anything to say about it. We will make that space into a wonderful plane where the flowers of our passion bloom with a strong aroma of love' Thought Konan with a fierce determination.


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