I'm back peoples! Did you all miss me? No…okay then…(sadface) I'm back, and I've decided to do a multi chapter fic, instead of my usual one shot thing

I hope you enjoy this; this chapter is like a little taster, as in a way to tell you what's happened between leaving for China….and stuff

Disclaimer: Was there Malice? ...No, then it doesn't belong to me

Pairing: Malice, is there any other? Haha

Rating: T for slight swearing, and other things ;)


It feels like a lifetime since it all happened. One small mistake was all it took to turn my life upside down, one small piece of information, and I was cast out from my family. I knew that it would happen, but not so suddenly. But I had something to fall back on, my Wonderland. My Mirana. Her eyes were the first thing that caught my attention, it wasn't the colour or the shape, it was the emotion behind them, something only I seemed to see. Her sadness and loneliness was the first thing I always saw, then it was the strange madness and lastly the darkness that seemed to run through her veins. Which was what scared me the most…not her darkness, my adoration even though I knew this woman had a dark hunger, I was drawn to it instead of repelled. And because of all this emotion, I was cast away by my mother, she wouldn't have a daughter was in love with another woman, it was not proper in her eyes.

My name is Alice Kingsleigh, and this is my story.


That was probably terrible, but hey, I haven't wrote in a while