The Alien II

"What is it that I don't know about this tape? I don't even know what I've just seen. For all we know, this could all be an elaborate hoax or some rebanded greenpeace bullshit company telling us not to try and colonize anymore planets. The fact that this was filmed with an old recording device shows some serious ingenuity I'll admit, but I'm too much of a realist so I have no qualms about it and I'm still going to say that everything on it could have been fabricated. I don't know how and I don't know why. Not a tear from a mother's eye is going to convince me to go to that planet without a shred of solid evidence. I mean honestly, if there was an alien on board the ship and if it indeed it was caught on film…how the hell am I holding this video cassette in my hands?"

Jack Robinson, a leading representative of the Weyland-Yutani corporation spoke. He had previously seen a videotape that showed him what had happened to the classmates onboard Survivor 11. He was not optimistic at all at what he found. The video he saw was indeed overwhelming but he represented the company and he tried to go on the defensive approach. Right now, he was sitting next to a long, narrow table. The room was twice as narrow and it belonged to the reformed United States Prosecutors office.

"We had the tape authenticated. It checks out. We located the remains of Survivor 11. It was on an uncharted planet outside of our solar system. Apparently there was an asteroid field there and I'm assuming…the ship tried to go past it only to meet debris. We have not landed on the planet but thermo-readings indicate the location of the ship along with five human heat signatures, now cold. But some of their story from the tape checks out, there are various heat signatures that indicate spore-like objects around the ship in a ten mile radius. We cannot fully investigate it on a ground level unless you agree that some renumeration is given to the families of the deceased." A prosecutor said with a grunt. "The reason for this appointment is to discuss reparations."

"Oh that's genuine. So now there's more 'talking out of asses' now?" Robinson said leaning back against his chair. He then shook his head in frustration. "I cannot believe that even attorneys are put on a need-to-know basis. Why is it that you cannot tell us, Weyland-Yutani, what happened to the so-called 'alien', if that's what it was or…better yet, the survivors themselves who might corroborate?"

The prosecutor leaned forward and spoke in almost a menacing voice."Those facts are inconsequential to you...and why do you assume there were survivors? Maybe they did die, maybe they didn't. Bottom line, Lauren Bergisfield and Krystal Graceson do NOT exist."

Robinson paid him no mind and went even more strict. "I represent the company on a maximum level. Let me remind you, there will be some serious consequences if you guys do not give me something that will make the company feel a whole lot better. We will take this court. We will not hesitate and above all, we will not lose." he said with force. "I say again. How. Did. You. Get. Ahold. Of. This. Tape?" he slammed it on the table in emphasis.

The two prosecutors looked at each other. The one who had yet to speak whispered something in his partner's ear. It was unheard which made Robinson roll his eyes.

"There was…a second video found." The first man said. There was a slight pause.

"Oh great, more homemade movies now?"

The first man pulled from his suit a flat object and placed it on the table where he slid it across to Robinson.

"This disk on the table will make you think twice and will change your entire perspective of the Weyland-Yutani corporation. We found the last ten minutes which took some hard work. You want answers? It's on the table. In exchange we ask that instead of the usual compensation if you feel reluctant to give it, you give at least half that amount. That way, Weyland-Yutani will look half as bad. It's the only tape we have, we have no other copies…obviously you'll want to destroy it right after you see it."

"What will I see?"


Robinson took the disk and surveyed it with almost complete, utter interest. His eyes turned back to the prosecutors. "Very well. Let's see what's on it." Robinson put the disk in his coat pocket and packed up his suitcase with all of his materials. He then got up from his chair.

"You should be a hearing a statement from me in over a day. You will know whether or not the company will investigate the planet." he said to them as he stood near the door.

Robinson exited as soon as he saw nods from both men. He took the express train to his home apartment which was located in one of the tallest buildings in New York City. Robinson did not care at all what it was called. Titles on buildings tended to change over time so it really didn't matter to him. He got to his apartment at last when he realized that he was heavily anticipated and he did not know why. He had to chuckle at his nervousness. After packing up his belongings, Robinson knew it was time to go to the shuttle dock. He was going to meet up with the rest of the company on board one of the space stations that was still being built. Despite it being under construction, the space station orbiting Earth was still in many ways operational.

After docking in one of the hangers, Robinson came out and went through many hallways. The place was empty save for many construction workers doing what they do best.

"I got it." he said after he came through a doorway where a man hidden in the shadows was waiting. The figure was silent.

Nervously, Robinson carefully placed it on the unknown figure's desk. The figure's hand was shown and picked it up.

"Good work. The investigation begins then. Select the best top marines there are and give the soldier that is most skilled..." the figure stretched out his hand holding a portable object. "this." The object was small, black, bulky and had a lens that was cracked. It was the video camera. Robinson anxiously took it.

"Is that the same one?" he asked as he marveled it in his hand.

"The very same."

"I'll start bringing the grunts in." Robinson replied and bowed at the unknown man. He then left in a hurry.

"It's now through the eyes of a very special marine." The man in shadows said to himself.