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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Overcast

RATED M for content to come in later chapters

Thank you to Stephenie Meyer for creating these awesome characters.

It's been seven years and the Cullens have finally left Forks, Moving to New Hampshire so Nessie can finally start high school. (Fictional School in a real town.)

Chapter One

Edward's POV

I looked up at the sky, grateful. Even though it was late August in New Hampshire, the time of year when it was typically sunny, the cloud cover remained.

Alice assured me the rest of the week would be overcast, perfect weather for Bella and I to accompany Renesmee to her first day of high school.

So many children. Such a feat to take in so many pairs of siblings that no one else would have. But they are extremely well behaved. I am interested to know them. It surprised me that the headmaster was not more concerned about our numbers or our appearance.

We had given it much thought in the past 7 years, but the others had decided to stay. Rosalie and Alice had grown so attached to Nessie that they couldn't bear the thought of splitting our family up.

"Good Morning, Dr. Cullen. Mrs. Cullen." We reached the iron archways and the headmaster, Dr. Wilkins held out his hand to shake Carlisle's.

"Good Morning, Dr. Wilkins." Carlisle confidently shook the headmaster's hand.

Esme smiled, nodding politely. "Good Morning."

"It is such a pleasure to have your children joining us this year. It is unfortunate your move was so rushed. The hospital is fortunate you were able to come to them on such short notice." He continued. He took in Emmett's massive frame out of the corner of his eye. I wonder what could have held him back in his education. He must be at least 20. Too old to be a junior, but possibly an asset to the football team. I should mention it.

"Yes, well. Pleased to let me introduce my children." He gestured to us going, down the line. We were nearly the Von Trapps. Pretty much based on hair color, we had rearranged our public affiliations. Nessie and I were to pose as brother and sister. Jasper and Rosalie still twins, and all the dark haired beauties, Bella, Alice and - Emmett shared the same birth parents. "My three eldest Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie. Edward, and Bella and my two youngest Alice and Vanessa." We all charmed him with polite hellos.

Arg, Grandpa. Nessie. I quickly glanced down at my daughter. She bit her tongue. Sorry Daddy. I winked at her quickly before turning back to the headmaster. The collective decision had been made to call her Vanessa, the name on her forged birth certificate, in all official, public capacities, but she insisted on keeping Nessie as a general nickname. Carlisle hadn't forgotten.

Carlisle continued, "We prefer to call her Nessie for short." She smiled brightly at the headmaster.

We had all been enrolled at Mount Fortsithe Academy in Kensington, New Hampshire, a small wooded town not far from the coast. Today we would receive a private tour of the grounds and tomorrow we would begin classes. Carlisle's new employer, Kensington Pediatrics had made special arrangements with the school in exchange for Carlisle at a discounted rate.

"Please follow me this way." We started across the modest, but pleasant campus on the heels of Dr. Wilkins.

I felt Bella's hand flex towards mine. She quickly folded her hands delicately in front of her, resisting the temptation. In kind, I shoved my hands in my pockets. I ached to touch her, reach out and caress her face, but it was a little early to expose the complications of our family relationships. Carlisle had assured me he would explain everything to Dr. Wilkins privately so we wouldn't be completely forced to keep our hands to ourselves during the school year.

The tour took less than forty minutes. The entire campus was four large brick buildings, draped gracefully in ivy. Behind the main campus, we saw the start of the football team's practice.

Man this sucks. Emmett grumbled.

"Our team has been league champs three years in a row. It's not too late for your boys to try out. Is that something you might be interested in Emmett?" Dr. Wilkins inquired sincerely.

"Unfortunately no, sir. I had knee surgery not too long ago. Football career is over." He said choking down the bile. Jasper coughed, stifling a laugh. Emmett could never find any release. He'd be fist fighting his food for sure tonight.

We circled back inside the school and headed to the main office, where we were handed our schedules. Us "kids" waited in the hallway while Carlisle and Esme finished our registration paperwork. Nessie was instantly at Bella's side, grabbing her hand. As she matured Renesmee no longer needed to touch one's face. Only physical contact of any kind was necessary to convey her thoughts. I looked at my girls. So beautiful, so wonderful. My Bella, so amazing, my Nessie, such a blessing. She looked at me in the eye and the three of us were connected.

You guys don't have to do this. I know you'll be so bored. Jacob had volunteered to repeat high school with Nessie to ease her first time through, but Bella and I wanted to be there to look out for her. He was still in her life, but we were still her parents.

"Don't be absurd sweetheart. We want to." I whispered.

"I hate this," Alice whined, leaning into Jasper.

"I know, the same outfit every day." Rose agreed.

"Whatever, baby. I think you'll look hot in that little uniform." Emmett chuckled. Rosalie hip checked him seductively. I fought rolling my eyes and blocking Emmett's fantasies all at once. I had given up on trying to curb his suggestive comments in front of Nessie years ago. It was a lost cause.

Carlisle's voice caught my attention. I listened through the thick brick walls. "It's a delicate situation. People have been accepting in the past, but we felt we should explain. We found the five of them in the same foster home. Very neglectful parents. Bella and Edward had already formed a relationship and initially we too were concerned by it, but their bond is very healthy and positive. It has kept them both strong."

"We would have put a stop to it if we thought it were truly inappropriate." Esme added.

It is a bizarre situation, them living together and being romantically involved, but it does sound a very delicate matter. Dr. Wilkins thought.

"Wilkins will be observant of us being together, but he's okay for now," I told the others before turning my focus back to the conversation.

Carlisle continued. "Alice and Jasper and Rosalie and Emmett as well bonded through their transition into our family. They are all very respectful of our rules and each other."

Well That's good there's some discipline in place.

"Yes, we typically try and get outdoors with the kids as much as possible. I know winter will be here before we know it, but there may be some days in the beginning of the semester."

Esme chimed in. "We can assure you none of them will fall behind. They are all very diligent in their studies. Bella often works ahead."

I chuckled teasingly at Bella's book wormy nature. "Oh hush up," Bella giggled. Her laugh returned the burning ache to the pit of my stomach. I closed the space between us walking to her side, draping my arm gently around her waist. I could at least give Wilkins the first glimpse of things to come. She kept her hand locked with Nessie's, but leaned into me gently.

"Oh, I don't see it being a problem," The headmaster conceded.

"They have all just been through so much and camping with them has made them more comfortable and confident in us." Carlisle assured him.

Those poor children. Lucky to have such caring foster parents. We'll be sure to make them feel as at home as possible. I was starting to like this Dr. Wilkins.

"Is he buying it?" Bella asked stroking Nessie's hair lovingly.

I nodded in reply. I could hear the pen scribbling on the desk. Papers shifting back across the desk.

"And Jacob Black?" Dr. Wilkins asked.

"He's a friend of the family who lives not too far from us actually. The children adore him. He's been a big help getting them acclimated to the area. He's the preferable contact in case of an emergency or should one of the children need ride or something of that nature, we would most likely send him." Carlisle said.

It had become clear that separating Nessie from her only companion for seven years, was an impossibility. Jacob had moved to New Hampshire with us. We purchased a house for him 10 minutes down the road that was accessible in 2 minutes through our back woods of our new home. He had gotten a job at with an antique car dealer in the area where he could oogle priceless originals all day long; his pay high and his hours flexible. He would go back to school for his degree with Nessie.

Nessie was confident that she had no romantic feelings for Jacob, which pleasured me to no end, but their bound was clearly unbreakable. I shuddered to think what it would ultimately amount to.

"Wonderful. Well everything is in order. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to call me and my door is open to your children any time." It would be just wrong for me to not extend this courtesy. I tried not to laugh. This guy was stressing himself out over nothing.

Carlisle and Esme came out of the office, Wilkins right behind.

His eyes widen when he saw how we were standing, paired off close together. They widened all the more when he saw my arm around Bella's delicate waist.

Oh, he thought. They really are affectionate for each other.

We all said our warm goodbyes and head back towards the house.

Jacob was waiting for us on the porch. "How was it?" He asked, mostly talking just to Nessie. I hope she's comfortable there. He thought.

She walked up the stairs taking Jake's hand. Bella took mine at the same time, trying to distract me. I must say it worked. We were home and I had plans for us.

Carlisle unlocked the front door and we all scattered to change out of our Sunday bests into attire more appropriate for traveling on foot. We would spend the afternoon talking more with Nessie about school, what to expect from her classes, what extracurriculars might spark her interest. After meeting and taking Bella, Charlie and Sue into our family, the rest of us were now as comfortable with humans as Carlisle was. Even Jasper no longer lived in fear of his hunger and his guilt over all those wasted years was finally gone. There was no reason for us to be distant outcasts. We would make friends, be active, be social. It would only help Nessie adjust even quicker.

The last 7 years had been amazing. In my century on this earth I had never thought Renesmee was a possibility, but after she arrived her wonderful spirit continued to further resurrected my life. We feared, although she could read early on, that we were leaving logical holes in her life. The difference between our immortality and hers was that we were all able to experience life in real time to near adulthood. We all had some sort of education and a regular type of socialization. I agonized over the idea that we would have to keep Nessie hidden until she was full grown. There was just too much of a risk of exposure if say someone like Jessica Stanley were able to observe her rapid growth. We did everything we could to keep her entertained. Trips around the world, many visits with Charlie and Sue. The pack incorporated her into their lives as much as possible.

Bella and Esme over saw her education. They spread grades k- 8 out over 6 and half years following actual curricula from private schools in Seattle. She had "school" for half the day and the other half she would learn piano from me, music and art history, painting and tidbits of interior design from Esme, auto-mechanics from Rose and Jacob, whatever miscellaneous information about fashion and sports and leisure Alice and Emmett wanted to teach her and details about American history, vampire and non from those of us who could fill in the gaps in the text books. Stubborn about parts of math or science that bored her, Nessie was otherwise a good sport about the whole thing. She too was terrified that she would be a genius in advance biochemistry or proficient in 4 different languages, but wouldn't understand the qualities of fractions and prime numbers.

By the time Nessie's 7th birthday rolled around, she could easily pass for 19 or 20. And she was beautiful, just like Bella.

"I can dress her younger and style her hair a little differently. It'll take a few years off." Alice had delivered on her promise. Nessie's true innocence and bubbly personality made her more of a 15 year old. Wilkins was convinced.

We said goodbye to the pack and Charlie and headed to New Hampshire. Charlie and the Clearwaters would come visit us now, and Jake would return to La Push from time to time. Rachel had moved home to take care of Billy. We gave our house to Charlie. He sold it almost immediately setting part of the money aside for his retirement and the rest into fund for his daughter and granddaughter. The cottage we donated to the pack. Leah now lived there with her mate Issac.

Bella cooked Nessie and Jake dinner, but Nessie kicked him out soon after to prepare for her day.

"I'll see you after school. I just have to get some beauty sleep so I can look pretty for all the boys I'm gonna meet tomorrow." She giggled.

"Sure, sure," Jake muttered. "Just call me when you get home."

Jake hugged her and Bella and hi fived Emmett and I on the way out.

"So you think you're gonna be meeting a lot of boys tomorrow?" I leaned against the door of Nessie's bedroom. This time she had the largest room on the third floor of the large colonial mansion to herself.

Daddy, PLLEEASSSEEEEEE Don't make this awkward. She begged.

"I'm not making any promises." I said.

Bella brushed past me, sitting on the edge of Nessie's bed. Her touch sent a current through my body. I needed to be alone with her very soon. The others, too, were waiting for Nessie to go to bed to engage in more adult activities.

"Edward, cut it out," Bella smiled turning to Nessie. "We won't make it awkward for you, baby. We'll just be there as a buffer. Who knows, if things go well, we'll pretend to transfer or something and you can have the school all to yourself." That wasn't going to happen.

"That might be nice," her smile spreading wide. She reigned it in as Bella's shoulders drooped a little. "No, I want you guys with me. I'm just going to be the only girl there with her dad constantly trying to scare boys away." She scrunched up her nose glaring at me. Her stare had a hint of sarcasm.

"He'll behave. Right Edward." Bella turned to me. "Please." She mouthed.

"I promise to keep a safe brotherly distance."

"And you promise to stay out of their heads—"Nessie threw in.

I tossed my head back, chuckling. "I'll see what I can do." Yeah right. This is my daughter we're talking about, my little girl. I would be watching every guy watching her like a hawk, a deadly hawk with super human strength and speed. God- when did I turn into Charlie. The honeymoon was over. It was official. I was the father to a hormonal teenage girl. Every man's worst nightmare.

"It'll be fine, baby. Sweet Dreams." Bella kissed Nessie gently on the forehead and came to my side. I wrapped my arms around her, arousal beginning to boil over. We had to go, soon.

We said our finally good nights, and clicked off the lights. As I closed the door, Nessie was in my head.

By the way, I love you guys.

I stopped, dropping my arm from Bella's shoulder and opened Nessie's door.

"We love you too, Renesmee. More than you know."

Bella and I had planned to go hunt and truthfully, make love in the woods. The others had pretty much the same plan. We were all pent up from playing the role we hadn't had to play in so long. Silent love making just wasn't gonna fly. That being the case and the fact that Nessie was trying to sleep we decided to just take it outside. Carlisle and Esme would stay behind with Nessie.

Alice caught us before we all bolted out the door.

"Wait, wait!" She called. We all meandered towards her voice in the kitchen. "Before we all get too – 'involved' in our evenings—wedding rings off. I can't believe Wilkins didn't notice, but he'll be extra attentive tomorrow."

"Aw crap. I almost forgot." Emmett huffed.

"I'm keeping my engagement ring on," Rosalie sulked. The 7 karat pink diamond could blind the average man.

"Rose, you can't. It's just too big. I know people around here have money too, but that ring was several million dollars."

"She has a point," Emmett chuckled.

"Fine, but I'm wearing it on the weekends."

Alice produced four ring boxes passing one to each of us. I caught the one that had been home to my eternal vow to Bella nearly a decade earlier. Emmett held one open for Rose and she placed her band and huge engagement rock inside.

I looked down at Bella who was twirling her band hesitantly around her beautiful finger. I took her hand in mine and waited until she looked up. She reluctantly bit her lip. I gazed at it for a moment before I spoke. We definitely had to go soon.

"Sweetheart, don't worry. You're still Mrs. Cullen. It's just part of the life." I whispered in her ear.

"I know. I just- it's a constant reminder that I get to keep you forever." If I hadn't known better, tears would have been sparkling in her eyes. I bent forward kissing her sweet lips for just a moment.

"What if I were to make it up to you tonight? Would that be okay?"

"Yeah, that sounds okay," She said optimistically. "I'll take off yours and your take off mine." She grabbed my hand gently and slid my ring off and I, hers. I placed them in the boxes and handed them to Alice.

"Aight. Let's blow this joint," Emmett said holding open the front door. Alice and Jasper bound down the front steps at their heels, leaving it open for us. Bella started for the door, but I grabbed her wrist gently.

"Edward-," Her brow furrowed. She was so adorable when she was confused. A grin spread across my face.

"I was thinking I could take you somewhere special. I wanted to show you something, but it would be faster if we drove there."

"Okay." Her voice was near a whisper.

I took her hand in mine and led her to the car. My new silver Volvo sat in the driveway. I traded in the old one, but Volvo was now a Cullen family tradition. Not a before or an after, but the ALWAYS car as Bella liked to call it.

We drove in silence for a few minutes as I cruised north east on a road I hadn't driven in nearly 15 years. Once when I left the family in New York, I traveled North to the southern nook of Maine. I had stumbled upon a small wood shrouded point on the coast. It was quiet and peaceful. I sat in the moonlight on the huge black boulders watching the waves crash at me feet all night. I would take Bella to the very spot tonight and give her one more night of peace before the biggest chapter in our daughter's life began. Even breaking the speed limit it would take me a little while to get there.

Not to cheapen the evening, but I wasn't sure how long Bella's clothes were going to stay on once we got there, so now was the best time to talk.

I touched her creased brow with my finger tip. "What's wrong, love?"

"Nothing is wrong. I'm just worried about Nessie."

"I am too," I assured her. Worried about her and -boys.

"I don't mean like that."

"Why not,? Bella, I know I'm being overprotective considering she hasn't even met anyone yet, at all. But really it's more about her actually being 7 years old. I know she's smart, and mature but still very innocent emotionally, you know that. Technically she can't date anyone at Mount Fortsithe. I just think she's too young. Literally, too young."

"Well, what do you want to do? Make her go to and all girls school?"

"Yeah." God—I was Charlie.

Bella laughed. "That would be even worse. All her little friends would be trying to get her to sneak over to some all boys school." She took a deep breath. When she spoke again her tone was serious. I brushed her hair out of her face. "I know it's silly. I just hope the other kids are nice to her." I thought of how Jessica Stanley and Lauren had been secretly and not so secretly cruel to Bella in high school. But I held my tongue, letting Bella continue. "I know she has us, but I want her to make other friends too. I mean I loved being friends with Alice and Angela in high school. That stuff's important – until you find the perfect man, that is."

I leaned down and kissed her forehead, inhaling her scent. We didn't have too much further to go.

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