Punk Ninjas!

Disclaimer & Author's Note: I do not own the series Naruto, Kishimoto-sama does. I also do not own any official songs that pop up (they will be labeled at the end of the lyrics of the song with its song title/song artist/etcetera). All I own from this plot is the idea of Naruto and Hinata being rock stars, my original characters both new and used in most of my stories, original jutsu, my expansion of the Naruto world, as well as the band name Punk Ninjas!

This story will pretty much ignore major key stages of the whole manga, as well as disregard the fact that in this plot Naruto and Hinata ARE NOT NINJA OF KONOHA. While Hinata and Naruto may know who they were (Hinata with her bloodline and Naruto with how he was born as a Jinchuuriki... or lack of), they will not suddenly become shinobi in the story (nope, that's what Sekai and Rin are for). For anything else, I'll continue to investigate and authorize additional information as granted.


There was a large crowd in a large open-air auditorium-like setting, as on a large decorative stage before them all was a group of teenagers. One of them, a girl with plum purple hair and pale lavender eyes, was grasping hold of a microphone, and was singing to a song that was starting to play.

Dive into Silent Night owari naku tsuzuku sirosa ni
Kimochi wa mayoi tsuzuke teru kotae mo mitukara nai mama
I miss you in White X'mas hakanai yuki ni tsutsumare te
Kimi no yasasisa, atatakasa wo kannji tai

This group of teens were known world-wide as the Punk Ninjas!, a gang dedicated to the passion of music: Hinata, Naruto, Sekai, Rin, Tohru, Natsuki, and Ryuu.

Zutto zutto kimi no usiro sugata wo
Hito no mure no naka ni sagasite ita yo
Kitto dare mo uso wa kakushi kirezu ni
Kokoro yuragi ikite itari mo suru ne

Ano toki no kotoba ga itsumo mune ni hibii te
Omoi ga kake megutte ru

Dive into Holy Night itodoru machi ni tobi komou
Ima sugu kimi ni aitaku te irumine-syonn kake nukete
I miss you in White X'mas honntou wa wakatte iru kedo
Mitome taku nai sonn-na watasi wo nakusite

Itsumo itsumo yorisotte ita noni
Egao misete warai atte ita noni

Naze darou tatta ichido no sure tigai kara
Hanarete itta futari

The group went into a short solo at this point, while the lead singer took the time to take a short breather. But near the end of the solo, she resumes to finish the song's lyrics.

Kimi ni aeba nanika ga kawaru kiga siteta
Mayoi tuzukete ru kimoti wo mitukete daite hosikatta
I miss you in White X'mas mou ichido kimi ni ai tai
Futari deatta imi wo tasikame tai

"Ai shite ru"

Dive into Silent Night owari naku tsuzuku sirosa ni
Hito suji no hikari terasi dasu sono saki ni kimi ga mieta kara
I miss you in White X'mas kawasita mesenn sorasazu ni
Ima no honntou no kimochi wo kimi ni tsugeru yo

(AGAIN: そそそP/Tsukui Kazuhito feat. Kagamine Rin Append POWER β)

The girl smiles and waves to the crowds as the band finish up the last of the song's music. Said large crowd of over a thousand plus were cheering and roaring in much approval. Even when the song finally ends, the crowd was still high on the passion of the music from tonight's performance.

Cue the end show fireworks, lighting up the clear night air.


The group of teens walks into their backstage room once they did some autographs for their fans, finally able to rest and just collapse on comfortable cushy sofas.

"That last song was the best reception we received in ending a concert, Hinata. You just sing it so damn well," said one teenager who had violet-colored eyes, and had most of his butt-length sand blonde hair tied into a rope-like ponytail. He was Ishtal Sekai, the son of the famous Godaime Metaru no Ninkyōsei Daihyō (Fifth Metal Shinobi Force Leader).

One of them, a young man with sun-kissed hair (although currently he had been wearing a denim jean-made cabbie hat on top his head), blue eyes and fox-like whisker birthmarks on his cheeks, grin and kiss the plum-haired girl. This young man is Uzumaki Naruto. He wore a mesh t-shirt with a loose dark navy tank over it, and stone-wash blue denim jeans, complete with black belt with the etching of a fox-like symbol on the silver clasp buckle complete with a decorative spread of nine tails. Dark brown boots is what he was currently wearing, but his pant legs covered most of the footwear, while tied around his waist was a flannel orange unbuttoned shirt. From the sides were loose spaghetti denim straps that simply hung from the hip area but were almost covered by the tied flannel shirt of his around the waist. On his wrists were black cloth bands, and worn around his neck was a brown leather necklace with a bolt-shaped gold charm on its end. Also worn around his neck is a leather choker with a small tag dangling on front. In tiny words on the back of this silver fox head-shaped dog tag was "Hinata's Property".

"She's the best, huh?"

"Of course she is," Natsuki said.

Many would say that Asikawa Natsuki looked like Naruto's female twin without the whisker birthmarks. She had sun-kissed yellow hair like Naruto, and the same tinted blue eyes, but her hair was done in two long pigtails. She wore orange Capri pants that have a ripped/torn look around the knees, short white sneakers, light blue spaghetti-strap shirt and a white tube top for a bra. She wore various accessories such as short fishnet stocking on the arms, a black leather choker with a fox charm on the front dangling on a short silver chain, polished pink fingernails, and wore moon-shaped crystal earrings.

"You sing well yourself, Naru-kun," Hinata replies.

Hinata's plum purple hair was styled up with a large lighter purple bow with white polka-dots on the left side of her head, and her locks styled with black hair clips along the front. She wore some sort of multi-colored shirt that was cut-off to reveal most of her stomach and chest but long enough to offer her a form of decency via covering her breasts. Her right sleeve was long but folded back into wide cuffs that were purple-flannel plaid while the right side was purple-flannel plaid. It was separated by a silver zipper hidden under a silver padlock-like tab attached to her black leather collar that was also the shirt's collar. The left side of the top outfit however was altered with the sleeve purple-flannel plaid and the other part white. The sleeve however was folded back into cuffs way past her left elbow resting at the bicep. She wore a short purple plaid skirt with a leather black belt, and a black cloth wristband on the left. Black stocking covers up to her lower thighs, with red and white striped socks over them on different heights, and a pair of thick black boots with twin large snap-on buckles displaying the etching of a comical skull mark on their metallic surface. Unseen on the back of her shirt was a black skull-like mark with short bunny ears.

"Remember the song The Sad Dead Leaf -I Can't Deny A Broken Heart-? The fans just went wild when Naruto sang that song a year ago," said Tohru.

Hiyami Tohru has chestnut brown hair with several locks fanning outward, a small ponytail in spiky locks at the top behind of his head, and wore a tied dark blue headband. His eyes were steel gray, and he was Caucasian light. He wears dark brown cargo shorts with short jean straps attached to the sides (they simply dangle instead of supported on the shoulders), white and black sneakers with attachable roller blades (hooked onto the dangling jean straps), and a gray tank top.

"Well, I couldn't have done so well had it not been for the music to back it up," Naruto informs.

"But I also remember Hinata getting jealous from all those girls," Ryuu said.

Makoto Ryuu had short magenta hair. His eyes were a dark green color, and his left ear was pierced with a small purple gemstone earring. The clothes consisted of blue jeans a size bigger with a leather belt holding them up, an olive green t-shirt, and the vest he just took off was black with yellow trims, and shoulders lined with a silver-white furry mane. The boots worn were army designed. He also liked to carry a katana, which was silver with an electric purple stripe down the center of the blade (it also glowed vividly in the dark), with an electric blue pommel, gold hilt guard of a blossoming rose, with black handle. It functioned as both a weapon and an electric guitar (in fact, the sheath for the odd katana was a clear-case form of a sharp axe guitar).

Hinata manages to playfully push Naruto away as his roaming hands were once again roaming lower on her body. "Rin, what else does our manager have in store for us?"

"Well, tomorrow is the last of the three-day concert, before we head back overseas to Meka again, for a homecoming concert in Sanībēru, before he's giving us a three month break."

Ishtal Rin, Sekai's fraternal twin sister. She shared the same eyes and hair color, only her long hair was allowed free and flowed like silk. She took to wearing the same matching outfit that her male twin wore: black leather pants, leather vest, fishnet undershirt, fishnet stocking on the arms, spiked purple bracelets, and various belts looping the upper arms as decorative accessories. As the female twin, she wore a stretchable purple tube-top that was also her strapless version of a bra, since unlike Sekai who keeps his vest zipped, she left hers unzipped. On the backs of their vests, was the flag symbol of Sanībēru which was white on top, red on bottom, with a gray half-gear symbol in the center of the flag icon.

"Being world-famous celebrities is exhausting, huh?"

Naruto's aloud question summed everybody's thoughts.


Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata were both once from the village of Konoha. However, one day, Naruto at the age of five fled the village in a hysterical outbreak of fear and overwhelming terror, almost getting killed because once again, he escaped a fearful mob of civilians and some ninja. At this same time, Hyuuga Hinata had been kidnapped by ninja from Kumogakure but the bumbling ninja from Kumo failed to get away because when the one holding Hinata trapped in a brown sack tripped, their captive prisoner and the bag fell into a deep hole in the ground... the same hole Naruto also fell into not four hours ago since fleeing Konoha. They had been killed by tracking ANBU, but Hinata was nowhere to be found and the ninja return to Konoha. They never did look into the hole they fell into, and that is how Naruto and Hinata met, under two different, but life-terrifyingly situations: one was hated by a village for reasons unknown, and Hinata was kidnapped by an enemy ninja village from a family where she was not well-liked by the Hyuuga Elders due to being just like her dead mother Hibana, and hated by her father because she was blamed for Hibana's death. It would be a week later when they finally managed to climb from that deep hole, and the two decided to turn their backs upon a village where both held painful early childhoods. They would seemingly disappear, only to soon be adopted by a family who were on a vacation from the continent of Meka. That family was the Ishtals. And today, Naruto and Hinata had never once looked back upon Konoha, their former birth place. Their hearts now belonged to Sanībēru...

Ima no futari nara hanare banare demo
Kitto dare yori mo fukaku tsunagatte

The band (on the following final day of the concert) cues up with a louder tune, and before long, Hinata starts to sing.

Mi nareta kono mati no kesiki
Kioku ga kizamare te iru basyo
Akogare idaku syounenn no ayamati? Soretomo yume?

Suna dokei wo sakasama ni site omoi de wo nazotte
Kimi no sagasite iru mono watashi niwa wakaru kedo

Ima no futari dewa hanare banare demo
Itsuka dare yori mo fukaku tsunagatte
Hasiri dasu kisya no mado ni yori kakaru
Kimi wo to-oku kara mite ita

Sayonara tsugezu ni tabidatsu kimi wo sinnji
Maitiru kona yuki siroku sekai wo some te

Tokai no jikann ni nomare te Kisetsu mo kannji rare nai mama
Ikudo ka fuyu ga sugi satte watasi mo otona ni naru

Ano hi no yakusoku wa ima demo iro ase wa sinai yo
Itsumade mo mati tsuzuke ru sore sika deki nai kara

Unbeknownst to the group of Punk Ninjas!, or the audience who were listening, someone hidden in the mass of music fans was watching with keen eyes; the person was wearing a Konoha hitai-ate.

This must be brought to light, the nameless ninja thought, before the Konoha-nin quietly left without bringing attention from the security stationed around the stadium. The Konoha-nin didn't care to stick around to hear the rest of the song. The knowledge of the missing Hyuuga Heiress discovered was of greater importance.

Kiteki ga hibii te mata fuyu wo tsugete
Dare mo inai eki kajikamu ryoute ni
Sotto tsutsumi komu atatakai sono te
Soko ni iru nowa kimi datta

Ima no futari nara hanare banare demo
Kitto dare yori mo fukaku tsunagatte
Sosite dokomade mo tsuzuku re-ru niwa
Tsuyoi kizuna ga hashiri dasu

Omoi wo tsugete mo watashi wa yuraga nai yo
Mai tiru kona yuki siroi ve-ru tsumui de

(White Railroad: そそそP/Tsukui Kazuhito feat. Hatsune Miku)

The audience cheers for Hinata once again as Naruto and the rest of Punk Ninjas! end the song, and accepts the praise of the crowd. They became louder when Naruto drew his girlfriend Hinata into his arms, and live before the crowds share a passionate kiss.

And they were only halfway through the concert. "My turn," he whispers to her, as new music starts up. The fans exploded with excitement upon hearing the familiar tune to The Sad Dead Leaf...

Yes, I am doing yet ANOTHER one. It's these darn plot bunnies that will not stop nibbling at my brain! D:

And yes, you read Naruto and Hinata as rock stars... this is a complete AU, that pretty much ignores most of the manga, as I had mentioned above. This is merely something to test the waters; to see who nibbles the bait with any terms of interests. The band name Punk Ninjas have two exclamation marks at the end, but the stupid website will not allow two exclamation marks to exist side-by-side... so just pretend that the band name DOES have two exclamation marks at the end.

I only wonder whom will find this idea delighting... :D

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