A/N This is just going to be a collection of oneshots, little stuff that Rax do instead of me trying to make proper fics out of them. This is much easier! Probably more irregular updates – will just happen when i think of stuff! Sorry to begin on a more negative chapter but i've imagined something like this for a while!


"Have you seen this?" Max asked waving a piece of paper in Rosie's direction.

"Seen what?" she asked without looking up from her laptop

"This" Max said firmly trying to get her to take notice. "Rosie!" He said impatiently

"What?" Rosie finally looked up

"The bank statement"

"Oh, no I haven't why?"

"It's ridiculous we've got hardly any money!"

"Really?" she tried to sound interested but returned her attention to her laptop

"Yes really! Look how much we're spending!"

"Ok" she sighed not paying much notice to him "yeah we'll try and cut back"

"Is that it are we not going to discuss it properly?" Max asked an angry tone to his voice

"What?" she sighed again with irritation

"If you paid me some attention you might understand!" he muttered grabbing a biscuit out of the cupboard.

"I'm trying to work Max! If you're so set on this can we talk about it another time?"

"What other time? You're always working!" He argued, practically spewing biscuit crumbs out of his mouth

"Well excuse me for trying to work hard so I can get my a degree"

"Well you know it's fucking hard sometimes when I'm the only one earning any money and it pays for both of us!"

"Don't blame me! Besides I've tried to have a job but it doesn't fit in! I want to pay my own way but I can't, I don't have the time – you even said it was fine!"

"I'm not saying pay your own way, that's not what's meant to happen, we have to share, do it together. But we can't spend all the money I earn on stuff we don't need as well as rent and savings and bills"

"Are you saying I waste your money? Spend it willy-nilly 'cause I don't!"

"No not that" Max mumbled

"What then?" she demanded an answer

Max looked up from the floor, stared her straight in the eyes

"Some things we can't afford to do! Like we can't keep going back to Leopards Den, the flights cost way too much! Look we've been 3 times already this year, that's like 4000 rand!"

"Oh it's alright for you Max, you've got your family your friends all around you! The little family I've got live either on the other side of the country or the other side of the world! You've been able to come back here and just pick up your old friends and have a great time! I have to balance studying and going out, you're fine you're work is your social life"

"Are you saying I don't work hard?"

"No" she sighed impatiently

"'cause I fight my fucking tooth and nail to get that place how it is, keep it running, to get some fucking income!" Max argued pointing his finger firmly in the direction the door towards the bar supposedly "You think its all plain sailing, you do the hard work and I cruise along selling beer? Well it's not!"

"Max-" she tried to stop him going on

"No Rosie! Look I've already got my degree I've done the hard work that you're doing now I understand what you're going through but it's still hard, I got to run a bloody business!"

Rosie was dying to bring up the fact that a degree in history and business can't be compared to one in veterinary medicine but she knew it would only make things worse.

"I know it's hard you always tell me! You come home all stressed out by it"

"Right so you need to help me out" he tried to mellow down the argument

"Max what do you want me to do? Quit uni, get some crappy job somewhere, be unhappy just so we can live?"

"No that's not what I meant" He raised his tone once more

"Sounded like it to me" Rosie muttered

"Right. I'm going" Max sighed angrily grabbing his coat off the peg. He opened the door and stormed out, slamming it loudly behind him.

Rosie let out a deep sigh and returned to typing heavily on her laptop.

Rosie's POV

In a way it was a good job Max had to go to work after the row, it meant that we both had space and could just be alone. That's how it usually happened; I say usually because there's often something we disagree on. It doesn't do any damage of course, we're still perfectly happy, but sometimes I reckon the arguments keep us alive. The differences mean that we learn more about each other, get along even more once the storms blown over. That's not to say we argue all the time, if that was the case then yeah maybe something's going wrong, but I don't see how couples can't argue. Its true Max knows me better than I probably know myself but you've still got to be your own person and have your own views, and we do. And that's why it works.

Sometimes we can just forget about the arguing, y'know 5 minutes later will be teasing one another once again. Other occasions it needs one of us to break the silence and tension – like after the miscarriage, we both knew that we didn't want to carry on with the way it was but I think had Dup not locked us in the room and had Max not said what he did, we'd be in a different place now. That's what I mean, it strengthens you. Since we moved here everything's been a bit different, and I knew it would be. Starting a completely new life it was always going to be hard to adjust, especially as we'd never lived together on our own before. Even at Leopards Den there were people still around us, arguments there rarely went unnoticed, Dad often wanted to check up on us and make sure 'everything was alright'. And Dup too, like I said he helped us after what happened.

The argument last night was pretty bad, but it was ok, as always, we got through it.

Max had come back at about midnight, as he normally does. He doesn't work late every single night, when he does work sometimes i wait up for him, other times i go to bed, depends what time I have to get up the next day. Last night i went to bed as soon as I'd finished my assignment, everything that had been said was still whirring round my head, the anger. All i wanted to do was try to forget it and go to sleep but I couldn't. It kept me awake instead, either that or it was because like usual I was always conscious of the fact that he'd be returning home.

I heard his keys rattle in the lock and a small feeling of relief came over me. I hate the fact that he has to work far away, yeah it's not far but I don't like the fact that he's always travelling back at night, often through some of the rougher parts of the city just to get home.

I let myself drift off to sleep after that but was soon awoken by the movements in the mattress as he clambered in alongside me. I kept my back to him whilst considering turning to face him but before i had time to think i felt him shuffle closer to me and wrap his arm tight around my waist.

"I love you" he murmured into my ear

I let out a small smile

"I love you too" i whispered back. Max nuzzled into my neck and planted a sweet kiss onto my skin. I turned to face him; his eyes looked longingly into mine.

"You ok?" he asked me

I nodded before saying "I'm sorry about before"

"No I'm sorry"

"You still wanna talk about it?" I asked

Max shook his head "no it's fine, besides who needs money when you got love"

I smiled at him and moved to kiss him gently

"Exactly" I whispered.