Author's Note:

All right, I was originally gonna write about Zero, but someone else beat me to it. Since its already going, I figured I should write about a different bot. So I chose to write X. He needs more love.

This was inspired by The Hill of Swords, so I'm writing from X's perspective. I hope I can properly emulate X's mindset in this. So without further ado, here we go.

"You...can..." With that, my 'body' faded away. Zero can take care of the world now. Well, I should be in cyberspace now. Should. Except that there happens to be a green portal of some kind that happens to be in my path. Unfortunately, it seems I'm the intended target, as it is drawing me in. No rest for me. Of course.

After being literally shot through the portal like a bullet, I found myself falling in the air at least 50 feet in the air. With a physical body. Though considering my current situation I don't really care how. Straightening myself to avoid falling on my head, I managed to land on the ground, finding myself covered in smoke.

What I landed on, however, was surprising. Grass. Actual grass. Not the artificial kind like the ones in the forests of Neo Arcadia, but natural grass. Unbelievable...

"What is that?"

"It looks like a person, but what's with the armor? Is it a soldier?"

"Did the Zero summon a commoner?"

Hmm? Humans? Looking around, I now noticed a small girl standing near me, though she wasn't the one who spoke. Pink hair, rather short, wearing a purple cloak and a medallion with a strange star shape emblem on it. She looked young, maybe in her early teens? I sensed something in her. Similar to the portal that threw me here. She is definitely the one who brought me here, intentional or not.

"Well, interesting Familiar you've summoned, 'Zero'"

Zero? Summoned? Well, I was right then. I looked at the girl who called out. A red-haired girl with a rather large bust was looking at the younger girl next to me with a mocking gaze. She was wearing the same clothing as the girl – who happens to have the name of my friend – so I figured it was a uniform of some kind. The children with her were all dressed similarly, with the same colored cloaks and... Is that a dragon?

Yes. Yes it is. And apparently many other creatures. The same number as the number of humans. They seemed docile, but how? Turning back to the pink haired girl, I noticed the older man standing behind her. He must be their teacher then. I should ask him the situation then, considering the pink haired girl was busy bickering with the red-headed one.

"Excuse me." Everyone looked at me with a look of surprise. Ignoring that, I continued, "Who are all of you? And where am I?" I kept polite. No need to be weary with them. Yet.

The older man gazed at me as a scientist would at an interesting specimen. That was disturbing.

"... Tell me. Are you human?" I shook my head. He narrowed his eyes., but the students began again.

"The Zero summoned a golem?"

"But it talks! What kind of golem talks?"

Golem. A construct made of rock or metal. A non-sentient construct. I feel insulted, but they clearly don't know what I am. In fact, I couldn't sense even a fraction of cyberspace here, nor could I detect any technology. Not even outdated types like the ones that existed in my father's time. I might as well talk to 'Zero'.

"Young girl, may I know your name?" She seemed to calm down a bit due to my tone.

"Eh? M-my name is Louise Francoise La Blanc de La Valliere, an I am your Master. And what is your name, Familiar?" She spoke in a rather haughty tone. Nobility maybe?

"My name is X."

She looked at me with a confused expression. "What kind of name is that?"

I raised an eyebrow, or did the reploid equivalent. Obviously, such a name would be considered strange, given that something like me doesn't even exist here. I was about to explain...

But the old man interrupted before I could talk. "Ms. Valliere, I think you should finish the ritual now."

"Huh? Oh, yes Mr. Colbert. Bend down Familiar." She could at least say my name.

I did so, then she closed in and... Okay. I believe she just kissed me, as humans call it.

"It is done."

Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation in my left hand. It had some strange, glowing symbols on it now. While I was studying them, the teacher approached me. "May I see those X?" I complied, and he copied them down on a notebook.

"Thank you. Now everyone, rituals are over, everyone return to your usual schedules. Tomorrow you will be allowed to bond with your familiars. Class dismissed."

Some of the students began walking away with their familiars – what else would they be – while some flew away. Flying humans. Now I have really seen everything. My 'Master' didn't though. I decided not to ask; I could see the frustration on her face. While Zero was the name of my friend – a 'badass' as Axl called him - one of the few reasons a human would be called 'Zero' would be... an indication of failure.

"Follow me Familiar." Well, she seems angry. Nodding, I walk behind her, earning stares from the students we passed by.

We arrived at my 'Master's' room. It was a clean place, not too big or small, and suited her fine. I guess I might as well ask her a few questions now.

"Excuse me, Louise?" She looked at me. "Hmm? What is it Familiar?" Still not calling me by name.

"I was hoping you could explain to me where I am please?"

"This is the Tristain Magic Academy, for us nobles." Ah. Magic. That explains the flight.

"Ah, so how did you bring me here? I understand you are the reason I am here but I do not know how."

"... You do not- Oh right, not human. I somehow brought you here as a result of the summoning ritual. It is mandatory for all second year students to have a familiar, and so you are mine." She seemed happy. Maybe she thought she would fail?

"Well then Louise. What am I here for?"

"A familiar is supposed to help their masters with several things really. You are supposed to protect me, though I do not know how well you'll do that, you have to find reagents for me, like sulfur..." So I'm basically her servant and bodyguard.

"Hmm. In that case, may I ask you a small favor?"

"Hmm? And what would that be Familiar?"

"Could you at least refer to me by name? If I have to help you I would like it if we could at least refer to each other by name."

"Hmph. Fine, I will grant you that much, but I expect you to perform your tasks without complaint! Understood, X?"

Well it's a start, though I wonder what Harpuia or Phantom would say if they saw me now. Actually, no. I can guess. "Very well. What do you need from me right now then?"

"You can clean these clothes." She had begun undressing herself and pointed to the discarded clothes. I know I'm a machine, but I'm pretty sure she shouldn't just change in front of me like that. Picking up the clothing, I asked, "Are you going to sleep now Louise?"

"Yes, wake me at dawn."

"Very well. Good night then."

"Wait. Do you know where you are to sleep?"

"I have no need of sleep. I would actually like to take a look around here. Don't worry, I'll remember to wake you." Though a rest would be nice. If fate would permit me to have one.

She looked skeptic, but just shook her head and went to sleep. Well, I had better clean these then. All in all, even if this isn't the rest I hoped to get, at least I'm not fighting. This world might actually be peaceful, I hope.