Ginny had always had a different relationship with Ron compared to the rest of her older brothers. She had these feelings, feelings that never truely went away. Of course she loved him fiercly like the rest of her family but on top of that she desired him. She knew it was sick and very, very wrong but she couldn't help the way she felt.

It had all started years before during a trip to Egypt. It was the summer holidays and the family were on a trip to visit Bill. Ginny's mothers had insisted that many of the outings in Egypt were too scary for her daughter so she'd constantly leave Ginny behind. Obviously she wasn't allowed to stay alone so Ron was made to stay behind with her. They were staying in a local wizrding inn and to amuse themselves while their family were gone they'd stolen a bottle of firewiskey from the bar down stairs. Both were underage and annoyed at being left behind. It was wreckless but it made them feel clever, like they had one up on their parents. As soon as they were alone they drank the firewhisky, both were almost intoxicated immediately. They began fooling around and play fighting when it happened. Ron had pinned Ginny to the floor. His body on hers, pressing her to the floor. Ginny found she liked the feeling of his body on hers. He was heavy but not in a painful way. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer to her. As she done this she noticed Ron stiffen above her. His face screwed up in pleasure. Before she knew what she was doing she's bucked her hips. Ron had hissed, his eyes opening and trying to read his sister's face. Cautiously, Ron ground his hips with hers. He watched for her reaction. Ginny's heart was pounding. She knew she should throw him off, she knew she should feel sick but in actual fact she didn't. She was interested in this senario and wanted it to play out. What was the harm, they were both fully clothed, it wasn't like they were having real sex.

Ron looked pained as he began to roll off his sister. It was clear he wanted to carry on too but his sence had caught up with him. Ginny whined quietly as he rolled off her and onto the floor. Taking the decision into her own hands and feeling brave she got up and straddled Ron.

"Ginny." he said warningly, but she didn't care. She began dry humping her brother. She felt him react instantly. The hard lump rising in his trousers made her tummy flip. She rolled her hips over his, reveling in the sensation it was giving her. Her downstairs was tingling, this was new. By this stage ron was supporting a massive erection. His eyes were clamped shut but he was began slamming herself down onto his erection. Even though they were still fully clothed it felt amazing.

"Oh Ron..." she gasped and then he shuddered and went rigid.

Ginny kept rubbing herself on him for a moment "Did you just...?" she looked down and saw the spreading stain on his trousers. Ron nodded weakly, panting. Ginny smiled. She'd just made her own brother cum in his pants.

"We better get fixed up before mum and dad get back." she said. Ron went for a shower and she disgarded the whiskey bottle. Ginny climbed into bed, a while later she heard Ron climb onto of his bunk. They both pretended to be asleep when their family got back. Neither she or ron mentioned the situation again that week, but Ginny just knew this new situation was far from over...