Ginny's tongue was furiously duelling her brothers. Ron was on top of her on the floor of his bedroom. Her breast were crushed into his chest. She could feel his dick hardening again with each second.

Ron pulled his mouth from hers and moved to suck her nipples, which were rock hard in lust.

Ginny moaned.

Just then ron reached and pulled her leg around his hip. The tip of his massive erection prodding her entrance.

"What are you doing? She panted. No! no, no..."

Ron kissed her fiercly again and she moaned into his mouth. He pushed the tip of his head into her.

"No" Ginny gasped. "This is wrong. So wrong!"

Ron stayed where he was. He was panting "Tell me to stop and I will. Say 'Stop'...say it!"

"So wrong!" Ginny groaned.

"Oh I can't help myself...!" Ron cried as he pushed fully into his sister.

"Oh god!" Ginny cried "No, no, no!"

"Ah!" Ron said as he pulled out and slammed in again. "So tight!"

"Ron..." Ginny moaned...

"Say 'Stop!"..." Ron cried, furiously banging his massive cock into her.

"I can't!" Ginny screamed. "OH RON YES!"

"Oh Gin!" Ron said, raising onto the palm of his hand. His hips speeding.

"Fuck me!" Ginny cried "Fuck me harder!"

Ron dragged her onto her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style. Her Huge tits swinging with each bang.

"I'm cumming!" Ginny cried "Oh ron! This is it... yes! OH YES! YES! YES! AH! AAH!"

Ginny went into convulsions around Ron's hard dick. He quickly pulled out and Ginny moaned.


"I'm going to blow..." Ron gasped, his massive dick was throbbing.

"No!" Ginny cried. She knocked Ron onto his back and climbed onto him. She sank her dripping self onto his erection and began riding him.

"No!" Ron cried "No, Gin, I can't cum..."

"Yes!" Ginny cried. She bounced herself furiosly on her brothers dick, her breasts bounching deliciously. "Cum inside me!"

"What? NO!" Ron said, attempting to push her off and failing.

"Fuck! I'm cumming again!" Ginny squeeled "Oh Ron! CUM IN ME! YES...! OH...OH, FUCK ME! YES!"

Ron thrusted upwards a few more times furiously and the second his baby sister came around his dick again he came hard and fast inside her. She rode his dick until she'd milked him dry.

"That was amazing!" Ginny panted, rolling onto the ground beside him.

"Yeah!" Ron gasped. He reached for her hand and pulled it to his dick, he closed her hand around it and made her pump. "Let's go for round two..."