Finding Life After

Chapter One

Based on Stargate: SG-1

Set in an abstract in-between alternate universe season.

- . - - - . -

Sam finally made her way to her newly assigned tent. In the confusion of simply getting people through the 'gate, no one had set up quarter assignments, patrol shifts, or even set up a mess schedule. Well, first things were first, they took roll and figured out exactly who had made it and who hadn't.

Colonel O'Neill had been the last one through the 'gate, detonating the base self destruct as he did. Everyone from the base had been evacuated through the 'gate, as had several others - scientists, personnel from NORAD, hell they even had a few sailors show up somehow. So, they took roll.

They did it the old fashioned way: set up fireteams, squads, platoons, and companies. There wasn't even enough for a respectable battalion, but they had four (somewhat small) companies, almost 500 people. That was nothing to be ashamed of. But considering the population of Earth had been some six and a half billion . . . They were chump change and they knew it.

Sam split everyone up by association. All the scientists were in a company, Marines were another (along with the handful of sailors she still wasn't sure where they came from), a company of soldiers that had been traveling through and diverted to Peterson during the attack, and two companies of airmen. Leadership was assigned, if only to keep track of everyone.

Immediately they set up patrols. She wanted to make sure that they could get settled before concerning herself with it again, so she just assigned the Marines to handle it. Colonel Reynolds had been left behind. Major Tomlin, his replacement, assured her that they could handle it. "Patrol is something we do well, Ma'am" he assured her.

They set up an alarm system immediately, and had full time security on the 'gate. That job fell to Bravo Company, the second company of airmen. Tomlin agreed that perimeter patrol and 'gate security should be separate, but equally important things. Colonel Dixon wasn't in any position to take control of anything, having lost his wife and four children and still in shock. Captain Hayes took control of Bravo Company and the 'gate.

She worked up a mess staff and they were making sure that there were at least enough MREs for everyone for a few days. For the meantime, they were also the only functioning supply department. Enough shelters were built, at least for now, but she knew that more permanent arrangements would have to be made.

All that could wait. She just needed a minute. Her home planet had been all but annihilated and she needed a second to breathe. Everyone was at least a little rattled, and some were in complete shock, so everything really had fallen to her.

"If I don't show up, you're in charge," Colonel O'Neill had told her right before she stepped through the stargate. General Hammond had already made his decision and was coordinating a civilian police barricade on the surface to protect the mountain and give them enough time to escape.

She missed him already. George Hammond. She remembered him from when she was little. He had always been a big jolly man; a friend of her father's who showed up around holidays. At a very young age, she had been absolutely positive that he was Santa Clause, and that he shaved his beard when he wasn't at the North Pole to make sure no one recognized him.

And now he was a name that could easily be forgotten.

She needed a minute.

She needed to grieve.

Someone cleared their throat outside. She almost didn't answer. She almost screamed at them to leave her alone. Almost. "Come."

Colonel O'Neill walked inside.

She had never been so relieved to see him in her life. Without saying a word, he pulled her into his arms and held her tight. They clung to each other with the appropriateness of two people who had lost practically everything.

Sam wasn't really sure what was happening, except that she was kissing his neck, gently sucking on the skin. He quickly returned the kiss, moving back to trace up her jaw and their lips met. She drank as much comfort and solace from his lips as was possible, and then some.

She rummaged through his shirt, looking for skin. He obliged her by stripping the shirt over his head. She ran her hands over his skin, soothed by the contact. Everything melted away for a few seconds at a time. Every time the realization hit her again, she clutched at him a little tighter and extended their kiss just a little longer.

She couldn't get enough of the way he held her tightly, the way he had slid his hand up under her shirt and between her shoulder blades, the way he kissed her. She could tell he was trying to get something from her, soak something in, to banish a sense of loneliness. She felt the same way, needed the same thing, so she gave him everything she had.

- . -

It was morning, at least, almost. Sam was on her back on the floor with Jack resting partially on top of her, his head cradled between her breasts. They hadn't even attempted the cot, built barely large enough for one person. They had pulled the pillow to the floor and the classic standard military issue scratchier-than-scratchy drab gray wool blanket. Both of their feet stuck out of the bottom because it was a little short and bunched up in the middle.

He inhaled deeply, as if he was going to speak, but he was silent for a several seconds. "Sam," he started in an apologetic voice.

"I know," she cut him off. "You have to go find Daniel and Teal'c. I have to-"

"Stay here and take care of everyone, I know." He turned his face and placed a kiss on her breastbone.

Sam had a fleeting thought about how they got to this position - not this position but this point in their lives. The thought vanished when Jack pushing himself up above her. He lowered his head to hers, resting his forehead on hers.

"Sam . . ." he started again.

She put her fingers to his lips. "I know," she said to the statement he hadn't said, I love you. "Me too."

"Really?" he asked.


Jack kissed her before pushing off and starting to get dressed. She also dressed. They faced each other before facing the world. He snaked his hand across her jaw and behind her neck, pulling her into a kiss. She fingered the hair at the back of his neck and clutched his shirt gently.

The kiss ended slowly and they pulled apart, straightening their clothes and stepping out to the rest of the camp. They had a short breakfast with Major Tomlin, Colonel Dixon, Captain Hayes and Janet, and explaining to them that he was leaving and Sam would be charge.

He packed up a few things and she had a conversation with a Technical Sergeant about building permanent shelters.

She met him at the stargate, dialing the Tok'ra. He had told her that he was hoping they would be able to give him a starting point, at the least. "Bring them back, Colonel," she said.

"Have a place for me to bring them back to," he quipped. He turned towards the 'gate.

"And, Colonel," she stopped him. "Godspeed."

- . - END CHAPTER ONE - . -