Hello everyone and welcome to what will hopefully become my first successful Rosario Vampire story 'Reap What you Sow'.

Let me state, first and foremost, that this story has a bit of pre-reading to it that you all will most likely want to read beforehand in order to understand everything. This story is essentially a spin-off of MistressWinowyll's story 'Get What you Wanted' and Darkswordmage's story 'Get What you Deserve'. Both of these stories can be found on MistressWinowyll's page, and thanks go to her for her approval and slight assistance with this work. You are really going to want to read those stories or else some of the characters and a good number of the events will be unfamiliar. Especially considering that the plot-line doesn't exactly follow canon. So please don't ask me about non-canon events mentioned or any characters that don't appear in canon showing up in this story.

Several people have attempted something like this already, but as of yet nobody but Lord of the Land of Fire has made a story like this one that's actually decent. I aim to correct that deficiency in my own little way.

To try and give some kind of summarized backstory for this, at this time Moka and Tsukune are married, Tsukune has been accepted by Akashiya Issa (Moka's father) as his son and the pair of them are in the process of living happily ever after.

At least, until the issue of children comes up, that's when things started falling apart. With that said, we dive into this series of events in medias res.


Aono Household, Osaka, Japan


Tsukune sat down in the hallway with his back against the wall. He couldn't help but think over the last few weeks, looking over the slippery slope that led to where he was now, where they were now. It all started with that which any man holds more precious than anything. What all women cherished more than anything. The most precious things in the world to those who have them.

It all started with a discussion about children.

Tsukune understood, or thought he understood, why Moka decided to isolate their children from humanity. She had not had an enjoyable time amongst them. She feared what would happen to them if they were left in that same civilized wilderness, alone and vulnerable, constrained by rules that they didn't understand. Moka, both Mokas, absolutely refused to allow their children to be left so vulnerable to that same harm. She wanted them to be safe from a wretched humanity. She didn't want her sons and daughters to be targeted by those who found strength in numbers and joy in targeting those different than they. Moka had said it the very first day they met. 'I despise humans.'

Even those humans that had created and raised the man she loved.

Tsukune could not understand why Moka was so adamant about not letting their children meet his own family. Why would she deny his parents the joy of seeing their first grandchildren? Or deny Kyouko the opportunity to meet her little niece or nephew? Tsukune knew that humans could be cruel, but not all humans were as horrible as Moka painted them to be.

The argument started small, but eventually everything eventually made its way toward that poisonous topic of conversation. Then they would argue. Tsukune would be tactful, would try to be understanding, would try to find compromise. But Moka was ever stubborn, she had her pride and she would never give an inch on anything. She didn't ask, she didn't compromise, she demanded, she commanded, and was astonished when, for the first time, Tsukune didn't give in.

Moka and Tsukune were at an impasse, and nothing either of them did or said would change the other's mind. Tsukune was adamant of allowing his children to meet the family that raised him. Moka was just as adamant about keeping her children safe from the horrors of humanity. But neither would give an inch. And that amazed Moka. That Tsukune would actually stand his ground, stare her in the eye and deny her what was obviously the best way to raise their children. No matter how she tried to argue the point, she would always come up with the same answer, and Tsukune gave no indication that he was willing to change his mind.

If there was one thing that Akashiya Moka absolutely was not, it was patient. Before Moka left for the world of humans, she was Akashiya Issa's precious little girl, what she wanted she almost inevitably got. And Tsukune was similar in a way. He was determined to make her happy. So Moka decided that if Tsukune would not back down by normal means then she would have to go further.

It was Inner Moka that came up with the idea to get what she wanted. The Outer was against it, mostly. She didn't think that they needed to go that far. But while Tsukune proved capable of standing up to Moka's true personality and holding his ground, the soft-hearted Outer Moka was not so resilient. So Outer Moka went along with the idea. And upon further prodding, she agreed to be the one to say the words, to let Tsukune know how serious this was to them and how far they were willing to go if they had to.

Tsukune was still unable to get that image out of his head. The memory of those spoken words haunted him even as he sat there surrounded by sounds even more haunting. The look in her eyes, the faint anger in that normally peaceful voice that seemed, to him, as close to that of an angel anyone could possibly reach. But that soft voice spoke daggers and dripped poison when she spoke those words, enunciated that fell promise which led to this night, where everything became irrevocable, the die cast, and fates decided.

He could not forget, and would never forget the moment when Outer Moka spoke those words, tinged in anger and frustration that spoke volumes considering who was saying it. 'You will change your mind, Tsukune or I will have someone else give me children that I can raise as I see fit.'

That was the hammer blow, the sentence that struck him like a mallet between the eyes. Moka intended for that sentence to have such an effect, Tsukune would realize how serious they were and would then give in. He would apologize, admit she was right, and everything would go back to how things were before, how they were meant to be.

Instead, the threat had the opposite effect. She intended for his will to crumble, but instead it became harder than steel. Before his determination to thwart her was unconquerable. Now it was completely unshakeable. Inner Moka decided that Tsukune thought it was a bluff. How else could he react that way? So she had to show him that it was not a bluff, that she was not issuing some idle threat.

That was when Moka called the one person that she knew, they both knew, would happily do as Moka asked and simultaneously cause Tsukune the most pain. That morning Outer Moka woke up and, at the urging of the Inner, dialed the phone number of one Morioka Ginei, and an appointment was made that night at the Aono home address.

Moka gave Tsukune her ultimatum, gave him one last chance to give in. And both Inner and Outer Moka were stunned when Tsukune stood by what he always said, that his children would be raised knowing his own parents, that they would know his family.

And so Moka gave a teary eyed look back while Gin gave a shining smile as the bedroom door closed. The Inner Moka still could not believe that Tsukune still thought it was a bluff. But surely he would stop this before it went any further?

But Tsukune was still sitting there in the hallway, doing his best to numb the pain in his chest as he heard the bed springs scream, as he heard skin meeting skin and heard those tantalizingly familiar, soft, passionate cries. Those soft little sounds that he had taken such pleasure in forcing her to make before. But now it was someone else making her cry and moan. And the knowledge of what was happening in that room drove daggers of ice into his heart. And so did the knowledge of what it meant.

Moka did not realize it yet, but the moment she let someone else take her like her Mate and Husband did, she forever severed the bond that they had shared for years. He was no longer hers, she was no longer his. Tsukune struggled hard and managed to restrain the tears when he realized that things could not be repaired. And the pain in his chest grew worse and worse as those frigid blades plunged ever deeper.

Then, as frozen blades would numb their own pain, the agony Tsukune felt in his heart also chilled and receded. It hurt, but it was now a dull ever-present ache rather than searing pain. And it was in that frigid, numbing agony that Tsukune managed to let himself let go of what he fought so hard for, for so long.

It was around then that the cacophony of tortured furniture, bestial grunts, and heart-jerking sighs finally slowed and finally ceased. Tsukune could hear the deep, ragged breathing and finally heard that dog ask "Do you think he's still out there?"

Tsukune couldn't hear her reply, didn't want to hear what she said. But he heard as someone got up and walked toward the bedroom door. Tsukune stood up as well. As a Vampire, or as a human, as a man there was only one possible reply to what had happened here.

Gin opened the door and looked down at Tsukune, that same grin from their Youkai Academy days on his face as he glanced back, unashamed of his nudity as he said "Yeah, he's still here. I didn't know he was the type that liked to watch and listen."

Moka covered herself in the sheets, concealing herself from Tsukune's eyes as though he was a stranger. While she did that, Gin turned back and faced his former friend. With that same grin on his face he asked "So Tsukune, did you enjoy the show?"

The Werewolf's grin disappeared when he heard that soft 'click' as Tsukune's Rosario popped off the bracelet on his wrist. His hands moved to cover his head as he felt the burning rage and saw a blur of silver hair and bright red eyes come at him. That was when he felt Tsukune's fist strike his side and heard the wet snap of bone. Then Tsukune's other fist planted itself in Gin's jaw and slammed the Werewolf's head into the wall.

Tsukune looked down at the man he once called Sempai as he slid bonelessly to the floor, some of his blood smearing on the wall from where his fractured jaw broke the skin. As he looked at the misery he wrought upon someone he once called a friend, Tsukune could not help but think 'this isn't enough.' The frigid rage that roared through Tsukune's veins demanded retribution. This wasn't enough, not by half! He couldn't imagine what would be fitting punishment for this beast. He wanted to set him on fire and laugh at his torment, then roll in Gin's ashes as they cooled, bite into Gin's flesh and spit his own putrid flesh into his eyes as he screamed in torment! Peel the skin from his body and cover him in salt! Torment him and drink in his pain for daring to think that he was his equal, his better! Teach that mongrel his place in this world under his heel!

What scared Tsukune, even in his overwhelming wrath, was just how much he would like to make every one of those little ideas come true. And that joy both frightened and disgusted him. And that fear and disgust helped sap the rage roaring through his veins demanding action. Tsukune settled for giving Gin one more vicious kick in the ribs before forward.

During all of this, Moka could not help but sit there terrified at what she saw. 'I-is that really Tsukune? I've never seen him like this, he's never felt like this before, ever. Even when Ria tormented him he never got this angry. I-is he going to kill us? What do we do if he tries? We went too far, we went too far, !'

The voice of Inner Moka sounded through Outer Moka's mind. He will not try to harm us, he loves us. Now that he has shown Gin his place he will apologize to us for forcing us to do this. Everything is finally over, relax. Now release me.

Outer Moka was still too panicked to hear her, but Inner Moka tried. Release me! Tsukune is going to apologize for his stubbornness and I want to be the one in control when he does. Now take off the Rosario!

But much to the shock and surprise of both Mokas, Tsukune didn't even glance at her as she sat there on the bed. He entered the bedroom only slightly, stopping as his nose crinkled at the smell. Then he bent down and retrieved the silver Rosario from where it lay on the bedroom floor. With the crucifix in hand, he returned it to his wrist and, in human guise once more, turned around and started walking toward the stairs. Not once did he even glance at Akashiya Moka.

Ignoring the voice in her mind demanding release, Outer Moka scrambled up and donned a nightgown before dashing after Tsukune down the stairs.

Moka had just reached the bottom of the steps when she saw Tsukune by the kitchen counter focused on doing something with his hands. Then he turned slightly and she saw what he was doing. He was trying to pry the wedding ring off of his finger, violently pulling on it in a mindless effort to remove it from his person. It brought back what was once a fond memory. Tsukune once told her he deliberately bought a ring slightly too small for him, wanting to make sure the band of metal would never accidentally leave his finger.

It came back to bite him now as Tsukune finally tugged the ring off of his now bruised and aching digit. With a slight 'huff' of breath he carelessly dropped the circlet of gold to the floor as he would drop a rock picked up out of curiosity.

The pink haired vampire realized at that moment just what was going through Tsukune's head. 'He's leaving us!'

Let me out! NOW!

But the pleas and demands of her Inner self went unremarked as the pink haired Moka saw Tsukune's hand touch the door. Finally, she managed to find her voice as he started to open it. "Tsukune"

It was just a word, but it was enough to make Tsukune turn his head. Moka tried hard not to flinch as he looked at her but failed. Such naked contempt he looked upon her with. It was not anger, anger she could understand, anger she could try and work past with him. But he did not look at her with anger, but with disgust. He looked upon her like he would look at some hideous thing that he wouldn't want to touch with his bare hands.

Before she could even say anything else, Tsukune turned back to face the door and his words reached her ears. At first she didn't recognize his voice for what it was, so strangled with barely suppressed emotion. Pain, anger, sadness, she heard them all in his voice as he spoke to her a single sentence. "We worked so hard for what we had, and you threw it away, sacrificing it on an altar to your own selfish pride."

"That's not true! Tsukune!"

She raced forward and tried to console him, tried to apologize, but before she could say anything he shuddered at her touch and threw her back. Flat on her behind in the living room Tsukune looked down upon her. Now the anger was there, first and foremost.

He shouted at her two words which stunned her to the core, words that filled her with icy fear and leaden guilt. Two words that made clear to her, even to the Inner Moka, somewhat, just how big of a mistake she made, that they made. And with those two words Tsukune stormed out the door into the cold night.

Tsukune shouted those words at her with all the fury she had seen in her father when someone truly angered him.

Tsukune shouted at her "DIE ALONE!"


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