Chapter 1

There are many universes parallel to our own. Each of these universes is very much like ours, but each one differs in some ways. For example, in our universe Jon Arbuckle is a nice but dim-witted pet owner. But in another universe, the particular universe that concerns our story, Jon is a nice but dim-witted emperor. In our universe, Garfield, Odie, Nermal, and Arlene are ordinary pets, and Pooky is an ordinary teddy bear. In the parallel universe ruled by Emperor Jon, these five friends are the superpowered heroes known as Pet Force.

In Emperor Jon's universe, the evil veterinarian Vetvix has vowed to conquer the universe and replace Jon as its ruler. But first, Vetvix must defeat Pet Force. To reach her goal, Vetvix has created an army of mutant animals to serve her, each transformed, through her experiments, to be extra-powerful and extra-evil.

Vetvix's schemes to conquer Emperor Jon's universe would succeed if not for the power of Pet Force---those five furry defenders of justice who have stopped her again and again.

After defeating their most recent opponents, the Lethal Lizards (see Book #5 for details) ---Vetvix escaped from the force field prison Garzooka had placed her in, because she was split into pieces, she had to use the lizard body she had been attached swearing her revenge on Pet Force. Soon she had managed to find all of her other body parts, and the animals they had been attached to. Then she restructed her body and regained all of the magical powers that she lost when her body was split apart. Now, Garzooka, Odious, Starlena, Abnermal, and Compooky must again defeat the evil veterinarian, Vetvix in her latest crime. Except this time, something much different is going to happen… something that will change Jon Arbuckle's life… forever. Read this exciting story and find out what you never thought would happen to Pet Force.