Disclaimer: Wait, I don't think I need one? Wow, that's weird.

Oh except this isn't really a chapter. Sorry 'bout that!

Okay, I am posting this basically because I am still getting messages etc about a sequel, and I am happy to answer them all xxx I am a pm freak you all know that, but I figured, I could do this too.

En masse as it were. Most of you already know I am sure but for those who have expressed an interest (much hugs btw):

I have started a sequel, and its The Happy Ever After Job.

It isn't quite as straightforward as the title would suggest. ;)

So that's that.

Oh, and today I got messaged that CK wrote on his twitter that he was driving and something about loving driving on his own and having hours to go -I guess he's going on tour with his music, (which rocks) and anyway I don't do twitter but it made me all nostalgic about this road trip, and Eliot & Parker. :(

Which is ree-diculous. But there ya go. LOL. :P

Thanks for still reading and reviewing, it never gets old, and I heart you guys for inspiring me all over again!


Skips off.