She's is the Best

Through all of her mumbo-jumbo, she was the best…

Aviva wasn't that bad of a gal, even through her mumbo-jumbo and cleverness. She may have been technical or bright, but he didn't care. She was his, and he wasn't going to let Chris or Jimmy have her (he doubted Koki was attracted to her).

He missed her every time they had to go out to a mission. He wished that she could have come along. He wished that she could be an animal too; fly like a falcon, run like a cheetah, build a dam like a beaver…

Whenever no one was looking, he would kiss her on the cheek. When Jimmy and Koki had gone home, and Chris was already starting to leave; he would kiss her on the lips. When he had arrived back at Chris's car, he began to wonder what took so long. Martin hid his feelings from him, but he had an odd sense that Chris knew that he was in love with her.

"Martin, I know you're in love with her," he whispered. "I can see it in your eyes."

"You caught me, Chris…," he said quietly back. "I do love her. I want to marry her someday…" However, it felt like a distant dream to him. He doubted that she wanted to get married someday. "I want children, too… I've always loved kids." A single tear fell from his face.

Little did he know, Aviva was eavesdropping on the two.

As Chris started the car, Aviva ran out and shouted, "wait!" She slammed her hands on the hood. "Martin… I want to marry you too. I want kids too!"

Chris and Martin stared in awe at her. She was wearing a Creature Power Suit! The symbol on the middle was the shape of an owl!

"You were listening this whole time?" Martin gulped.

"Yes…," she whispered. "Go on. Go home. You've had a long day. I'll see you tomorrow." She smiled brightly.

"Goodnight. I love you. You're the best…"

"Thanks. I love you too, Martin. Bye-bye."

A/N: Bahh, who cares if this is a kid's show?