Chapter 1

The morning after Gordon had saved Kelsey from the pool at the Halloween she and mber went to the night before Amber is in the kitchen drinking coffee and zoneing out when Gordon walks into the kitchen.

"Oh, Good Morning Amber." he says

Amber doesn't say anything.

"you okay?" he wonders not getting any answer pouring himself a cup of coffee

"Amber you okay?" he wonders again

"Amber, hey...hey!" he snaps in front of her face

Aber snaps back into reality "huh oh yeah, yeah I'm fine, Good morning Gordon." she says

"what are you thinking about?" he wonders

"nothing just the party last night after you guys showed up and you rescused Kelsey from that pool." she tells him

"oh, what about?" he stands across from Amber on the other side of the island in the middle of the kitchen and sips his coffee

"just thinking about what might be going around to everybody today." she tells him

"what?" he wonders

"that I needed my mom and her boyfriend to come and crash a party and recuse who I thought at the time was my best friend." she tells him

"what do you think they are saying if they are even saying anything at all?" he wonders

"that I'm a momma's girl who needs her mom and her boyfriend to come and bail her out of a sitation which I could of possibly handled on my own which I did try but she wasn't listening to me." she tells him

"you did the right thing Amber and we are so proud of you for that don't let those bullies bully you is that what your afraid of?" he wonders

Amber just shrugs "well yeah." she says softly

"well I could go down and talk to your principal today so he knows what happened and knows the truth and ask him not to believe or listen to what he might hear and ask him not to suspend you two." he tells her

"no,Gordon you don't have to do that." she tells him

"so, what are you going to do?" he wonders

"I think I'm just going to let it go and not go to school on Monday." she tells him

"okay, well that's your choice." he tells her

"thanks Gordon I think I might just talk to mom or try to talk to mom again about this whole thing." she tells him

"I think that's a good idea I love you sweetie." he tells her

Amber smiles "yeah love you too you're actucally an okay guy." she tells him and smiles

"good that's nice to hear." he tells her and smiles