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AN: I'm a bad person. :/ I didn't get this beta-d. Anyway, this is for whatever pairing you choose. Originally I wrote it for Lucy and Lorcan, but then it went towards Rose and Scorpius, then Lily and Lysander, so whoever you like here. Wow, that was a lot of crap. Enjoy.

~You Dance Like a Queen~

The stage lights shine, filling the stage around her with aqua light. She's there, the main character, being Ariel and singing her heart out. He watches her, clapping with everyone else, but weeping inside. Inside, of course, because guys have to be tough and not cry.

He knows that there's a good reason they broke up, but he can't remember it now. Ah, yes. She said, "Maybe we're not just meant to be."

She goes for curtain call and scans the audience again. Her eyes land on him. She winces inside, using all of her talent in acting not to cringe.

Maybe, she reflects, I was right. Perhaps we really aren't meant to be. Maybe this end will lead to a new beginning.

And maybe it does. But that is for you, dear reader, to decide on your own.