This is the sequel to Not Supposed To See Them.

Summary: Tori has seen ghosts for awhile now and she thought that she was the only one who could. Maybe she was mistaken...

It was a Saturday morning. I had just woken up. I was sweating and my breathing was irregular. I had just had an awful nightmare. A ghost tried to show me something about he died. I still didn't understand a single thing about it and it had just confused and scared me.

My mom walked into my room. "Are you alright? It seemed to me that you had a nightmare or something." She said.

"Yeah, it was something like a nightmare." I answered as I stepped out of my bed.

"Was it ghost related?" She asked. I knew that my mom was still a little skeptic about me seeing ghosts, but she was learning to cope with it. My dad and Trina quickly accepted my "gift" and helped me from time to time which was nice of them. I was really grateful how everyone dealt with it. Robbie and André still avoided me, but the truth be told I couldn't care less.

"Yeah, you don't need to worry about it." I said with a smile to calm her down a little.

"Okay, I made some cinnamon rolls so if you want, I'd go before your dad eats them all." My mom smiled and left my room.

I quickly ran downstairs to get a cinnamon roll. My dad had already eaten a few, but there were still two left. My dad and I were eating in silence till I heard something. It was sounded like a door opening.

"Did you hear that?" I asked my dad. He shook his head.

A confused expression crossed my face. I found myself standing up and walking towards the the sound. "Is someone here?" I asked. No answer. I decided to try again. "I can help you. You just need to show yourself."

"Help, someone, please." A strange voice yelled. I took a few steps and suddenly I stood before the scene. There were two people standing there, but they didn't seem to notice that I was standing there. I decided to stand in between them, but they still didn't see them. This really confused me. I have seen a lot of weird things but nothing like this.

One of the guys walked through me. "I told you to stay away from my girlfriend." The other guy didn't say a thing. He just stood there in absolute fear. Then that one guy stabbed the other guy. I looked at the scene in pure horror. He kept stabbing the guy until he was sure that he was dead. He disappeared.

The other guy looked at me. "I'll get him back." With those words, he left. Now I was completely disgusted, but this was at least clearer than my dream. I walked back to the kitchen.

"What happened?" My dad asked.

"Not that much. It was just some ghost showing how he died which wasn't pleasant and then he told me that he will get back at that guy who killed him. I'm kind of disgusted so you can eat what I have left." I told my dad.

My dad nodded and took the half-eaten cinnamon roll. "I can get recent police reports if you want." My dad offered.

"Sure, but it doesn't have to be recent. Sometimes they can hold a grudge pretty long." I told him.

"Okay, I'll try to find anything I can about any murders. Did you see their faces or something? That might help." My dad asked.

I shook my head. "It was kind of blurry. I know it was a guy and another guy had killed him because he didn't stay away from his girlfriend. I can't tell you more." My dad nodded and I decided to go back up to my room and get dressed.

Looking through my clothes, I finally found a good outfit that I could wear to my date with Beck. He was still very helpful with my ghost problems, but I decided to not tell him about this one. He got worried so easily. Of course he was trying to protect me, but sometimes that was just kind of annoying.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 11. Beck and I would meet on the beach at 11:15, so I should really hurry. I quickly ran to the car and drove to the beach. Luckily I got there quickly, but I was still late. I ran towards the beach.

Of course, I had to see my friend from this morning. He was talking to some girl. I stopped running and walked towards him. That ghost was talking to Jade! Since when could Jade talk to ghosts?

A debate started in my head. Should I go to Jade and risk humiliation or should I walk away and ignore that this even happened? I didn't even have time to decide, because the ghost decided to do it for me.

"You better start helping me and not going to the beach." He told me.

"I'd love to help you, but could you give me some freaking clues? Because I have no idea who you are." I nearly screamed at him, but I stopped myself.

"Jason Dinicolo." He said and disappeared. I quickly got a pen and paper out of my bag and wrote his name down. I didn't notice that Jade had already approached me.

"You see them too?" She asked and not in her same Jade voice. Since when did Jade act weak?

"For awhile now. It's been a half year now." I told her.

"Could you help me?" Jade asked. I rose an eyebrow. Jade was asking my help? Those ghosts must have been really scaring her.

"Sure... I guess." I said with a very confused expression.

"Thanks." Jade said and she left me alone. Even a thanks! This never happened before. With slow steps, I made my way to Beck and ended up telling him the whole story.

This is the sequel. Hope this is good... Next chapter should come soon (with the emphasis on should, I don't know how busy I will be...).

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