Toys, miracle blossoms flowering in the hearts of the chosen. Some become beautiful flowers, some, poisonous. It is the age of great detectives. But the modern age has room for more than one kind of detective...and more than one kind of thief.

I always thought it strange that at Tokyo Butei High, there was only one descendant of so many famous historical people. Perhaps these people were so busy living they didn't have time to continue their legacy. I stood here in the center of Yokohama's town square, the sounds of clicking from a laptop strapped around my cousin's neck sounding in my ears, and heard a gunshot ring out across the sky.

"The Boyne Jewel belongs to the Phantom Thief Empire, Holmes," said a silver-haired figure in a black mask. I couldn't help but notice her costume was designed to emphasize her cleavage. That couldn't have been very practical for jumping across buildings, especially on a cold sunset like this.

"Are you with I-U or not?" shouted my partner, Aria H. Kanzaki, the one who had fired the bullet.

"I work for whoever pays the highest," said Riko Mine, her breasts bouncing as she laughed. "Just a little nepotism, that's all."

"Then I'll have to put a stop to you myself," said a voice, straining to climb over the wall of the building opposite the busty thieves. A girl about Aria's age and about Aria's height, a magnifying glass with a ribbon and cat ears on it in her hand, held out her arm to the orange sky. Her blue eyes flashed with a spark of light, and an aura surrounded her.

"ARIA!" she shouted.

Aria nodded in return.

"Two guns and two swords," Aria said, sliding one of her guns back into its holster as she drew her blade from her back.

"And two hands," said the girl in the deerstalker cap. "The legacy of the great detective cuts through the lies."

"The law of friendship becomes our guidepost. Aria Holmes Kanzaki IV, the Quadra!" Aria said, striking an awkward pose with her weapons.

"Sherlock Shellinford...the Psychokinetic!" said the bold pink-haired girl, hitting an even more awkward pose, but with more gusto.

"Holmes Generation, on stage!" the two of them said at the same time. An empty bullet dropped out of Aria's gun and collided with Shellinford's pink aura, creating a small explosion of pink smoke behind them.

"Such kids, aren't they?" said the girl with the computer beside me, taking her lollipop out of her mouth. This is my cousin Saku.

"Aria, wait for me!" I shouted to the sky.

How did I find myself in this mess?

The story begins immediately after we defeated Vlad. Riko declared that she was on equal terms with us now, and jumped off into the night sky. Her school uniform had been converted into a parachute, leaving her in only a pair of golden underwear. The winds carried her across the city and away from Yokohama Landmark Tower. Her precious rosary was hanging around her neck, giving her hair the strength to grasp the parachute. If she lost concentration for a second, she would fall to the ground.

The air was getting thin. Riko let herself be lowered just a little more, keeping out of the range of the streetlights that had turned on down below. A large mansion was coming into view. It wasn't as elaborate as Vlad's place. The lights looked to be off. Riko thought about picking up a gift for Kii before she slipped back into her normal school life. Stealing things was always fun for her, and if she played her cards right, she could coerce the owner of the house into letting her stay overnight.

Riko positioned the tips of her toes towards her landing spot, and pulled on the parachute. The winds swept beneath her, sending chills down her spine. She felt her body being pushed backwards, towards the highest room of the mansion. Riko twisted her upper body, shifting her center of gravity to the right. Her feet touched base on the cold, layered tiles of the mansion.

Riko still had her rosary with her, and inserted a thin strand of hair into one of the locks on the window. She kept her hand near the gears until she heard a "click" sound. The window opened up. Riko slid her feet in first, feeling around for something solid. They knocked into a lamp, before settling on the top of a desk just beyond.

As her body entered the mansion, she felt a relieving sensation spread across her figure. The past few days had been rainy and humid. The house was warm and air conditioned. Riko knew she had to take it slowly, but her body was bruised and dirty. Her gun and her mind had been completely exhausted. She continued easing in her body. Then her body stopped moving.

"Merde," she said under her breath, "Riko's boobs are stuck..."

The lights turned on. Riko panicked, trying to pull herself out in the opposite direction. She pushed her hand into the sides of the window and yanked her body outward. The roof was slippery, and Riko's feet stumbled to get a grip. She heard the entirety of the window being opened, and saw someone peer out.

She had short silvery-blue hair and a black headband. She was dressed in a black dress as well. Her eyes were kind. From what Riko could see, she looked to be the same age, with the same kind of development. The girl turned her head and saw the tail end of Riko's blonde hair flowing in the night wind.

"Why would a thief try to steal from another thief's house?" asked the girl, "I admire your courage. I'll let you inside."

Riko was sitting on a stool outside the bathtub, washing her body. She looked down at her hands. There were blisters on them, and she could still occasionally taste blood running off her mouth. Riko poured a bucket of water over her head, cleansing her long hair and turning the world into a wavering vision before her eyes. When her vision returned, she felt renewed. Her rosary was still hers. There was time to get back to Tokyo.

A thought flashed in her mind. She had seen articles and books lying around the house, many of them French in origin. There came a knock at the door. Riko looked towards the steam-covered entryway and slid into the bath. She didn't want her host to see her bruises. The water washed over her skin, causing Riko to momentarily jump from the heat.

"Can I come in?" asked the girl.

"Sure," said Riko.

The door slid open as the girl confidently walked in. She had removed her headband, causing her silver hair to fall down to her shoulders. She sat down on the same stool Riko had been using, feeling the warmth of her body that still remained.

"You go to Tokyo Butei High?" asked the girl. "I recognized the uniform."

"Riko does go there... sometimes," Riko said.

"I'm the student council president at my school," said the girl, "You may have heard of it. Holmes Detective Academy?"

"Holmes..." said Riko under her breath, omitting the "H". "Don't keep calling me about that favor I owe you, Aria."

"You left your student ID out. Nice to meet you, Riko Mine. Or should I say, Lupin IV," said the girl.

"I'm not just a number! Riko is Riko. That's what Kinji told me! What right do you have to call me that?" said Riko, standing up in the tub in anger. The silver-haired girl stood up as well and pressed her own ample bosom against Riko's. Riko felt her nipples tensing up.

"Because I'm actually your second cousin. I come from another branch of the family, one that started from Lupin II. You can call me Henriette Mystere," she said.

"Or should I say Arsene?" Riko sneered, "Riko knows who you are. You've been all over the news. How is it that you have henchmen while Riko's been left out in the cold?"

Henriette stepped back. "Those three? They're hardly worth the trouble. I'm the one doing most of the work." She was still for a moment. "How did you know that was me? Sherlock hasn't been able to read even the most basic hints."

"Riko is a master of disguise too," said Riko.

Arsene sat down and splashed some shampoo from a nearby bottle onto Riko's head. Riko's face turned bright red. Arsene stepped into the bath behind her and began rubbing her fingers through her hair, taking out the grime that had accumulated from the fight with Vlad.

"Riko, I want to take you under my wing," said Henriette.

Riko wiped her eyes with her arm. "You're not lying, are you? Riko can do things on her own, she doesn't need help from anyo-"

"I heard about the busjacking. Twenty informed me about the fight with the vampire werewolf tonight. I know you want to break away from the Lupin name, but the more you continue this vengeful streak, you'll never be able to do it. Our great-grandfather may have been opposed to the law, but he was always trying to make the world a better place. Killing people won't do that," said Henriette.

Riko had tears starting to well at the bottom of her eyes. "But if Riko doesn't get rid of a Holmes, she'll never break out of her great-grandfather's shadow. Stealing would make me more like him."

Arsene grabbed the shower handle and sprayed water over Riko's head, restoring her blonde hair to its familiar shine. "We have possibilities the original Lupin would've never dreamed of. You're an unpolished gem, Riko, and I can see what it'll take to make it polished. We'll go for a heist at sunrise."

Riko turned around and hugged Henriette. "Riko approves, yay!" She had a devious smirk on her face, obscured by the vapor filling the bathroom. What she didn't know was that Henriette, embracing her in the other direction, had the same expression.