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No. No. He has not. But he did. Teddy Lupin, love of your life, just left you for Lily Luna Potter.

You can't comprehend that. But you also can't do anything about it. So you must sit back and watch. You love him too much to hurt him.

She gives you snide looks, flaunts him, and insults you. And it's hard. It's hard to sit back and let her. But you have to, because you love him, even though he broke your heart.

Your family, they try to console you.

"Maybe you weren't meant to be together"

It doesn't help. Perhaps it drives you even farther into your misery.

Rose helps, however small. She knows what it's like. Her boyfriend broke up with her for Lucy. But she has Scorpius now, so she's healed. But she still understands.

"Love? Love is just an excuse for him to break your heart"

She tells you.

So screw star-crossed lovers. Say hello to heartbreak.