Chapter 2

He strode forward carefully, heart rate pacing up with every step he took. As he looked underneath, he saw roses and grasses blooming instantly around the soles of his shoes. He released a soft breath, looking around desperately, hoping to spot a familiar face, hoping to see Axel. His heart was racing, hoping that he wouldn't do anything to ruin another chance of meeting Axel. But there was no living being there except for him. Trees and grasses grew; clouds were floating away in a rate faster than usual. The sky grew brighter and brighter. And there, he saw, the silhouette of that beloved to him. He ran after the silhouette, as fast as his short legs could go. He stumbled, falling face flat on the ground, feeling the dirt on his face, and he panted.

But he quickly stood up and ran again, towards the direction of that familiar illusion with beautiful red mane, ignoring the pain in his knees and elbows. "Axel!" he called out, hoping that the redhead would notice him, hoping that they would eventually be reunited. He didn't give up; no matter how many times his hopes came crashing down on him in his dreams. No… not again…

"Axel! Please!" he kept running… and running, taking a mad dash towards his deceased lover. Axel turned to look at him, expression unreadable. But then, instead of walking towards him, the redhead turned, walking away from him, disappearing into the brightness of the light. Roxas kept chasing, not giving up, not even when his legs gave out on him, not even when he was running out of breath.

He stumbled again, eating the dirt underneath him, spitting it out. Taking in a shaky breath as he saw the figure disappeared in front of him. Again… he had failed… All because of his cowardice… Are you… are you mad at me, Axel…? For letting you die by yourself? "I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" he mumbled under his breath.

Go deeper… deeper inside… you'll find him. Follow him.

The voice pierced into his skull yet again and he hissed as he fell down, knees drawn up to his chest, curling to himself, holding his pounding head. He took in a raspy breath, wishing the pain away. "Stop talking to me!" he said, feeling excruciating pain trickling down his spine from the migraine formed in his head. Then, the voice was gone and so was the headache.

He stood up, stumbling a bit on his foot, unable to hold his own weight. When he was finally able to steady himself out, he heard the giggles of children. As he looked up ahead, he saw the figures of two transparent little boys running ahead to the forest like area. The figures disappeared. Then, he felt a cold chill easing up to his spine, to the back of his neck, and he shuddered, suddenly overwhelmed with fear, feeling cautious. Where was he? Was it another one of his dream…? He took in a shaky breath and pressed forward, trying to prevent anymore questions from being uttered by his mind. Questions that he had no answer to, but would only serve to trouble him more.


He hugged himself, feeling the temperature dropping lower and lower as he entered the forest, feeling the weights of his legs dragging him down with every step he took. Turn back. Go away… was what his body was telling him. But he wouldn't listen. Not now. Not when he was about to meet with Axel again. Somebody—maybe it was Axel—was giving him a second chance… he willed himself, determined not to become a coward again. He would go after Axel this time, without running away, without letting anything to interrupt him.

He panted, feeling tired, breath raspy. Then, he heard the same giggles again. He lifted his head, looking around, watching the same little boys running around the trees directly in front of him. The little boys disappeared from sight almost instantly when Roxas decided to go near them. Then he turned to find the boys holding hands, standing by the rivers, looking down.

The two lifted their heads, turned to look into each other's eyes with a smile. Then, they looked over their shoulders, looking straight into Roxas' pair of cerulean eyes. Their smile slowly crept into a creepy grin, the corner of their mouths leveled with the bottom of their noses. The blond gasped and took a step back and the next thing he knew, the two boys were gone.

He was left all alone, with an eerie feeling, stomach churning from fear.


Axel was a happy man with a loving fiancée. He had a great full time job as an accountant, and even though he still lived with his parents, at age 22, he was rather lucky to have a full time job, with only an associate degree at hand. He was planning on moving out soon, away from his parents and family, finally becoming independent. He planned on having his fiancée move in with him so that they would lead a happy life together. At some point, he was also planning on a romantic proposal.

Somehow, even though he was successful and happy… he felt as if something was missing from his life. Something vital was missing… and he could feel that whatever it was took something important away from him—as if a part of his life was missing. But of course… there was nothing he could do. His memory was lost and even though several months had passed, he still couldn't retrieve them.

He woke up in the hospital and the next thing he knew, he had a perfect life laid down in front of him. He was told by his parents that he had a loving fiancé named Kairi. He was the son of CEOs, managing a successful company. And soon, he would take over their titles, once he gained enough experience. Moreover, his fiancée was the daughter of said successful company, the Kingdom Hearts Company, who not only had a blooming business, but also managed a non-profit organization, helping sickly people who needed organ donations.

His family told him that whatever part of his life he was missing from his brain was not important. Kairi even told him that what was important was now. His life with her. And he fully believed them. What more could a man ask for? He was blessed, definitely blessed. He went to work every day, feeling fulfilled. However, deep inside, he couldn't deny that part of him that wanted to know what happened in the past. What led to the event of his memory loss? What happened before he lost his memory? He was alive and well with minor injuries. Something must have happened—something that his family made sure to hide from him.

Hidden underneath all those perfectness and happy life, the man always woke up in the middle of the night, bathed in cold sweat, and terrorized with the fear resulting with his pounding heart, with no one there to comfort him. His bed was empty and he felt cold and lonely. No one was there to support him. He told Kairi of his problems once, of his dreams… but Kairi dismissed it, saying that it was only a dream which probably meant nothing. And he believed her. Her smile was so sweet when she said that that it broke his heart to say otherwise.

He fought with himself every night. And every night, he dreamt of the same dream with the same person in it. All he remembered was the silhouette of a blond. However, mysteriously, there was no desire inside him which urged him to chase after the blond. He always felt disinterested and even though it was his dream, he had no control of it. He was curious, he wanted to know. He wanted to ask the blond so many questions… countless, in fact. What happened? Who was he? Why was he there? Why was he in his dream…? Whose dream was that? But every single time, he couldn't get his feet to move, as if he was missing the control over his limb… he was missing something… something very important…

And he knew that the answer lied deep inside him… inside his lost memory.

But did he want to know…? Find out and possibly ruin his perfect life…?


It was already dark. Roxas felt cold and lonely. Even though previously, he knew that there was no living being except him, now, he could hear the small cooing noises of the owls and the howl of the wolves. They did not mix very well. He did not like the sounds. He lied down, curled up against himself, tired from his journey. He was never athletic to begin with. He always got tired easily, even from just a little jog. That was why Axel always made fun of him, but in that loving way.

He should have trained himself to be more athletic… that way, he wouldn't have had such trouble and wouldn't have to spend so much time to look for Axel. He was a failure. He felt useless. He was weak, never strong like Axel. He always ran away from his problems. He had disappointed everybody. He disappointed his mother by being gay, he disappointed Axel because he was a coward. "I'm sorry…" he mumbled, as if his apologies would wipe away every wrong that he had done in his life. He sighed. He knew that there was no use in blaming himself, but he couldn't help it.

He shifted, feeling uncomfortable with lying on the sandy, hard ground. He could feel his bones crackling underneath him. He was thoroughly tired and exhausted and numbed. It didn't help any that he had to sleep on the ground that night. He missed the comfort of his bed, the fluffiness of his pillow… he missed the warmth of his blanket… of Axel…

How pathetic.

Slowly, he fell deep into sleep…

Before he was thoroughly swallowed by the temptation of sleep, he questioned himself… if he was truly dreaming… would he be able to sleep in his dream? The next time he woke up… where would he find himself? On the bed, in the ugly white room which would drive him insane? On there, the hard ground where he lay upon? In the past, where he was happiest?


"Hey! Wake up, lazy bum!" a voice chirped.

Roxas shifted in his sleep. He knew that he hadn't fallen asleep for a long time. Ten minutes… twenty at best. He didn't want to wake up now… he always had difficulty falling asleep at night. In his mind, he swore to himself that he would severely injure the bastard who wanted him to wake up in the middle of the night.

"C'mon now~" the voice teased.

Roxas could feel the smile and grin in the voice. He took in a sharp breath when whoever it was started to lean down, breathing against his ear. He could feel moist, hot tongue darting out, lapping around, playing with his neck and ear, and he shuddered.

"Axel…" he groaned, not one of pleasure, but one of annoyance. He was tired and he also felt a little bit sick and light headed and he had an exam in the morning.

Axel pulled back, finding the his boyfriend's irritation to be cute. "C'mon, Rox. We have a date tonight," he persuaded.

"Alright alright, fine." The sleepy blond sat up, eyes half closed, looking at Axel with narrowed eyes. He sighed. "Axel… it's in the middle of the night. What are you doing here?" the blond yawned, asking out of curiosity, having to intention to tell his boyfriend to get the fuck off his property. He turned at the redhead and opened his arms, holding them out, wanting to hug Axel.

Axel took the cue instantly, smiling, walking into the blond's embrace. "You forgot? I got a ticket to Lady Gaga's concert. You said you love her, right?" the redhead grinned, rubbing the smaller one's back soothingly with his large hand. He buried his face into the blond's hair, inhaling the sweet scent that belonged to his only Roxas, honey, vanilla, and sweet cinnamon.

"Oh yeah… I forgot…" the blond yawned again. He had truly forgotten about the date, having stayed up all night doing his essay and reports. "Sorry… I'll go and get changed," he said half-heartedly. The only thing he really wanted was sleep. He was about to get out of his bed, but was pulled back by Axel.

"No. It's fine. Go back to sleep, angel," Axel said, smiling lovingly. "You're tired."

"But the ticket…"

"It's fine," he grinned. "I can probably sell it off to someone who's looking for a last minute ticket for a higher price."

"But… I mean… you can go alone."

"Won't be fun without you, babe."

Roxas didn't feel like he wanted to go, so he turned down the date, feeling horrible. Axel only smiled, saying that it was no problem, spending the rest of the night beside his blond, holding the smaller one close.

Axel watched the blond with predatory eyes, looking away quickly when he felt blood shooting up to his arousal. His blond had beautiful curves at all the right place. Not feminine, yet not too macho for his tastes. His hands rubbing the small back lovingly, tenderly. Roxas' lean neck was so kissable… those plump butt was so squeezable. It took everything inside Axel to hold himself from molesting his blond.

And so, Roxas fell asleep peacefully in the strong and secure arms that belonged to Axel. He felt comfortable and safe, content.

Sadly, the next morning when he woke up, Axel was gone. He understood… nobody should know of their relationship. The window was left open, enough to let air in so that Roxas wouldn't get too hot when he woke up. Axel knew that his blond hated it when it was hot.


Now, thinking back… Roxas knew that he didn't do enough for his boyfriend… for his lover. He should have gone with Axel to the concert instead of being a stuck up brat who prioritized his rest. He should have gone and have fun with Axel instead of forcing Axel to spend the night with him.

He never deserved Axel. Axel was too good for him—too gentle, too kind, too caring…

He was lucky that he found Axel.

It was unfortunate for Axel to have found him…

Now, with Axel's death, it was too late to change anything…


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