"Hey Gregory?"

"What do you want Anna?"

"Why is your hair like that?"

"Like what?"

"All messy and wild."

"Because I enjoy the style and girls happen to like it too."

"What girls? I don't see any girls!"

"...Shut up."

"Would you like me to give you a makeover?"

"Don't even think about going near me with those scissors."

"Aw, come on brother! You'd have to get rid of your bedhead someday!"

"My 'bedhead' is perfectly fine, thank you."

"Rudolph gets many girls because his hair!"

"What are you talking about? His hair is just as messy as mine!"

"Oh...well then maybe it's his personality!"

"Are you saying I don't have a good personality, Anna?"

"I'm saying you need a haircut."


"Fine..fine—THINK FAST!"

The young girl quickly took a snip at Gregory's long spiked hair and dashed away in fear she would be chased after. However, her older brother stood there in shock because she actually did what she was threatening to do for so long.