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The Wager: Part One

Hermione was furious. How dare Draco do this to her again? He hadn't bothered making plans with her to go out on Friday night, but that still didn't stop him from sending her an owl requesting her presence anyway, or should we say demanding it. It wasn't like he'd owled her early in the evening either, no, he waited until it was almost midnight to do so.

Hermione growled in annoyance as she pulled out her wand to apparate to Malfoy Manner. "He probably wants a shag now that he's had his fun for the evening doing Lord knows what. Like there is a chance in hell of that happening."

Arriving at her destination, she mentally went over the speech she'd been working on all night, one he had no clue he was about to get either. Changing a few words here and there since they did nothing to really get her point across, at least in her mind. She started the long speech over again as she made the tedious trek up the walkway towards the front door.

She raised her hand to knock, but paused long enough to insure her appearance was alright. She didn't want to show up looking like some windblown tart. She'd worked hard to get Narcissa Malfoy to stop looking at her like she was some ill educated heathen and her showing up looking like a dirty and tangled ragamuffin would only get the icy and disdainful glares sent her way again.

Her heavy mass of hair was pulled up in a loose bun, accenting the graceful line of her neck. The pale gray blouse she was wearing was soft and delicate, but cut high to hide her breasts while still looking sexy with the draping back that showed the line of her spine. Her black pencil skirt, a gift from Ginny, showed the curve of her hips but ran the length of leg down to her knees. The only thing that made the skirt a bit on the racy side, was the long silver zipper down the side that ran from the base of the skirt, up to the waist. Topping the outfit off was a pair of black pumps that had a modest two inch square heel.

Seeing everything was still tidy with her appearance, she lifted her hand a second time and knocked. The door opened moments later and Hermione was greeted by the wrinkly creature that served as the Malfoy butler.

Stepping inside at the elf's insistence, she looked down as it spoke to her. "Miss Hermione, Master's Draco is expecting you's in the study. This way please."

Hermione held back the growl that threatened to escape, still rather angry over the whole situation at hand. Instead silently following the tiny elf as it guided her through the massive hallways of the manner towards one of the many rooms the house held.

"In here Miss, Master's Draco will be with you's shortly." The elf said, opening the door and stepping aside so she could enter the room.

Temper in check, as best as it could be at the moment, she stepped inside and thanked the small elf before it closed the door behind her. Hermione frowned slightly at that. The elf hadn't even bothered asking if she needed anything before it left. "Strange." She mumbled to herself before moving farther into the room.

She slipped her purse from her shoulder and set in on a nearby table as she moved to look at the many shelves of books the room held. The one thing she'd always noted and appreciated was the massive book collection the manor held. Each room had its own small reading nook, though the actual Malfoy Library was rather vast as well. So far she'd never seen a single duplicate copy of any book in the house, regardless of which room she entered.

Her fingers running over the old leather volumes, she scanned the titles this room held. Her lips curving slightly at seeing some that were familiar to her, titles she'd read already over the years, and some that she'd never heard of before due to their age.

"You know, some people actually sit when they enter a room and are waiting for their host." A soft, silky voice drawled from the shadows on the opposite corner of the room.

Hermione turned at the sound of the familiar tone and pitch of the person speaking, still hidden in the shadows. Her lips parting in both surprise since she'd thought she was alone, and curiosity since she was fully aware of who was speaking with how many years she spent listening to the man lecture and snark at her.

"But I'm not the least bit surprised, considering whom you are, that you are not one of those people." Snape said as he moved into the light. "Tell me Miss Granger, does Draco know how much you eye his family's books when he's not around?"

Her surprise turning into a frown at his question, her head tilted as she considered him. "He should, especially since I've never hidden my love of books from anyone, and have carried that love since childhood. How are you, Professor?"

Severus let his gaze glide over her form. "I'm well, though I don't know why you insist on using that blasted title with me still. I'm not your Professor any longer, or anyone's for that matter."

Hermione's lips twitched at the hint of annoyance in his voice. "Nor am I your student any longer, meaning you don't have to be quite so formal with me. I do have a first name, you know."

Severus studied her silently for several moments before speaking again. "Really? And here I thought you were born with only a last name and several annoying habits to be put up with."

Her smile slipped out with her meaning for it too. "It's nice to see your sarcasm is still as...full and biting as ever. However, if you insist on using my last name every time you see me, then I must insist on using your former title that annoys you." Her smile growing a bit more when she saw his jaw clench at her words.

"Very well...Hermione." He finally said after several moments.

"Excellent, Severus. Now, are you waiting for Draco as well?" She asked, as she moved towards one of the many wing back chairs the room had to offer.

Severus again merely studied her a moment silently before answering her. "In a way, you could say that." His tone slightly smug, though his answer was vague.

Already annoyed, though not nearly as much as she was before finding her old professor in the room with her, she bit back the need to roll her eyes. "If that isn't fully the case, then, how would you put it?"

Severus moved to sit in a chair opposite her. "I'd say that...I'm waiting for the debt that he owes me to be paid."

Hermione frowned. "What debt?"

His brow rose. "What makes you think I'd be inclined to tell you about our personal dealings?"

She shrugged. "If you didn't want me to ask, you wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place. In fact, if you didn't want me to ask why you're here at all, you'd have stayed hidden in the shadows. You don't normally make a habit of speaking to me unless there is a reason behind it."

Severus' lips curved minutely at that. "How very astute of you."

Pondering her again, he moved to stand. "Would you care for a drink while you wait?"

Hermione frowned at him again. He wasn't normally one to be polite or gracious, and he'd never acted as host to anyone when one was lacking. Him doing so now was a bit...disconcerting and threw her off balance somewhat. "Er...yes, thank you."

Severus smirked to himself as he moved to pour them both a drink, well aware of her confusion at his offer. Tumblers in hand, he walked back towards her and handed her the glass.

Hermione looked at the three fingers of fire whiskey in front of her. She didn't normally drink this stuff; in fact, she'd never even tried it. She usually stuck with something simpler, like a glass of wine.

Seeing Severus watching her, she slowly raised the glass to her lips and took a small sip. Liquid fire raced its way down her throat to roar into an inferno when it hit her stomach, making her eyes water and her lungs burn as she gasped for air.

A sly grin spreading his lips, Severus chuckled softly at her reaction to the drink as he raised his own glass and took a generous swallow of it. Seeing her still reeling from the small sip as she coughed into her hand, he spoke up. "You could have said you didn't want the whiskey or that you didn't like it. Its an...acquired taste and not for everyone."

The burn finally easing, she raised her still watery eyes to his amusement filled ones. "I'd never tried it before, honestly. I didn't know if I'd like it or not."

Severus gave her a small nod. "Now that you do, do you dare risk another taste or do you give in and ask for something else instead?"

Hermione shrugged. "Now that I know it'll roast me from the inside out, I think I'll stick with something else. I don't know how you or anyone drinks that." Setting her glass down beside her, she called to an elf and asked for a glass of wine instead.

Severus' brow furrowed as the elf disappeared to do what was asked. "You surprise me, I half expected you to drink it again simply to prove some silly point."

"What point would that be?" She asked.

His eyes roaming her face, he spoke. "That you're just as good and brave as anyone else and that you won't back down when issued a challenge. Or some such nonsense."

Hermione laughed softly. "Well, that is where growing up has its advantages. While I'm still a Gryffindor, I don't feel the need to vindicate myself at every turn. So are you going to tell me what debt Draco owes you, or did you plan to stick with the it's none of my business stance?"

Severus leaned back in his chair. "Did you know that on occasion my godson, a few others, and myself get together to play cards?"

The elf popped back with her wine before disappearing again. Glass in hand she took a sip before answering him. "Cards? Like...poker, or cribbage, or something?"

Severus nodded. "Yes, we sit around and play a wizarding version of poker. Have you ever played?"

Hermione shook her head no. "I think a played a few hands of muggle poker with some old girl friends, and my dad taught me to play Rummy, but I've never seen a wizarding version played. Why?"

Severus took another sip of his drink. "Well, its a lot like the muggle version, however the stakes are...magically enforced."

Hermione frowned. "Enforced? How?"

Severus shrugged. "Depends on the wager really. Sometimes a person could wager their whole purse of galleons, and if they lose, the purse disappears from their pockets and appears in the winner's pocket. I once heard of a man betting his home during a game, and when he lost, he was forcibly ejected from the home without the winner even requesting him to be tossed out. Apparently with him losing, the magic involved took it as he was no longer welcome inside the house either."

Hermione shook her head, taking a fresh drink from her glass. "Its complete rubbish what some people gamble with. Did you know that muggles have a whole support group for people that can't stop gambling?"

"I had heard something about it, yes." He said, still watching her.

Hermione glanced at the closed door. "I wonder what's taking Draco so long?"

Severus shrugged again. "I'm sure he'll be along shortly. Did he tell you why he sent for you?"

Hermione shook her head. "No. The prat didn't even bother trying to make plans with me, and then sends me an owl while I was out with my friends having fun, the tone of it was practically demanding that I show up here."

Still watching her, Severus spoke. "I doubt he meant to be rude with his message to you. I know he was distracted when he wrote it."

"Oh?" She asked, "Distracted by what?"

"I told you, he owes me a debt. I'm sure he's worried about how he's going to pay it." He told her.

Hermione frowned. "Draco Malfoy is worried about how he's going to pay off a wager? That's almost funny. All he has to do is send a transfer notice Gringotts for you, or go there himself to withdraw the funds. Him being worried doesn't make much sense, unless..."

She paused as a new thought hit her. "Exactly how much did he lose to you?"

Severus smirked at that. "All of it."

Hermione's frown grew. "What do you mean all of it?"

Severus' brow rose. "It means that in the midst of a very heated game, one that everyone else was wise enough to bow out from due to how rich the pot was getting, Draco decided that his hand was good enough to risk his whole inheritance over. Too bad for him that it wasn't."

Hermione's lips parted. "You're joking."

Severus shook his head. "I doubt I've ever joked where money was concerned, so no, I'm not joking."

Her eyes widening as the implications of his words hit her, she went on. "You won his entire inheritance? What...what did his father have to say about it?"

Severus chuckled to himself. "Lucius was very...displeased at how utterly daft his son was to have even pondered such a wager. Needless to say his father has refused to step in and help Draco out of this mess."

Hermione sat back, still stunned speechless. "I can't believe you took all his money. I can't believe he bet it all."

Severus gave a mild shrug. "Yes well, this is what happens when a spoiled child isn't taught the true value of being poor. Now, he'll find out for himself just what that feels like."

Hermione glanced at Severus again. "Is...is Lucius going to throw him out to fend for himself too?"

He smirked at her. "I'm sure the thought has crossed Lucius' mind, however, I'm not sure just what has been decided as of yet. Last I heard Narcissa and Lucius were in a heated debate over it all. Hence, part of the reason I'm in here, instead of with them."

When several minutes had passed and Hermione hadn't spoken again, Severus decided to ask something he was curious about. "So...are you going to still be seeing Draco now that he's poor?"

Hermione's eyes narrowed. "I never gave a damn about his money."

"Ahh, but knowing that Draco hasn't been raised to fend for himself without his money behind him, would you do anything to help him survive?" He asked.

Hermione sighed. "I wouldn't bail on him, if that is what you mean. I'd help, if I could, until he was back on his feet. You know, help him get a job, a flat, that kind of thing. I'm not...I wouldn't just kick him completely out of my life because he was broke. What kind of person do you take me for?"

Severus' brow rose again. "Other than an annoying one? Well, I suppose your nature wouldn't allow you to leave him when he's destitute. However, just how far would you be willing to go to help him?"

Hermione shook her head, thinking that Draco Malfoy was the biggest idiot she'd ever met. "I don't know. Why?"

Severus tapped his fingers against his now empty glass. "Well, while Lucius and Narcissa have been arguing about just how to deal with Draco, he and I had a bit of a chat."

"And?" Hermione, not sure where this was going.

Severus raised his dark eyes to meet hers again. "Draco asked if he could offer anything else in exchange for his money. I said no of course, but then he asked about one last wager."

Hermione shrugged. "Okay, so what was the wager?"

Lips curving, Severus sat forward slightly. "His inheritance back if he wins."

Frowning again, Hermione nodded. "Alright. And if he loses?"

Severus studied her intensely, wanting to see her exact reaction to his next words. "I get you."

Her eyes all but bugged out of her head and her mouth dropped open in shock. "I beg your pardon?"

Severus waited a moment, still watching her. "I get you. Whether for a night or longer is solely up to you, but he'd allow me to have you if he lost."

Eyes still wide in shock and mild horror at what this meant, Hermione spoke. "He bet me. He said you could have me, like...like I was some...little toy to be bartered with?"

Severus nodded and the anger Hermione felt earlier roared inside her again, building instantly until she swore there was a red tinge around her vision as she jerked out of her chair. "That son of a...I can't...how could he...I'm going to kill him." She growled out.

Severus leaned back in his seat, still watching her. "I don't blame you for being angry. I'd be angry too."

Hermione started pacing. "I know he's a snotty little prat sometimes, but I thought...I thought...how could he just bet a person like they don't even matter to him."

Severus watched her pacing back and forth, debating how best to answer her. "Well, from what I've seen of him, he's...a spoiled brat. His parents never demanded much from him, beyond getting the best grades, though that was so they had something to hold over their equally wealthy friends, even though you did beat him in several subjects. They never really expected him to earn anything, so he has little regard for anything or anyone."

Still fuming, Hermione suddenly paused as a thought hit her. "You didn't...I mean...you didn't actually take him up on his bet, did you?"

Severus studied her again, earning a growl of annoyance from her at his silence. "I did."

Hermione's jaw dropped. "What? Why?"

Severus stood, making her back up several steps. "To teach him a lesson for one thing. Obviously losing his money didn't really have much by way of an impact, so...I thought that since he seems to care for you, that losing you too would be the slap in the head he apparently needs."

Hermione was at a loss for words, so Severus spoke again. "Would you care to hear how it went?"

Hermione shook her head no, and Severus chuckled darkly as he moved closer to her. "Oh come now, surely you want to know if Draco was able to win back his money or if he lost you as well." He said, his eyes raking over her.

Hermione's chin rose again. "Just because he lost me, doesn't mean I have to comply with the terms of the bet. I didn't wager myself after all and I'm not an object that can be legally or magically forced to give myself to anyone either."

Severus' lips curved. "You're very correct. Twenty points to Gryffindor."

Hermione glared at him. "That isn't funny. So what does it matter to me if he won or lost since I don't have to comply with the wager anyway."

Severus moved towards her again, making her want to back away, but holding her ground none the less. "Aren't you curious if he won though? Or how exactly it turned out?"

She was, damn him. She wanted to know what happened, and she wanted to kill Draco regardless of how it turned out. "Fine. Tell me."

Severus motioned for her to sit again, and with a sigh of resignation, she did. "First off, I'm not stupid enough to wager money on something I still might not have. Nor am I willing to normally wager all of my winnings just for one person, though I was intrigued at how easily he was willing to give you away."

Hermione's lips tightened in a thin line at hearing that.

Severus smirked at seeing her anger. "However, he is my godson and I'd hate to see him tossed out on his arse with nothing, even though he does deserve it. So I wagered his money back to him, but with a clause."

"What clause?" Hermione asked, still royally pissed over it all.

Severus' smirk grew. "Its easy to say you'd be willing to give up your...girlfriend, even for a single night, but another to actually do it. So, regardless of him winning or losing, I still get you."

Hermione jerked forward in her seat. "What?" She screeched.

Severus shrugged. "I didn't think he'd really forfeit you and was just bluffing. So I called his bluff. If he wins, I still get to have you once, before he gets his money back."

"That is ridiculous. I'm not having any part of this." She said as she stood up, but Severus moved quickly and caught her arm before she'd taken more than a step or two.

"I wasn't finished." He told her.

Hermione glared at him. "I don't care, I'm leaving."

Severus studied her again. "What if I told you he won? That he gets all his money back and all you have to do is let me have you once."

Hermione was still glaring. "You could say anything you pleased, that doesn't make it true. In fact, this whole thing could be one big pile of shite. Draco can't be that big of an idiot to lose his money, nor that big of a prick to actually bet me to get it back."

Sighing, Severus reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of parchment. He looked at it a moment before holding it out for her. "See for yourself."

Hermione continued glaring for several moments before, with a huff; she took the roll of parchment from him. Jerking her arm out of his grasp, she stepped away to read what was written. Waving her wand to check first if it was legitimate or forged, after finding Draco's magical signature all over it, she knew it was real.

Her eyes scanning the contents, she saw it was a contract stating the rounds of wagers back and forth between Draco and Severus throughout their game. Each scribbled bet had the name of the winner written beside it too.

10 Galleons-Draco

25 Galleons-Draco

15 Galleons-Severus

20 Galleons-Severus

15 Galleons-Draco

50 Galleons-Severus

On and on the list went.

30 Galleons-Draco

50 Galleons-Draco

100 Galleons-Severus

She skimmed down to the end of the long list, and saw that Severus had indeed won the bet of Draco's entire trust fund that he currently had. Seeing this only had Hermione thinking again that Draco was a complete moron for even thinking of wagering so much on a single hand of cards. She saw what was written just below it and couldn't believe what she saw.

Hermione Granger vs Trust fund. Winner gets to keep both, however, before Trust fund is restored to Draco Malfoy should he win, Hermione Granger must agree to the terms of the contract, otherwise final wager is considered null and void. - Draco

Draco had indeed won back his money, but only if Hermione agreed to Severus' clause first. Shaking her head, she let the parchment slip from her fingers to fall uselessly to the floor. He had bet her, been willing to let Severus have her, all for the chance to get his money back that he never should have wagered to begin with.

Her eyes met Severus' again. "Why would you even take the bet?" She asked softly.

It took him several moments before he answered. "I told you. I didn't want him tossed out on his arse."

Hermione didn't understand. "You could have just given him his money back, if that was the case. Why take the bet of you getting to...sleep with me? Why not demand something else?"

Severus breathed deeply as he contemplated his answer. "What does it matter why I accepted the bet or not?"

"It matters. You...you don't even like me, why would you want to sleep with me?" She countered.

His eyes raked over her again, taking in her blouse that, while it tried to hide what was hidden underneath, did a poor job of actually doing so. Moving down her frame to the black skirt with the silver zipper that molded to her hips.

Sliding his gaze back up her frame, his eyes landed on hers again and he gave a disinterested shrug. "You're young, and who wouldn't want someone young and fresh in their bed every now and again."

Hermione's eyes narrowed at his words. "You can go to hell, then." With that she turned on her heel and stormed off.

She hadn't taken but a few steps before he caught her wrist again. "You can't make me agree to this, Severus." She growled at him.

Severus nodded. "True. But think of it this way, one night with me and Draco gets all his money back. I'm sure he'll be very...grateful to you, too. You could have anything you asked of him, I'm sure."

Hermione looked down at her shoes, her thoughts racing. She didn't care about Draco's money, she never had. However, something she'd always had in the back of her mind was being offered right now and she wasn't sure she could walk away. Though she wasn't sure she could take it either.

Still debating her choices, she asked her next question. "What exactly do you want from me?"

Severus studied her quietly again, surprised she was considering this at all. "You know what I want with that clause; don't play dumb with me now."

Hermione huffed out a breath. "No, I mean...what...when...when would you want to do this exactly?"

"What's wrong with now?" He asked her.

Hermione swallowed. "What would I have...um...what exactly would you want of me? I'm...I'm not sure what you're into...per say. What would you expect from me?"

Realizing what she was asking, Severus searched her gaze, seeing the uncertainty in them. "I would expect you to treat me as you would any other...lover. I would not accept you shying away from me at all. I do not enjoy cold women who hold themselves stiff as a board, merely waiting for it to be finished with. I demand a full partner, one that participates in all aspects of the act."

Hermione swallowed nervously again. "If I don't...like what you're...trying to do? Are you...going to be angry or try to force me..." She trailed off, mostly with the look that entered his eyes at the mention of force.

"I do not force women. I never have and I'm not about to start now. If you don't want to do this, then don't do it. You can walk away right now if you wish it. " he told her, still watching her. "I wouldn't expect you to do anything you don't want to. If you do not enjoy something, I expect you to tell me. There are multiple ways to...copulate, and we can find one we'll both enjoy if you agree to this."

Hermione nodded. "Alright, that...that does ease my mind some, I guess." She bit her bottom lip as her mind raced with what all this meant.

Severus saw her hesitation still and taking her arm, he eased her back towards the chairs. Pulling his wand, he quickly transfigured them into a long and wide sofa. Pushing her to take a seat, he saw the moment she started to panic.

"Wait, I didn't..." She started, only to have him cut her off.

"Let us try something simple first. To...help ease your mind one way or the other on this." He told her, making her nod.

"Okay, what did you have in mind?" She asked him.

Taking a seat next to her, he reached over and pulled her stiff frame into his lap. "A kiss to see if you can even go that far."

Hermione again swallowed nervously, but nodded her agreement. "I can do that, but..."

His brow rose. "But, what?"

"Well...this position is a bit awkward...can I...um...move into a better one?" She asked.

Severus leaned back to wait for her to be ready. "Do whatever you need to, in order to be comfortable."

Hermione nodded again, and moved off of his lap. However as she went to sit again, this time straddling him so she could reach him better, her skirt wouldn't allow her to do it. Reaching for her zipper, thinking to open it a bit more so she could sit properly, she found his hands brushing hers away.

"Allow me." He said, a slight purr to his voice as he reached his hand out to grasp her leg. His fingers tickling the back of knee as he slowly slid the zipper up until it reached the middle of her thigh.

Then, he held out his hand for her, which she took, but with a slight tremble to her own, and helped her get seated on his lap again. "Better?" he asked, still watching her as she sat with her legs on either side of him now.

She nodded. "Yes, thanks." She muttered quietly, still very nervous over all of this.

Now that she was in his lap, she wasn't sure what to do. She knew how to kiss, had done more than just kiss on several occasions, but this time it was different. He was different with who he'd been in her life in the past.

Seeing her unsure how to continue, he reached up and cupped the back of her neck, drawing her downward until she was only an inch away from his lips. "I can only guide you so far, the rest is up to you." He told her, his eyes still seeming to measure her. "Its up to you to make the choice to lean in, or back away."

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Hermione closed the distance and touched her lips to his. She expected him to instantly ravish her lips, but he didn't. He waited, letting her move her lips over his, slowly, testing the waters.

Realizing that this was her show for now, she parted her lips and traced his with her tongue. When he allowed her entrance into his mouth, her breathing sped up a small bit as her heart rate accelerated. She was kissing her former professor and it was...odd, actually.

It wasn't bad, just not what she expected. He tasted clean, and as she deepened the kiss, his hand at the back of her neck stayed, as his other hand moved to her exposed thigh. Sliding up the bare flesh until it met her skirt, traveling over her hip, where his fingers squeezed the rounded flesh before moving farther up.

As her mouth moved with his, her body started to relax, and he pondered breaking the kiss to see if she was ready for more, but decided to hell with it. If she wanted to stop, she'd stop him.

His hand moved to skim over her bare back, making her shiver as he traced her spine with his fingertips. Still letting her control the kiss as he let his hands wander about her back and hips, getting her use to his touch.

When she broke the kiss, he almost expected her to pull away, to change her mind, only she didn't. She only shifted in his lap to get more comfortable before moving in to kiss him again on her own. That was when he started taking over.

His hands finding the hem of her blouse to slip under it, and letting his hands slide up and down her bare ribs, testing her reaction to him before skating over her belly on his way to her breasts. Letting his thumbs brush over her lace covered nipples that puckered instantly at his touch, before letting his hands fully enclose the round globes.

When she didn't protest, instead leaning into his touch as an almost quiet moan escaped her that was when he tore his lips from hers and pulled the blouse over her head. The cool air hitting her skin and making her shiver before he pulled her back to his mouth again.

Devouring her lips just as she'd expected him to before, and she didn't pull away a tiny bit.

She wasn't sure how it worked out the way it did, but she found her bra and skirt gone in short order as his hands ran down her body. His own clothes were reduced to just his trousers, though she had a feeling a bit of magic had been involved for that part. Even if she didn't quite remember how it happened.

His mouth sucking at her breast, Hermione was bowed backwards as he feasted on her, her body flaming as his arm around her kept her from falling over. Her fingertips digging into his wide and pale shoulders as she gave a small moan at what he was doing to her.

Suddenly she felt herself falling, and grabbed for him with a squeak of alarm before realizing that he wasn't letting her drop, only rolling her over to pin her underneath him on the wide sofa. Her honey colored eyes locked onto his nearly black ones and seeing the heat glittering in his eyes, she was surprised to see it.

She didn't remember giving her brain permission to speak, but before she realized it, words were flowing from her mouth. "You really want me? Me and not just some younger woman in your bed?"

Severus frowned slightly as he took in her flushed face as they both breathed a bit raggedly. "Does it matter?" He asked, his eyes searching hers.

She nodded. "Yes."

He mentally debated his answer for several moments before speaking. "You are smart enough to realize that I could have any number of young women, especially with Draco's money behind me, if all I wanted was someone with a youthful body." He murmured softly.

Understanding what he was saying, she felt her lips curving before she leaned up to kiss him again as her hands roamed over his form. Dueling her tongue with his, she lifted her hips when she felt him pulling her knickers down her legs.

At the first touch of his pale fingers to her folds, she moaned as she opened wider to give him more access to her. His fingers sliding over her hidden gem, her breathing grew more rapid as he brought her closer to peak, and she broke the kiss when he sent her over the edge. Her eyes wide at how quick her orgasm hit her when normally it took so much longer for her body to warm up.

"Wow." Was all she whispered before with another dark chuckle from him, he started attacking her lips again as he eased his long digits inside to prepare her for him.

Squirming at the pleasure soaring through her, she reached for her wand that she'd dropped on the floor much earlier and with nothing but a few flicks, she felt his bare hips finally touching her own. A low growl escaping the dark man that was quickly turning her mind to mush with the skillful way he was working her, when he realized he was suddenly just as naked as she was.

Moaning faster, his thumb strummed over her little bundle of nerves as he slid his fingers in and out of her, she heard the word please whimper out from between her lips, and within moments he was between her spread thighs. Her eyes still on his dark ones that were burning, he positioned himself at her entrance.

Only he didn't move. He didn't press forward to slide into her, he didn't do anything but stare down at her. Her brows creasing at him simply waiting, he seemed to realize that she didn't understand his reason for stopping.

"Are you sure?" He asked, silently begging her to say yes. Still amazed she had agreed to his terms at all in the first place. He'd expected many things at what he'd told her, a slap or a hex at the least, not her naked and under him.

Hermione nodded. "I'm sure."

The words had barely left her mouth before he was plunging inside her, her gasp as he stretched her around his impressive length masked his grunt of pleasure as her slick walls encased him completely. Giving her a moment to adjust to him, a moment where he closed his eyes to not only savor how spectacular she felt, but also to collect his wits that were scattered in every direction after feeling her wrapped around him.

Opening his eyes, he met her gaze a moment before he bent down to kiss her again. His tongue dancing with hers as he started to move inside her. Withdrawing almost all the way, before easing his way back in, gaining speed with each stroke.

It wasn't long before his hips were pistoning against hers, Hermione's moans echoing around the room as he moved with her. Her hands clutching at him, pulling him closer to her as she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist.

His own grunts and groans mixing with her sounds of pleasure as she lifted her body to meet each thrust of his hips. She was so much more than he'd expected and damn if the little minx wasn't one hell of a shag.

"Bloody hell, witch..." he grunted. "So tight...and hot." Driving into her even harder now.

She didn't know how long they moved together, be it minutes, hours, or days. All she was aware of was the wonderful feeling of him inside her. He rotated his hips and slammed into her, making her cry out as he brushed along her sweet spot. A spot that seemed to be hard for most men to find inside her.

He reared back and did it again, making her cry out even louder this time as the sweet tension started building faster and higher than anything ever before. Sweat was rolling down them both as he moved in her again and again.

Her nails biting into his pale flesh, she cried out as he hit that spot over and over. "Oh god...right there...don't stop...please." Her last word was more of a keening whimper than anything else.

He pounded into her, her cries growing louder and louder with each plunge. His hand dug into her hip, making her keep his rhythm as his other hand braced himself over her while he moved. Pumping faster and faster as he felt her body tightening around him.

"Scream for me, woman." He ground out as he felt his own release nearing. "I want to hear...you scream my name."

Her legs shaking, her body grew even more rigid, and then she arched as she suddenly went flying over the edge. Her scream was long and jagged as her walls clamped down on him. His name mixing with the harsh sound escaping her as he hammered into her with all he had.

Her slick sleeve pulsing around him was too much and with a harsh grunt of completion he exploded inside her with a final jerk of his hips. Panting heavily, he collapsed on top of her, her own breathing just as ragged as his.

It took several minutes before he was able to even think of moving off of her, and even then, a few more before he could actually do it. Glad he'd widened the sofa as much as he did so that he could roll off of her without hitting the floor.

Hermione lay as she was, trying to calm her racing heart. She'd done it. She'd slept with her old teacher. She figured she knew what Severus thought of her now, but she didn't care. Well, she did, but she had her reasons for doing what she did and she refused to let what he thought put a damper on it.

Severus had his own thoughts going through his mind. Draco would get his money back, but would he get Hermione back too? The witch had been angry at hearing the wager, but had gone through with the terms anyway. So where did that leave the young couple? He had no clue, but he wouldn't be surprised to find out that Draco got both the money and the girl in the end.

Not able to take much more silence, Hermione sat up and accio'd her clothes. She couldn't bring herself to look at him now. Afraid of what his eyes would hold as he looked upon her. With him not saying anything, she figured it couldn't be good thoughts that he was having anyway.

Using his wand to dress instead of dressing on his own like she was, he was finished much sooner and was back to silently studying her. Watching as she slid her knickers and skirt on, waiting for something from her. Anything. But as her bra and shirt were slipped back on and still she didn't speak, he decided he'd had enough.

"Tell me," he said, his voice drawing her gaze, though he saw it was hesitant. "Was it worth it?"

Hermione frowned as she slipped her shoes back on. "Was what worth it?"

"Having sex with me so that your boyfriend could get his money back?" He said, still just watching her.

Hermione's eyes dropped as she used her wand to refresh herself. "Did you plan on asking me that as soon as it was finished? Or did this question just suddenly pop into your mind?"

Severus frowned. "I hadn't planned anything actually. I didn't expect you to do it and I'm not sure if I'm more surprised or disappointed that you did."

Hermione breathed deeply before moving to pick up her purse. "I'm sorry if you're disappointed...that wasn't...what I'd intended."

He watched as she moved to the door. "You didn't answer my question. Was it worth it, to save your boyfriend's money?"

She stopped when the door opened and looked back at him. "I didn't do it for the money."

He couldn't help the snort of disbelief that escaped him. "You didn't? So tell me, is him being rich again just an added bonus for you then?"

Her head tilted as she pondered if she should be honest or not, before shrugging. "Him being rich or poor doesn't matter. I'd planned on breaking up with him long before learning of the bet."

Severus' lips parted in shock as his eyes grew wide at hearing that. "What?"

Hermione nodded. "Yep. I practiced what I was going to say to him the whole way here."

Still in shock, he spoke. "Then why...?" Not understanding at all.

Her lips curved slightly. "I didn't agree to your clause so he'd have his money. I agreed because I'd had a crush on you since mid way through my final year at Hogwarts. You offered me you, and that is what I took."

She turned to leave again only to pause a second time. "When you see Draco, let him know I said don't bother owling me again. Oh, and the few items he left at my flat are already in a box waiting for his elf to pick it up since I know he won't get off his lazy arse to do so himself. Goodnight, Professor." She said before leaving him staring after her completely dumbfounded.

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