Alright guys here's the second One Piece story I told you about now I want to clear up a few things, First off is that there will be SOME Naruto related things used in this story but not so much as characters and shit like that...

Secondly, is that in this story you can expect some MAJOR changes like for instance, Luffy won't be the same one from canon that's for damn sure! I mean I like Luffy in canon yeah but, I wanted to try something different...

So yeah you can expect Godlike Luffy and a Harem! XD

Also due Note that due to his past Luffy changed and became a serious kid and took his Grandfather's training seriously. So expect technique's he didn't know in canon used.

Now there is quite a few people I wanna thank in helping build this story and those people are: NeonZangetsu, Namikaze09, Hotspot0626 without them this story could not have been made the way it was so I thank you all!


Anyway that's all I'm saying so...On with the story!

One Piece: Rise of the Second Pirate King

Prologue: The Beginning

24 Year's ago, in the place known as Loguetown did an event happen that had shaken the world to its core. It was a day that would and will forever be remebered by those that were there; it was a very hot day. The sun was out and shining full out with only a few clouds in the sky. Marine battleship's filled the docks as did countless foot soldier marines; crowds upon crowds of civilians watched on that day of an event that forever changed there world forever.

On that day was the eventual execution of one man that the whole world feared, a man that made the World Government tremble, a man that had conquered the whole world, a man that had been named as a Legend among Pirates and a terror to the World Government...

This man was named Gol D. Roger and he was the King of Pirates, the most notorious criminal and enemy to the World Government. He, the man who had conquered the Grand Line and the proud owner of the legendary treasure called One Piece. On that day, that very pirate was seen escorted to the execution platform. Going through the middle of two separated rows of people looking upon him with either: Fear or Respect after all he's the only true man to have fought against the World Government and made them turn tail plenty of times.

Yet through it all Roger walked tall and imposing grin in place not caring of his execution coming. His showed no fear nor hesitation of the imminent death he would have; through the numerous eyes staring on him he walked with pride of his deeds and showed not a hint of remorse. His grin still bore into all those that were there that saw it into there very soul's even now.

It was on this day though did the world shake and tremble as the storm clouds of change shifted there way, for when Roger was kneeled down on the Execution platform grinning as ever. The marines on that day were hoping to use Roger as an example to every other Pirate or hopeful one what happens to those that disobey them and there laws...

Only it backfired for when a man in the crowd had shouted the one question that started the era of chaos...

''King! Gold Roger! Where did you hide it! Your Ultimate treasure!'' this question gained everyone in the crowds attention and the surrounding Marines eyes widen in both shock and terror especially when they saw Roger's grin widen even more. Looking up did Roger look at the crowd with his ever so intense black eyes that could burn and tear into the soul of anyone and made you want to bow in utter submission!

''You wish for my Greatest Treasure? Then go find it, look for its out there find the treasure's I've gathered from all over the world and hidden them in 'One Piece'!'' was Roger's last words before he was executed but even then his grin was still in place. It being the only thing seen from his shadowed face...

Truly it was a terrifying sight...

But those words alone had shifted the world into a whole new ere...

An era that Marines and the World Government could never hope to stop...

An era of of Chaos...

These last words from the First Pirate King had born anew ''The Golden Age of Pirates'

24 Year's Later-East Blue

'We were destined to meet ********! Join my crew!'

'Tch, kid are brain dead?'

'No, I'm serious join my crew!'

'Heh, what's your name?'

'Shishishishi my names Gol D. Roger!'


Hearing this sound did an eye open lazily within a darkened space, a small sigh left this person's mouth as he spoke,

''Those memories again...''

Slightly opening his eyes fully did this person look up through a hole in the barrel he was in before speaking in a more enthusiastic manner.

''Well guess its time to get up...''

Royal Ship-Below Deck

''Man what's in this barrel its so heavy!'' spoke a boy he was pretty small kind of chubby as well. He had fair skin with an almost permanent timid expression on his face; he had light pink straight hair and round blue framed glasses. Right now the boy was struggling to pick a barrel of sorts...

Then again what was 'inside' would be understandable as to why the boy couldn't budge the barrel...

''Coby!'' said boy flinched hearing his name spoken before looking behind him to see three big burly men clothed as Pirates. There grin's made Coby tremble as the biggest one of them all walked toward him eyeing the barrel he was touching.

''Yo coby, why are you down here squirt?'' he said bypassing the kid looking down at the barrel before him. The other pirates followed him surrounding the barrel with a hungering gaze; Coby seeing what there about to do spoke albeit timidly.

''U-um C-captain Alvida sent me to look for a-any provisions...'' the men though seemed to ignore this as the big one tried to pick up the barrel only to find himself not able to budge it an inch either. Looking down at the barrel did he speak, ''What the? Whatever's in this its heavy!'' they all tried to pick up the barrel only to end up with the same results that is before one of them started to grasp the Barrel's lid.

''Oh well let's make it weigh less...shall we fellas?'' he said with a grin to which the others nodded in agreement, Coby about to voice his timid disagreement was stopped...


''Mmmm Makino-chan always said never to sleep in I see why...'' mumbled a man standing in the remains of what used to be the barrel; on the ground behind him was the pirate trying to open said barrel only to have a purple shaped fist indention in his jaw. He neither cared for the shocked Pirates or wide eyed Coby around him as the man just patted his hands before turning around showing himself to them all.

And that's when they all saw the man clear as day, he stood a good 6'0 and had a leathe yet muscular build from what could be seen. He was dressed in simple sandals with black trousers that covered his knees while many pockets were shown on these trousers; added with gold buttons adorning the pockets. Around his waist was a golden sash with some of it dangling from his waist. Lastly over his upper body was a simple red long sleeved coat f sorts while opened beneath showed his bare chiseled chest. However if one looked hard enough they would see the man bore a few scars upon his chest the most noticeable being a puncture shaped scar near his collarbone.

Finishing off the man's appearance was his straw hat with a red ribbon wrapped around the base that sat upon his head. Though Coby did notice upon the man's left hip was a weapon of some kind that fit snugly through his sash. Through further speculation from what he could see it was a Sāberu (Sabre). It's sheathe was pure black color with the handle of the weapon being a Sapphire shade with the larger then normal hand-guard being yellow almost golden in color.

Coby could see two things behind the man's lower back where his waist was and he could only say they looked like two dagger handles. Though he did notice the flintlock pistol strapped to the man's right hip held in some kind of make-shift pistol holder. It looked like any normal pistol you would see except the one thing that made Coby go pale...

Was the Skull and Crossbones embedded in the handle of the pistol...

Finally coby could see the strangers face that was once hidden by the shadows of his straw hat showing the curious yet bored expression he had. His face though coby could only say was masculine if anything not a shred of baby fat could be seen and further seeing did coby notice a scar under the strangers left eye. His messy yet somewhat spiky black hair could be seen from under the hat with the bangs long enough to cover his eyes yet stayed to the sides of his face. The back of his head and over his ears did the hair cover them spiky yet messy all the same it went past his neckline and almost to his shoulder-blades.

Though when coby saw his eyes did he freeze on the spot of seeing if only for a split second the intense black eyes of the stranger staring him down for just the briefest of seconds but it was soon erased showing his boredom once more.

''Mmmm where am I?'' he said before looking at the shocked pirates before pointing out bluntly.

''Who are you guys?'' he said making them fall anime style resulting in cracking the wooden floor. That is before they jumped back up simultaneously with enraged face, eyes wide and mouth open showing a cartoonish maw of shark-like teeth; they all yelled in unison,

''WHO ARE YOU!'' the man just tilted his head before allowing a small grin yet he didn't speak which angered the pirates who took a step forward brandishing there swords out threateningly obviously trying to intimidate him.

''It doesn't matter...seems we just found another chore boy for Captain hehehe...'' quirking an eyebrow Luffy just smiled at them before speaking in a tone so calm you couldn't believe the words that left his mouth came from someone so calm...

''How about you guys put those swords away before you hurt yourself...'' this seemed to only anger the pirates even more to which they resulted in jumping at him ready to kill the brat. Coby watching this could only watch in awe instead of horror or terror of the straw hat teen.

''DIE YOU PUNK!'' screamed the biggest one of them all as he and another swung at him clearly thinking they would kill this cheeky brat. They never did see the dangerous glint in his eyes and or the small smirk on his face which were both hidden by the shadows of his hat.

As the blades came toward him as he stood in place did all in nothing but a blur to everyone's eyes did it all the pirates stop in mid swing...

For in just that moment did there swords all but, shatter and there faces just cave into there skull no doubt killing them. There teeth all but broken and shattered as they all fell back in unison not making a sound. Blood slowly pooled from there heads showing there was much more internal damage then first seen...

Dusting his hands off did the straw hat teen speak with a shake of his head, ''Hm...that was boring...'' he then cast his gaze at the trembling wide eyed coby and grinned in a good calming manner.

''Oi! You know where the food is? I'm hungry!'' speaking in a friendly tone like he just didn't kill a few pirates like nothing and show not a hint of remorse. Coby understandably was terrified but, couldn't help but see the guy meant no harm to him. Remembering his question he spoke even more timidly then before,

''A-a-h yes I think there's a-a pantry d-d-downstairs...'' which the straw hat man just grinned even wider, ''Lead the way then!'' which coby quickly as to both not anger this man that had most assuredly killed those pirates and avoid her...

Few minutes alter we find both Coby and Luffy inside a pantry filled to the brim with food and rum. Immediately the straw hat teen was sitting by a barrel filled to the brim with apples. Coby could only watch in small wonder of how the stranger kept throwing full apples into his mouth before spitting out the cores of each one and in such a rapid rate it was slightly scary.

Figuring he should break the silence between themselves he spoke, ''U-u-um...s-stranger-san...m-my names C-c-coby whats yours?'' to which the man just stopped eating and looked his way with apple cores littering the ground around him. Blinking he just tilted his head before grinning,

''Coby eh? Weird name'' bluntly speaking as ever which Coby just answered back idly forgetting this man just killed three pirates like it was nothing...

''Oh yeah well...I bet yours is even weirder!'' which Luffy just smirked in what looked like amusement. Looking at the boy did he stare at him making him recoil a bit now remembering the actions this man did a few minutes ago.

'' name? Its Luffy...Monkey D. Luffy...'' he said with a laugh, yet Coby was staring at him dumbly that is before pointing at him and laughing all the while going into a hysterical laughter.

''HAHAHA! AND YOU CALL MY NAME WEIRD! YOUR NAME HAS MONKEY IN IT HAHAHAHA!'' the straw hat teen named Luffy just stared at the laughing boy before going back to eating. In just a few minutes coby's laughter calmed down seeing as Luffy wasn't paying him any attention thus he gained a sweatdrop...

'' you have a dream?'' which luffy just looked at him before grinning so wide Coby thought his face would split in half. Grasping his straw hat did luffy look at coby before speaking,

''Yep my dream is to become King of the Pirates!'' right then all Luffy could do was stare blankly at the stuttering coby continuously speak of it being impossible and such. Honestly luffy inwardly frowned at the boys cowardice and it irked him a bit to see how pathetic he was.

It got really irritating so moving toward the boy did he...


''Ow!'' shouted Coby as he flew back and hit the wall nursing the red mark on his forehead. Looking up in confusement yet pain from that flick did he see those black intense eyes that stared into his very soul. It was like he was staring at the eyes of a scorned King...

''Kid, you may think its impossible or whatever but, to me that's my dream, my ambition a goal I would happily die to achieve. It's my dream to become the King of the Pirates and I'll be damned before I die until I become King.'' he said in a tone so firm that made the boy look up at him in awe for such a goal and the conviction of fighting for his dream.

That is before Luffy just looked back at him and pointed out once more,

''Coby...your a spineless coward...'' his words struck home making said boy flinch, they were like a dagger that stabbed his heart yet Coby knew his harsh words were true since it was pretty obvious he was a coward. Looking up at Luffy to see him now standing and looking down at him with his now intense black eyes.

''Hehehe yeah I guess I am...Heck I'm too afraid to face Alvida and attain my own dream...I am a coward...'' this got Luffy's attention when he heard the boy's own dream. Staring the boy down did he speak,

''Coby...what is your dream?'' he asked a bit curious to what a boy that was like Coby had. Though as he waited for the boy's response did he slowly glance up seeing the pantry door start to...


''My dreams to actually be a marine...'' he said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly; when Luffy heard this he grinned on the outside while on the inside frowned.

'A Marine? kid doesn't have the courage to do it...but...maybe...'

''A marine huh? That takes a lot of training and dedication for that...but tell me Coby who's this Alvida I keep hearing about?'' he asked in something akin to wonderment yet on the inside he was patting himself on the back for his acting skills. He already knew who the woman was and honestly she was a stain to the Pirate name.

He also wanted to see Coby's reaction when he asked for he was sure it would be one to remember...

He wasn't disappointed...

The kid went completely pale before he went into a self-induced explanation with an terrified expression it made Luffy even more disappointed with how the kid and to a pirate like Alvida. Though he did grin when he saw Coby start to telling himself if he had become a marine he would do so many things that which luffy could tell it was gonna get good...

And it did...

''And when I become a Marine I'll show come back here and capture that old hag Alvida!'' and that was when suddenly without warning did the pantry door...


''COBY!'' Said boy just let out a girlish shriek as Luffy just looked where the pantry door was upstairs and saw to his inner amusement, the big pirate called Alvida and her name did her no justice for in Luffy's opinion it looked like he was staring at the mother of all beached whales...

''A-a-alvida-s-sama!'' stuttered a terrified coby, said woman if you could really call her that for she was anything but, a woman standing on her small legs her body the size of a medium sized boulder. Her freckles across her smug face and her 5 chins made Luffy wanna puke...

''Coby! What was that about capturing me?'' she said in an oh so sweet voice that had the hidden undertone of hostile intent, yet Luffy just looked at her confusingly before he looked back at the trembling Coby.

''I-i-it was n-nothing Alvida-s-s-sama'' it was clear she didn't believe him that much was pretty clear but, she just waved it off before she just gained a grin that really didn't help her facial features...

It was like staring at the ass of an elephant...

''Coby...who's the most beautiful woman in all the sea's?'' she questioned practically ready to hear the answer she always hears and knows he would say. It was always like that those that didn't say the right answer would be smashed by her spiked bludgeon.

Trembling as he did so Coby got ready to say the answer, ''I-i-it y-y-you Alvida-sama...'' he said to which she just grinned that is before both questioning and complete wonderment filled Luffy's eyes. She? This...woman thought she was beautiful?

''Coby are you fucking blind? This old hag here is the ugliest thing I've seen in my whole life...hell I've seen a dead rotting animal corpse that's prettier then her!'' he said blunt as can be so he missed the shocked look Alvida gave him but did see the one Coby gave him and the boys eyes were looking at him as if he was the stupidest person on the planet!

''Ah Captain! We've found some of our men back here!'' yelled a frantic looking pirate who was accompanied by a few other scruffy looking pirates. Alvida turned at them with a look of surprise yet her extreme anger toward that straw hat brat still lingered at the jab he made,

''What? What happened?'' she questioned

''W-we don't know captain but, it looked like they were punched so hard there faces were caved into there skull or something'' he said making Alvida's eyes widen at what she just heard. Looking down in thought did the pirate captain frown in thought, she never did see Coby's terrified eyes glance up at Luffy for just a minute who's eyes were hidden by the shadows of his hat.

''Oh that? I did that sorry...'' Luffy said yet there wasn't an ounce of apology in his voice. Alvida turned to him with a shocked yet growing rageful look. Grasping her iron club did she speak, ''Your the one that did this?...Then I think it would be best if you paid the price for going against me...die!'' she said about to swing her iron club. Seeing this did Luffy just grin before grabbing coby by the collar before jumping over Alvida.

''Lets go Coby!'' with that Luffy ran out of the pantry Coby held firmly by his collar and dragged out all the while the boy had tears running down his eyes as he kept mumbling of 'how' he was gonna be killed...

''What are you idiots waiting for go after them!'' she shouted which the pirates quickly ran up the stairs with Alvida following wobbling herself up each step. Her iron club over her shoulder her beady looking eyes flaring with anger at that man.

On the deck of the ship luffy and Coby could be seen surrounded by pirates all brandishing swords pointed at Luffy. Said teen just gave them a smirk before looking down at Coby,

''Coby...if you truly wish to be a marine then you must be ready to see death...if you can't handle this I suggest you close your eyes...'' Coby though despite this looked up at him with a strong yet shaky gaze. Seeing this Luffy just grinned before pulling his arms onto his back and grasped two handles from which Coby could see were two mean looking dagger sheathes. From what he saw the sheathe's were over one another with both handles sticking in opposite directions.

Though when he pulled out both daggers slowly did Coby see in slight awe the daggers blades curved in great design that which glinted in the sun showing the sharpness they had. From what he could tell both were at least 2 feet in length, he could only watch as Luffy held them as his sides staring down the incoming pirates without fear that which he could only wish to have.

''Watch Coby...'' and did the boy watch, as the pirates came did Luffy flip the daggers into a reverse grip before he just moved through them and what Coby saw made him gape as Luffy just danced through them. Easily dodging the pirates attacks as the daggers pierce and slash through all of the pirates at speeds Coby just could not comprehend.

When it was all over, did a deadly silence follow before every pirate that stood in mid-swing suddenly drop there swords resulting in a clattering sound of steel hitting the wooden deck as there anguished cries rang throughout the ship as blood suddenly shot out of them from either there Achilles heel, the throat, heart or lungs. They all fell back onto the deck bleeding or dead already from the wounds.

Standing behind them was Luffy slowly placing the daggers back into there sheathes, a monotone almost emotionless expression on his face could be seen yet in his eyes showed the deadly gaze of a someone that kills without remorse. He stood in the center of the fallen pirates pooling blood around his feet of the fallen.

Turning his head toward Coby did he see the green tint in his face yet his eyes had yet to look away from the sight. Smiling at this did he speak, ''That Coby is things you will see as a isn't all fun and games as a Marine or a you understand?'' he said getting a slow strained nod from him.

''You...who are you...'' said a voice directly behind Coby, the boy recognizing the voice was shaken out of his stupor and glanced over his shoulder only to run at Luffy's side while noticing the gathering of more pirates some having shocked looks at there either injured bleeding out nakama or the ones already dead. Others had wrathful looks on there faces at the scene yet the one who had the most strangest one was Alvida.

She had a shocked expression as her eyes were wide as can be from what she just saw, this boy no man had just killed her armed men like it was nothing but, child's play and hadn't showed not the slightest hint of disgust at his actions. Though when Luffy looked her way did she just freeze on the spot when she saw his eyes...

Those eyes so intense they were all she wanted to do was bow down in complete submission, it was like she was staring into the eyes of a King and she nothing more then a servant of the ruler. Her very soul was screaming at her to either bow down or run and never look back! She couldn't help but, grasp her iron club as tight as she could using it as the only thing to keep her from doing such actions that would destroy her pride.

''Me?...My'' he didn't get to finish when suddenly...

''DIE BASTARD!'' shouted a pirate jumping from the upper balcony sword coming down down at Luffy's head ready to split his head open like a pumpkin. Alvida was the only one to see the dangerous glint return to Luffy's eyes and before she could shout out her warning.


The pirate flew back sword slipping from his hand as the pirate's mouth was open in a silent scream with his eyes widen in surprise as his body flew backwards and into the crowd of pirates. When he flopped back onto the deck some nearby quickly checked him only to freeze up and go pale when they saw him.

''H-he's d-d-dead...'' uttered one of them and indeed the pirate was dead for upon his bleeding forehead was a bullet hole that was spurting blood. They shakily looked back at the same shocked Alvida and Coby.

What they saw was Luffy holding his flintlock pistol in a upwards position that was aimed right where the pirate was coming. They couldn't help but, wonder when or even how he had shot the pirate with such ease and accuracy. Coby himself was staring at luffy with something akin to both fear yet awe as Alvida shook and trembled even more as Luffy slowly placed his gun back into its holster.

''Hm he should have been careful...never attack from the can get you killed...'' he said in such a calm manner it unnerved a few of them and only made the trembling Alvida worse in her condition. Looking up at her did Luffy speak,

''As I was saying before we were interrupted my name is Monkey D. Luffy...'' the woman heard him but, couldn't do anything else but stand there staring at the calm as ever luffy. His black eyes bored yet piercing into her like a sword through the heart and soul.

''You have some moves...are you a bounty hunter by chance?'' she said trying to hold back her rising fear and terror. Luffy blinked before tilting his head before shaking his head.

''Nah I'm a pirate...'' this made the woman quirk an eyebrow seeing as he was only one person. Then again as she gazed upon her dead or injured crew he was enough just by himself. Looking back at him did she speak,

''If that's correct...then that makes us enemies...'' she said as she gripped her iron club even more feeling her reassurance coming back from her slight scared situation just a few minutes ago. Luffy just stared back at her further answering her question that he was indeed a pirate and her enemy, Coby shakily looked up at the straw hat teen and spoke,

''L-luffy-san r-run...'' said straw hat looked at him in bewilderment of what the boy was saying.

''Why?'' he questioned not really seeing Alvida nothing more then a stain to the pirate name.

''B-because...s-s-she's the stro-'' he stopped though when he saw Luffy's eyes staring back down at him in both confusement yet curiosity. As he did so the words he spoke to him replayed back into his mind. Words that cemented into him about his own goal. His own dream...

'It's my dream to become the King of the Pirates and I'll be damned before I die until I become King...'

Coby remembered those words even now as they rang throughout his mind he looked down as he remebered the words. Luffy wasn't scared of anything, he would fight for his dream and happily die trying. Unlike Luffy; he himself was too scared to even fight back and try to get his dream to come true...

Alvida hearing of Coby's warning to Luffy grinned before speaking, ''Who's number one, eh Coby?'' she said practically ready to hear his answer once more. Already predicting it would be the same as always. Only this time...

She would be wrongly mistaken...

Coby looking back at her not seeing the watchful gaze of luffy bearing down on him spoke, ''Num...num...num...The Number one most ugly fat old hag!'' his shout somehow ringing throughout the now eerily silent ship deck. Panting from what he said, Coby never the shocked cartoonish looking pirates, there jaws practically fallen of there hinges and went through the wooden deck, or Alvin's rageful expression...

''HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'' Luffy the only who wasn't shocked just roared in laughter.

''W-what did you just say?'' Alvida said which coby just spoke once more neither caring what she thought nor of what she would do. ''I'll join the marines, become strong before coming back here and capture pirates like you!'' he said, this angered the woman and made her go over her breaking point. Luffy seeing the tense of her arm wielding the iron club acted,

''YOU BRAT!'' she yelled swinging down her giant club down at the now terrified Coby. He was shaking as the club came down and could only watch as it came down on him.; tear's freely fall from his eyes as he saw his end coming down on him yet he didn't regret what he said and has a sense of proudness of himself.

'I have no regrets! I have no regrets! I haven no regrets! I fought for my dream and I'll die fighting for it!'

But the two never saw Luffy just disappear as a grin settled onto his face...


''Well said let me take care of this...'' was the voice of one Monkey D. Luffy standing between both the shocked Coby and Alvida. One would think the iron club would have hit him by now seeing as he was int hew ay it came down but, to everyone's shock. It was stopped...

By luffy's bare hand...

''H-how...'' Alvida stuttered, shock and surprise practically running through her veins and down her spine. Here she swung with all her might only for her spiked iron club to be stopped but with only a hand! Coby wasn't fairing any better he had fallen to his knees ready for his death only to feel a slight breeze before standing before him was the undeterred Luffy holding back Alvida and her ever so feared spiked club. And with only his bare hand alone!

''Is that all? Wow...your weak...'' he mumbled before he reared back his other hand clenching it into a fist which all of them saw, but what came next shocked all of them. Luffy through the shadows of his straw hat did he let out a small grin before he spoke,

''Why don't you go have a dip?...'' and with not being able to respond luffy's fist just blurred infront of everyone for when it closed in on Alvida it just stopped mere inches from her stomach. Soon a silence followed that only gave the one warning of the proverbial 'Calm before the Storm'. That's when Alvida's stomach had the indention of Luffy's fist show before a small shockwave appeared. She was sent flying off the boat and out into the sky...

''AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!'' was her painful yet terrifying scream as she was sent rocketing toward the sky so fast a jet-stream of wind could be seen as she went farther and farther. Seeing as she was gone Luffy looked back to see the shocked coby and Alvida pirates and spoke,

''Now, you guys give coby here a boat...he's got a dream to achieve...'' he said in a tone that said 'no questions asked' which they hurriedly did so not wanting to be in the path of someone that defeated there captain so easily. As they did so, Luffy idly looked at the spiked club still latched in his hand after Alvida was sent flying before throwing it like it was nothing onto Alvida's ship further scaring the hell out of those that saw it.

Coby through it all could only stare at luffy in both thankfulness and awe, he a man that had wiped a person that's terrorized him for so long and beaten her and her crew so easily and made them look so pathetic.


The sound cannonballs sounded the area suddenly at pillars of water shoot ino the air, Luffy and Coby look behind them to see 3 marine ship's closing on them. Coby quickly started to untie the boat but Luffy just stared at the ship's with a flicker of anger before that is he just grabbed Coby by the collar and jumped onto the small boat.

''Hang on Coby were doing this the easy way...'' that being he cut the ropes off holding the small boat and down they descended...


''Kyaa!'' was a female yelp of surprise, hearing this did Luffy peer through the residue water and what he saw made his heart stop and his breath lock up in his throat, his eyes widened when he saw a woman. A woman on another boat with a big bag of gold, she was a slim woman yet has the body for flexibility and speed, her tan almost peach skin glistened in the rays of the sun. Her black skin tight pants did little to hide her finely shaped slender legs; and perfect shaped hips. Her skin tight blue shirt hugged her body like a second skin showing her well developed bust but, that wasn't what got Luffy's attention the most what did was...

The woman's hair and eyes...

Orange almost Red hair and Chocolate brown eyes...

Suddenly as Luffy looked at the girl as she did him he saw the woman's face changed to another woman. She had light orange hair and light brown eyes, freckles upon her cheeks and a smile that seemed to radiate warmth and most of all...


He barely said it and he didn't know why he did but, it just came out as he looked at the two womans face merge into one showing the familiarities of one another.


As his boat left he still looked upon the girls face with the other womans fading away leaving behind the confused girls face yet her own brown eyes were looking at him with a sense of familiarity as well...

Nami didn't know why but, as she gazed upon the straw hat man that called her by the name of rouge her eyes widened when she saw the man's face look so familiar to her yet she didn't know why. That is until another face appeared and the only difference between the two was really only one thing...

And that was the Curly Mustache...

As the two faces merged she couldn't help herself but, utter a word she never knew of before and it made her both frown yet heat up all the same,


She could only watch as the straw hat teen looked into her eyes as she did him as they both separated further and further and for some reason as they did a small tear fell from her eye making her look at his confusingly. Slowly touching it did nami question herself as she looked at the departing straw hat teen.

''Why...was I crying...w-who was that...a-and...who's voice was that?''

With Luffy and Coby

After leaving the ship's and getting away from the marines the two had set sail for a place called Shell Town seeing as Luffy said there was a Marine base there that would take Coby in. though speaking of Luffy he'd been silent as he contemplated on the woman he saw a few hours ago. The woman's face and eyes and hair looked so familiar to him yet he had no idea why just as the voice in his head or the fact memories not all that different from his childhood came rushing back in that one instant just by looking at that one woman. Laying upon the small boat he and Coby took he grasped his straw hat before gazing upon it with a blank expression.

'Rouge...that name...why does it feel my heart with so much happiness...yet sorrow?' briefly Luffy closed his eyes only to see the woman he assumed to be Rouge's face before him with that smile in place before that woman who resembled her just as much face appeared beside Rouges causing Luffy to frown before dropping his straw hat to shadow his face from the ever curious Coby. His thoughts were his own, but as such that voice that clung to him since he was a child spoke from the very depths of his mind.

'Rouge-chan soon enough we will be together again, I lost you once to Death...but I won't lose you a second time...I swear to you...My Queen...'

That voice had been something Luffy had known about since he was, but a child and all the memories that followed, the strange voices, the dreams everything all centered around that one voice in his head; frowning beneath his hat Luffy narrowed his eyes slightly in contemplation. Since he first left his home these memories only got more frequent and alot harder to keep quelled yet with just meeting that one woman his work to keep it under control was shot to hell.

Deciding to get his mind off it for now he spoke, ''Coby, tell me I've heard of this man named Roronoa Zoro you know anything about him?'' he asked genuinely curious of the man many people in east blue fear. Once coby heard the man's name though did he just go pale white before he looked up at luffy with a slightly less timid yet afraid expression.

''Y-yeah, he's said to be nothing more then a demon in human skin its said he hunts pirates for the sake of money and nothing more. Others say he'd kill you without a shred of remorse if you were his target and...'' now luffy just blocked him out as Coby went into more ridiculous things. Honestly he wasn't stupid I mean who would believe half that shit?

'I mean...come on...this zoo rumored to have sharp shark like teeth and a hunger the size of a dinosaur?...Okay maybe I do...' he briefly imagined something like that only to sweatdrop a bit when he saw a man morph into a dinosaur and start terrorizing a village and eating the people within.

''Hm...'' the straw hat pirate hummed in thought on the man before holding it off for now. First he was to get Coby to the marine base then search out this 'demon bounty hunter'...

Sounded like the perfect First mate of his pirate crew to him...

Shell Town-Docks

''Hmmm well here we are Coby, shell town and I can see the marine base up there on the hill.'' Luffy said the teary eyed Coby, as the boy gazed at the base Luffy himself walked up onto the streets and as he did Coby seeing him going quickly followed him. As the two walked on, luffy kept himself on a curious expression while on the inside he leaned more on hearing the whispers from the civilians.

''I can't believe it, that Captain Morgan and his son are gonna kill him...''

''I know...he may be a rumored monster but he helped that girl and most of us as well...''

''That poor girl, Rika should know better then to try and help that Roronoa Zoro, we both know Helmeppo isn't gonna hold to his promise and will just execute him...''

This got Luffy's attention quickly and looking back up at the marine base did he quicken his step's which was noticed by Coby. He neither cared for those that looked upon him strangely of his attire or those that were scared of the weapons he had on his person. He just wanted to go and meet this zoro, if what he just heard was true then he'd be getting his first mate soon...

''L-luffy-san why are you in such a hurry?'' the straw hat teen just glanced at him keeping pace in his step. Pointing toward the marine base he spoke,

''Because I just heard Roronoa Zoro is there and I'm gonna go meet him...'' he said not really caring of the man's reputation as a pirate hunter. He did notice Coby's pale form and the crowded street's to suddenly become empty with the people running into there homes. He of course noticed this yet didn't care all that much; if they feared him then that's there problem...

''B-b-but luffy-san...'' he didn't get to say anything when suddenly Luffy broke into a jog which was in reality him hurtling toward the Marine base leaving a dust trail behind him. Coby would have lost his jaw if he hadn't already seen the strange monstrous things Luffy's done before. Going faster did Coby follow him the best he could...

Which was impossible since he was left behind long ago...

Marine base-Execution Grounds

Upon arriving at the execution grounds did Luffy stop his jog as he walked up to the iron gate, looking at the sides he saw 8 foot tall cement walls bearing no entrance to outsiders. Then again he was a pirate and he was Monkey D. luffy and since when had he cared for such things?

Jumping without much effort onto the cement wall did he peer into the grounds only to see nothing except a long post in the middle of the ground. Tied up to it was what made Luffy grin for it was a man that looked to be an inch shorter then himself at 5'10 from what he could see. Looking more did he see the man had a muscular build and tan skin from that he could tell.

Whats more was that he wore a plain white T-shirt with the three buttons un-done. Around his waist was a green haramaki; on down was his black trousers tucked into his black boots. On his left earlobe was three identical gold earrings; and around the man's head was a black bandana wrapped around his head shadowing his eyes.

Overall though what got Luffy's attention the most was the aura coming off this man. It was one much like himself when there determined on something, and this guy was especially determined what that was he didn't know but, seeing the man tied to the log made him frown. Who in the right mind had the sheer audacity to tie up his future crew member?

''L-luffy-san!'' hearing the childish voice once more did luffy look behind him to see Coby panting extremely so, sweat pouring off him like a waterfall. Honestly how in the world did this kid think he would be able to be a marine if he's exhausted from just that small run?

'Then again I had one hell of a teacher...' he idly noted mentally, that is before he looked past coby for a moment to see a small girl with brown hair tied in two small pig tails and black eyes come up from Coby's side carrying a ladder of sorts. Raising an eyebrow did he ignore coby's attempts to stop the little girl as she placed the ladder against the wall before climbing up. He did note the small package in her arms, taking a small sniff did he smell with his unusual heightened smell.

'Is she carrying Onigiri?'

He watched as the girl slowly climbed back off the wall and into the execution grounds, coby climbing up onto the wall looked at what the girl was doing worriedly. That is until his eyes widened upon seeing the person she was going to, ''I-i-its him...t-that's Roronoa zoro...'' hearing the final confirmation of this did Luffy decide...

''Hm I see...then he shall be my first nakama...'' when he said this though Coby went completely ghost white. Looking at luffy with wide eyes did the boy stutter in both shock and fear. ''B-b-but he's the Pirate hunter Zoro he would kill you before he joins your crew!'' Luffy though ignored this as he looked back at the scene before him.

As he did so, his eyes softened a bit when he saw the girl called Rika from what zoro uttered; happily thank him and give him the onigiri. It briefly reminded Luffy of Makino back in his home town and of how nice she was to him. Though this was soon erased when no later when zoro was about to take a bite did the gates on the far right open up. Coming through them did Luffy and coby see an escort guard of marines following ins step behind of someone that Luffy could just see the arrogance rolling off this person in waves.

It was a a teen that had a lanky skinny frame that looked made him look more like a twig. He had light blond hair that was shaped into an oval; he wore snappy looking violet clothes with white shoes and a rubber band ring on his left hand. A grin that irked luffy to no end was set on his slimy smug face; he watched as the boy named Helmeppo started ranting on him being this 'Morgans' son this and 'Morgans' son that.

That is until he did the next action that cemented him in Luffy's 'hit list' that being when he took away rika's onigiri and bit into it before spitting it out and throwing it to the ground. He then to Luffy's further anger started to stomp on it making the little girl tear up at; he idly noted the glare Zoro was sending the boy and it made him smirk seeing the feeling of pure anger at the bratty little shit.

''Captain, throw this rat over the wall's'' the boy's voice got his attention once more and what he saw made him lower his straw hat to shadow his now killing intentional eyes. His hand twitched a bit showing he was close to crippling this snot nosed brat right now...

''B-b-but she's only a child sir...I can't no...I WON'T do it...'' the captain marine officer said seeing as this was just too much. Though when the boy grabbed him by his collar and shouted,

''You better or I'll tell my father!'' hearing this the man looked down at the ground solemnly before walking up to the scared girl before picking her up. Though as he did so he uttered, ''I'm sorry...'' and with that he threw her over the wall Zoro snapped his head toward the crying girl hurdling over the wall in both shock which soon turned to righteous anger which he directed all into a glare at the blond boy.

''You brat...'' he muttered

With luffy once he saw the girl actually be thrown did he swiftly act which he quickly jumped into the air catching Erika which made her shout of surprise stop when she hit something that wasn't hard but, softer then ground. He landed back on the wall without much difficulty. Looking down did he see the teary eyed rika looking up at him in confusion.

''T-thank you mister...'' she uttered which luffy just grinned before patting her head. Turning toward coby did he speak, ''Oi, coby hold her I'm gonna go deal with these guys'' he said making said boy look at him in shock as did rika. Though the two didn't get to speak when luffy placed rika next to coby before jumping off the wall and onto the execution grounds.

''W-w-ait luffy-san...'' uttered the worried coby only did he feel someone pulling on his clothes did he look beside him to see the worried yet curious rika looking at the walking luffy going toward the marines, zoro or helmeppo who had yet to notice him...

''W-who's he...i-is he going to help Z-zoro-nii?'' this question shocked coby seeing as the girl had just said the famed Zoro's name in such a manner.

With luffy, the teen just walked toward the zoro disregarding the marines or helmeppo, ''Oi! Oval-head!'' he shouted getting there attention immediately. Once he did luffy just grinned at them all the while as he walked toward them in complete step. He took some joy in seeing the little brat going red in the face at the jab to his head. Though when he cast a glance toward zoro did he give a small nod making the man's eyes widen marginally...

''You! Who are you intruder! Do you know who's son your insulting here?'' the boy said yet luffy couldn't careless, he just kept walking toward them a frown now on his face. Looking at the marines holding there guns at him did luffy just speak,

''Sorry guys...but that brat there...needs to learn a manners...'' and before any of them could see it. Luffy just disappeared before appearing behind them with not a sound and before they knew it they were all out like a light having a chop to there neck knocking them out.

''hm...marines these days are pretty weak...'' he stated not seeing the terrorfied look helmeppo was giving him who was taking steps further and further from him. That is until luffy turned toward him and scowled,

''And where do you think your going?'' before Helmeppo knew it he was being lifted off the ground by Luffy's hand grasping the back of his head. He didn't see the astonished look zoro was giving him or the shocked ones from both Coby and Rika more in rika's case. She couldn't believe what she just saw this one guy not only faced the marines but, defeated them so easily but was now holding helmeppo's life in his hand...


Zoro himself was eyeing Luffy with a analyzing gaze as his expression showed the shock of what he just saw it was only for a moment but, he did see it and that was the straw hat teen tapped the ground quickly before disappearing in speeds he just couldn't catch. Though through it all he did notice the weapons the man carried on his person more so the Sabre on his left hip.

He did savor the fact of helmeppo and his fearful state; though he really lost it when the boy showed he was on a mental breakdown.

'Hahaha...this guy...who is he?'

''W-w-wait put me down don't you know my father? I'm Captain Morgan's Axe-Hand Morgans' son if you hurt me my father will know!'' spoke the clearly terrified boy. Luffy though just shook his head before grinning in a way it made Zoro himself grin and it only terrified the boy even more.

''Hm, alright then go get him!'' with that Luffy easily threw helmeppo toward the tower and what shocked Zoro, Coby and Rika was that helmeppo was sent flying toward the tower at speeds the younger of the three could comprehend.


The sounding crash appeared with a humanoid helmeppo shaped hole could be seen in the building's top floor just below the roof itself. Seeing his work done did luffy look toward Zoro before speaking,

''So...your Kaizoku Gari no Zoro (Pirate Hunter Zoro) huh?'' he asked which the said man just look at him his shock and amazement held down right now. His sharp eyes staring back at Luffy's own black ones. He soon shrugged his shoulders the best he could before speaking, ''Yeah I guess why want an autograph?'' he said sarcastically. Only for Luffy to just speak rather bluntly,

''No, I want you to join my crew...'' Zoro just stared at luffy blankly with wide eyes, did this guy just really ask that? He wasn't named as a Pirate hunter for nothing yet he didn't care? Zoro couldn't help himself but, grin at this guy's nerve, he had nerves of steel that was for sure...

''Sorry that ain't happening...'' luffy anticipated this and looked over zoro's form and when he saw the missing signature weapons he is rumored to carry did he smirk. He then glanced at the tower and hearing the chaos going on in there did his smirk just turn into a full out monstrous grin.

''Where's your swords swords Zoro? From what I've heard your a swordsman...'' the man just grunted before pointing a glare at the tower confirming Luffy's suspicion there.

''That brat Helmeppo took my swords when saying he would be using them as ornaments'' he said venom clear in his voice. Luffy nodded with this knowing as he himself was somewhat a swordsman himself knew taking a swordsman's weapons from him angered them but, using them in such a way would only incite there wrath...

Turning toward Zoro did Luffy look the man in the eye making him back at him, ''I see, then I'll make a deal with you Zoro, if I go in there and get your swords back will you join my crew? I'll even throw in a bonus and deliver the broken bleeding body of this Morgan guy at your feet...'' he said with both conviction and the strong firmness that showed he would do what he said.

Zoro could see it in Luffy's eyes he would do what he said and his black eyes practically dared him to question him on the matter. So mentally deciding on this he let out a grin that scared the watching Coby.

''Heh, you got guts straw hat...very well...get my swords back and bring that bastard Morgan down and I'll join your crew...'' hearing this Luffy let out a grin so big it would have split his face if it got any wider. Nodding in acceptance of this did Luffy look back at the wall and speak, ''Oi! Coby, Rika come down here and start untying Zoro here! I'm gonna go get his weapons!'' not waiting for a response did Luffy turn around and head for the tower in a casual stroll that somewhat surprised Zoro as the two hurriedly started to untie him from his restraints.

'That guy...there's something about him...something...dangerous would be interesting...if I do join his crew...that look in his eyes...monstrous...'

Marine Tower-First Floor

Upon walking into the tower did Luffy find himself being the center of attention of scrambling marines on finding out what the crash was in the tower. Many marines had looked upon him with curiosity or in some cases fear when they saw the weapons on his person. Yet luffy didn't care of this and just kept moving, of course Marines tried to stop him which they ended up either knocked out or going through the wall.

Walking up the stairs did Luffy simply dodge each marine that tried to attack him whether they be swords or rifles they all failed. Thus ending up with them being knocked out or sent out of the tower via through the wall like so many others. When he got to the second floor did Luffy see the hallway filled to the brim of Marines armed to the teeth with katana's and rifles.

Though seeing this being a straight way hallway did he grin which unnerved a few of them, rising up his leg did Luffy speak, ''Sorry guys but, you got in my way...Rankyaku: Sen (Storm Leg: Line)'' with that Luffy performed a stomping action thus sending a green blade like attack straight toward the marines.


The energy attack plowed through the marines cutting them down painting the hallway in blood before it ended up slamming into the stairway destroying it completely leaving a gaping hole in the wall. Seeing this made Luffy frown before he just shrugged before he started searching the rooms.

It took a few minutes but, luffy had gotten the weapons and what weapons they were, Luffy being a somewhat swordsman himself couldn't help but stare in wonder at Zoro's blades seeing them all greatly crafted especially the white one that got his attention the most yet he just shook it off for now. Attaching them to his back did Luffy look back at the destroyed staircase once more before he just sighed.

''Guess the only way now is to...'' he said grinning widely now as he kick started his legs in a rapid rate.

''To bring down the house...Rankyaku: Amane Dachi (Storm Leg: Severing Cut)!'' jumping up into the air did luffy flip upside down before spinning around sending a circular air compressed blade all around the tower. It did its job as the blade completely sliced through the building. Landing back on the ground grasping his straw hat did Luffy let out a grin when he saw the tower's upper half slowly slide downward from the attack.

Deciding to finish this did he jump up as the tower started to slide did luffy rear back his leg before delivering a roundhouse kick into the building destroying the wall completely and sending it off completely from the bottom half and right infront of of the tower's entrance just outside the execution grounds.


Seeing the top half of the tower completely crash and break did luffy grin before looking back toward the shocked Coby, Rika and Zoro before he uttered one word as he concentrated on the grounds.

''Kamisori (Razor)'' with that luffy just disappeared leaving nothing behind that he was there.

Execution Grounds

''W-w-woah...'' stuttered a clearly shaken coby as he stared at the destruction caused by luffy. Whatever he did in there completely cut the marine Tower in half before he utterly kicked it off the lower half of the tower and in front of the entrance. Rika herself could only stare in utter awe at the sight of the once imposing tower now nothing but, rubble of what it used to be.

Zoro himself was having rubbing his eyes with his newly freed limbs he honestly didn't think the guy named luffy would actually do it. Well sure he expected something seeing as he could sense the man's aura but, something like this was just crazy!

Soon enough, luffy appeared infront of them scaring the hell out of both Coby and Rika yet he continued to grin as he untied the swords around his back before he walked up to Zoro. ''Here you go this is the first part...I'm getting to the second part...'' zoro blinked at this as he calmly strapped his swords back to his right hip.

He could only watch as did the other two when Luffy turned around before he spoke, ''Coby, Rika stay where you are...'' he said making the two quickly nodded as the calm zoro who watched on. Soon enough the sound of shifting rubble could be heard; suddenly a large part of the destroyed tower fell away to showed maybe 20 to 30 marines with a giant of a man behind them muscular with a captain's mantle over his shoulders. His right hand didn't have a hand with it being replaced with a 'axe'.

'That must be Morgan...' Luffy and Zoro thought the straw hat pirate slightly noticed the bleeding form of Helmeppo behind the man only a slightly more fearful expression on his face of Morgan. Looking at the man did he see he was not pleased, no he was downright furious from what he could see.

''Okay who's the little bastard that did this to my tower?'' uttered the angry marine. The Marines in front of him shifted worriedly of the man, Luffy just smiled before whispering to Zoro.

''You take the marines...just don't kill them...Rika doesn't need to see that...I'll take care of Morgan...'' zoro just smirked at Luffy's words before grasping his katana's. Placing them all in place with two in each hand and the white one in his mouth. This made Luffy raise an eyebrow before speaking.

''Santoryu (Three Sword Style)?'' he asked making zoro look at him in slight curiosity before giving a slight nod. This made Luffy grin all the more before patting the man on the back make him slightly stumble from the hidden strength in each pat.

''Good, a Pirate King always needs a unique swordsman on his crew...'' this made zoro just scoff in amusement before giving luffy a stare that would have sent normal people, bounty hunter and some pirates quaking in there boots.

''Pirate King? Is that your goal? Heh...mines to become the best swordsmen in the whole world...the strongest of them all...'' he said in conviction of his own dream, the promise he made to Kuina and himself to achieve both there dreams. Luffy himself just grinned before he to Zoro's shock gave him a stare that showed him that he approved of his dream and respected it all the more.

''Good, a Pirate King need's the strongest of his'll fit right lets take care of these bastards...'' he said gesturing to the incoming marines and Morgan. Zoro just nodded in agreement before he grasped his swords tighter; and without being able to see it again Luffy disappeared from there sight before appearing in front of Morgan. Thus leaving the marines to Zoro who just grinned almost demonically making those that saw it squirm.

''Well this is gonna be fun...'' with that the battle started...

If you could even call it a battle that is...

With Luffy and Morgan

''So...are you the one that did this to my tower?'' questioned Morgan, his axe hand firmly held in place. His eyes glaring down at the monotone almost bored luffy who looked back at him with not a single emotion except for his eyes just staring back at him showing he did not fear him and was not by any means intimidating by his sheer size nor his axe.

''Yeah, I did that sorry but, had to find a way to get your attention...'' he said not really caring of his actions toward him nor the marines in general. He idly found it amusing seeing Morgan's face become blood red in anger.

''Then you will pay for this! You have angered the Great Captain Axe-hand Morgan'! And you will pay with your life!'' and with that the man came at swinging his axe toward luffy. Now when he did this luffy just let out a sigh of what seemed disappointment before right when the axe was mere inches from him he just side stepped the attack.


The ground he just stood at cracked and split making a small ravine with a small crater where the attack landed. Not wanting to drag this out, Luffy quickly planted his left foot on the axe before delivering a stomp on the man's shoulder.


''AHHH!'' screamed morgan as he looked at his now clearly broken shoulder with the bone within sticking out from his skin. He tried to move his arm only to scream even more in pain which luffy ignored, following up did he jump from his axe arm before delivering a kick to the other man's shoulder shattering it all to hell as well.

''AHH! YOU BASTARD! PIRATE SCUM! HOW DARE YOU I AM CAPTAIN MORGAN A MARINE CAPTAIN!'' shouted the hysterical man as he looked at both his shoulders seeing them completely broken with the bones tearing through skin as blood ran down his arms . This gained the others attention especially Zoro's when he saw the state morgan was in.

Luffy himself just reacted by grabbing morgan by the head before slamming into the ground making a medium sized crater. He ignored the painful cry as he grabbed both the man's legs; seeing what luffy was about to do zoro closed the Rika's eyes and ears. Good thing he did for suddenly, luffy with his unnatural strength 'bent' Morgan's legs the opposite way making him scream even more...

Getting tired of the man's yelling did luffy stomp on the man's now bended legs...


''AAAAAAAAHHHH!'' bellowed the man as his now shattered and and crooked legs fell back to the ground. Seeing this luffy jumped off Morgan's back before he once more grasped him by his head; pulling him up showed the pitiful broken bleeding sight of the once feared 'Axe-hand Morgan' being held up in the air like a rag doll. Tear's of shame and pain fell from his eyes which shook the watching marines even more...

Grinning luffy threw him at Zoro's feet making the man drag a few inches once he hit the ground, where he landed being at Zoro's feet. Looking down at the completely broken man did Zoro glance at the grinning luffy. Walking up to the swordsmen did he speak, ''Well there you go Zoro...a broken bleeding morgan...'' he said making zoro just shake his head.

''I see that...hehe very well...I'll join your crew...but first let me warn you of something Captain'' he said speaking a voice that was dripping with seriousness of that of a man with an ambition he'd kill for. Raising his sword at Luffy's neck did he speak once more, ''Like I said I'll join your crew but, let me warn you if by any way possible do you get in the way of my dreams I will kill you...understand?'' now this made luffy's grin morph into a frown.

Stepping up to the challenge did luffy not care of the sword at his neck he just glared into Zoro's eyes inwardly startling the man when he saw the seriousness within, the eyes of a man that didn't break, and most definitely would not back down. Speaking in a tone that sent shivers down everyone's spine including Zoro,

''You can be assured Zoro...if something like that ever happens...I'll let you do it...but be warned I don't take to threats kindly. Remember this next time for if you point your sword at me again...'' he said now his eyes gaining an even more dangerous yet deadly edge that make Zoro's shoulder's tremble and his very soul yell at him to just bow down right now!

''I will kill you...'' his words struck home at the man as his eyes widened briefly when he saw the look in Luffy's eyes seeing that he would indeed kill him. Not only that but, when he saw the apparition appear behind Luffy's back was the form of a man garbed in red mantle of sorts, his own eyes glaring down on him making him want to just kneel down in complete submission.

'What in kami's name...'

He couldn't help but, feel a shiver of pure terror go down his spine when he saw this...this man. It was something completely and utterly monstrous that it made him feel all the fighting, no matter how powerful you were, the overwhelming sense of dread would overcome it and even more. Looking at luffy did he see his once serious eyes just shift back into his normally cheerful ones thus making him question if what he saw was just a figment of his imagination...

'No...that was real...that was luffy's very aura take shape into...that person'

Finally he shook his head ridding the image away and locking it far into the depths of his mind. Looking at his now appointed captain did Zoro smirk,

''Very well Captain you've got yourself a crew member'' he said which luffy just grinned at before he looked down at Coby and Rika. Remembering something Luffy slowly turned to the marines while he let out some of his killing intent did luffy slowly grasp his Sabre gaining Zoro's attention quickly. Soon enough, luffy's glare sent towards the marines would have sent them into a coma that is if he hadn't lessened his intent to such a minimal amount that they were just sputtering and jittering like fearful children being glared upon by there parents.

''You guys...will take Coby in as a that? For if you don't...well...'' he dragged out as he slowly started to unsheathe his sabre making the marine's eyes widen comically before the lead marine quickly bowed his head.

''Y-y-y-es we'll take him in s-s-sir!'' hearing this did luffy's grin come back full force before the overwhelming presence just disappeared like it wasn't even there. Turning around did he give Coby a small nod making the boy's eyes widen before he started walking away with Zoro in tow.

As they walked up to the iron gate which luffy just kicked open and it completely off its hinges thus making Zoro slightly sweatdrop at his captain's strength. As they left though did he and Luffy hear the boy named Coby thank them. Looking at his captain did he speak as they walked toward the docks.

''So Captain, where are the rest of the crew?'' he asked to which luffy just glanced at him before chuckling a manner that confused Zoro a bit. That is until luffy just held up his hand showing only two fingers raised.

''We're the only two right now...I plan to get more before we hit the Grand Line...'' zoro would have face palmed if he wasn't already nodding with Luffy's words.


Hearing the growling of two stomach did luffy just grin, ''Well we can go get something to eat before we set off...'' THIS made Zoro's eyes widen before drool just pooled from his mouth seeing as he hadn't eaten in almost an entire month.

''Race you there! Gomu Gomu no Rocket!'' With that and to Zoro's shock and slight growing horror did luffy's hand grasp the collar of his shirt while the other stretched before Zoro's eyes before it grasped a building far off in the village. Then came...

The Rocket...

''AHHHHHH! LUFFY YOU IDIOT!'' Was Zoro's terrifying scream as they rocketed toward the town...

Shell Town-Docks

''So Captain, where we heading to next?'' asked Zoro as the two drifted off from Shell Town. They had just gotten there fill of food and rum after they had literally rocketed into a restaurant and seeing as the two didn't have money they did the only thing they could think of...

That was to run...


''Hm, I'm not sure seeing as I don't know how to navigate and neither do you since you got the orientation of a blind monkey we'll be needing a navigator...'' he said with a grin which he just blew up in laughter when Zoro went red in the face pissed at the jab toward him.

''I do not...''' he muttered to which luffy just grinned before he leaned back placing his straw hat over his face before closing his eyes. As he did so, the straw hat teen along with his first crew member sailed along to there next destination.

'Soon I'll become The Pirate King...just you wait...Shanks...'


Alright guys, this was my first One Piece Luffy godlike story so go easy on me, and yes Luffy is much different from canon as you saw. Yes he kill's when needed to and he did to show Coby the true life of a pirate and what he would see as a marine. Also I didn't want Luffy using his gomu gomu powers all that much since he shouldn't rely on them all that much...

But he certain situations...

Now I know I'll be getting questions as to what luffy has and why he's using weapons and that's because he is serious, taking his training seriously did Luffy not only train with his fists but, also in weapons.

Now I want to say this Luffy KNOWS how to wield his weapons trust me. Reason for not using the Sabre was because THAT would be overkill...

Okay I think that's all also I thank 'Turki-sama'for the daggers idea.

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