Memories of the Moulin Rouge by DD Agent

I do not own NCIS or any of its characters, or its settings - all belongs to the lovely folks at CBS.

My muse is MIA. My energy levels are also MIA - its very distressing. So I decided to write this for ncisdrabble100 , the prompt was "dancing". Here's hoping I have better luck writing tomorrow - I am getting withdrawal symptoms : (

As always, enjoy x

Jethro, the man who was drawn to redheads like a moth to the flame, was not studying the g-string wearing dancer that was in front of an undercover McGee and Ziva. Tony was, but that was to be expected.

Smiling, she turned to Cynthia and exchanged an eye roll over DiNozzo's behaviour. When she looked back to the screen, Jethro wasn't there. Instead, he was behind her. Right behind her.

"You need something, Agent Gibbs?"

He blew lightly on the back of her neck, making her shiver. He used to do it as foreplay, and it used to drive her crazy. They hadn't had sex in the last decade to check if it still did.

"Just remembering that time we went to the Moulin Rouge, our second go round in Paris. I'm flashing back to that private show you gave me back at the safe house."

Tony was still engaged in watching the screen. Cynthia was shaking her head at the over stimulated special agent. Realising they had a semblance of privacy, Jenny tilted her head to look at Jethro's full lips and bright blue eyes. He was intensely fixated on the red lace of her bra, visible through her slightly unbuttoned blouse.

"You after a repeat performance, Special Agent Gibbs?"

Memories flooded her mind. Her arms around his neck, her hips twisting and rubbing against his abdomen and lower. Teeth nipping at his jaw, her eyes closed as she danced to the music of the jazz club across the street. Then his hands removing her dress, moving over her fluid hips, both of them dancing together.

"Only if you're offering, Madame Director." His voice was but a mere whisper in her ear.

He was bold, but there was a little fear mixing with the lust in his eyes. He was afraid of her reaction. She was afraid of not keeping her hands to herself.

"Boss, we've got the target in sight."

Happy with the outcome of the evening, Jethro exchanged some words with McGee and Ziva before moving out of MTAC.

Soon they had the stripper they needed in interrogation; and Tony, McGee and Ziva waited for their boss to interview her. DiNozzo tried to call him three times, but in the end they let Gibbs continue his interrogation game plan.

In the Director's office, Jethro kissed her shoulder as they swayed to the music played by the janitorial staff. He smirked as he blew lightly on her neck, highlighting the moisture on her skin. She shivered.

He would always drive her crazy.