No More Waiting
by Creedog VanDrey

Category: Glee
Genre: Romance
Rating: K
Language: English
Summary: Santana makes a deal with Brittany. Pure WAFF fluff.
Spoilers: Through the end of Season 2

A/N: This will hardly qualify as literature, but you will eat it up like candy.

No More Waiting

It was the first day of their senior year and Santana couldn't help but feel depressed. She and Brittany were standing at their lockers, alternately sending longing looks at each other. Brittany's hand was hanging by her side, and Santana wanted desperately to reach out and grab it.

But she couldn't.

The summer had been nice for them. They'd fallen into their old routine of hanging out 24/7 and sharing sweet lady kisses and wet lady hugs. They knew they loved each other, but there was the unspoken agreement not to put a label on it.

Until today.

Brittany wouldn't stand for secrecy, and Santana knew and accepted that. She'd hoped she'd get a surge of courage and say damn the world but that courage never materialized. The best she could manage were these pleading, apologetic looks at her best friend. In the back of her mind, she knew that anyone daring to look at them could easily see the meaning behind her gazes, but it didn't help her overcome anything.

They'd spent so long at their lockers, Brittany daring Santana and Santana daring herself to make a move, that the hallways were now deserted. And, even now, Santana's hand hung by her side, frozen.

"I've got to go home," Brittany explained, "Lord Tubbington has learned how to undo the child lock on the refrigerator. And if I don't get home in time to eat with him, he'll stuff his face and take a nap, and I won't be able to get to the food until my mom gets home."

"I want to be with you," Santana said suddenly and meekly, too afraid to let even the walls know her secret.

"I'm waiting right here, Santana," she replied plainly. In response to more silence, she turned to leave and the brunette finally reached out to grab her hand.

"I can't do it all at once, like a Band-Aid. It's too hard."

Her response was firm. "I'm not going to be a secret. If I have the most awesome girlfriend in the world, that's not the kind of thing I want to lie about." She tried to leave again, but Santana yanked her back again.

"What if…" Santana began, still processing her thoughts, "what if we start out as a secret…" Brittany rolled her eyes in disappointment and for a third time tried to pry herself away, but Santana put herself in Brittany's path. "What if we start out as a secret, but every day you agree to be my girlfriend, I have to tell somebody new about me? And about us?"

Brittany considered the proposition. "They can't already know. That's cheating."

"It's cheating," Santana agreed.

"And none of those people with gray faces on the Internet."

Santana made a face at the loss of the loophole, but nodded anyway.

"And you have to start right now. I'm already tired of waiting."

"Fine, can I borrow your phone?"

Brittany's eyebrows shot up in confusion, but she dutifully fished the white RAZR from the collar of her blouse and handed it to Santana. "Did you lose your phone or…?"

Santana had already pulled out her own phone, of an identical make but in black, and was typing in a number from Brittany's contact list.

After listening to it ring a few times, she cheerily greeted, "Hey, Miss P, it's Santana… No, I know; she's right here with me. So, I bet you're on your way home with Joanna from dance practice? Great, could I… talk with her? Humor me." She waited for a moment, gauging Brittany's perplexed expression. "Hey, Sweetie, how was ballet? Mm-hmm, sounds fun. Soooo, I wanted to talk to you about something really important: boys." She listened for a few seconds with a grin, "You think they're yucky and have cooties? Totally with you there. Ugh." Brittany giggled at this. "Yeah, I think girls are way cooler, too. And prettier. In fact, do you know who I think is the prettiest girl in the whole world?" A pause and then she chuckled. "Well, obviously. But besides you, I think your big sister is the most beautiful person I've ever met. Mm-hmm, and the funniest. And the smartest." In response to something unheard, she huffed in exaggerated offense. "I'm gonna tell her you said that. Uh-huh. She is right here. Well, anyway, I think she's so pretty that I want to hug and kiss every day. For forever." Santana's cheeks were flushed now, and as much as she wanted to meet Brittany's eyes, she didn't. "Oh… yeah, I guess I want to do that, too." Brittany seemed alarmed, so Santana just shook her head at her. "I did hear about New York. Yeah, I guess we should go there after we graduate. What?" She paused for several seconds, and instructed, "Well, don't tell her. Tell her it's a secret and that she has to wait her turn. Yes, I will see you soon. No, I will not bring you any. Because your mom will flay me alive." Suddenly, her voice was panicky. "No, stop, do not ask her what that word means. Thank you. I love you, too. Yes, as much as I love Brittany. Yes, that's a whole lot. Okay, fine, now give the phone back to your mom… Hi, again… Um, I'm pretty sure Joanna told you that it was a secret and that you'll have to wait your turn. Oh, yeah, no, I'd love to. Tomorrow would be great; my folks both have to work late, anyway. Okay, bye, Miss P."

Santana hung up and realized she was still holding Brittany's phone in her other hand. "Here. So, I know I kind of took the easy route but…"

She was prevented from saying anything more by Brittany's lips against her own.

Brittany pulled back half an inch. "I don't know why you're so scared all the time. That was like the bravest thing I've ever seen."

Santana wondered if Brittany should have saved the sentiment for the day she ran out of other people to tell and would have to confess to Coach Sylvester.

She figured it didn't matter since she now got to walk out of the school hand-in-hand with her girlfriend.

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