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by Creedog VanDrey

Category: Glee
Genre: Romance
Rating: K
Language: English
Summary: Brittany and Santana were three weeks into their increasingly-public secret relationship. More cotton candy WAFF fluff.
Spoilers: Through the end of Season 2

A/N: What part of one-shot do you not understand? Why are there Story Alerts? I'm not going to write another chapter.

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Brittany and Santana were three weeks into their increasingly-public secret relationship.

As promised, Santana came out to one person a day. Unsurprisingly, her fellow glee clubbers were some of the first on the list. Quinn learned on Day 2, and Kurt on Day 3. Both freely admitted that Santana couldn't hide her sexual orientation in a lead-lined sack, but Santana pressed that since it was the first time she'd deliberately come out to them, it counted. Brittany was too pleased that Santana was repeatedly using the words "I'm a lesbian" to really press the issue.

"You should double-date with Blaine and I," Kurt offered.

"Only if it's Breadstix. And you pay."

: : :

Mrs. Pierce's reply was, "I'm confused. You haven't been dating my daughter since this summer? Okay, then."

Mr. Pierce was not as easy. That wasn't to say it was difficult, per se. "Excellent. Don't hurt my daughter, or I'll have to… do whatever it is fathers do to those who hurt their daughters. Probably something scary. I'll research it."

: : :

"Yeah, Mom and Jo already told me," Brittany's older sister Lydia told Santana over the phone, "…individually."

"Well, I'm happy that your mom and baby sister were able to keep a secret," Santana noted insistently, eyeing the restlessly giddy Brittany beside her.

: : :

She made the mistake of letting Brittany drag her to Rachel's house on a Saturday for her daily confession. Berry was pleased as a princess to learn one of her "psychic" predictions was true. (Santana snuck a peek at her bedazzled notebook of premonitions; the girl was batting below ten percent.) She then eagerly invited her fathers into the room to introduce them to her "lesbian friend."

Santana didn't even get a three-for-one deal from the incident. She did however get another offer for a double date. Tormenting Finnocence at Breadstix for a second time (again, for free) was definitely going to make it worth it.

: : :

Mr. Schue offered them the chance to sing a love duet in Glee.

"Pass," was Santana's answer, upgraded to "maybe" when Brittany poked her in the hip.

: : :

"Can I watch?" was Puck's predictable response.


"I'll kick your ass if your break her heart."

"Only because I'll let you."

: : :

Finn's first response wasn't any better. "Does that mean our… thing doesn't count anymore?"

"I wish."

: : :

After a full thirty seconds of watching Miss Pillsbury in a flustered fury of attempted helpfulness, Santana just walked out of the guidance office with Brittany on her pinky.

: : :

If she'd known Artie was going to grumble and seethe so much, she would have put him higher on her list.

: : :

She told Mike and Tina jointly and not only got credit for two days from Brittany, she got a third paid dinner at her favorite restaurant.

: : :

Santana was running out of friends to confess her relationship with Brittany to. She had 48 hours to brainstorm, though, since Brittany allowed her a free day when it became obvious that Becky Jackson would share the secret with Coach Sylvester. Santana actually considered it a favor from the girl. Telling Coach would rank as slightly less scary than having to tell her own parents.

Two days later, Santana was at her locker, sneaking glances at Brittany in between considering her options for her next confession. Her thoughts were interrupted by a mass of a curly brown hair and a microphone in her face. "There's a rumor going around school that you're a closeted lesbian and currently engaged in a secret relationship with none other than your BFF Brittany S. Pierce. Do you have any response to these allegations?"

Santana thought for a moment, placed her hand over the microphone, and used her free hand to grab the scarf around Brittany's neck so she could lay a soft kiss on the blonde's lips. Pulling away with an unmistakable gaze of adoration on her face, she turned back to a stupefied Jacob, took her hand of his microphone, pulled it to her lips, and answered.

"No comment."

A/N: I didn't specify, but Brittany's older sister, as Heather Morris wanted, works for NASA. She works at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, as an engineer. Of course, the actress who would play her would be another pretty blonde whose acting history consisted of "dumb blonde" roles. Someone like Kaley Cuoco.