"Fireside Diaries"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

So the "Fireside Diaries" have finally arrived! This series will be used to bridge the gaps between the cartoon itself, as well as my many other Fireside Girls stories. The good news is that if you've never read any of those stories, you can still read this without getting lost. In the rare cases that you do need to know something from a past story, I'll forewarn you all the start of that particular entry.

This pilot, though, only requires knowledge of the cartoon. So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Isabella was sitting at the desk in her room late at night, typing away on her laptop. She was working on the introductory entry to a blog her Fireside Girls troop was starting up for their website. Her voice could be heard in the background, reading aloud every word that was being put onto the screen.

Entry #000 - Written by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, troop leader

Greetings, Fireside followers!

If you're reading this, that means our newest endeavor has gone live! I, Isabella, along with the rest of the members of Troop 46231, based in Danville, are making history! For the first time ever, you'll get to see what it's like to be a Fireside Girl! It is designed to not only keep troop members of the past updated on what we're doing, but also opens access to girls both now and in the future, who are considering or will be considering joining our troop! But it is also designed to keep the three F's involved in everything we do, no matter what it is: family, friends, and fans. The girls and I plan to hold nothing back. This blog will cover all of our triumphs, as well as all of our tribulations. Each of us has some great tales to tell. Some have happy endings, some do not. But we think all of them provide great insight on what it's like to be a Fireside Girl, both during troop functions and in regular life.

For this introductory entry into the "Fireside Diaries," we need to go back to last summer, when the idea was first concocted at one of our weekly troop meetings...

Entry #000 [FSD101] - Welcome to the Fireside Diaries (07.21.11/03.20.12)

The entire troop was sitting inside their lodge, nestled in amongst the skyscrapers of Downtown Danville, going over what they accomplished in the week since the last meeting. But all they could think about was...

"I can't believe we flew above Danville in a giant bubble yesterday!" cried Milly. "It was beyond belief!"

"Seems improbable considering all of our combined masses," noted Holly, "but that maracanut tree sap really held up well!"

"We really need to find a way to thank Phineas," Isabella said aloud. "Any ideas?"

After a few seconds, Katie raised her hand.

"How 'bout a scrapbook? We can all contribute, and each have our say in our thoughts about our trip over Danville!"

"Great idea! Get on that right away!"

Two days later, in the Flynn-Fletcher house...

"Isabella, this is amazing!"

Phineas now had the finished product in hand, thanks to Isabella bringing it to him first thing that very morning, at breakfast. Ferb was content from peeking in from the side, letting his more outspoken brother heap all the praise.

"You captured every detail of our adventure, from your trip to the Old Abandoned Old Abandoned Amusement Park, to our safe landing back in the park! Incredible!"

Isabella went starry-eyed. "You really think so? We made it especially for you!"

Phineas looked over at his brother, and suddenly an idea popped into his head.

"Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today! Why not mass produce this scrapbook so everyone can live out one of great summer adventures without having to be there?"

"Darn!" Isabella cursed in her mind. "I wanted it to be a memento for Phineas alone! I didn't insist on all of those pictures of the two of us together for nothing!"

"Isabella!" Phineas snapped her out of her daydream turned wrong. "Didn't you say you're always looking for more girls to join your troop? You can use it as a marketing tool!"

"I never even thought of that! That's a great idea, Phineas!"

And so, a big idea was born...

No less than half an hour later, the boys' backyard was a buzz with activity, as it had been changed into a printing plant. Along with the rest of the troop as well as Buford and Baljeet, the group quickly created 5,000 copies of the scrapbook, but in a smaller, more pocket-sized form, with glossy pages and fancy type being used to maintain quality. The cover was also changed to something simpler, promising all readers a glimpse into a day as a Fireside Girl.

Once finished, they all split into pairs to distribute the books across the tri-state area. Isabella and Gretchen had picked a street corner in the business district to pass our their wares.

The results became apparent almost immediately! Nine new girls were present at the next troop meeting for an in-person look at what we were all about, as well as to begin initiations for those interested in joining afterwards.

"I can't remember ever seeing this many girls at the lodge," counted off Adyson as she and Isabella watched the others work to get the new recruits to join. "We'll double our size easy!

"Even if we only get three of them to sign," Isabella noted, "Troop 46231 hasn't had double-digit membership since 1987!"

Isabella then led over Adyson to the lodge's mail bin, which to the latter's surprise, had two to three dozen envelopes in it.

"And word is spreading about our books! There's at least three troops in other states that have been thinking about making similar pamphlets in their respective areas, and they want to use ours as a model! We've also been getting offers from Fireside alumni who used to be part of our troop and they want some books, too."

Adyson grabbed a few of the envelopes, and read their return addresses.

"New York. Texas. Alaska. Barcelona. And... even Timbuktu?"

"It's exciting, isn't it? I never dreamed our little scrapbook of one afternoon with Phineas would become so popular!"

"Well..." hesitated Adyson, "I suppose the new membership would give us more hands to handle a new mass order of books..."

"That's the spirit! Who knows? In a few months, we could be the largest Fireside Girls troop this side of the Mississippi!"

"Sure! But..."

Isabella glared at Adyson. "What do you mean but?"

"It's already been a week! Our material is already old hat! We need new adventures to keep the populace and possible recruits interested! We need...

"To spend more time with Phineas?"

Adyson nodded.

"I love the way you think, Addy!"

But after a few weeks, it became apparent that Adyson's idea was too cost-prohibitive to maintain with our small operation and the limited time we had. Even Phineas and Ferb couldn't find a way to reduce our production costs to any sort of reasonable level. The final nail in the coffin was the end of the summer. With school starting back up, the amount of free time we had to create new pamphlets, much less participate in activities that could be used as inspiration for them, dwindled to near zero. We had no choice but to shut it down.

Our membership peaked at an even three dozen in mid-August, with more than half of us full-time members. At year's end, that number was cut exactly in half. And only me and the other six core girls still participate enough in our activities to be considered full-time.

By the time April rolled around, we found ourselves in danger to dropping back down to our original membership...

The girls were approaching the end of another weekly meeting, with this being the first in nearly a year in which only the core seven were present.

"Finally," Isabella said despondently, "open floor time. If anyone wants to bring up any new issues or ideas, please come up to the podium."

Isabella glanced around the room and the glum faces in it, completely expecting everyone to pass on the offer... for the seventh straight time. That is, until both Gretchen and Katie stood up.

"May we, Chief?" Gretchen asked for permission to take the podium.

Isabella nodded, then took a seat with the others. Gretchen brought her laptop up with her, while Katie seemed to have a book in hand. A familiar one...

"Isn't that..." Isabella started to say.

Katie held it up high to confirm Isabella's suspicions. It was her copy of the first book they made, detailing their Big Bubble adventure.

"We can't do that again!" Adyson exclaimed. "It was fun, sure, but it was too much work AND the printing costs were astronomical!"

"I had to start my college fund from scratch because of that!" Holly reminded them, the books a mistake she wished she had not invested in.

"Never fear, my fellow Fireside Girls!" Gretchen assured them. "Me and Katie have found a way to not only resume informing the general public about our amazing escapades, but to distribute it for cheap without sacrificing quality!"

Gretchen typed in an Internet address as Katie pulled down the projector screen. Gretchen aimed a remote control at a projector hanging from the ceiling, and once it turned on, the others were presented with a live image of the troop's website.

"Wait!" Milly raised her hand. "I didn't even know we HAD a website!"

"It was mandated organization-wide last summer. I never told you all about it... because all I put on it was basic contact info. I could never figure out a good purpose for it. Until now..."

"Our idea," Katie said as she took over the presentation, "is to turn the website into a mini-blog! We take turns writing daily entries, and we post them online for the world to see afterwards!"

"No production costs, no shipping costs, the freedom for anyone to add entries at our leisure..."

"I'VE HEARD ENOUGH!" Isabella yelled, jumping out of her seat.

Gretchen and Katie gulped. They were afraid their leader hated the idea. But it was quite the opposite, as Isabella faced the rest of the troop with an ecstatic smile on her face.

"Let's put it to a vote, girls! All those in favor, say I!"

"I!" everyone in the room exclaimed, without hesitation.

"Motion passed! The Adventures of the Fireside Girls lives on!"

Everyone cheered with glee, and Gretchen and Katie high-fived each other for a job well done.

Back in present time, in Isabella's room...

...and that's the tale of how the "Fireside Diaries" came to be! We can't wait for you to hear all the tales we have to tell! We also can't wait to hear what you think of them! Thanks for reading, and I now officially declare the "Fireside Diaries" unlocked!

Bye for now!
- Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231

Upon finishing, Isabella took a deep breath, did a once-over, then prepared the document to be sent to Gretchen via e-mail.

"Tomorrow's gonna be the start of a new era!"

She sent the document off, with a message flashing 'Message sent' confirming it on-screen. Isabella then got up, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

End Entry

Author's Notes:
Don't go anywhere... a second entry follows very shortly!