"Fireside Diaries"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

So, this week's episode stars my favorite Fireside Girl (sorry, Isabella!) and my favorite character on the show. Not the same person, by the way, which you'd know if you had read some of my other Phineas and Ferb stories.

Also, this is the series' first holiday special! Happy Easter, guys, unless you don't celebrate it (again, sorry Isabella!).

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

The front door opened wide to reveal Adyson standing there, in her casual clothes. Adyson waved hello to the person whose house they had gone to. Isabella, who then beckoned Adyson to step into the house. She complied.

Once inside, Isabella put her hands on Adyson's shoulders, and smiled evilly. Adyson gulped in fear.

"Addy... I need you to do a favor for me."

Entry #315 [FSD212] - Chasing Easter Wabbit (04.02.12)

Entry #315 - Written by Adyson Sweetwater

Your favorite fun gal pal Adyson's here, with another tale about me doing what Fireside Girls do best!

You know, best friends are supposed to help each other, right? Well, sometimes you're expected to do favors without asking for something in return. I don't have a problem with that.

What I have a problem with is when 'doing a favor' turns out to be the worst mistake of your life.

The two girls had relocated to Isabella's bedroom. Adyson was sitting on the edge of Isabella's bed as Isabella had explained what she needed, while pacing back and forth in front of her.

"Let me make sure I got this," Adyson said aloud. "You volunteered to help out at an Easter Egg Hunt at a local orphanage, but now you have to back out because of a family emergency that's forcing you to hop on a plane to Mexico tonight and will keep you away the entire weekend?"

Isabella nodded.

"No prob! I'll do it!"

"You will? Oh, thanks! You're a true friend!"

Adyson smirked. "I know."

Isabella started walking over to her closet. She had gotten up on her tiptoes to pull a medium-sized rectangular box from the top shelf of her closet. She walked back over to Adyson, plopped it on her lap, then went back to get something else. Adyson flipped the top half off. Inside the box, folded up neatly, was a bunny costume.

Ladies and gentlemen, my worst nightmare!

"I'm not wearing it," Adyson firmly declared.

"You have to," Isabella said, as she returned with a wicker basket in hand. "The gig was to be the Easter Bunny. Since you agreed to do me a favor, the Easter Bunny is now you!"

Isabella sat down next to Adyson, and she wrapped an arm around Adyson's back to embrace her in a tight squeeze.

"You have to do it, Adyson! Not for you, not for me, but for the kids! They're expecting an Easter Bunny! And they're orphans! You don't want to see sad orphans, do you?"

Adyson sighed. "Fine. I'll do it!"

I had a bad feeling about this. But the last thing I wanted to do was disappoint orphans! I'd never be able to live with myself! I wouldn't feel worthy of continuing to be a Fireside Girl if I didn't go there and brighten their Easter! There was no way out of it!

I must've just been feeling pessimistic. Surely all my worries were unfounded. Still...

Adyson had put on the full head-and-body costume to try it on. It fit well and it was pretty warm. A good thing since it was still early spring, and she would be spending most of the day outside.

"I can do this! I can rock this! I can make this look good!"

Sadly, a certain someone who-shall-not-be-named thought otherwise.

Isabella was laughing out loud as she saw Adyson in the bunny outfit, which came complete with a fake nose, fake whiskers, and a lifelike cottontail.

"I'm sorry," she said between chuckles, "but you look hysterical in that get-up!"

Adyson blushed red. Half in embarrassment, half in anger.

"Just... just give me my basket..."

Isabella instead pulled out a carrot and motioned for Adyson to take it.

"Not until you take a bite of this and say, 'Eh... what's up, Doc?'"


Adyson waited for Isabella to let it all out of her system before even saying another word. Plus, she wanted time to calm down and remind herself of why she was doing this.

"I'm really, really sorry, Adyson! That was very inappropriate of me to make fun of you. Okay?"

Adyson nodded. Isabella got up from the bed, went to her desktop computer, where a sticky note was attached at the top. She removed it, then walked back over to Adyson and handed it to her.

"This is the address. You have to be there at 9 am sharp. Not a second later!"

"9 am. Got it."

She started to head for the door, but Isabella could not resist one last request.

"Don't walk! Hop! You're a cute wittle wunny wabbit!"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"


She is so lucky she has that family emergency, or I'd have to do something very unladyli-

-ke Easter! I like Easter. That's what I meant to say, yeah.

Anyway, the next day, I showed up at the orphanage. On time, just like Isabella told me to.

Adyson emerged from an empty bedroom at the orphanage, having used it to change into the bunny suit. She then met up with the woman in charge of the place, along with one of her part-time assistants, in the cafeteria. The assistant had Adyson's wicker basket, and it had been filled with Easter eggs.

"Thanks for filling in once again, Adyson," stated the woman with gratitude. "You don't know how much I - um, I mean, the kids - appreciate this!"

"Glad to be of service!"

Adyson was handed the basket. She scanned the contents and saw that she had a mix of actual eggs painted in Easter colors, egg-shaped chocolates, and plastic eggs which she assumed had sweet treats inside them.

"Good luck, dear! You'll need it!"

Suddenly, Adyson heard the sound of high-pitched screams nearby, and they were getting closer. She also heard what sounded like a herd of cattle stampeding inside the building.

The source of both? The kids of the orphanage, who rounded the corner and came into the view, were excited to see that the Easter Bunny had come to visit them. There were easily two dozen of them, and they all looked not only happy to see their guest, but very determined to get what they wanted.

Adyson had realized what she had just signed up for.

See? Bad feeling! Never question a girl's instincts, especially when they're your own. Oh, and...


Adyson bolted for the front door. The kids charged after her. They tried to cut her off, but she was just fast enough to escape their clutches. She swung the door open and ran out of the orphanage, still screaming in fear, with the basket full of eggs still in hand.

Minus the one that just rolled out and broke upon contact with the concrete sidewalk, that was.

"And here I always thought it would be my dream to be chased by adoring fans! Some dream! It's a nightmare!"

She heard the kids shouting at her and still chasing her, even out of the building. The orphanage owner stepped out and smiled as she saw Adyson lead the kids away.

"Best day off ever," she said with a smile.

Adyson ducked behind a large, blue mailbox so she could catch her breath. As she did, she pulled her collar out, reached in, and retrieved her cell phone from inside the costume. She would pat herself on the back later for actually bringing it with her and not leaving it in her clothes. After placing her basket on the ground next to her, she started texting the other Fireside Girls for help.

"Darn these large fingers and this small touchscreen keyboard!"

Despite her handicap, she managed to type up a coherent message and send it off. But she could not afford to sit there and wait, as two of the boys had appeared next to her.

"I found her!" one of them shouted out loud.

Adyson grabbed her basket and took off again, but not before each of the boys could pilfer their reward for locating her: an egg each.

A couple blocks later, Adyson had opened up some distance between her and her closest pursuers, who were struggling to keep the Easter Bunny in view. But they were not giving up hope.

"Man, they're persistent!"

Adyson felt herself getting winded again. She needed to find a place to rest, as well as hide. Suddenly, she saw a glimmer of hope across the street. It was Milly, and she was walking into Candy Crossing, Danville's old-timey seller of all things that could satisfy your sweet tooth.

"Milly! MILLY!"

Adyson looked both ways before crossing, then proceeded towards Candy Crossing. She went inside, immediately drawing Milly's attention as she stood by the loaded-with-goodies Easter baskets.


Milly sprinted over and glomped Adyson.

"Milly! It's me!"

The curly-haired one loosened her grip, then squinted her eyes as she stared at Adyson's face. It took her a second, but...

"Adyson, it IS you! No way! Why didn't you tell me you're the Easter Bunny? Friends don't keep things like that a secret!"

"No time to explain! I'm in trouble! Can you help?"

"Can I? What are Fireside Girls for?"

Milly beckoned Adyson to follow her towards the back of the store. There was a man in a top hat sitting on a stool next to an open doorway which was curtained off. Seeing Milly heading his way, he pulled the curtains aside so they were out of the way.

"I'm a very frequent customer," explained Milly as the two walked up to and past the guard.

The curtain was closed behind them, and Adyson was astonished to walk into a narrow, but very well-lit hallway. Ahead of the girls was a giant vault door, as if they were in a high-end bank of some sort. Two uniformed guards appeared to block their path. Milly reached into her pocket and pulled out her gold membership card. Seeing it, they instantly let her pass.

They were not willing to give Adyson the same courtesy. That was, until Milly whipped out her cell phone and showed the guards that it was already set to dial someone named Mr. Willy - their boss. After a brief discussion, the guards stepped aside and let Adyson through. Adyson was shocked, to say the least, even as Milly smiled bubbly back at her.

The two walked into the vault, leaving the guards behind. Milly led them into a maze of candy safe deposit boxes, until they arrived at a small wooden table which, Adyson guessed, was near the center of the room.

"Um, Milly? This is nice and all, but how does this help me?"

Milly turned around to face her.

"Those are nice eggs you got there! You mind if I have one?"

"Well, they're not actually for you. They're for the kids..."

Milly leaned forward, licking her lips, as her eyes zoomed in on the eggs in Adyson's basket.

"Well, I'm a kid! Aren't I entitled to one? And I'm your friend! That makes me more entitled to one!"

"You don't understand. It doesn't work that way."

"No, Adyson! YOU don't understand! You're the Easter Bunny, you've got eggs, and I want them!"

Milly snatched one from the basket, a chocolate-shaped one, and she quickly took a bite of it. After savoring it for a few seconds, she hastily devoured the rest of the egg before Adyson's eyes. The brunette gulped and slowly began to back away.

"Milly? You DO know what happens when you eat too much sugar, right?"

Milly looked up at Adyson, her lips covered in chocolate.

"I have no idea what you're talking about! And... I WANT MORE!"

Milly dived at Adyson, trying to claim the rest of the eggs for herself. Adyson dodged her, then made a break for the vault door.

"DON'T HOP AWAY FROM ME!" yelled Milly.

"I'm not hopping!" Adyson shouted back, in a full sprint.

Adyson ran out of the vault, past the two uniformed guards, and back into the main part of the store. But upon getting there, she found a number of the orphans waiting for her.

"There she is!" a girl shouted, pointing at Adyson. "We want our Easter eggs!"

Adyson saw an emergency exit looming to her left, but a couple of kids were already moving to block. She needed to get them out of the way.

"You want eggs? CATCH!"

She plucked three plastic eggs at random from the basket and threw them up in the air and away from her. All the kids scrambled towards where they landed, as they rolled around on the floor, causing a small bit of chaos.

"Where'd all these brats come from?" one of the clerks behind the counter asked.

As the kids scrambled to claim one of the eggs and the shop's staff tried to get them under control before someone got hurt, Adyson headed for the emergency exit. The door alarm went off as she pushed it open, but that was the last thing on her mind as she emerged in a side alley.


Adyson heard someone call out to her. She turned to the end of the alley and saw Holly waving at her.

"Someone called an S.O.S.?"

Adyson ran towards Holly, relieved.

Finally! Someone I could trust!

No offense, Mil...

Before she could reach Holly, though, Adyson's savior was overrun with another bunch of the tykes from the orphanage. Three of them surrounded Holly, who was not willing to hurt a little kid, even if they were trying to do her harm, while three others started heading down the alley towards Adyson.

"What you do to these kids?" Holly asked, in an accusatory tone.


Adyson screamed again as she turned around and ran back the way she came. But as she reached the emergency exit, a small kid came out. He spread his little arms out wide, trying to block the passage. Adyson had no choice. She had to do something she would regret later.

"Kid! Your shoe's untied!"

The little boy blinked, then looked down at his shoes. In the process, he dropped his arms so he could reach down for his laces.

"Tied," he said, seeing his laces were still in place.

But by that point, Adyson was right alongside him, and she ran past him without incident.

"If I can just get out of the alley..."

Her wishes were granted, as she got back onto the street without incident. But she was not out of the woods yet, as a third group of kids were waiting for her at the front entrance of the shop. In desperation, she threw a couple more eggs at them, then ran the other way. Adyson could feel the suit get wet around her neck, as by this point she was sweating rather profusely. But she could not stop, because she heard the kids still chasing her.

"Four o'clock!"

Adyson glanced over her right shoulder and saw that Ginger was riding a bicycle. She was on the wrong side of the road, but that did not matter as she swerved in between two parked cars, jumped the curb, and pedaled up next to Adyson.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Adyson asked.

Ginger responded by hopping off the back of the bike, while it was still moving! Thankfully, she landed on her feet, or rather, her roller skates, which she also happened to have on.

"Go! GO!" Ginger shouted.

Adyson jumped onto the bike, and did so without falling over. It was not without a hitch, though, as she felt the fabric around her right foot get caught in the pedal. She continued to move along the sidewalk, all the while trying to free her foot. It finally budged, but not without leaving a remnant behind.

"Oh, no!"

Adyson was not happy to have torn a hole in her suit, but right now she needed to focus on getting away. At the next street corner, she got onto the street and pedaled her way into the flow of traffic, which thankfully was nonexistent at the moment.


Adyson thought she was out of trouble. But then she noticed a strange, triangular shadow block the sunlight above her.

"What the..."

She looked up and behind her, and saw Milly swooping in on a hang glider.

"Gimme the eggs!" Milly screamed. "GIMME!"

"NEVER!" Adyson yelled back.

Milly was not gonna take 'No' for an answer, as she reached for the basket. She was not able to rip it from Adyson's grasp, but she did manage to grab three more eggs. That was one too many, though, as she fumbled them all, and they end up hitting the pavement below.

"Ugh! My eggs!"

Milly went in for a second attempt to snatch Adyson's basket. But with her eyes focused on her target, she did not see Katie climb into the bed of a parked pickup truck and leap from it. Katie crashed head-first into her best friend, sending them flying off-course and straight into a mattress, which had been conveniently dropped by a passing truck just seconds beforehand.

Adyson breathed a sigh of relief, both to see that Milly and Katie were unharmed and that Katie had pinned Milly to keep her from continuing the chase. She then pedaled away to safety.

Adyson arrived back at the orphanage, with nary a kid in sight. She ditched the bike in a bush on the grounds. She took the last egg she had out of the basket and started walking back to the front door.

"Forget this!" she exclaimed. "They can have this egg back!"

Suddenly, she tripped over her own two feet and fell onto the sidewalk. The egg went flying into the air, destined to break upon hitting the pavement.


Thankfully, or perhaps not, the egg actually landed in someone's hands. The hands of one Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, who happened to be passing by. She had been minding her own business; the volume of her headphones fairly high as she listened to music on her MP3 player. But she now had an egg in hand. A beautiful, colorfully decorated egg.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed as she took off her headphones. "An Easter egg! Been years since I've seen one of these!"

Adyson picked herself up the ground, and she now had some dirt on her. In addition to the sweat stains below her neck and the large hole in her right foot, which was now so big that the toes were gone, revealing the front of Adyson's shoe instead, the brunette Fireside Girl was looking pretty ragged. And still...

"Cool costume," Vanessa said, giving her a thumbs up.

"Um... thanks?"

Vanessa looked at the egg in her hand, then Adyson.

"I suppose this is yours?"

She leaned forward to give it back, when...


The two turned about to see Milly standing there, exhausted, frustrated, and desperate for Adyson's last Easter egg. Vanessa raised an eyebrow, uncomfortable with the situation.

"Uh, what's her deal?"

Adyson took a deep breath and explained everything that had happened. After she finished, Vanessa stood there dumbfounded. Not because she had not understood the situation, but because this all could have been resolved much sooner if Adyson had done one thing.

She placed the egg in Adyson's hands and gave her a command.

"Give her the egg."

Adyson blinked. "I'm sorry, WHAT?"

"Give her the egg! You're the Easter Bunny! Your job is to give Easter eggs to other kids!"


"Why are you making such a big deal about this? Look..."

Vanessa pushed Adyson over to Milly. She then grabbed Adyson's hands and moved them over to Milly's. Milly firmed gripped the egg, and Adyson let go of it. Milly smiled as she calmed down, came to her senses, and she started rubbing the egg with the side of her face, lovingly.

"See? Was that so hard?"

Adyson was flabbergasted. "B-b-b-b-b-b-b-but..."

"Happy Easter, you two!" Vanessa said.

She put her headphones back into her ears and started walking off towards wherever she was going. Adyson saw that Milly was still cuddling her egg as if it were a baby, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Wow! She was right! I don't know why I made such a big deal out of it!"

Milly then twisted the egg apart, seeing as it was a plastic one. She was hoping for candy corn, or jelly beans, or something else sweet. But all that was inside was...


Milly was angry once more, and Adyson slowly started to back away.


"I can't! That was the last one! Swearsies!"


Believing Adyson was hiding another egg on her, she leaped at her.


Two nights later, a hand was seen reaching up to ring the doorbell.

That was a day I'll never forget! Be wary the next time you do a favor for your friend. It could end up ruining your favorite holiday.

For life.

The door opened, and Isabella gasped upon seeing the site before her. Adyson had a scowl on her face, and next to her, sitting on the ground, was Milly, biting into what was left of the bunny costume, shaking the remains as if it were a rag doll.

"Worst... Easter... EVER!"

Adyson then handed Isabella a slip of paper with the number 315 written on it, and then she stomped off for home. That left Isabella to figure out what to do with the now-ruined rental bunny suit, and Milly, and to read Adyson's blog entry to find out about the disaster she had missed out on.

End Entry

Author's Notes:
Oh, don't be sad, Adyson! There's always Christmas to look forward to! And next Easter, some other sucker could dress up as the bunny!

Looking ahead to next week, what would compel the Fireside Girls of Troop 46231 to go to war amongst themselves? A coveted officer position in the troop, that's what!