"Fireside Diaries"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

I do believe this is the first Fireside Girls' adventure in which only one girl appears! So, take the stage Isabella for your solo entry this season! That's right, this, not the two-parter from earlier, is Isabella's tale. I'll admit, though, this has a similar theme of sorts...

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Entry #206 - Written by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, troop leader

Submitted for your approval, a tale about a girl. A cute, precocious, absolutely splendiferous preteen girl.

Isabella was standing in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard, with a heavenly smile on her face.

She is at the age where she starts pining for the love of the opposing gender. A boy.

A few feet away, Baljeet's jaw was hanging down in shock. His face remained that way even as he reached into his pocket to give a ten dollar bill to Buford, who was pleased about the monetary reward.

A boy with a wild imagination. One with the smarts to straddle the line between science and superstition, before mixing them together as if they were hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Phineas walked out of the house with a small square metal box in hand. He stopped upon seeing Isabella, and smirked.

"Well, well, look at what we have here!"

There's no twilight here, just sunshine and other-worldly pairings.

Ferb blinked his eyes, doing nothing else but standing there, while Isabella had her right arm linked with his left. Isabella sighed as she turned Ferb towards her.

"Oh, Ferb! I... I love you!"

Again, Ferb blinked, unsure of how to respond. Or, rather, he was following his tendency to not react to pretty much anything.

Don't adjust your monitor, for you have just gotten on the on-ramp... for the Passion Parkway!

Entry #206 [FSD213] - Passion Parkway (04.16.12)


"I can't wait to see what Phineas is up to today!"

It was a chilly Saturday morning in February, but even as bundled up as she was in winter clothing, Isabella felt all warm and fuzzy inside as she made her way up the Flynn-Fletcher driveway.

Being a Fireside Girl, I almost never had nothing to do! And whenever I was doing something, you can bet that nine times out of ten, it was helping out Phineas and Ferb, doing whatever they'd do. Especially Phineas...

...but what if it was... especially Ferb?

Isabella walked into the backyard and saw the boys, as well as a small squirrel, which was running away from them.

"This is perfect!" Phineas exclaimed.

Isabella had no idea what he was talking about, but she intended to insert herself into the conversation without any problems. Noting her arrival as both brothers turned to face her, Isabella smiled as she first set her eyes upon the smaller of the two. Isabella stopped, then opened her mouth to greet him, and Phineas appeared to open his in return to do the same.

But then, without warning, Isabella turned her head towards Ferb.

"Hi, Ferb! Whatcha doin'?"

Ferb, unsure of how to answer - and probably not expecting to answer, either - just stood there silently and blinked his eyes. In response, Isabella sighed dreamily.

"Sounds amazing! Can I help?"

"Well, you kinda are..." Phineas cut in. "You see..."

But it only took two words for Isabella's mind to block Phineas' voice for her mind. All she wanted to hear was the endearing silence that Ferb was providing her. And it was making her giddy inside.

I don't know what it was about Ferb, but suddenly, I felt that it was him, not Phineas, that I couldn't bear to be without for the rest of my life.

I don't know what it was about him that was winning me over. His unwavering expression, his need to be the hands-on guy, his British... Britishness.

Or maybe it was that he was so suave for his age that he could pick any girl in the world to be his lover, whenever he wanted! It was at that moment that I decided...

I wanna be the girl!

"Um, Isabella?"

Isabella snapped back to reality. She was sitting underneath the large oak tree in the yard, with her arms around a giant boulder. She saw that it was Phineas who had woken her up. She also saw Ferb hunkering down behind his brother, trying to hide for some reason.

"Aw," cooed Isabella, "he's so shy."

"Your mom called about five minutes ago," Phineas told Isabella. "She wants you home for dinner."


Isabella looked up in the sky. The sun had set and it was already dark enough for the house's outdoor lights to be turned on.

"I guess it's dinner time. See you tomorrow, guys!"

She waved goodbye as she headed back for the driveway. But she did not leave without offering up a wink and a blown air-kiss. Both Phineas and Ferb were visibly stunned by her openly romantic overtures.

"Wow," uttered Phineas.

He said more, but Isabella was out of earshot to hear it. Coincidentally, at that moment, she stopped on the driveway. Feelings of joy and love and had been replaced by ones of confusion and dismay.

"Wha? What happened today? Did I... do what I think I just did?"

I had to go ask Phineas what was up. Surely he'd know why I had a hankering for Ferb and not... well, you know...

She spun around and started heading back to the backyard, when...


She stopped upon hearing her mom calling for her from their front door. Isabella could not disobey her. It was against her nature. But her mind was still muddled about what had happened today.

Unable to come up with an answer, her mind made one up for her.

"I must not be getting enough sleep. Probably just a delusion."

Isabella spun around again, this time in the direction of her house, and took off.

A delusion? Or the hidden truth? And since when did I blow air-kisses? All of those questions will be answered...

...right now!

It was the following morning, and Isabella was up bright and early, as usual. But instead of going straight across the street, she instead was in the kitchen, making cupcakes.

Wearing a frilly apron over her dress, Isabella squealed upon hearing the built-in timer on the stove go off. She dropped the magazine she was reading - it was the most recent issue of Star Style - and ran to get the cupcakes out of the oven. Of course, not without putting on oven mitts first.

"Ahhh..." she said as she opened the oven door and got a whiff of her finished baked goods. "Fireside Girls' cupcakes are nice, but they don't say 'I love you' quite like homemade ones do."

[*record scratch*

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy Fireside Girls cupcakes. Not all of us have time to bake their own from scratch. That being said, do you still need a present for your sweetheart for the big day? Get him or her Fireside Girl Cupcakes! Special seasonal discounts, plus an additional ten percent discount if you mention my name, Isabella, at the time of purchase! So, get in touch with your local Fireside Girl and order Fireside Girl Cupcakes! Sweets for your sweetie!

Offer valid only in the Tri-State Area. While supplies last. Big day delivery guaranteed only in downtown and suburban Danville between the hours of 6-8:30 am and 4-7 pm. We reserve the right to leave orders at the door if no one is present to receive them and are not responsible if some poor, desperate schmuck snatches them, leaving you in the doghouse with your significant other. Please do not ask for us to deliver cupcakes during the day, because it is a school day, and it will not look good on our permanent records to skip out on our education. Besides, most of us have a spelling test that day. I'm still struggling to spell curmudgeon from memory. Oh, wait, I just did! Yes!

What? This IS a Fireside Girls associated blog, after all!]

Isabella carefully lifted the tray of six cupcakes out and placed it down on the counter. She quickly examined them and noticed that one of them, the one that had been in the back right corner, was a little bit bigger than the rest.

"Hmm. I guess I should've checked to make sure all of the yeast measurements were the same. Oh well."

She shrugged it off, then went to work topping the cupcakes with vanilla frosting, making sure to put a little less on the largest one to offset her mistake, and sprinkles. She then pulled out a spare log-shaped case, the ones she normally used for Fireside Girl deliveries, and managed to squeeze four cupcakes into it, leaving two at home.

"Heading out, Mom!" Isabella shouted.

Isabella walked to the coat closet to put on her winter jacket. As she did, her mother called out from upstairs.

"Don't be out too long, Isa! You still have homework!"

"'Kay, Mom!"

A few minutes later, Isabella made her way across the street, with her log-shaped case of cupcakes in her hands.

"Just remember," she told herself aloud, "the biggest cupcake goes to Phineas. Not Ferb."

She then stopped where she was on the driveway.

"Why am I even thinking about giving it to Ferb? Sure, he and Phineas are brothers and it's common to think of them together, in the same breath. But I want to make sure that Phineas gets the biggest one, even if it was an accident that it turned out bigger than the others. And why I am asking myself this aloud, where others can hear me? They might think I'm crazy! Or... something."

Isabella started taking deep breaths; each exhale plainly visible before her eyes because of how cold the air was around her. After five or six of them, her mind had become calm and focused.

"Okay, self! Let's do this!"

She walked into the backyard. Her eyes instantly set their sights on Phineas, followed by Buford and Baljeet. Isabella paused once more.

At that moment, I was wondering, 'why did Buford and Baljeet have to be here today?' And then I thought, 'since when did them being there matter to me? All that matters is that Phineas was there.'

She started moving again, not stopping until she was right next to Phineas. Then, as was routine...

"Hey, Phineas! Whatcha doin'?"

Phineas happily gave a response. "Trying to help Buford and Baljeet settle a bet."

The other two boys explained their situation, starting with Buford.

"I bet Baljeet tomorrow's lunch money that Phineas couldn't stick his tongue out and touch his nose."

"And I say he cannot!"

Before the argument could get any heated, Phineas resolved their bet, as promised. He stuck his tongue out and touched his nose. With his gloved finger.

"HA!" snickered Buford. "You owe me two bucks!"

"WHAT?" Baljeet screeched. "I thought you were supposed to touch your nose WITH your tongue."

"Nope," replied Phineas.

"Nada," added Isabella.

"That's disgusting, man," grumbled Buford, "even for me."

Baljeet sighed, then started pulling quarters out of his coat pocket. But before he could produce the right amount, Buford smacked the change out of Baljeet's hand and onto the cold ground.

"What do you think I am, a mint? Paper bills only!"

As Baljeet went for his other pocket to pull out dollar bills, Isabella turned to face Phineas.

"That's nice and all, but usually when I ask 'Whatcha doin?,' I usually mean what are you up to, Phineas. And occasionally Ferb. You know, out of brotherly courtesy, not because I like, like him or anything."

"Uh," Phineas scratched the side of his triangle-shaped head, confused, "okay? Anyway, Ferb's running a little late. He slept in this morning. Not like him at all. I'd better go check on him. Hard to seize the day when it's already half over, you know?"

With that, Phineas headed inside the house. Meanwhile, now that the transaction between Buford and Baljeet had been completed, they noticed for the first time Isabella's log-shaped cupcake case.

"Ooh! Isabella's got cupcakes!" Buford exclaimed.

Isabella opened up the case without thinking twice about it. Buford quickly reached in and grabbed one of the cupcakes at random.

"So," Baljeet said in his best sweet-talker voice, as he slid over next to Isabella, "the big day is coming up, and you come offering the sweets! Perhaps that means..."

"Not interested," deadpanned Isabella, cutting him off.

Baljeet's shoulders drooped as he trotted back over to Buford, then reached into his coat pocket to hand his frenemy another two bucks.

"Told you she'd say no," he said as he stuck out his hand to accept the money.

Isabella was about to roll her eyes, wondering why Baljeet would bet that she would say yes to his proposal for a date, when she heard the sliding door move again. Ferb was coming out of the house, but Phineas was not with him. Not that it mattered, for as soon as Isabella laid eyes on the green-haired brother, she swooned. She was head-over-heels in love with Ferb. Just like yesterday.

"It wasn't a dream," she said with adoration. "It was real!"

Ferb approached the group, and Isabella quickly jumped into action. She used a hip bump to both knock Buford aside and launch the cupcake he was holding into the air. She stood there casually and waited for the treat to land back in her gloved hand, right-side up and in the same shape it had come out of the oven. Isabella then skipped over and got to Ferb before he could get to them.

"Hey, Ferb!"

Ferb raised his left arm up and waved hello.

"I made this cupcake just for you-ou-ou!"

"What was that?" Buford asked as he got back up from the cold grass.

Baljeet shushed him, then pointed to what was going on between Ferb and Isabella.

"I accidentally, kinda made this one a little bigger than the others..."

She showed off the other three cupcakes in the case.

"...you can't really tell, but this one here has less frosting than the others to compensate. But..."

She picked up one of the other cupcakes and transferred some of the frosting onto the lone one she was planning to give Ferb, so it would now actually look like the biggest of the bunch.

"I want you to have this, Ferb. Think of it as a token of my affection, uh, I mean, appreciation, for you."

Ferb let Isabella put the cupcake in his hand, while Buford and Baljeet watched from afar.

"Man, he's good," commented Buford.

"So good," added Baljeet, "he is astronomical! I do not know what he even did, but Isabella is all smitten with him! And considering the hold Phineas has, or had, on her, that is saying a lot."

"He had a hold on her? That sneaky little..."

Baljeet glared at him.

"What? I can't pretend to care about mushy stuff for once?"

Isabella giggled, then playfully pressed her left index finger into the front of Ferb's nose.

"I guess there are a few things I'd want to do to completely show my change of affection, but how do I express them all in about a minute?"

Ferb pulled out a small boombox, one that had a cassette tape in the deck. With the door open, one could see that it was labeled 'Love Händel: Things to Do.'

"I always knew you were the brains of the duo," cooed Isabella.

Ferb closed the door and the tape automatically began playing the song on it.

[Sung to a tune similar to Devo's "Whip It"]
Oh, the things you want him to do for you
Will help her see lovin' your brother was-was wrong
There are tangles in her heart he needs to undo
Her problems and his actions, here in song!

A few feet away, Baljeet's jaw was hanging down in shock. His face remained that way even as he reached into his pocket to give a ten dollar bill to Buford, having won yet another bet, this one made off-screen.

You're a robot? He'll turn you on!
You got grass? He'll mow your lawn!
You like cars? Check out his ride!
Need help eating? Just open wide!
You got holes? He'll fill them, maybe?
Left heartbroken? He'll call you baby!
You're a domino? He'll knock you down!
Wanna get married? Well, here's your gown!

Oh, the things you want him to do for you I hope one is not wearing this cake-shaped hat!
If you believe he is the one, it must be true Watch all your friends tell you, you two are all that!

Are you cold? Link your arms!
You milk cows? You own some farms!
Does he love you? Uh, we guess.
Is this song over? Oh, yes!

Phineas had just come back outside, and he had a small square metal box in hand. He smirked upon seeing Isabella's right arm intertwined with Ferb's left arm.

"Well, well, look at what we have here!"

Isabella sighed as she turned her new crush to face her.

"Oh, Ferb! I... I love you!"

Ferb just stood there, unsure of how to respond. Then, without warning, he started flailing his free arm up and down, in a panic. Phineas laughed.

"Okay, okay, I think that's enough fun for MORE than one day."

Phineas raised the box, which was actually a remote control, and aimed it at the backside of Ferb's shirt collar. Ferb stopped fidgeting and started counting down...

"Three, two, one..."

A second later, Isabella stopped moving. Not because she had been frozen in place - whether by the weather or by some other means - but because she had finally come to her senses. And that she had been trying to get with the wrong brother.


Isabella pulled away, blushing in embarrassment.

"Please tell me I didn't do something completely out of character!"

"Not at all," Phineas told her, before adding, hesitantly, "at least, I don't think so."

Phineas walked over to Ferb and pulled a small circular device from underneath his collar.

"Funny that this didn't disappear like all the rest. Never had one stick around overnight. I guess that's why I forgot about it."

"Phineas, could you please tell me what's going on?"

"Well, you see... BUFORD!"

Isabella turned around and saw that Buford was right behind her, and that he was hiding a giant mallet behind his back. And doing a poor job of it, since she could see part of it sticking out even behind his massive girth.

"She is not a cartoon!" Baljeet scolded him.

Buford grumbled. "I'm never gonna get to use this thing."

"As I was saying," spoke up Phineas once more, getting Isabella to turn around, "in the spirit of you-know-what day coming up, we tried to see if we could make a little doodad then, upon wearing it, makes the user 30 percent more attractive. I guess it worked TOO well. Guess that's another one for the 'throw away' pile."

"So you mean... all that... wasn't me?"

Isabella felt a mix of emotions. She was unhappy, yet she was also relieved.

"'Fraid not. Unless, deep inside, it's what you want."

Ferb then added. "Just like the mind, the heart is a fickle beast. You may feel one way, but your heart may feel the opposite."

"Yeah," Isabella laughed nervously. "That. Heh heh... yeah, I don't think so. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

Isabella ran out of the backyard. Once out on the driveway, she peeked over her shoulder to see if she was being followed. Seeing that she was not, she stopped.

"Wow. That was weird. Still..."

She pulled out a magazine clipping from her pocket. It was a relationship compatibility test. Taking out a pencil, she filled it out right there and then. After finishing it and doing some self-scoring...

"And on scale of one to ten, with ten being completely compatible, Phineas and I are a..."

...she frowned.

"Meh. Those things are totally unreliable anyway."

She headed back home, tossing the clipping in the Flynn-Fletcher's outdoor trash can.

Even preteens find it hard to understand that at their tender young age that just because you've already found someone you want to spend the rest of your life is doesn't mean fate closes other options to you. You could be calling someone else 'the one' several years, months, hours, or gee, even seconds later and you would not think twice about it. Love is a fickle mistress, and even someone like me will never know if I'll end up with the right one when it's all said and done.

A quick peek in the open can reveals that Isabella had scored a three.

But that's the price you pay when you spend your life traversing the Passion Parkway.

End Entry

Author's Notes:
So a Twilight Zone parody, the first song written for the series proper (the first, FIRST one was in "I'm Your Next Class President!"), and Ferbella! Sounds like a recipe for hilarity. Of course, you guys are the ultimate judge of that.

On that note, I'm officially announcing "Fireside Diaries" has been renewed for a third season! No premiere date yet, but I'm already hard at work planning. Like at the end of Season 1, if you have any good ideas for possible episodes, let me know ASAP! Didn't get any suggestions then, but maybe this time will be different.

Next week, Gretchen & Adyson join Isabella in another series-first: the first entry written and narrated by THREE of the girls, at once!