"Fireside Diaries"
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Welcome to the season three finale of "Fireside Diaries!" The votes are in, and, to my surprise, the final tally was... 6-6! Unbelievable, right?

So who 'wins?' Well, read on and find out.

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Phineas and Ferb' belong to Disney.

Prerequisites (i.e. read these first before reading this):
- Entries #415 & #424 ("Fireside Diaries," Episodes 309 & 314)

Someone started knocking at the wooden door. Two knocks, then a pause. Two more knocks, and another pause. Then six knocks in quick succession. But no one came to answer it.

So the person on the other side opened it herself.


Adyson cautiously took a few steps into the Fireside Girls' clubhouse. It appeared that no one was there, since the blinds were closed. Noting that, she breathed a sigh of relief and closed the door.

"I guess I'd better open the blinds."

She approached the nearest window, planning to raise the blinds in order to let some light in. But before she could grab it...


...she was tackled to the ground by an unknown assailant. Adyson and her attacker could be heard visibly struggling as they rolled around on the floor. They would have tussled for the rest of the afternoon, if not for the door suddenly swinging open.


Holly entered the clubhouse and quickly raised the blinds of the nearest window. Once she had done that, enough light was pouring into the room so that Adyson could see who had just tackled her.

It was Ginger.

"Okay, okay, break it up!" Holly shouted.

Holly grabbed Ginger and pulled her off of Adyson before she could cause any physical damage. To Holly's relief, she had interfered just in the nick of time.

"Let go!" screamed Ginger, as she tried to get free. "Do you know what she's done?"

"I didn't do anything!" exclaimed Adyson, as she sat up.


Entry #425 [FSD315] - Baljeet is Mine! (03.11.13)

Entry #425 - Written by Holly

Adyson and Ginger. Both are members of Fireside Girls Troop 46231, and both are good friends. That was, of course, until they let a boy get between them.

"Baljeet is not your boyfriend!" argued Adyson.

"Yes, he is!" fired back Ginger.

"Just because it's on your Twatter bio doesn't make it true."

"Yes, it does!"

"Ugh! You're being childish!"

"Yes, I am!"

The two girls kept going back and forth while Holly stood between them, preventing them from tearing each other apart physically.

You're probably wondering how I got stuck in the middle of this.

They both turned to Holly and shouted at her, in unison...


Both girls growled at her, wanting an answer from her. The right answer.



After what happened on stage last night, Isabella wanted another shot at impressing Phineas. One that didn't involve falling on her face.

Isabella was crossing the street, heading for the Flynn-Fletcher house. And she had her electrical guitar on, intending to play it.

"Wrote a new song just for Phineas," she said aloud. "And after I play it for him, I'll finally have the courage to tell him I love him!"



Gretchen... got roped into helping her.

"Hurry up, Gretchen!"

Isabella rolled her eyes as she walked back to where Gretchen was. Together, she helped Gretchen pull a little red wagon, which had her keyboard resting on it.

"Ugh... you should've rented a keytar instead," grunted Isabella.



As for Milly and Katie? They finally made up after their fantasy kerfuffle...

The two younger girls had smiles on their face as they sat in front of a computer at the Internet cafe.

"There!" Milly said. "I, the Loch Ness Monster, no longer eat the bluebird!"

"Good!" stated Katie. "Now we have to decide who's going to try to catch it!"

They thought about it for a second, and then shouted out their answers at the same time.



Unfortunately, they did not have the same idea.


And by process of elimination, that leaves... me.

Adyson and Ginger were still waiting for an answer, and Holly had to give one. Fast. By this point, though, Holly had thought about all the facts, and was prepared to give what she believed to be the right answer.

"Neither of you."

"Say what now?" questioned Adyson.

"Oh, you better be kidding!" grumbled Ginger.

They were not happy with her answer, so Holly clarified it for them.

"Ginger, you've had a crush on Baljeet for more than a year, right? Well, why haven't you tried confessing your love to him?"

"Why do I have to? Isabella's been gaga over Phineas for much longer than that, and I don't see anyone pushing her to do the same!"

"'Cause everyone knows those two are meant to be. Some day. But you and Baljeet? Not so much!"


"And you, Adyson... how many dates have you gone on with Baljeet?"

Adyson started holding up fingers. She was up to six when Holly interrupted her.

"I'm talking 'actual' dates. The time you two went to City Hall... doesn't count."

The brunette lowered one of her fingers...

"Neither does the one where you had to sit on the bus together that one morning..."

...and another...

"...or the two mass math tutoring sessions."

...and two more after that.

"Oh, and none that were done as a favor."

Adyson blinked in confusion. She did not remember any...

"The Valentine's Day dinner, Addy..."

...until Holly reminded her. Dropping another finger left her with...

"One. One date."

"You had an actual date?" shouted Ginger. "How come you didn't write about IT for the blog?"

"Because it was personal!" replied Adyson. "Not Fireside-related!"

"Regardless," interrupted Holly, "one single, solitary date does NOT make two people boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Since when? That's a bunch of baloney!"

"You know what, Adyson? What does Holly know about love? Where does she get off telling us who isn't Baljeet's girlfriend?"

"Yeah, Ginger! Should our debate really be settled by someone who hasn't even so much as held a boy's hand romantically?"

"Uh, hello?" Holly waved her arms. "Standing right here!"

"There's only one way to settle this! You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Oh, I'm definitely thinking what you're thinking!"

"I know what you two are thinking and it's definitely NOT the right answer!" screamed Holly.

The smart thing to do would be to go up to Baljeet and ask him directly if either of them is his girlfriend.


Before Holly could voice an objection, Adyson and Ginger ran out the door. Holly shook her head in disbelief.

But you know what they say... love makes you dumb as a brick.

Holly was running through the streets of downtown Danville, gasping for air as she chased after the girls.

Love also makes you run as fast as a cheetah, apparently.

Eventually, she made her way into Danville Park. And, sure enough, her romance-seeking friends were there, as was the mutual target of their affection.

"Hi, Baljeet!" both girls said at the same time.

"Oh! Hello, uh... Ginger and Adyson."

"He said my name first!" Ginger exclaimed. "One point for me!"



"Whatever. So, Baljeet, whatcha up to?"

Baljeet was sitting at a marble rock table, which was covered with a number of textbooks and a couple of notebooks.

"I am doing my homework!" he proclaimed proudly.

"Really?" questioned Ginger. "On a beautiful Saturday afternoon?"

"Yeah," added Adyson. "I'm sure it can wait."

Adyson pulled Baljeet off of his seat and towards her, doing so until their faces were mere inches away from each other.

"Wouldn't you rather take a nice stroll around the park? With a pretty girl?"

Baljeet's face starting glowing red. "Well, I..."

Ginger bumped Adyson out of the way with a shopping cart.

"Why walk, Baljeet, when you can get a ride from a pretty girl? No walking required!"

Baljeet's face gotten even redder. "Well, I..."

Adyson pushed Ginger and the cart aside, as she presented a kite to Baljeet.

"How about something less dangerous? Like learning how to fly a kite? I got my Kite Flying Teacher Patch last month, y'know."

"Well, I..."

Ginger suddenly reached in, wrapped the string around Adyson, and then unwound it, sending the brunette twirling away uncontrollably.

"Kite flying? Yawn! I got this great book we can read together, under the shade of a tree!"

The title of the book Ginger had? '10 Ways to Say I Love You.'

"Well, I..."

Adyson returned, this time with a tray of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, which she was holding whilst wearing oven mitts.

"Cookies, Baljeet? They're sweet, just like me!"

Ginger countered with a freshly-prepared container of sushi, which did not require protection of any sort.

"Sushi, Baljeet? It's exotic, just like me!"

Baljeet hesitated to decide. Both options looked quite delicious to him. Unfortunately, the girls did not share the same opinion.

"Cookies, Adyson? Old-fashioned much?"

"Says the girl who went with sushi! Raw food, yuck! Oh, and where'd you get the shopping cart from? Taking it out from a supermarket parking lot is considering stealing, Hirano!"

"Oh, that's low! Stooping to using last names, Sweetwater! Also, you're one to talk, stealing my man!"

"He isn't your man to begin with!"

Ginger gasped. "You take that back!"

The two girls started throwing their food at each other. Adyson tossed her cookies, while Ginger flung her sushi. Baljeet, confused, backed out of the way.

Looks like things are getting messy. Time to step in and explain things.

Holly had succeeded in stopping her friends from making fools of themselves, and she was just finishing up explaining the reason of their dispute to Baljeet. And he could not believe it.

"You two... you are fighting over me?"

Ginger and Adyson both nodded.

"I've liked you for more than a year!" admitted Ginger. "And Adyson started dating you even though she knew I liked you the way she likes you beforehand!"

"I started liking you for real just a few weeks ago," confessed Adyson, "and since Ginger had plenty of time to make a move and she didn't, I didn't feel all that guilty about asking you out on a date!"

The two then got in Baljeet's face and made a unanimous declaration.

"Which one of us are you in love with? Me or her?"

Baljeet was flattered. And frightened. He liked both of them, for sure. But did he love one of them?

"This... this is all so sudden! Oh my. Oh my!"

He pulled out a paper bag and started hyperventilating. Holly moved to quickly calm him down.

"We can give you some time to think about it."

Baljeet stopped. Maybe a few days to weigh all the pros and cons of each girl would help him make a rational and well thought out decision. If he made one at all.

"Okay," he nodded in agreement.

"Good. You have until tonight."

The three girls then walked away, with Holly pushing away Adyson and Ginger, both of whom were now engaged in a glare-off.


That night...

Baljeet closed the door to his bedroom, and then turned to face the girls. Holly was sitting backwards on Baljeet's deck chair, while Adyson and Ginger had parked themselves on his bed. The Indian boy took a deep breath, and then began...

"It has come to my attention that there is a disagreement in regards to which girl I desire to have relations with. Well, allow me to clear the air."

Baljeet coughed to clear his throat, and then he continued, as both Adyson and Ginger leaned in his direction, anxious to hear his answer.

"After careful consideration of all of the facts, the probabilities that one of you will cast feelings of shame and anger upon me after not being chosen, and two hours spent in the corner hyperventilating, I have made my decision."

Baljeet walked towards his bed, which was Holly's signal to bring out a special surprise. She pulled out a rectangular box from behind Baljeet's computer, where it had been hidden from view, and opened it. Baljeet stopped in front of Holly so he could reach in and pull out what was inside.

It was a rose.

Adyson and Ginger looked at each other in shock. Then they saw Holly with a teeth-flashing grin on her face.

The rose? Completely my idea, 100 percent!

Okay, I maybe might've borrowed it from somewhere...

Once Baljeet had the rose in hand, Holly rolled herself out of the way so she could watch the decision all unfold from a slightly safer distance. The young dark-haired boy took a few deep breaths to keep his nerves in check, and then he turned to face the pair that was sitting on his bed.

He extended his arms forward, holding the flower out in front of him...

"Do you accept this rose?"

...and in Adyson's direction. The brunette was visibly stunned.


Baljeet nodded. Adyson took the rose and sniffed it. She then wrapped her arms around Baljeet and gave him a big hug.

"Thank you," she whispered, into his left ear.

Baljeet had made his decision, and Adyson was pleased about the result. But what about Ginger? Adyson let go of Baljeet and then turned to face her friend. Surprisingly, she was still sitting there quietly, having not reacted to the decision at all.


Cautiously, Adyson reached towards Ginger to get her attention. But just as Adyson's hand was about to touch Ginger's shoulder, the latter girl stood up in a hurry. Ginger's sudden movement spooked Adyson so much that she backed into Baljeet, who was knocked down to the floor.

"I am okay," muttered Baljeet.

Adyson wanted to help him up, but considering that Ginger was staring at her, she was afraid to turn her back to her.

"I guess that's that. Baljeet's made his choice."

Ginger definitely looked as if she was surrendering. She had no intention of dragging the fight out any longer.

"I... I'll just let myself out."

Ginger started making her way for the door. Adyson thought about going after her, but then she also remembered that she had knocked Baljeet down and that she should perhaps help him back up. Suddenly, she was forced to make a decision.

A quick decision.


She reached down to grab Baljeet's arm, which was already in the air as he was about to verbally ask for assistance. Once she had a hold of it, she pulled Baljeet up to his feet.

"Sorry about that."

She let go, allowing Baljeet to use his own hands to dust himself off.

"It happens."

"I was thinking that Ginger would've been angrier that you chose me over... her?"

Adyson had turned around to point at Ginger, but she was gone. The Asian girl had left the room while no one was looking.

"I never knew that Ginger was that into me until today," Baljeet admitted.

"Well, Baljeet, she is. A lot. But..."


Adyson reached for Baljeet's hand again, but this time, it was to give it a little flirtatious squeeze.

"I'm into you too, Baljeet! A lot! And nothing against Ginger, but if she really liked you, wouldn't she have confessed to you a long time ago?"

Baljeet shrugged his shoulders.

"I do not know."

"I, on the other hand... well, you already know that story. Plus, we know we already like each other!"

"Hmmm. That is true."

"Look. Despite how Ginger feels, you chose me! I'm pretty sure that if you liked her more than you liked me, you would've given her the rose! Right?"

"I concur."

Adyson gently squeezed Baljeet's hand again.

"You're happy you chose me, I'm happy you chose me, and Ginger took the rejection graciously. And even if she's more upset about it than she let on, I'm sure she'll be over it in a day or two."

"If you say so, Addy."

Holly, though, was not as certain.

"Didn't she try to rip you apart just a couple hours ago?"

"Water under the bridge," replied Adyson. "You saw her leave. She's fine."

"I... suppose..."

"Look, if you're that worried, I'll drop by her house in the morning, and chat about it. Just to make sure everything's okey-dokey, okay?"

"Alright. Then I guess my work here is done."

Holly was about to walk out, just so Adyson and Baljeet could get a few minutes alone as a couple for the first time. But then Buford walked into the room, out of the blue.

"I just passed a Fireside on the way in. You havin' a party?"

He then saw that Holly and Adyson were still in the room. He also noticed that was holding Baljeet by the hand. Buford smirked.

"Ah, so it's THAT kind of party. Rawr."

That insinuation got a pillow thrown into Buford's face, courtesy of Adyson.

Outside, Ginger had just closed the front door behind her, and she quickly got onto the sidewalk so she could begin the lonely walk back home. Alone.

"Just have to keep telling myself... if Baljeet's happy, I'm happy..."

Ginger walked away, continuously telling herself that not being with Baljeet was not the end of the world. But she could not help but take one last look over her shoulder, back at Baljeet's house, and that made her think...

"...was giving up her first true love in order to ensure everyone was happy the right choice?" Well, if I was Ginger, that's what I'd be thinking at this moment. In my opinion, I think it was.

What do YOU think?

End Entry
End Season Three

Author's Notes:
And that's how season three comes to a close! Now that you've seen this season's main story arc reach its conclusion, Holly's ended it with a question. Will you respond?

For those curious, since the vote ended in a tie, I made the decision on which ending would be the one you all would see. And that was the one I had originally planned to use before even deciding to do a vote! I would've been happy either way, but even so... I'm surprised that it even ended up a tie, since the majority of people who've stated their opinion about Adyson-Baljeet have been in favor or neutral about it, with barely anyone opposed. I don't know where all the Ginger-Baljeet shippers suddenly came from, but, hey, you guys almost pulled off what would've been, in my opinion, a huge upset.

Now, let's talk about season four. The good news is that the current plan is to do 13 episodes. The even better news is that the wait for it to begin is shorter than the gap between seasons one and two. Season four will premiere in June of this year, which is roughly three months away! So you won't be without more Fireside goodness for long!

Of course, this next part is the one everyone's been waiting for. This is when I open up my inbox for suggestions for ideas for episodes! I've done this after each season so far. I had no suggestions after season one; got three after season two, and I ended up using two of those. How many will I get this time? Ultimately, that's up to you guys (and I already have a couple in thanks to people who jumped the gun). I'll take both general and specific ideas of what you want to see - any of the latter will be properly credited if I use them - but do take note that I, as the author, have the only say in what gets used.

Ideas may be placed in one of the following: a review of this and ONLY this chapter, through PM, or drop me a line on Twitter (at freefightwriter). I'll accept suggestions through March 31st, 2013 or when I have the outline for the season set, whichever comes first. I will announce on Twitter and on my Fanfiction-net profile page when the suggestion box is closed. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

There are a number of extras from this season I will be posting on my website sometime in the next few weeks. The link is on my profile page. Again, when those go up, check that profile page or my Twitter.

That being said, thanks for reading, as always! Hope you enjoyed season three of "Fireside Diaries," and I hope to see you all back here in June for season four. Good night, everyone!

- Freedom Fighter