Quidditch Practice


"Ah...top of the morning to yeh', Prongs."

"...Sirius. What are you doing here?"

"Laying on your bed, what does it look like?"

"Why aren't you constructing Quidditch practice like I asked you?"

"Good question! I didn't feel like it."

"You said you would because I'm sick!"

"About that...you look terrible!"


"If you're here...and not on the field, who is?"

"Oh! I forced Peter. Problem solved!"

"BLOODY HELL PETER? Peter? Peter is training my team to beat Slytherin next match?"

"Yeah. I think we're going to lose!"

"Wait a second, why aren't you there anyway? You're our best beater."

"Like I said, didn't feel like it!"

"I swear Padfoot..."

"Aw, why so serious? You've been like that ever since you started dating Lily."

"I'm not Sirius, you're Sirius, remember?"

"Not funny."

The boy with messy black hair and brilliant eyes grudgingly got out of bed in search of his Quidditch uniform.

"What are you doing mate?"

"Going to Quidditch practice. Peter probably didn't show up."

"No, he's probably teaching them how to properly eat pie with only their face!"

With that, James Potter and Sirius Black made their way to the Quidditch pitch to face the chaos today's practice most likely turned out to be.

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