I don't exactly know what I was thinking when I wrote this, 'kay? I was just really surprised when I saw that there were only two fics in the Nevermore section, and decided that it seriously needed more stories, because it's a really really awesome book. This is what I came up with.

She lay in a meadow, humming to herself. Her hair was spread out in a halo around her head. It glistened like gold in the faint sunlight. Her eyes were closed, and she was clutching a small note covered in purple ink in her left hand.
Abruptly she sat up, her breath caught in her throat. A yellow leaf stuck in her hair, and she tossed it aside. Her heart was hammering. She could feel him. He was near. A cool breeze brushed past her and made goose bumps rise on her arms. She rose quickly to her feet and let her gaze sweep over the meadow. She squinted, but she could still not make out any shapes in the darkness of the dense forest. Her vision clouded, and she suddenly felt very dizzy.
"Izzzzobel…" The woods seemed to whisper from behind her. She spun around in the direction of the whispers, but there were no one there. The whispers now came from everywhere, they clouded her mind and numbed her limbs. Then they suddenly stilled. All Isobel could hear was the sound of her own heart beating in her chest. A couple of seconds she just stood there, alone in the meadow, until the sharp sound of a twig breaking behind her brought her out of her daze. She spun around.

And stared right into a couple of heartbreakingly beautiful jade green eyes.