Four Heads Are Better Than One

Year One: After the Sorting

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"Well, I think that went very well," Minerva McGonagall announced happily. Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout nodded their agreement as they followed her into the staff room. Severus Snape just grunted.

"I see Potter's in Gryffindor," he muttered as he slumped into a chair.

"Just as his parents were," said Minerva proudly. Severus' lip curled into a sneer.

"No doubt he will emulate his father in every other way also," he said bitterly.

"Merlin's beard Severus, it's been over fourteen years," exclaimed Minerva in exasperation. "Don't you think it's time to let go of a schoolboy grudge?"

"Besides, you know nothing about this Potter," Pomona pointed out. "He may be nothing like his father." Severus snorted.

"Don't make me laugh. His fame will have swollen his already planet sized ego and he will be intolerable. He even looks like Potter." Filius gave him a sharp look.

"You will give the boy a chance, won't you Severus?" he said firmly. "After all, he is Lily's son too." The Slytherin's jaw tightened.

"He is his father's son! There is nothing of her in there." he spat. The three other Heads exchanged meaningful glances and decided to change the subject.

"At least you got Mr. Malfoy," Filius reminded him. Minerva scowled.

"Now that one really is the image of his father, in behaviour as well as looks." She glared at Severus as if expecting him to disagree, and so was visibly surprised when he shrugged. He had regained his control now that they were no longer discussing Lily.

"He is a bit of a brat." He smirked at their startled expressions. "I may be Draco's godfather, but that doesn't mean I can't see his shortcomings. His parents have spoiled him rotten and he has inherited his father's pureblood mania." Minerva looked slightly mollified, but Pomona frowned.

"I trust you will keep an eye on him, Severus," she said anxiously. "I can remember how Lucius behaved when he was a student."

"I assure you Pomona, that Draco will not get away with behaving in a similar manner," Severus replied grimly. Filius nodded in approval, before turning to Pomona.

"And are you happy with your new badgers?" The witch beamed.

"Of course I am. I taught most of their parents you know." She glanced at Minerva. "I did wonder if I'd get Neville Longbottom. His mother was one of mine."

"But I had his father," the Gryffindor pointed out. She looked slightly troubled. "I'm actually a little concerned about the boy." Pomona leaned forward anxiously.

"Why? What's wrong?" Minerva sighed.

"Neville has been brought up by Frank's mother," she explained. "It seems she has rather high expectations of him." Pomona's eyes glinted.

"If that is true, then I shall be having words with Augusta Longbottom," she said grimly. "That poor boy has been through enough already." Filius nodded in agreement.

"I think we need to keep an eye on Mr. Longbottom in any case," he added. "Remember how long it took for Alice's magic to settle?" Pomona nodded.

"Poor thing, she was so worried about it. It wasn't until her fifth year that it became fully reliable."

"And it was even worse when she was under pressure," Minerva remembered. She shot Severus a sharp look. "You are not to terrify the boy." The Slytherin raised an eyebrow.

"If he is competent, I will not have to." He flinched slightly as both witches glared at him. "Fine." He sighed. "I suppose he cannot be much worse than the Weasley twins."

"Oh yes, you got the latest Weasley too, didn't you Minerva?" Filius recalled.

"As if he would have gone anywhere else. I have had every Weasley for the past seven generations." Severus rolled his eyes.

"Let us hope that he chooses to follow the Weasley Prefects rather than the Weasley pranksters."

"He seems to have made friends with Mr. Potter already," noted Filius slyly. "Could we be looking at the next generation of Marauders, Minerva?" Pomona burst out laughing at the horror on the Gryffindor's face at that thought. Even Severus chuckled a bit.

After a few moments though, Pomona's face grew serious.

"I do hope that they haven't inherited their parents' curiosity. It certainly wouldn't do to have them wandering the school this year." Severus frowned.

"How would they even know there was something hidden?" he pointed out. "All Albus told them was that the third floor corridor is out of bounds." Minerva snorted.

"That would have been enough on its own for James," she said dismally. "You only had to mention a rule and he'd find a way to break it." Filius glanced up sharply.

"That's not all," he exclaimed. "Albus asked Hagrid to collect the Stone on the same day he collected Harry. If he even suspects it's in the school he's going to want to know what it is."

"Maybe he takes after his mother more in that regard," suggested Pomona hopefully. Severus grimaced.

"Not likely. If anything she was worse than Potter when it came to investigating anything out of the ordinary." There was a grim silence at this announcement, then Minerva sighed.

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it now. We'll just have to hope that he has the sense to stay out of trouble." She pointedly ignored Severus' look of disbelief. After a moment, Pomona spoke up.

"Let's look on the bright side." The others looked at her curiously and she shrugged. "It looks like we're in for a very interesting year."

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