A/N: okay anything that's slanted and bold is what she remembers, and anything slanted but not bolded is what she's saying in her mind.

My Tears are for You.

"I…I'm sorry I didn't mean to walk in on you, I just… just…mmmfff" words failed her. She ran out of the dark room, crying, replaying what she had seen in her mind.

Xion was sitting outside in the sand under a palm tree, remembering the night she decided to leave Twilight Town and go to Destiny Island.

"Xion! It wasn't like that, I promise!" he cried, running after her.

"Just, leave me alone, Roxas!" she cried back

She didn't want to leave Twilight Town, but she couldn't bear seeing her enemy and her secret crush kiss that night. She thought her tears were gone.

"No, Xion! You need to know the truth!" Roxas said, grabbing on to her wrist.

"Roxas, I don't need to know the thing that you call the 'truth'. I saw with my own eyes, and it would hurt so much more if you deny it and call me an idiot!" she screamed at his face and yanked her wrist away from his grasp.

But she couldn't help but feel something warm and wet fall down her cheeks.

'Funny. I thought that all my tears were gone. I thought that my weeps were just little yelps that nobody would listen to since I'm just a worthless loser.'

"Xion, I told you it was not like that! Please let me tell you!" Roxas cried, trying to find where she ran off to.

"I knew it. The day when I decide to tell him I love him, is the day that he hurts me the most." Xion whispered to herself, her tears streamed furiously down her cheeks. She was hiding under a desk at Twilight High, she had to finish work with Roxas and Namine, so she stayed late.

'Namine. I hate that name. It's nothing but the thing that made me leave Twilight Town. I miss seeing you, I knew that you never really cared if I was there or not, but I still miss you, and I still love you. I will always love you, no matter what.'

"Xion! Where are you? C'mon, Xion! It didn't happen like that! Please let me tell you the truth!" Roxas screamed, trying to find her.

"Please leave me alone, Roxas!"she tried to scream back, but you can tell in her voice that she was weeping.

Roxas ran to where he heard her voice and went under the table. "Xion, please listen to me! I don't ever want to hurt you! Your my best friend!" he tried to sit with her, but she didn't want him to sit with her, and she scooted farther away from him.

"Roxas, leave me alone! I get that you are in love with Namine, but you don't need to keep telling me that!" she shouted, burring her head into her hands and crying loudly.

Now Xion was crying harder, the sad memories wandering around in her head. Then she noticed a sad looking spikey haired blonde teen who was walking along the beach.

'He looks so familiar, but I never met him here on Destiny Islands, so who could he be?' she wondered why he looked so familiar. The teen saw her sitting down, and instantly a smile came on his face.

"Xion!" the teen said happily.

Then she instantly knew who he was.

"Roxas!" she said, running towards him, with nothing but a smile on her face.