Ah, another fluffy Phoenix/Maya story. That awkward moment when you realise you've written the same story, like, four times, just with a few things changed.

Oh well, I can't get enough of them. This pairing is too cute for it's own good. Enjoy! :')

Also, I feel I should maybe credit Taylor Swift the lyrics I stole from her song The story of us. I always thought this line was incredibly accurate and it basically inspired me to write this.

Miscommunication leads to fallout

I look myself up and down in the mirror, and attempt a smile, straighten out my shirt and run a hand through my hair; trying to fix it up the best I can with the little gel I have left on my hand.

I take a deep breath and swallow, and try to picture it. I imagine she's sitting on the sofa with me. We're probably watching something dumb; the pink princess, maybe the Steel Samurai. What else does she watch? My arm's around her and she's curled up to me, the way she is whenever it's cold and there's no blanket spare. Swallowing again, I try to imagine her face in front of mine, those beautiful eyes, that cute little smile she does.

"Uh, Maya, do you maybe want to get a drink together sometime?" I say it out loud and even though the situation is make-believe I blush with embarrassment, hardly able to believe I'm finally going to do this. Maybe the sentence is too clumsy? She'd probably just assume I mean as friends anyway. I think, scathingly. Perhaps I should say- "Maya- wanna go out with me?" That's way too childish. I decide, wondering if a full confession might be better. "Look, Maya, ever since Hazakurain I've had these weird feelings for you . . . and at first I didn't know what they were but lately, I've been starting to think that, well- I really like you. A lot. As more than a friend and I know this is incredibly stupid and will probably wreck our friendship and your way too young for me really but-"

Sighing I stop and roll my eyes, Yeah, that'll convince her, Phoenix. Point out all the reasons why she shouldn't out with you. Mmm, attractive! Not. Maybe I should just fully go for it and kiss her? Who am I kidding? She'd completely freak out.

"Maya . . . I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen-"

"Someone thinks a lot of themselves." Says Maya standing in the door frame, grinning broadly. I jump back from the mirror. I can see how this looks bad but frankly, I'm just grateful she didn't hear the first word of that sentence. I mean, she can't of else I doubt she'd be acting this normal. She's still grinning, "All the hair-gel, the trendy new clothes. Vanity is a sin, you know?" But I don't take it personally, I know she's kidding. If I took her jibes seriously I'd have very low self-esteem since Maya makes fun of me a lot.

"Maya, there's nothing wrong with looking after yourself. If I want to look nice at work, I will." I say, turning away from the mirror and round to look at her.

But she just laughs, "Why though? It's only me who sees you all day anyway."

No kidding. She's actually got no idea.

"What're you up to now?" she says, walking off, knowing I'll follow her. "Other than gazing at yourself in the mirror with that love-struck expression on your face?"

Thing is, I got that expression because she was there. She's so painfully oblivious and I can't help but be happy about that. I have literally no idea how she'll react if, no - when I tell her how I feel.

"Uh, nothing really. Well, I've got some paper-work-" I reply slowly.

"Screw paper-work. You should do it later. We should do something fun like um-"

I know what's coming now. Wait for it . . .


This girl is going to eat me out of house and home. But I grab my wallet anyway. "Fine, But this is the last time this week." Truthfully, I'm going to struggle to afford this anyway. But I figure it's worth it if it makes her smile.