While some women would be bothered by the fact that Reid never made a move, it really didn't bother Lila at all. She had total control which she liked. She needed to have some control in her life, something she had lacked for a very long time. Over the last 5 years, she'd trained Reid well. He'd been a quick learner having had no experience with any woman prior to meeting her. She knew that right off the bat but pretended that she didn't know.

She also hadn't been careful about using birth control having had a couple of drinks before going into the pool. This had given her the courage to come unto Reid, something she'd never done with any previous partner. They continued their affair in the huge bathroom in her home while his FBI co-workers slept.

Shortly thereafter her roommate was caught, and then Reid went back to Washington D.C. A couple of days later her roommate committed suicide. Lila found out she was pregnant shortly thereafter.

Lila Archer grew up in the small town of Christmas Beach, Florida. Christmas was a big thing in the town. A couple of weeks before Christmas, the town had a Tour of Homes. Many of the homes on the beach or across the street were built back in the 1960's. Lila's grandmother was one of the first people to settle in the area. In 1965 the home which Lila now used was one of the highlights of the tour of homes. The old house had Christmas decorations on the yard. It had beautiful small wreaths on the door. The wreaths on the door were made by six year old Hannah Reid

Lillian Archer was Lila's paternal grandmother. Her parents along with her maternal grandparents and paternal grandfather had died in a house fire many years ago (right after her first year of college). Lila and her grandmother were at the grocery store when it happened. For years the arson fire was unsolved. Shortly after Lila's room mate was arrested, she told investigators that she started the fires. She was jealous of the close relationship Lila had with her family. She had hoped to cause a rift between Lillian and her granddaughter but that never occurred. They became closer as a result.

Five years ago her beloved grandmother had died She had gotten the home and decided to continue her grandmother's tradition of showing the house. After the incident with the roommate, Lila had tried to take on a much lower profile. Didn't really work too well.

The first year she did the open house, reporters and news media wanted to know who the father of her child was. She refused to tell them. Her pregnancy had become public knowledge even though she hardly showed. It wasn't long before others in the community put their two cents in. A newspaper editorial criticized Lila for not marrying the father of her child. A pastor on a radio show said that Lila was a poor role model for young women and should ask God for forgiveness of sin.

At that point Lila almost wished she had stayed in LA. No one would care and it wouldn't be the talk of the town for months. The story was largely ignored in the main press.

If they weren't talking about her pregnancy, then they were talking about going into the church and confessing to have sex with her boyfriend. This boyfriend was now a famous actor who basically dumped her after her confession in the church. The last time she had seen him was at a party a couple of years ago. Their eyes met but then he turned away from her ignoring her.

Spencer Reid had come to visit. He knew all about the house and the history of it. He was the tour guide for the tour. Hannah played the piano for the guests that came in. Lila sang Christmas music or told stories to the kids.

The Tour of Homes went from 12-5 on Saturday and then 1-4 on Sunday. Finally the last person had come by. It was almost 4:15 p.m. A community dinner would be served at 6:00 pm. Saturday.

"Mom, Dad, there's a man on the third floor hiding in the closet." Said Hannah.

The man had no idea that Lila had an elaborate security system and they could see the man from downstairs. Lila called the police. Police Chief Becker came in the back door and up the stairs. He caught the man in the closet going through Lila's things.

Normally the Police Chief didn't like the press coming around, but he wanted to make sure that everyone saw the guy he was arresting for trespassing. The news media was invited into the house and filmed the man being handcuffed and led out the door. Lila looked at him in disgust, Reid scowled at him, and Hannah asked him why he was going through her dad's closets. A crowd outside had started to gather having heard the news.

Lila, Reid and Hannah went to the Community Dinner, a short walk down the street. By this time, the media had left and were headed to the county jail 30 miles away. Nearly everyone in town knew about the intruder and his arrest.

Although anyone was welcomed to the Christmas Dinner, Chief Becker knew everyone there. Anyone connected with the intruder had left town rather quickly he assumed. They were probably bailing the man out of jail. About an hour and a half later, the Police Chief arrived at the dinner. He took Lila to the side and told her what had happened.

When the trio came out of the dinner a couple of hours later, it was cold out. Although it had been very hot earlier in the day, as soon as the sun went down, it got very cool. Cold front had come in.

There was a bedroom right by the front door. Lila's 2 German Shepard dogs lived in that room. They had been taken out due to the open house but were back in their cozy room. The back bedroom didn't have much privacy. The master bedroom had too many windows. There were too many windows in the house. This was according to Spencer Reid. Lila had the master bedroom downstairs, Hannah was on the second floor, and Reid when he was there slept on the third floor. What an evening it had been.