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She's fire. You're ice. In what world do the two fit together?

Nowhere, that's the answer. You would absolutely destroy each other. But you can't help being attracted. And you escape from your friends for a few minutes just to see her. Maybe even speak to her. Just for a minute.

You finally get the courage to ask her to dance. She smiles and accepts, so you lead her out to the dance floor. You twirl elegantly together until the musicians take a break.

You bow out, smiling, allowing her cousin, Albus, to sweep her up. They dance together and she joins her brother, Hugo. She dances with each of the Weasley/Potter males, it seems.

Then, just after you leave Taneal Nott she returns.

She shyly asks for a dance, nothing like fire usually would. You accept and the two of you waltz out again, fire and ice coexisting.

Perhaps fire and ice can fit together in the world you live in.