Draco Malfoy was sure three things at this point. 1: the love of his life had been adopted, but not by his cousin, 2: Voldemort would piss himself if he saw this, and 3: Harry's new family, both sides, was scary protective.

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Diagon Ally

Harry Potter was in Heaven. Well, not really, but it was close. He climbed up the side of the large metal like bed before running up the middle. "Mum!, Dad! Wake up!" the first recharging figure just rolled over and the second one curled around Harry. He huffed and climbed up higher on his "mum" and looked down at the sleeping seeker's face. "Mum, come on! We have to go get my supplies for school," Harry said pouting. The sleepy seeker onlined an optic to stare at his adopted youngling, before gently pulling Harry off his shoulder and sitting up. "why must we go this early?" the seeker says recharge still grasping at his CPU.

Harry rolled his eyes and gave his adopted mother a deadpan look, then huffed. "You want to get mobbed by my adoring public?" Harry asked. The mech rolled back over to glare at his bonded and their youngling. "You should both be in recharge," he said with a frown. Harry gave him the same deadpan look before shrugging. "Guess, I'll just ask Aunty Warp and Uncle TC," he said. "We're up," Starscream said, "I'm not letting Skywarp anywhere near those Weasley twins. They sound worse than those Autobot Twins." Harry grinned up at him before climbing up to cuddle into Starscream's neck.

Swinging his bird like peds off the birth, Starscream fluttered his wings, which in turn made Megatron purr. Harry shot his adopted father a "the-child-is-still-here-don't-flirt" look and Megatron smirked at him. Harry pouted, but then carefully started to climb down Starscream, then raced over to his broom. After getting up into the air to hover around his parents, Harry thought back on how he had been adopted into the Decepticon army. It had been a very weird day back on Private Drive. He had only been back from school for about a day when the seeker had showed up to test the rumor about humans doing magic. Harry knew staying at his Aunt's was a bad idea.

Just as he thought he was about to be turned into an alien science experiment, Starscream had stopped and stared wide opticed at the small fourteen year old. Within seconds Harry found himself being picked up and coddled like a baby. Harry had put it together that the seeker had seen his bruises and broken bones and started to freak out. The seeker started to make as many comforting sounds as he could, pulling Harry as close to his spark as possible. Harry, for some reason had felt himself starting to calm and even dosed off. He hadn't seen the Autobots arrive to save him nor had he seen Starscream whimper and explain what he saw to the Autobot medic.

When Megatron had finally arrived to see what was taking his seeker so long, he felt his spark pull to the little human. His bonded was hovering over the medic and Megatron looked over at his brother. Optimus shook his head and Megatron growled. Wasn't bad enough that humans were squishy and weak, but some would actually hurt a sparkling? The human that followed his brother looked just as disgusted as the Cybertronians. This wasn't normal even to the humans. A week later Megatron and Starscream had taken Harry and his belongings from his Aunt's home and adopted him.

Harry smiled at them before shooting off to find the rest of Starscream's thrine. "He's just like you," Megatron chuckled. "Brilliant and gorgeous? "Starscream asked. "He has your same annoying need to be in the sky," he told the seeker. Starscream pouted but then smirked. "Well, he has your Hero complex," the Seeker said. Megatron frowned and looked at his bonded. "Optimus has the hero complex." Starscream snorted, following his sparkling out the base before transforming. Megatron followed in suit and Harry headed to Starscream's cockpit. The journey to Diagon Alley was a quick and Starscream did a couple of barrel rolls to get Harry to laugh.

After reaching the pub, Megatron and Starscream activated their holoforms; moving to stand by Harry. He blinked at them and looked them over before nodding. Starscream looped his arm around Megatron's arm and Harry lead the way into the ally. Many of the shoppers stopped to stare at the happy family walking down the street and Harry walked back to Megatron's side. Snape had been walking up the street and stared are the two men walking with Harry. The taller one had broad shoulders, well muscled, and looked like he stood at 6'6" at least. He wasn't dressed like a wizard, just a plain white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Black slacks and dress shoes finished the outfit. Choppy sliver-gray hair and stubble beard covered his head and dark violet eyes scanned the crowd.

The man hanging on the first arm was sleeker and shorter, but still a head taller than Harry. He appeared to be at 5'10", 5'11" at the most, with unruly back hair the fell into red eyes rimmed with sooty black lashes. He was dressed in white pants with a white shirt, vest and a tie. What threw Snape for a loop, was the colors of the vest and tie. The vest was red and Snape could live with seeing that in public, but the tie. It was an orange that he thought only Dumbledore owned. The slight man was looking all around him in amazement, while his lover, Snape guessed, watched over Harry. The trio headed to Gringotts and the goblins allowed Harry down to his vault while Megatron took care of the business the goblins were dragging him off too leaving Starscream to wait for Harry.

Harry came back out to find only one of his guardians. "He went to go take care of something," Starscream said then frowned. "Why are your clothes so messed up?" Starscream started to straighten Harry out and the teen rolled his eyes. Seconds later Harry was tackled to the ground. Starscream screeched and Megatron reappeared to see what the problem was. "Oh Harry, you're alive!" a bushy haired femme said. Starscream carefully and quickly ripped Harry away from the girl and the girl frowned. She stood for a few seconds before backing away from the angry seeker. "De-De-cept-" she started to stutter.

"Decepticon?" Starscream asked with a smirk. Muggles and Muggleborns started to back away from the holoform in fear leaving the purebloods and some half-bloods looking at them like they were crazy. Starscream's smirk widened and Megatron came out with Griphook. "Starscream, what the Pit is going on out here?" he yelled. Harry huffed and glared at the seeker. "Why yes, I have two Decepticons as adoptive parents, Hermione," he told her. "Now can a get a proper hug and not a glomp?" Hermione sighed but didn't move. Megatron had moved over to him and places a hand on his shoulder. "Harry, is this a friend of yours?" he asked.

Harry smiled and pulled his friend close. "This is Hermione," he told his adoptive parents. "She's one third of the Golden Trio." "She's one of your thrinemates?" Starscream asked. "Trinemate?" Hermione asked back. "Seeker team of three," Harry explained. "Why would seekers work in threes to catch a snitch?" she asked. At this point Starscream as looking confused, Megatron as well. "No, Mione, in Cybertronian, seeker means something different," he told her. Hermione sighed then looked at the two holoforms before turning to seem wizards running in. Megatron frowned and pulled the two teens and Starscream off to the side as the wizards started to obliviate the people around them.

"N.E.S.T has a magic division?"Starscream asked. "I bet they take care of the memories of us," Megatron growled. Hermione and Harry let themselves be held by the seeker before they we ushered out of the bank. "I wonder if Lennox knows about this? "Starscream muttered. "Sure do, Screamer," a man said walking up. Starscream squawked before turning around to see the major grinning. "Optimus doesn't trust me not to make a mess?" Megatron asked with a smirk. Lennox smiled and the pulled out his orders for Megatron to read.

"He knew Hermione would blow our cover?" he asked. "How?" Lennox smirked and pointed to Hermione's head. "She's possibly one of the smartest humans living," he told them. "Optimus figured you would do something small enough for her to figure out you're not human and Decepticons." Megatron and Starscream looked down at the small human girl who laughed nervously. "It was the color of his clothes," she told them. "I remember the colors on his alt-form."

"I told you to change the outfit," Megatron said, glaring. Starscream pouted and turned his back on his leader/ bondmate. "It was better than what I actually wanted to wear," he muttered. "He wanted to wear a hoodie with short-shorts, and boots," Harry whispered to her. "Dad said no." "Actually, Harry, what I said was 'if you don't change, Starscream, I'm not responsible for the groping'," Megatron said leaning over the two teens. Harry and Hermione jumped and glared at him, before their faces turned bright red. "What have a said about flirting with me around?" Harry asked. Megatron messed his hair up a little more before walking off.

Harry Pouted and Hermione blinked. "Oh my Merlin! He's like a Mech version of Malfoy!" she gasped. Harry stared at her for the longest time thinking she had lost her mind. Starscream had looked over at his child, he guessed was the human term, and giggled. "Aww she's just like Skywarp," he said hooking his arm around Megatron's again. "How so, my seeker?" Megatron asked. Starscream purred and rubbed himself into his lovers arm. "She points out the obvious and most ridiculous things," he said. Megatron sighed and then looked over at Harry. "Youngling, come," he said. Harry turned to follow and Hermione attached herself to his side. "I'm following you since I got lost from the Weasleys," she said.

"Harry?" they heard. Starscream and Megatron tensed and Harry smiled at the gaggle of red coming to them. "Ron!" Harry yelled and tackled his friend to the ground. "That would be out last Trinemate," Hermione told them as Ron walked over with Harry clinging to his back. "He's not solemn," Ron said. Hermione nodded and harry jumped off his back. "Mum, Dad this is my best friend, Ronald Weasley," he told them. "These are your parents?" Ron asked. The rest of the Weasley family piled around and Molly started to fret over Harry. Starscream twitched before taking his sparkling back glaring at the human femme.

"Mum, relax," Harry muttered letting himself be hugged. Starscream sighed and combed his slender hands through Harry's hair. Molly felt taken aback. As far as she cared, Harry was one of her boys and this man thought he take one of her kids? Megatron raised an eyebrow at them and Arthur new he better smooth things over. "Hello, I'm Arthur Weasley," He said holding out his hand. Megatron shook I and smirked. "Markus Prime, this is my wife, Skyler Prime," he told him. "We're Harry's adopted parents." Starscream hissed lightly at the word "wife" before going back to cuddling their sparkling. Megatron smirked as Harry's face turned right red and then formed a pout.

Within seconds the twins had walked up to harry and Starscream, staring at him before grinning. "You have a brother who likes to prank," they said at the same time. "You're never meeting Warp," Starscream deadpanned. "Never." They looked over at Harry with large puppy dog eyes and Harry just stared at them. "I'm already grounded for helping Fred and Rich blow up Mum's lab," he told them. "Can't help." Starscream sat there for a second before turning his head to Megatron, who wisely was backing away from the murderous looking seeker. He knew there were three things Starscream cared for the most: 1, himself, 2 Harry and his well being, 3 his lab. Two of these have been mentioned in the prank.

"Markus, dear, why is Harry talking about blowing up my lab and putting himself in danger?" he asked sweetly. "IT WAS RUMBLE AND FRENZY'S IDEA!" Harry wailed clinging onto Starscream. "Daddy found us at the last second." Megatron stared at the scene, recalling hundreds of ones were Optimus had done the same thing. "I'm sure Scott has taken care of them," Megatron said raising his hands in defeat. Seekers were scary when it came to protecting their sparklings. Molly puffed out her chest and took Harry out of Starscream's arms before glaring at them. "Harry, it sounds too danger for you to stay with this couple. We'll see if the papers are finalized and if not, you'll come with us," she told him, thinking Harry would agree.

Starscream froze and started at the red hair femme, feeling like he had just been slapped. She had just deemed hum an unfit carrier. That human dared to call him unfit! Before he could act on his rage, Harry had run back over to hide behind Megatron, who looked pissed. "Did you just call my Bonded an Unfit Carrier?" he asked in a hissed. The Weasleys stared in shock as molly rolled on him. "You let children near a laboratory, to play pranks," she hissed. Starscream had walked over to Megatron and rested his head on his shoulder. "She called me unfit." he whispered. "Now, Molly, that was one little thing, and our boys have done worse than that," Arthur said.

"Harry should be with us, Dad," Ginny spoke for the first time. Megatron glared at her. "If you truly cared for Harry you would have taken him away from that whale and stick long ago," Megatron said. "When Skyler found Harry, he was lucky to still be standing. Bruises, broken bones, slag you could see his bones." Molly flinched and the mechanical edge Megatron's voice had taken. Ginny stepped forward to glare at the man, who towered over her. Starscream blinked as Harry and his friends drug him away from the group heading to the potions shop. Harry hugged himself to Starscream's chest and the seeker started to run his hand through Harry's hair. "Sweetspark?" he asked.

"I don't want to leave," he told him. "I love being with you guys." Starscream kissed the top of Harry's head and Ron looked at them confused. "What does 'Sweetspark' mean?" he asked. "Is that another muggle term?" "No, Ron," Hermione spoke up. "It's a Cybertronian term of endearment, mostly used be Carriers and Creators. But I hear Ironhide call Annabelle that all…..the….oops." Harry and Ron started at her and she laughed nervously.

"How would you know that?" Starscream asked. "Um…." She started. "Hermione!" was all they heard before a gray-red blur attached itself to the bushy haired girl. "Damn it Sides, stop running a….Oh shit," Sunstreaker said as he walked up. "Hello, Screamer," he said pulling Sides back. Starscream raised an eyebrow and Hermione bowed her head. "Um Sam Witwicky is my cousin," she told them. Harry stood there for a second before hugging his friend. "That means we're cousins," he said. Hermione smiled and Ron looked even more confused.

The rest of the Weasleys and Megatron came walking up. "Why are there Autobots here?" Megatron asked. "Seth and Steve are my Guardians," Hermione said. "I hacked Bee by mistake. Dr. Hatchet wasn't too happy with me." Megatron smirked and patted her head. "You really are a smart sparkling." He said. Hermione beamed up at him, and then walked over to her twins. "So how did you get Autobot guardians?" Harry asked. Hermione blinked but though back to what had happened and gave a sad sigh. "Death Eaters found out where I lived."

"They…..they k-ki-killed….m-my parents and Sideswipe found me before they could attack me. He transformed and scared them off. It was a few days after your parents started the adoption process. Dumbledore approved of what was going on." Snape walked up and them and looked the Cybertronians up and down. "I must say Potter, you've moved up in the world," Snape said. "Actually, his last name is Prime now," Megatron said. "I'm Markus." Snape felt himself freeze up when he felt the energy coming off the people surrounding two thirds of the Golden Trio.

"I'm Severus Snape, Mr. Prime's Potions Professor," he said. Megatron shook his hand and Harry looked over to see a black dog sulking outside the shop. "Uh-oh," he said. He walked over to the dog and smiled. "Hey Padfoot."

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