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Rounding up the wayward Weasley And Escape for Riddle Manor

Carly Spencer was not a happy woman right now. No, her best friend had been missing for the last week, and to make it even worse she had to be the muggle ambassador to the Ministry of Magic. Wizards had done nothing more than pissed her off. Especially that court scribe she had been assigned too. Making a huffing sound, Carly moved into stride with Percy Weasley. She actually was five seconds from smacking the man silly.

"Well, keep up Miss Spencer, we don't have all day."

"Because we're going to completely waist a two hour lunch if we just walk."

"Actually we have a reservation, and I don't want to be lat…"

"Percy, that you?"

"Hello, Oliver. My charge and I really don't have time to stop."

Percy pushed Carly past the Quidditch player and into a small restaurant where the host showed them to their seats. With a sigh Percy pulled his menu over his face, Carly's own turned into a frown. Not too far away from the odd couple, another stood by laughing at them. The first was a rather tall man with long red hair and mischievous twinkle in his blue eyes. Next to him a petite woman with magenta hair grinned matching the look in her friend's eyes.

"They look cute, Bill"

"Yes they do, Lita."

"almost as cute as you and Fluer"

Bill Weasley's face broke out into a large blush and he glared down at the holoform of his alien partner. Elita-1 just grinned up at him. She had enjoyed being partnered with a human. The funniest fact she has found was when all three of the eldest Weasley boy's had gone against their mother and were not partnered with each of them had gotten their own transformer partner. Bill had gotten the oldest of the Arcee triplets. Chroma was on assignment with Charlie in Romania, but Elita wasn't focused on that one in Romania, she was focused on the one that was stalking her Weasley.

"Percy, who's she?"

"Oh? You have a girlfriend, Weasley?"

"No, she's not my girlfriend, she's…."

"His partner."


Carly thought about that for a minute before it hit her square in the face. This was an Autobot, but which one and why was she being so pushy. Not too far away, Elita was cracking up as she watched the two femmes fight over the poor miserable red head. Bill decided to take pity on his brother and walked up to the café table. Percy looked up at him and Elita pleadingly and Bill held out his hand to Carly.

"Hello, I'm William Weasley, but you can call me Bill, this is my Autobot partner, Elita-1."

"Hello, please ignore my little sister, she's odd."


"Honey, don't be so possessive of our little handbag here, or you'll never get Bee's Twin to notice you."

Carly sighed and wondered exactly what she had walked into.

-scene change-

Sam frowned as he was tossed into Barricade's cell. Having heard what they wanted to do with him, Sam was sure it wouldn't work. He didn't know what Voldemort actually knew of Cybertronians, and insides covered in metal or not, Sam was still human. He made way over to the Decepticon and buried his face in his hood. The Ford Mustang let his engines rumble softly trying to comfort the stressed human in front of him, they had been there for almost two weeks and it seemed Sam was getting to his breaking point.


"Yes, Sam?"

"They're the bad guys."


"Get us out."

Barricade transformed and gave his little prime the nastiest smile he had ever given. Sam pulled out the key Primus had made him retrieve and looked at his watch, he noticed on the side there was a slot that looked like a keyhole. Shrugging, Sam turned the key and then gasped as his watch lit up and then the light engulfed him. Barricade felt his alarms go off as Sam was covered in what looked like Cybertronian metal. The prime blinked as the light faded. Looking up at Barricade, he whimpered.

The Decepticon picked up his human and cuddled him before turning to the cell door. The wizards though they could actually keep him in this place for so long, but Cade had been waiting for them to give Sam back. Now that he had him, the Decepticon didn't have to hold back. Hearing a small gasp, Cade looked over to see the armor on Sam's arms had turned into cannons and upon realizing this Sam's face mimicked the look Barricade had worn earlier.

"Let's blow this joint."


Barricade pulled out his cannon and started to fire. The Death eaters started to scream as the walls of the room start to come down. Barricade grinned as the humans ran from him, even some of the lesser Death eaters had been wounded and the Decepticon changed back, letting Sam fall into his front seat before speeding out of the mansion. Sam looked back as the house got smaller and smaller. Taking a deep breath Sam laid back in the seat and sighed.

"Let's get home, Cade, I'm sure Prowl's worried."

"I'm sure he is."

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