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This wasn't where he wanted to be. No, he wanted to be in the living room of 2J, playing video games and eating pie with James while simultaneously annoying the crap out of Logan with Kendall while the smarter studied for the big English Exam in two days. That had always given him a sense of satisfaction. Although, most activities with Logan usually did, whether they were speading good luck to unfortunate female singers or simply arguing over the matter of who came before who with Logan and the famous helmet. Heck, even shopping with the Jennifer's would be better than this!

Either way, Carlos did not want to be cooped up in the 2J bathroom all day, scared for his usually gleeful life . . . again.

Damn horoscope.

See, Katie got into this fortune teller faze the last time Carlos had listened to that parrot (Which he'll still argue was a Super Parrot from a foreign planet) and did random fortune telling during the days.

Let's just say that Carlos' more recent wasn't exactly the most comforting to know.

Carlos couldn't help but beam as he trotted into the Palm Woods pool area, not even bothering to swoon over the Jennifer's at the other end.

Nope, not today! Because today was the day Carlos had been waiting for, for the past god knows how many days . . . okay, two but that's like an eternity in Carlos years!

Today was the day that Carlos was going to get his helmet fixed.

The bubbly Latino silently scowled at the thought that it even needed to be fixed. Stupid Kendall and his need to use everything he can get his greedy little hands on as hockey pucks. The blonde liked to beg to differ that the birds on the roof were the ones that made the helmet fall to its inevitable concrete death below, but Carlos wasn't that stupid. Well, maybe it's because Logan had smacked him upside the head when he believed Kendall. And believe him when he says that that smack would've hurt a lot less if he had his helmet.

Anyway, the scowl didn't stay too long. I mean, how could it? Carlos couldn't stay mad a best bud/team mate/band mate/roomie/. . . okay. Now Carlos was just straining himself.

The Latino shook his head and skipped the rest of the way over to the lawn chair beside a tan-tastic James Diamond.

"Hey, bud. What's up in la la land today?" the taller asked without even sparing a glance. It didn't bother Carlos though; he was used to it.

"Oh the usual. I get my helmet back today!" He pounced up and down excitedly.

James chuckled. "Cool dude. I couldn't be more excited for ya."

"Me either!" A voice suddenly exclaimed from behind the bushes. Katie popped up dressed with flowy purple and white strands of fabric, looking vaguely like a fortune teller with the big golden necklace and earrings she was wearing.

Carlos smiled at her. "Thanks Katie! So why are you hiding in the bushes?"

"I'm waiting to give someone a fortune."

"You're a fortune teller now?" James asked curiously as he pushed down his sunglasses to get a better look. "What happened to going to college?"

Katie shrugged. "Eh. . . mom's dream, not mine. Don't tell Kendall though!" She added quickly with the famous Knight glare.

"Not my place to tell." James stated before pushing his sunglasses back up and returning to his tanning session.

Carlos turned back to Katie. "You can tell me my fortune if you want."

"Awesome! Now, give me your hands, palms up." Carlos obeyed obediently, shocking himself how much he wanted to hear this. Katie closed her eyes as she me made a humming sound, opening them a minute later and releasing his hands. "Your fortune is: Your life will be happy until the end when you'll pee yourself a lot." She told him before abruptly getting up and leaving Carlos with a confused daze, eyebrows scrunched together, mouth hanging open and mind going haywire. Worst of all, James was chuckling.

"Why are you laughing at my misery?" Carlos demanded but it came out more as a choked sob.

James looked at him and rolled his eyes. "Carlos, you don't actually believe her, do you?" When the Latino didn't answer, James groaned. "She's a ten year old girl! TEN, Carlos! She doesn't know anything but how to scare the pee outta someone and that's exactly what she just tried to do to you."

"Well apparently she won't even have to try because I'll have a bladder the size of Kendall's anger management ability!"

"Hey, don't be hating on my boyfriend." James retorted with a serious tone. That was one thing, besides his hair and Cuda products, that you didn't mess with. "And besides, we all with have bladder issues when we're older. It'd part of growing up, my little Carlitos."

"But she didn't tell you that!" Carlos shouted and ran back to the apartment, immediately heading for his safe room. . . Aka: the bathroom.

Carlos sniffled as he sat on the toilet watching a Minnesota Wilds' hockey game on the little portable T.V across from him, shivering slightly as a breeze from the vent hit his underwear-clad body.

He turned his head away when he heard a light knocking on the door. "Who is it?" He called.

He heard a sigh and then an all too familiar voice. "Carlos, it's me. . . James. Open up." Shocking to his own self, Carlos found his legs getting up and unlocking the door, bringing it open by a crack. "What are you doing hiding in the bathroom?"

Carlos shrugged. "If I'm going to be having bladder issues, I might as well get used to the idea of being in bathrooms."

James gave a frustrated sigh. "But what about being my co-partner in being Hollywood's Super Party Kings of Hollywood? How are you going to get dates in here?"

"I guess I'll be alone forever, then."

James shook his head. "Nope. Being the amazing friend I am, I'm not going to stand for it. Get off your lazy butt and get ready to have some fun."

"What are we going to do?" Carlos inquired.

"Hm. . . how about freaking Logan out while he's studying? That will get your mind off things." The thought brought a grin to the Latino's lips. He always had a soft spot for anything related to his Logie-Bear, usually ending up with a maroon/red face when Logan would just brush up against him or say that one teenie compliment that'd throw Carlos' nerves over the edge.

Carlos' grin faltered slightly when he saw the look in the taller's eyes, knowing what was to come wouldn't be ending well.

"I did not agree to this." Carlos shook his head as he looked at his reflection in the mirror in his and James' shared room. "How'd you even know how to do all this?" He asked, motioning up at his face.

"My mom owns a cosmetics company. I picked up a little here and there."

"And this outfit?"

James smirked. "That's something me and Kendall use on our adventurous nights." Carlos shuddered at the thought. He really didn't need to know that but at the same time he also really wanted to know what you COULD do in this outfit. "Now, Logan is in the living room. You ready?"

Carlos nodded and attempted to walk to the door without stumbling over his own two feet. When he got there, he gave one last glance back at James before opening the door and starring down the back of Logan's head nervously.

"Hey, Logie." He forced himself to remain confident.

"Hey." Logan greeted without looking up from his work. "What do you need Carlos? I'm kind of busy."

"I wanted to know what you thought of my new look."

Logan gave a heavy sigh, still not looking at him. "You're not trying to be a British Bad Boy again, are you?"

"No. . ." Carlos replied slowly, walking cautiously to Logan's side.

Logan looked up at him before doing a double take and falling off the edge of the couch. "Carlos! Why are you dressed like a drag queen?" He exclaimed breathlessly.

"Because I wanted a change. . ." The Latino tried his best to not burst out laughing at the reaction because, really, this was what he and James were going for and they seemed to get it.

"B-But. . . I d-don't . . . What?" Logan stuttered, face turning red as Carlos sat down on the couch in front of him, watching how the slit in Carlos' dress went up to reveal shocking amounts of tanned, toned and seemingly hairless leg.

Carlos decided to have a little bit more fun. Leaning forward, he whispered as sexily as he could, "Like anything yet, Logie-Bear?"

Logan gulped and his hand fumbled blindly for his pencil on the coffee table. "I should really get b-back to work, C-Carlos." The smarter boy was about to turn away when Carlos grabbed his wrist.

"So, y-you don't like what you see?"

"It's better to resist at the beginning then at the end." Was all his response as he turned back around.

Carlos decided to take a wild chance. "D-Do you love anything you see?"

"First off, that statement isn't true because love is blind. Second . . . maybe." Logan's eyes seemed to steal glances over to the tanned legs showing from underneath the dress.

"If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?" Carlos inquired as he did his best Miley Cyrus act and bit his lip, pulling the dress up a little forther.

The smarter's eyes darkened but he simply let off a strangled breath and turned to his work. Carlos let out a frustrated breath as he flopped back on the back of the couch, about to rub off some of the hooker make up on his eyes, lips and cheeks. That was until something hit the back of his head. "Ow!"

"What's wrong?" Logan inquired.

"Nothing!" Carlos told him, thankful when the other seemed to buy it. Turning back around, Carlos saw James leaning out of the bedroom doorway, motioning frantically to retreat. "I'll be right back." Logan gave a hum of acknowledgement as Carlos made his way back to the room. "What?" He snapped at the taller when James closed the door.

"Dude, you can't just give up!"

"Who said I was giving up?" Carlos defended. "Besides, what am I even trying to do? I already got a reaction outta him. What more do you want me to do?"

"Actually, I believe it's what more do you want to do." A voice said from the closet. Kendall came strolling out of the walk in closet, clothes wrinkled, hair tasseled and lips swollen pink.

"What do you mean?"

"I think you know what I mean, Carlos." Kendall replied before giving James a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll see you later, babe." He whispered before leaving the room.

James gave Carlos a knowing look before turning around to no doubt clean his closet.

Carlos knew.

Well, now he knew. It had taken three hours of searching for the answer but he finally found it as he sat on his bed, still dressed in his drag clothes. Everything was starting to make sense now. The odd feelings he got when Camille was around that he used to pass off as not liking her perfume or something, the way he loved Logan's soft hands on his shoulder that he always thought was just because they were soft. . . Now he knew.

Now he was determined.

Carlos stood up with a huff, made his way to the door and channeled all his inner Latin Fire into pushing the door open.

"Aah!" The door hit a hard barrier and the Carlos could vaguely make out a figure hitting the ground, clutching his jaw. "Carlos! You just hit me with the door!" Logan exclaimed as he sat up from the floor.

"Logie, I'm so sorry!" Carlos apologized over and over again as he crouched down by the smarter one. "I'm so sorry, Logie!"

Logan shook his head as if to motion it off until his eyes got impossibly wide. "My tooth's gone!" He shouted and rolled over trying to search the carpet for it.

Carlos felt like the world just wasn't on his side anymore. First the fortune, now this! Carlos sat back against the wall and flung his arms over his head, foot moving slightly and brushing up against something poky. "Uh. . . Logie-Bear?"


"I think I found your tooth. . ." The Latino mumbled a pointed to the white thing by his pinky toe.

Logan sighed and picked it up carefully. "Thanks."

"Sure thing."

"Well, I'm going to go get cleaned up. It kinda hurts. . ." Logan said as he stood up and went to the bathroom.

Carlos watched hopelessly from his spot in the hall, an idea coming to him. He quietly, well. . .as quietly as Carlos was able to, stood and practically drifted over to the bathroom where Logan had his head down in the sink, watering out the gap in his mouth. Carlos walked right up behind him, wrapping his arms around the smarter's waist.

Logan jumped, a little surprised by the action, but simply finished cleaning up. When he did finish, he turned around in Carlos' hold. "What're you doing?"

Carlos smiled innocently. "Taking the pain away." He leaned up and gave Logan a peck on the lips, lingering for just a moment before pulling back to see Logan's eyes closed.

Logan's chocolate eyes fluttered open and a small smile graced his lips. "The pain is gone."

Carlos simply beamed, leaning up once again.

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